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Mark M Alexander says: "I adore you so much my queen"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call her Emmely. She sent a lot of (borrowed) money to a scammer before she realized that it was a scam.

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Dear Ms Young,

I am sorry I didnt meet your webside earlier that I should!!!!

I met online with Rolandbowen2008, Joe Miller, lottery from Madrid (I paid almost 500USD for the shipping from Madrid for my check for 250 000 Euro and a Thosiba computer, but I was asked to send the 0.5% of my winning amount, so I got mad and sent them to hell.)

The reason I decided to write to you is simple. I met a guy on Tagged at last November. He is very lovely, widowed, has a young girl with a sick mother at home, he is a geologist and at that time he worked in England, during that time he won a project and went to Nigeria to prepare the place for the oil. What stupid thing I did? I beleived every single words of him! He told me that when he will finish the project he will have 1 mill GBP from that project. He had to run the project alone by support himself. Since last November several problems happened and he asked my help. Personally I dont have money that I told him. He promised me that all money I would borrow from my friends he will pay it back with benefit. Since last November I borrowed money from my friends about 26 000USD! Finally 2 weeks ago he told me that everything is okey and he is going to UK to pick up his money and will come to me. He sent his filght details to me to pick him up at the airport.

You right, he never arrived!

I am in trouble now because of the owed money!!!

 I sent a lot of emails to him and called him on his UK telephone.

No responses at all! I am getting crazy!!!

When he went to Nigeria he asked me to set up an email for him that I did. I have the password of it since but I never opened that email up before but now I was worried about him and I did.

Do you know what he did?

He opened and account for Matchmaker.com and started to promote himself as widowed with a young girls and looking for his life partner!

I send you his pictures and some of his documents, letters.

I dont want him to break others' heart and pocket like he did to my heart and pocket!

I want to save them from all bed things that I am going through since I knew him!!!

Re: attachements some documents and pictures that was sent to me. (note: the 3 pictures what is in the macthmakers profile was also in the Tagged profiles that he deleted after he found me)

Also about his marriage certificate, for any reasons the certificate about his wife deceised never arrived to me for any internet problem.

I have also those names who I sent the money to.

First time I sent 2000USD to her daughter, Kathrine for Christmas as he was not able to send any present to her - he was on the North Sea at that time.The details is: La France Moye, 2700 Broad Str, Chesepeake, 23324
The rest of the money was sent to Jeffrey Moore, 24 Francis Str Greenwich. SE. London,
Jonah Anthony, no.9 Esombi close Sedco Rd off Uduroa Denerhen, Warry, Delta State, Nigeris 234
to Derrick Akpobaro, 34 Deco Rd, Delta City, Warri, Nigeria 234 and to
Kelly Richard 2 Festac Close, Lagos, Nigeria 234. I have Mr Kelly tel number: +234-8078-033438

Mark M Alexander UK tel number is: +44-70-35946228.

I have some lovely letters and poems of him that he wrote to me ...

Sincerelly yours,









  MR Anti-Terrorist certificate for the delivery of vessel containing crude oil by Mr


last email with his flight details:



Subject: Virginatlantic Airline and Skyscanner Airline Info
Sent: Tuesday, September 8, 2009 5:30:52 AM


Mark Alexander <mark_alexander1@yahoo.com>

Hi my sweet love.....How are you doing today darling? I hope you are doing okay and fine as for me am doing great and missing you so much. Knowing that am coming home to you now am so nervous. I am getting restless and having sleeplessm nights now. I have never had this feeling in my life before sweetheart and i dont know how it will look like when we first meet. I adore you so much my queen. Hope you can come and pick me up at the airport when i arrive on time my love. I  have your millions of kisses.......wowwwwww it is going to be the greatest sunday of my life in Budapest........I still cannot hold myself......I LOVE MY QUEEN.
Here is my flight details my love and please dont leave me stranded in the airport honey..........

Virginatlantic Airline.


Flight Information _ Sat Sep 12 2009
This Flight leaves on Saturday and Arrive same day

Flight VS652   Depart 10:30  LAgos (Murtula Muhammed) 
                      Arrive 17:25  London Heathrow(LHR)  6hrs 


Skyscanner  Airline.


Flight Information _ Sun Sep 13 2009

BA 866     Depart: 08:45  London Heathrow (LHR)

                 Arrival: 12:15 Budapest (BUD) British  Airways    

                                                                 2hrs :30mins


. When Emmely realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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