Miss Young

Stefanie says: "I can feel your loving presence all around me"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Jacob.

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Hi, love your site, you made me open my eyes. Here attached a series of emails, who initially believed that person, because it knew "her or him" through a web of relationships, and told me these stories liar, saying that it needed 300 euros for a visa in your country . When you search the Internet and found your site, I see that I was an awful fool to believe that bandit. Glad I did not sent any money and told him that knew it was a coup.
Anyway I am very grateful for someone like you exist, you deserve everything good in life, a thousand kisses, I look forward to your reply,

From now your faithful friend,


Mrs Hi Jacob,
Thank you for your email and photos, I must say you are beautiful and hope for the best ship in this respect. I hope you are well.
I live in the former capital Abidjan Ivory Coast. I have finished the university as a medical surgical doctor.
I studied medicine and hope to be a great female doctor in the future. I am single without children.
My hobbies are singing, holidays, swimming and fishing. I need a man in my life to settle down and for the rest of my life. I do not know if you are my dream man I am looking for a man you need. I is honest, romantic, sincere and careful. Do you have these characteristics?
Tell me more about yourself.
Mrs 1. Hi dear,
I hope you're going and I bring you a special sweet hugs as you read this email.
Thanks for the lovely compliments and photos, I am very flattered and I hope for the best in this respect ship.Sentir free to write in English because I can understand you very well, in fact I think your English is good.
More about me, my mother died 15 years ago during child birth and the baby died a few hours after my mother gave up her father was poisoned mind. My 3 years in death by his own brother during a quarel with respect to a legacy passed to them by their father.
Eversince then, I have been under the care of an old widow who has been adopted my mother and thank God for your love and that God gave me the courage and support to cross my 7 years of study in medical college.
I finished the University of Cocody , in Abidjan here. Our official language is French, but I learned English in school and by my mother who is adopted from an English speaking country Kenya . I love the love and happiness and this is what I expect of you. I have finished medical school as a cardiac surgeon and I work, but I am yet to get a job due to political tension in my country.
Most companies and investors are closing daily and moving to other countries due to war peacefully in some parts of the country and this has affected the economy and other aspects of the country We are praying for a better political situation soonest.
The most important is you need. I love your tender care. I mean, I need you to understand my feelings, meet my emotional desires and treat me like a woman likes to be treated. I promise to make you happy for the rest of his life.
What's happening around you? Well, we have an African chamado''''foutou meal for dinner and I invite you to come to dinner. I'm anxious to see him at dinner time.
May this mail meet you in good condition.
Your angel,
Mrs 27/07/09
Dear Jacob,
I bring you greetings and hugs to keep you warm while you read this mail.I hope you are well.
Many thanks for the lovely compliments, infact you give me the strength to continue.
It is unfortunate to have lost the meal was very delicious. However Oops, do not worry, because when we meet I will prepare you nice meal. Also, do not bother about coming here because of the ongoing war here, but I do not want to hurt you or lose you. The situation is not safe.
I do not have a computer or a webcam, so I do write from a public library near my house.
Due to the ongoing war here my phone was stolen a few weeks ago, when some rebels
soldiers invaded our house. However, you can call me this number: 00 225 0991 0956 . It is for our neighbor and his name is Mr Henry . When you call, just tell him you want to talk to your neighbor Stefanie.
knowing that you have made much difference to me. Since you came into my life, I think about you all the time and I can not wait for the day our hearts will meet.
I will be very happy to come to you and if you are willing to receive me, let me know so I can apply for my visa process immediately and inform you of progress.
I wish you the best regards to satisfy even our hearts.
Your angel,
Mrs Dear Jacob,
I bring you greetings and hugs beautiful to taste it as you read this mail. I hope they are nice. Thank you for the lovely photos. Stop comparing me with his ex-wife unfaithful friends because we have nothing in common. You can come here to see things for yourself.
I must say I like your opening because I am a very friendly and open and is also very good to have someone like you around me to protect me with your loving kindness.
Like you, I can not wait to be with you and I want to read your email I can feel your loving presence all around me.
Thank you for your willingness to receive me.Eu need your full name, address and telephone numero.Eu also need you to help me with my as a processing fee equivalent to 300 euros and as soon as I receive this money which will be applied for my visa process immediately and inform you of progress.
I wish you the best regards to satisfy even our hearts, and I hope these lovely roses spice help you to satisfy our hearts.
Your angel,
. When Jacob realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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