Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mr > Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 13:39:20 +0200
> Subject: More information
> From: brownalex45@gmail.com

> At first,i am assuring you again that this business is
> 100% guaranteed, it is safe, legal and there will be
> complete documents of transaction to show the source
> and origin of the money coming from UK.
> I contacted you to participate in this business due to
> the great need to involve a foreigner because the
> original holder of the funds was a foreigner,so you
> should not involve your agent in this business and also
> you should not entertain any fear for any reason in this
> business because I will not do anything that will hurt
> your feelings and I wouldn't like you to do anything that
> will hurt my own feelings, rather the success of this
> business will benefit both families from generation to
> generation as long as you follow the advice and instructions
> which i will be seeking from the top Bank official here who
> is deeply involved with us in this business.
> Meanwhile,i need any complete account informations
> from any bank or country,even if the a/c is empty just
> send it as long as it can contain the funds and we can
> be able to make withdrawals after the successful end
> of the transfer.
> If you are sending the account informations,you should
> try to send it as instructed below:
> Bank Name: -----------------------?
> Bank Address:------------------?
> A/C No:-------------------------?
> Swift Code or Rounting No:--------------------?
> A/C Holder's Name:---------------------?
> But if you really know that you will not be capable to assist me fully
> in completing this
> business,pls. kindly inform to me on time,so that i
> will start to be looking for another capable foreign
> partner as i wouldn't want to loose or play with this
> business irrespective of whatever might be the reason
> why because opportunity like this will never come to
> me again in my life time.
> Finally, i agreed totally to invest together with you
> in your country,but my only worry now is the safety
> and security of the funds once transfered over to your
> country, so i will like you to re-assure me that
> you are not going to let me down after the successful
> transfer of the funds into your account.
> I'm looking forward to your earliest response.
> Sincerely,
> Alex Brown
> Private.+447045709888
> NB:

Mr > Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 10:42:18 +0200
> Subject: Application For Payment
> From: brownalex45@gmail.com
> I'm in receipt of your mail with the enclosed account information and
> the content are well noted. Be informed that our insider in the Bank
> has already submitted your account information's to the "Foreign
> Exchange Control Department" of the bank here in UK. on your behalf
> for quick processing of the payment in your favor as the
> beneficiary/inheritor.
> For your information's, you should not inform your Bank that money is
> coming into your a/c now, until we finished the processing of the
> inheritance transfer Documents/Certificates in your name as the legal
> rightful beneficiary/inheritor and also is the duty of the Bank here
> in UK. to inform your Bank and their correspondence Bank when the
> funds is ready to be transferred into your a/c,pls.take note just to
> avoid making any last minute mistake that may terminate the success
> that we have almost achieved in this transaction.
> Meanwhile, the attached letter below is the copy of the Application
> Letter which was submitted to the Bank on your behalf. I will let you
> know as soon as we recieve any message from the Foreign Exchange
> Control Department of the Bank regarding to the transfer in your
> favour and i will also brief you further as it concerns the
> Inheritance/Foreign Payment Procedures.
> I also want to let you know that this is not a fraud or some African
> scam, I discover the business by my self and i have undergo all kinds
> of investigations this transaction is 100% real. I will scan my
> international passport and send to you soon i will also like you to
> send yours.
> I'm looking forward to the successful completion of our business.
> Sincerely,
> Alex Brown
> Phone: .+447045709888
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Manager,
> HSBC Bank, PLC.
> #160 Belgrave Road,Leicester,
> LE4 5AU,United Kingdom.
> Dear Sir,
> Reference to the above stated Account No.085-13679-1
> of the late Mr. Edward Han, with a credit balance of 20 Million
> Point Zero -Zero British Pounds Only.
> I have been advised by counsel that I am the
> designated beneficiary to the above referenced,
> dormant account, held by the late Mr. Edward Han.
> As such, we wish to apply for the release of the total
> said amount in our favour,representing the payment
> from the credit balance in the said account.
> In accordance with the National and International Laws
> of Inheritance,kindly remit the stated amount in full
> to the account number stated below:
> Croatian Bank information
> BANK NAME: ...
> A/C No:...
> A/C Holder's ...
> This request is predicated on the fact that since the
> death of Mr. Edward Han, who was entrusted with the
> Management of (EDHAN COY. LONDON) the need
> for the transfer of the money in the account becomes
> imperative.
