Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Subject: Hi
Sent: July 03 9:24 AM

Dear friend , I am MS Lilian Rose Okon

Dear friend please ,permit me to inform you of my desire of asking you to be a guardian or foster parent to me and then help me out in what I am about to tell you. I know this may sound strange to you , receiving a mail from an unknown person, but my condition has forced me to do that.

I Am ,the only daughter and child of my parent though my was a very wealthy cocoa merchant here in Lome when he was alive . He was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outings on a business trip,my mother died when I was very small.
Before the death of my father in a private hospital here in Lome here, he secretly called me by his bed side and told me that he deposited Four and half MLN United States of American currency in a suspense account in one of the big banks here in TOgo. The most painful part of it is that my father was poinson by the person he called his best friend only that he borrowed some big amount of money from my father to add in his exportation of his goods and during the time of the contract reach my father requested for the money and as a best friend he could not hide some of his business succes to this man he thereby let this man know that he want to start building a hotel in the capital city could you believe after hearing this from my father the man beging to envy him but my father could not find out in time because he first set him up with police with police with case of drug trafic but after police investigation the find my fathe innocent but later reveal to my father who sent them but my father could not believe it was when he was poison that he started regretting for not taking precaution in time. My father told me that immediately he notice the poison that he was on his way to Lome but the worst thing is that before reaching Lome he was vomitting blod and was ruched to the hospital here in Lome it was already late,It was in his seek bed he told me everything and told me to use the money that he want to use to build the hotel and travel abroad .

He then strongly advised me not to seek for assistance in the investment of the money from his lawyer nor any of his friend here that they will cheat or kill me though he was givem me advice but I could not hold myself because i am not after those things but the life of my lovely father but it seem that he has confirm that he will not survive . He cuation me to be very careful that our people is very wicked and does not like proggress that I should seek for a trusted seek foreigner partner from any country of my choice (outside our country Togo) that will assist me in the wise investment of the money.I have since left the money in the bank with the view of my making use of it for investment purposes after my education carrier here but because this man that killed my father was seeking to kill me I need to act fat to leave this country as my father advice me thereby to transfer this money and leave the country immediately before it is too late for me in doing that.
I now want to transfer it out and use it for investment purpose like real estate management or hotel management.
Because of this i am honorably seeking your assistance in the following ways:

(1) To serve as a guardian to me and then assist me transfer the money into your bank account. (2) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and then settle there parmanently. If you accept to stand as my guardian or foster parent to me, i need not discuss on any percentage with you as you have to see the whole money as yours and then assist me invest it. But if you still want a percentage, i am willing to offer you, 20 % of the total money as compensation for your assistance. Please tell me if you feel the percentage i offered is not ok by you.As soon as i receive your concrete assurance to assist me with my proposal and also you should send your full contact address/phone number which I will then give the bank your contact information and then tell them to transfer the money into your account as I want to come over to stay with you parmanently.

The bank will then contact you and communicate with you on the transfer.I want to leave this country because the those people that killed my father was seeking to kill me and get claim of the money but I heard it and ran to remote village where I stays with a pastor.
Thanks and God bless you .
Best regards,
Ms.Lilian Rose Okon
Please contact me at lilianroseokon@yahoo.com

Mrs Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 01:51:17 -0700
From: lilianroseokon@yahoo.com
Subject: Hi Dear

Dear thanks for the time you consume in putting attention to my case and my situation. I know this may sound to strange to you as you do not know me but to me I believed that is only God will provide a rescuer and a solution over my case. Though I needed help but the most important person I needed over my condition now is a decent and honest person who my condition will touch and a person who will never think of betraying me when the money is releasethereby planning to cheat me when the money is in his account ,in this case I will die or prefer to die because this money is now is the life wire of my life therefore if any thing happened to it I will be a dead person because I do not haveany other hope to battle over my life. I am 19 of age and will be 20 in 11 November this year. I am got your contact through hotmail member. I do not have to use your contact for any bad intention though I believe in yourcommentover to trust to give someone you do not know your informationbecause if my father best friend can kill him I believe the world is in general seem to be dangerous but though good people is stillexisting but might be few.
Dear my request from you is your wilful and deliberate assistance and if you can do this with your honest mind believe me I will remain loyal to you when I meet you over there and will be happy to receive your advice in doing things. I do not have sister or brother or mother neither father now so please I will like to represent all this lacking status to me.
I hope to hear from you but please if you will have any intention to cheat me is better you do not contact me but if really you wish to assist me with your honest mind I will be happy to read your next letter to me.
I wish you happy weekend and God bless
Mrs Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 02:44:29 -0700
From: lilianroseokon@yahoo.com
Subject: Dear happy new week

