Barrister Morgan Esq says: "All I require of you now is total trust"Morgan
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the letter from a friend. She had replied to a letter from a lawyer offering her millions for her assistance. The lawyer sent her several documents: Go to the homepage to see more stories.
From: MORGAN CHAMBERS <mailto:barristermorgan1@myway.com>
Sent: Friday, June 16, 2006
Subject: Paper Work(Aknowledge And reply)


I want to thank you for your prompt response which I feel there is no need for delay in reponding back.I have carefully attached My identity card and the documents concerning this transaction amongst the documents are,Power of Attorney,Death certificate of my late client,certificate of incorperation and Deposit certificate.please keep it safe as it is the only proof to this fund.

Once the bank pays this money to your account,40% goes to my chamber and 15% goes to charity while the remaining 5% will be for expenses incured in the course of the transaction.i choosed you because you are of the same nationality with my late client.On Monday i will be going to the bank to submit an application on your behalf and also back documents to the bank.i will let keep you informed with the out come of my meeting with the bank.

There is no risk or Government involvement in this transaction as I have every legal document concerning this transaction; all I needed from you is your maximum cooperation, trust in this transaction.

All I require of you now is total trust, honesty i hope i can trust and count on you and not forgetting secrecy and prayers so that all will go well.

We shall triumph.Thanks for your cooperation.i hope to hear from you soon..Acknowledge the receipt of this mail with the documents and get back to me.have a nice day and God bless

Barrister Morgan Esq.
Barrister Morgan Esq
Barr. M.Ibekweoru

Certificate of Incorporation Death Certificate

Deposit Certificate Power of Attorney

The documents may look legitimate, but they are all fake. Here are more fake documents:

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