> We shall therefore be very grateful if this request
> meets with your favourable consideration.
> Thank you.
> Sincerely,
> ...
Mr > Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 13:52:02 +0100
> Subject: CONFIRM AFFIDAVIT OF FACT..........
> From: brownalex45@gmail.com
> I have the pleasure to inform to you that the Lawyer have already
> gotten the approval of the Affidavit of Facts and Letter of
> Administration from the High court
> in your name today through the Commissioner for Oaths (Notary Public)
> and i have already submitted the copies of the Affidavit of Facts and
> Letter of Administration
> to the Bank just to prove and support of your claim and relationship
> with the deceased holder of the funds.
> I wish to inform to you also that i am making very large expenses in
> getting most of the basic approvals in your name, both from the Bank,
> Ministry of Justice
> and Ministry of Finance Foreign Exchange Control Department and you
> should note that all my expenses must be deducted before the actual
> shearing according
> to the agreed percentages, so i am noting down all my major expenses
> in getting all these preliminary approvals, especially the approval of
> FACTS" from the commissioner for Oaths and the tips that was given to
> some officials of the Bank who are not connected with us in the
> business and officials of
> the Foreign Exchange Control Department of the Finance Ministry etc.
> The Lawyer and the bank official {OUR INSIDER} in the Bank also
> contributed imensely to the
> success of this business, my apreciations and thanks also goes to
> them. Pls. note that this "AFFIDAVIT OF FACTS" is the main backbone
> for legal approval and i
> spent a lot of money to get it with the legal assistance
> of the Lawyer here.
> Be informed that we are expecting to receive the final approvals from
> the Ministry of Finance tomorrow (FOREIGN EXCHANGE CONTROL UNIT}. So
> the onlything
> remaining now is for you to come down to Foreign Payment Office here
> in UK. ,so that we can proceed together to the Ministry of Justice for
> the LEGALIZATION & NOTARIZATION of the inheritance documents as it
> concerns the inheritance laws and ethics of the GREAT BRITIAN .
> Meanwhile,i am going to have a meeting tomorrow between the Lawyer,
> Key officials of the Bank and officials of Ministry of Justice
> regarding to the best
> way to execute the transfer at the Bank here in UK. and after i will
> get back to you with the
> full contact informations of the Foreign Payment Officer incharge of
> the payment into your account and the final procedures and steps by
> steps to be taken at the
> Ministry incharge here in UK. for the successful transfer of the fund
> into your account
> You are free to ask any question.
> Yours Sincerely,
> Alex Brown
Affidavit of Facts - Milan Budimir
Mr > Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 14:07:34 +0100
> Subject: More about my self,
> From: brownalex45@gmail.com
> More about my self,
> Full Name Alex H Brown
> Marital status Married
> Age 49,
> Career
> Fields of Expertise:
> International Financial Management
> Certifications:
> Master of Business Administration
> Master in Accounting
> Attached is copy of my international passport.
> I will call you later today to have more chat with you.
> Regards.
> Alex
My Passport
Mr > Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 15:17:46 +0200
> From: brownalex45@gmail.com
> I'm happy to announce to you that the payment have been approved in
> your favour today
> by the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance and the money
> has already been programmed to be wired into your account through the
> Foreign Exchange Control Department of the Bank here in London.
> However,the only thing remaining now,is that the Ministry of Justice
> wants you to come to London to pay the official Inheritance Stamp Duty
> Charge fee at the Probate Registry under Ministry of Justice which is
> about 20,000 British Pounds,so that all the inheritance documents will
by the Notary Public in your favour as the
> legal rightful beneficiary/inheritor. Meanwhile,you should be
> expecting to receive my call today after,i must have concluded every
> arrangements with the top officials of the Bank and the Lawyer here in
> London.
> I hate when you call this transaction fraud, That is why is very
> important that you come to London to see everything face to face.
> Finally,you should go ahead and book your flight to London and after
> you furnish me with your flight schedule,so that it will enable me to
> make travel arrangement
> See the attached document below and confirm receipt immediately.
