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Inacia Mane says: "I have Five Million plus (5.7m) Dollars in my account"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Harmit.

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Date: Fri 10 Jul 2009 00 00 45 0400

Hello,Miss Young!

I got the followings letters:


Hello dear,
How are you doing today?
I believe fine! I found your email and wish to say HI and to request to talk with you as soon as you can have the opportunity.
Praying this message find you in good health and peace as ever.
Best of the day,
My Dear ,
Thank you so much for your love to talk with me.
I am so happy to receive your friendly message and to hear that you will like to talk with me. Please we have not met before. I found your contact and purposely choose to talk with you and believe you will be there for me.
I am a girl and I have 23 years. My country is Guine Bissau. We are located in the coast of africa and I believe you already know some thing about us. I will tell you more.
I have attached my picture for you here as I want you to see how I look.
More over, I wish to have a private talk with you. I am sorry I do not speak Russia.
Best of the day,
Dear ,
It is a pity that we do not know each other better before now.
But I believe that you are there and that I will know you like any other person in your family soon. This is my hope in telling you about me and the problem to push me to come in contact.
I am not a happy girl for some five 5 years now and since the political problem of my Country that have lingered to this day. I ran from the war in my Country and since then I have been in the Refugee Camp.
My father was a General in the Army and he led a revolt that over throw the government that ruled my Country for 18 years. This resulted to a Civil War in my Country and the death of my father and some relatives. I have not been able to trace the where about of those that survived.
I am in the refugee Camp now to save myself and to be able go back when peace returns to my Country. But is most discouraging to see that my Country is still far from being peaceful.
I have suffered for a long time and now want to get out of here with the money that I have in my father's account where I am also the Beneficiary as her only daughter.
I have Five Million plus (5.7m) Dollars in my account when I check last time and that is all that my family can survive for now.
I want to seek for your help to enable me relocate my account to your country so that I can come there and start living again.
I know my father's wish for the money and now need to invest this money in any good type of business that you can help me there in your Country.
I want you to stand for me as a Trustee and Guardian since I do not have anybody and to receive this 5.7 Million Dollars for me in your account until I can come over to open my own account there and to invest the money.
You can equally start an extra business in your Country as I will give you some money after transfer. You can equally join with me in any business that I have to do in your Country as you know I will be a total stranger there and will every help that I can find.
I am ready to join you there and immediately we have the money transferred to you, I will come over, start some business and my education too.
I completely do not have any guarantee condition for this money here and the mistrust I have for everybody who did not do something to save my father.
I am working in advice of my bank because they have agreed to release my money to me as they also agreed with my father.
But they advised me to look for a responsible person who will stand for me as a TRUSTEE due to my Refugee status and the fear that I cannot be able to handle the amount or run it in my dead father's name. Since the Bank have promised every assistant to me I ask you to stand as Trustee and Partner for me as I believe you will to see me live a good life again.
You can speak to me at the Camp Office +221 765 850 893. The Director is Reverend Nicholas and you can tell him or any other that picks the phone that you want to speak with Miss Mane and they will call me for us to talk.
Yours ,
Inacia Mane
My Dear ,
I am most strengthened by your humble heart to talk with me and know that I will be happy in your hand when I come to you.
I have suffered for a long time and I want you to help me to receive my money so that I can come there to start my life ok. I will like you to come here and I will take you to my bank and we can do everything together. When my money is confirmed in your account we can then leave to your Country ok. I will also like you to look out for me for some good business that I can invest in as soon as I come ok. As you can see, I do not have my life here. My going out and coming in this camp is monitored but thank God for our Director who have taken me as a daughter. The greatest problem that I have today is not doing anything. For the last five years I have lived on people's good will. I eat when they give me or use money when any body gives a helping hand. But I am not worried because I know that it is for a short time. I will give you the contact to my bank so that you can talk with them. Before that, You can call me at the camp office so that we can talk. The number is +221 765 850
893. Tell any one that picks the phone that you want to talk with Miss Mane.
Please I will like you to give me some information about you now.
Your Names:
Address of Contact;
Telephone No.
So that I can introduce you to my bank as my Trustee and foreign partner.
Do also tell me about your family and the people that I will meet when I come to you as I believe God will help me through you.
All my love
Inacia Mane
Dearest ,
There are a lot of things that I cannot be able to tell you now till I sit beside you and my sisters.
The Crisis that caused my problem today is a long one which was made open between my father and the then President.
My father General Ansumane Mane was a professional Soilder but he led the 1988 uprising against the Government of President Joao Bernardo Vieira which caused a bloody civil war in my Country.
Both my father and the President were good friends who fought for the Independence of my Country. My father backed the the President; General Nino Vieira in 1980 coup when he seized power from the regime that replaced the white people.
My father was later suspended as the Chief of Army Staff of the Country over allegations of smuggling arms to a rebel group in another Country. It was the President who actually sold the weapons without my fathers knowledge.
This happened because the President was afraid of my father and fearing that he will also topple him as the head of state.
My father was dismissed by the President Vieira in June 6 1998. On the following day my father led a Military rebellion against President Vieira that resulted to the first civil war.
My father had the loyality of over 70% of the Army of my Country and he deposed and the President in May 1999. This ended his 18 years of rule as the President of my Country.
The problem of the President was that he did not want opposition. He killed anybody who challenged him or who he see as opposition. He ruled my Country with wickedness and asassinations of people every where.
When the President went to exile, my father then became the Temporary Head of State. My father occupied the post of the President till 2000 when he organised a Civillian General Election which was won by Dr. Kumbay Yala.
Problem arose again between the Civilian government and my father who the elected President did not trust. This current problem was engineered by the exilled President and the planned and killed my father in November 2000.
My dear, as I told you, this is a story that I cannot be able to finish telling you. As you can see from the passage; the Killer and the same man who killed my father was also killed just last March because of mis trust for each other.
Today, I am here without any relitive and loved ones.
But thank God for the life that I have today and for you who have come my way.
I am most greatful also to the Reverend who have been a father to me for the past three years since I told him about me.
The reason that I am happy today is him and I owe him everything. Then you have have given me what I most needed.
For now the most important thing for me now is to start pursuing my dreams again since I have something I can live for and to help sustain some of my family members.
As soon as my money is sent to you, I will come there to start my education and then with your help I can invest my money in any good business there in your Country.
I do not know any much about your Country, but I believe it will not be so difficult especially when I am there. I do not mind where I start but to be able to stand my ground again and get a good education as my father wished.
Till our hearts meet,
Dear ,
I a so sorry to bother you with words.
But I believe you have to know about my condition.
I want to thank you for your nice suggestions for me.
I have also asked some people and they have confirmed to em all you have said about your Country.
they told me that your Country can be recists and they do kiil some black people every time.
I now know that you love me . Thank you so much for advising me.
I now know that you wil tae good care of me when we meet.
I want to ask you now to go ahead and do anything that you can for me. Your plans to move from your Country is so nice. I love the Countries that you have mentioned. But I do not have any contact and do not know how we can do it.
I want to put everything i your hand.
If you can receive my money in your Country and then we can move from there. You can also receive my money in any account you have abroad if you wish.
Please I want you to make a good decision for me ok.
I will send the conatct for my bank so that you can talk with them. they have asked me to introduce you but I will like you to do that yourself.
Please write soon.all my love
Dearest ,
Thank you so much for your concern for me especially, for giving me a place in your heart. I am so happy that you have this particular love and care for me and let me just say THANK YOU till we meet. I know it is a huge responsibility I am placing on you but we must find reasons to be happy as soon as I come to you.

