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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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From: Anya <annaivalove@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: freind
Date: Thursday, June 11, 2009, 6:55 PM

Hello !!!
I am so glad to your letter.
I am glad that you want it will get acquainted with me and me so it is pleasant to have dialogue with you
You have written much about yourself and it is very remarkable for me and me so it is pleasant to know about you all. I think, that we will be with you gets acquainted more close and to learn each other.
I am very modest woman, but I however dared to write to you. As I Think, that communications with the person from other country - Very unusual! I never communicated with people from other countries. At me the dream, simply dream to find in your person of the friend about whom it is simply interesting to communicate and divide news! You I first to a clod write, and I hope, that we can continue the correspondence.
Now I write this letter for you! I think, time has arrived to Get acquainted! My name is Anna. I - from Russia, I live in good city Cheboksary.
To me of 28 years. I send you my photo, I hope, that it is pleasant for you. My nationality - Russian. My religion - the Christian. On character I am a cheerful person: very cheerful, kind, vigorous and the Modest measure!
Possibly because of Character, also can be talent, I trust, it has reached Much in a life for my age.
My work: I work in shop of household chemical goods and I have sale of household chemical goods and these are shampoos and various cleaners. And it is possible, that to you now will seem, that it not such serious work but I am all the same glad, that I have it as here in ours Le bourg very difficultly to find what or work.
I also like to read books. I am absorbed according to books also.
Pushkin - the big poets, having the right which will be quickly read through everyone.
I take pleasure in reading of poems about which I can tell little bit more.
My friend, it is very pleasant to get acquainted for me with you.
For me it is fine time when I can speak with interesting the Person, the person who wishes to know me. I wish to open to you my small Secret. I think of you. But, please know, I do not do Desire to hurry up in our relations. As to me the relation with the Person - is very serious, and to relations I concern Very responsibly. The person to whom I can trust, is necessary for me. As I wish to speak that the age has no value between people which love each other! You agree with me? And
It seems to me, that you - that the person, the person to whom I can trust.
Please, write to me about you directly. I wish to know your Full name! I am so glad to your letter. I finish my letter here now.
I am glad to write to you!!!
Yours Anna!!!

Mrs From: Anya <annaivalove@gmail.com>
Subject: Re:
Date: Monday, June 16, 2008, 5:26 PM

Hello !!!!!!
And I am very happy to receive the letter back from you! It has filled my day with new paints and I was very happy to the good beginning of ours acquaintance! I really did not expect the such. I believed, that I will necessarily do something not correctly because I very badly know about computers. I only try to study it now. I hope once I will study it. Computers open, huge not the familiar world for me! I very happy, that in this world I can find such interesting person as you!!!
Forgive me, that I could not answer you so quickly. But now I write again to you and I think, that you will read my letter.
I wish to speak you little bit more on me directly. I was born in happy a family and I am a unique child in my parents. My parents always
I working also very much have spent much time game with my girlfriends. We close friends very much, and we understand each other very well. Now I live separately from my parents because I am the adult person and to me it is better, when I live separately. However we till this time support close relations, and often we visit each other. I very big love my mum and the daddy. Now I wish to set to you some questions very much very much. It will help me to study you better, and I can possibly pull your portrait in my consciousness! In my ambassador of the letter I will answer the same questions. I hope, that it will be interesting to you also. So, my questions:
1. What your love flower?
2. What your religion?
3. What your love food?
4. You love music? What kind?
5. You like to dance?
6. You love the sun?
7. You ski?
8. To have you, ever fly in a hot air balloon?
9. You smoke?
10. What does you love in the partner?
11. What your love season??
12. You travelled? If yes, where? If not, where you like to go?
13. You love animals? Which.
I hope, that these questions have not tired you. I think to you my new photo is pleasant.

Well, now I finish the letter, and with impatience I look forward to hearing!

Your new friend Anna!!!