> Sincerely,
> Alex Brown
HM Approval Order - Milan Budimir
Mr > Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 17:04:50 +0200
> Subject: Frankling speaking from the bottom of my heart
> From: brownalex45@gmail.com
> Frankling speaking from the bottom of my heart,i will like to use this
> opportunity to inform to you that i have never transfered huge amount
> of money like this before in my life, that we are only following the
> instructions & advice of our insider in the bank who is making
> everything possible for us at the bank here in London.
> Uptil now, it’s not possible for me to complete the business alone
> without your financial support why because I have spent over 87,000
> British Pounds in bringing this business up to this present stage and
> you should realize that I am the only person making all the expenses
> from the beginning both,in paying the Lawyer for the Affidavit of
> Facts & the Letter of Administration and in paying the medical Doctor
> for the medical reports,including the tips given to some bank
> officials who are not connected with us in the business for quick
> approval of payment in your favour without demanding for oral physical
> interview with you in person at the Foreign Exchange Control
> Department of the bank here before issuing approvals in your name
> which is one of the norms.
> You should realize that under normal circumstances an amount of this
> nature can not be approved by e-mail and telephone only unless under
> special arrangement as we also have insiders both at the Bank here in
> London at the Ministry of Justice, that was the lawyer has accepted
> to help stand in your name in the HSBC bank to represent you and sign
> all the necessary document in the bank, this was made possible this
> afternoon through the help of our Regional manager , you should try
> as much as possible to at list come up with the 8,000,Pounds , so that
> i can see if i could sell my wife car and complete the money to 20,000
> pounds, 1,000 pounds you promise you have can not lead us any where.
> Be informed that i'm financially exhausted at the moment and if i
> still have money with me,i will not hesitate in putting it forward to
> help you because there is no way we can compare all the expenses
> involved in this business with the value & worth of the total money
> going into your account . Be rest assured that any expenses you make
> will be deducted from the total amount going into your a/c before the
> actual shearing,so you have to note down all your expenses as i have
> already noted down all my own expenses in this business. The point is
> not who get 80% and 20% the point is for the fund to be in your
> account.
> I have tried all avenues with our insider in the Bank since today to
> see if it will be possible to withdraw some money from the 20 Million
> British Pounds to settle this issue of the LEGALIZATION &
> NOTARIZATION fee,but it is not possible at all to withdraw any money
> from the 20 Million British Pounds as we have to follow the official
> /Inheritance procedures and you need to understand the procedures of
> inheritance as it is the same process all over the world. So it's not
> a question of paying money before or after, but it is a question of
> obtaining the right, correct legal documents in your favour to process
> the inheritance forms and secure the International Fund Clearance
> Certificates together with the original Letter of Administration from
> the Probate Registry under the Ministry of Justice.
> You should also bear in mind that this man who died did not leave any
> "WILL" behind in your name and like in every other places, Letter of
> Administration is always used to substitute a "WILL" if somebody dies
> "INTERSTATE" and there is always a fee for the LEGALIZATION &
> NOTARIZATION of the inheritance documents because it is only when
> these documents are been Legalized & Notarized in your name that you
> will have the legal authority over the credit balance of the deceased
> holder of the a/c, so as of now you have no legal right to withdraw
> and no bank can grant you any request to deduct, transfer or remove
> any part of this funds without this legal instrument authorizing the
> bank to make payment in your favour.
> Pls. note that the only legal instrument needed now,is the
> LEGALIZATION & NOTARIZATION of the inheritance documents and that is
> what we are paying for, knowing that the process of [HEIRSHIP] is the
> same all over the world. I hope you have understood the Inheritance
> procedures now,so you should try all humanly possible to come up at
> list 8,000 British Pounds
> I will give you the email address of the lawyer as soon as you confirm
> this mail, so that you can write to him direct.
> I need your reply now, we have to act fast, i promise you at the end
> every body will be happy.
> Regards
> Alex Brown
Mr > Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 15:47:13 +0200
> Subject: Re:
> From: brownalex45@gmail.com
> I am not happy the way you are sounding in this transaction, do you
> think that if i have the 20,000 pounds with me and still hesitate to
> bring it forward, that is the reason why i ask you to see how much you
> can be able to get from your side, so that i can also try and see how
> much i will be able to get from here.
> If only we can join hand together this transaction will be conclude
> within 4banking days and every body will be happy.
> Let me know how much you can be able to get.
> Alex

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