I need to start my school as soon as possible. Getting a good education is one of the reasons that my father left this money for me and it is also my primary target. I will also invest a good part of the money so that I do not have to finish it as nobody will help me as I have seen over this years here. I do not know if the transfer will cost you anything but I want you to be rest assured that you will get a good balance for anything you have to give to make me happy by the grace of God.

At this moment, My entire life depend on this account. My coming to you will also come from my money when you receive it. You will send some money from my money when you receive it so that I can get my Documents and pay my way to your Country. I have made inquiries concerning Visa and the documents that I will need and everything will be fine. I will also receive a UNHCR Certificate here which will help me to get my Visa without wasting time.
The first thing you will do for me now is to contact the bank as my Guardian and ask them to transfer the money to your account. I have informed the director of the bank about you and he promised me that the transfer will be done if we can furnish them with their requirement.This is the contact of the bank

The Transfer Manager
Account Services ulsterr@ireland.com

Phone: +44 70 24 08 23 21, +44 70 24082321
27-35 Main Street, Blackrock,
Co. Dublin , Ireland

My Fathers name is Gen. Ansumana Mane
His date of Birth is 26th August 1951
The Account Number is 00750116061
Sort code 98-53-30, Swift code ULSBIE2D
Nationality is Guine-Bissau
Next of Kin and Account Beneficiary is Miss Inacia Mane

I am currently residing in:
Ndioum Refugee Camp +221 76 34 53 904

. When Harmit realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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