P.s Send me as your photo new.
I grateful to you!
Mrs From: Anya <annaivalove@gmail.com>
Subject: Re:
Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2009, 6:29 PM

Hello the my dear friend !!!!!
In my soul you become closer to me! It - is good, that there is a person who so sincerely understands me and trusts me to the world! And I think of you much! I am very glad to receive your letter again, and I am glad, that you have considered seriously my questions. I estimate you
Thanks big for your remarkable pictures. To me have very strongly liked. You have cheered me up and I am grateful to you for everything, that you do. Very remarkably, that you have answered all my questions.
My religion - the Christian. The god always in my heart and me often ask it, that it has given me patience and success. I do not visit church often because I do not think, that it is necessary for understanding of belief. I think, that the God should be in a shower at each person.
3. What your love meal?
My love foodstuffs - usual meal. I have no any rules, I eat, when I want it and that I want in it time. Certainly I as the majority of people love fruit and sweets. I love national Russian kitchen and also an Italian cuisine. Also I love sea products.
4. You love music? What kind?
I - near to music in general. I have some love executors and composers. I love a rock music from 70-s' and 80-s' - Rotations Stones, Erick Klapton, hearts, Linda Ronstadt. I also as old R and B or soul Music as Pips. I also as a jazz and easy hearing, as Franc Sinatra, Diana Krol, Boney James, and David Benoit.
5. You like to dance?
Really I like to dance. And I dance, I think, well.
6. You love the sun?
The sun gives great pleasure for me. Because of the sun I very much
Summer of love. I love very much when the sun burns brightly and
Gives to the basis the earth the big heat.
7. You ski?
In the winter we have a lot of snow, and it allows us to have much from
Winter kinds of sports. I in a condition to continue a ski, only I during long time have not made
Make it, therefore as it would borrow all the day long.
8. To have you, ever fly in a hot balloon?
I never flied in a balloon. However I think, that it is very interesting and romantic. It would be good to fly so once. Presence speaking the truth, I have set, that this question you has checked up to seriously you you concern to me and how much romantic.
9. You smoke?
I never smoked, and I am not going to do it. I think, that it - very much a bad habit. However I usually meet to smoking people.
10. What does you love in the partner?
The ideal partner for me - the cautious man who trusts me. The boundless loves me. I did not meet such people here. Possibly I wait for the prince on a white horse.
11. What your love season??
Most of all I love the beginning of summer. It is good time for
Walks and pleasures by the nature.
12. You travelled? If yes, where? If not, where you like to go?
I seldom travel. Sometimes I visit my grandmother and the grandfather in in a small city
In Russia Gulkevichi in the south of Russia, it is not far from Black sea, but I do not do it last time. Once I together with mine the girlfriend travelled to Sochi in the south of Russia which is located in Black sea, but it was during long time. It was remarkable travel. Today I send you photos of my travel.
13. You love animals? Which.
I love animals very much. I have the Remarkable cat of the house and very big love it. She is my love pet with whom I like to play and spend vigorously time. She is very playful and cheerful cat. I hope, that it is pleasant for you.
My friend, I finish this letter now.
I hope to speak with you quickly! Successful day!
Yours Anna!!!
Mrs From: Anya <annaivalove@gmail.com>
Subject: Re:
Date: Monday, June 22, 2009, 2:40 AM

Hello my dear !!!
I am very happy to have possibility of dialogue with you again! You really speak with me in your letters on many good themes, and I feel independently as perfectly when I read it! I am very grateful to you for the warm relation to me and for pleasure of dialogue which you give me
Every day, expensive.
Always, when I read your letters, I think you sitting close to me and conversation of all these words Possibly I have rich imagination! I can imagine all your gestures and all your emotions with which you declare your ideas. It very much entertains me.
I wish to speak with you about my foreign. I have studied it several years ago at university. But it was not my subject of the expert, therefore I did not pay due attention to it. Now, when I try to recollect my foreign language, it is often necessary to take for me the dictionary and to check I never communicated with the person for whom language would be the native language, therefore I not clearly express all. Tell to me how much you understand my words and how much you would estimate my language?
Now I wish to ask you, you learnt Russian? If yes, as it is good you it know?
Today in me any especial day. At night I during long time could not
To fall asleep: all time thought of you, about your words, about us. I did not speak, you, but sometimes to me there there arrives inspiration and I make verses. But it happens when upon me insistently makes impression, that also verses are born. And at night today. And I wish to devote to you my poem. Only I ask to read and understand at once sense, and please not to laugh, actually it with all heart for you, my dear !!!

Such conversation happens,
It supports at the necessary level as ice.
The opinion loses clearness,
And the idea loses flight.
Such silence happens
Suddenly awful which is live
I will be, while rescue
I sobbing explosion.
Such time happens,
When in a life lack
The sense of it comes back to me
One your smile!

Well, I will finish this letter for today. Write soon!

Sincerely yours Anna!!!!!

Kiss you

"Think of you!"

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