Dear thanks for your mail to me and your regards over my situation. I understand you information very well and I will be happy if really you are God sent to rescue me out of this situation. Actually I have regards over the two point words you mentioned which are adoption and marriage. I may like to get married but this is a decision that both of us will consider when meeting each other. I will like to see you and meet you in person so that I will be able to learn you and you also made up your mind to learn me because I will not like to have a broken family or a broken heart moreover you need to see me and I see you in person before we make up our mind and in the case of adoption I also consider it but I will also like to know if you adopt me can you as well marry me if we happened to meet each other and love each other so I will like you to confirm this so that We shall find out the best alternative decision that will help us though as I read your mail my spirit is welcoming you therefore I am planning what we are going to do but I am considering to see if you can be able to come here so that we meet in person you can as well go in the bank with me as my guardian so that both of us will meet the Manager at the same time. I will try and visit the bank today in order to meet the manager and let him know my plans to process my inheritance and transfer it to abroad asI planed it to be. I will as well like to receive your letter to see if it will be making me happy in other to reduce much of my agony over my situation. Please if possible send a picture to me.
I wish you happiness for this beginning of the week and God protection.
Have a nice day and God bless.
Yours Lilian
Mrs Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 01:37:18 -0700
From: lilianroseokon@yahoo.com
Subject: Thanks for your caring

Dear thanks for your mail and your time for my problem. Darling you look too good you arevery handsome I really thank you for your kindness and how you feel over my situation. I am managing and really I am in a remote village where the person that killed my father can not locate me easily because Iam a target to himthough I left some of my things in the rented apartment in the town where I was living with my father before his death and I cant go back there for my safety moreover the rent age has expired. Where I am now I am managing my life seeing life in a different way hence my father is no more but I believe God is the only person taking care of me at this time. God is the only father and mother I have now. I received your both mails the one you sent through your cell phone reach me and the one you sent through your PC also reach me. You said you are travelling to Italy I wish you safe journey and will be putting you in prayers for your journey mercy. I do not have other network as you said though I am not too good in the internet but I can check my email. I went to the bank yesterday as I told you but when I got there I was directed to the person the called accountant and when I explain my case to him he told me that the manager was not around that I should wait three hours that the manager was on important meeting I waited for almost five hours and later the manager arrived and when I went and meet him he told me that I should return Wednesday by 9 am so that he will have much time to attend to me that he is going out now for urgent matter in one of their branch. I will be going be going there by Wednesday and will as well let you know my out come.
I wish you a good day and God protection.
Please les I forget I am living in Bagiuda Lome Togo
Togo is a country inAfrica having boundery with BENIN RepubliC and Ghana the other side of it is atlantic occean.
I will be so glad if you can be able to visite me but Do notwish to disturb you therefore what ever dicision let it be your delibrate decision.

Mrs Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 10:29:08 -0700
From: lilianroseokon@yahoo.com
Subject: Have a nice day

Dear ,
Thanks for your regards and kind offer. I am very happy having heard this from you concerningto visit you. May God reward you for all this time and concerned you have for me. I will like to come as you suggested and I will prefer to see that I finish processing the inheritance so that I will arranged with the bank in the way that if I come over there I will see if the place is good for me then I will tell them to release the money but the way I am seeing things I prefer to be there because I believe America will be good to me and no part of Americawill beas bad as here neither meeting wicked and dangerous people around who is not even happy that someone is living her life like here though I know that bad people is every were but there will be good security in America. I am just arriving back from the bank for the appointment and I have discussed with the manager though he requested for the account information which I gave him and he discovered that the account exist then he gave me a form that both of us will fill. According to his directives he said that you should fill the lower space in the form the beneficiary space while I will fill the next of kin space the two upper space next of kin and my father account deposit information in the middle space then I will submit it back to their bank in person. Iwill attach the form in the nextmailattached therefore if you fill the form please send it to me so that I will fill and submit it to them according to there instruction.
I do not wish to send this picture to you because you may not like it the good ones I left it where I ran out from where I was living before with my father. I wish I can be able to find my way to town so that I will book a time with you so that I will go to the cyber cafe that have web cam so that we can chat with web cam because I will like to see you in person and you also see me.I have attached my picture in this mail
I wish you favourable day and God bless
Dear have my pic
Mrs Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 10:34:45 -0700
From: lilianroseokon@yahoo.com
Subject: Please here is the bank form

Darling please here is the bank form I wait to hear from you because I suppose to submit it to them on friday..
the form

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