Capt. Godwin Simon says: "you should adhere to my instructions"
. Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Solomon. Go to the homepage to see more stories.

Dear Miss Young

First of all I want to thank for the good work that you have started.  I
want to inform you that even myself I have received a quite number of emails from some called himself Captain Godwin Simon from the millitary of Liberia and he said he is an Engineer.

I thank my God JESUS CHRIST, for the wisdom that HE gave me and I want to thank HIM for opening my eyes and I did not fall for this trap.

For more information I have got all these emails including the probate certificate, photographs that I think may help other people. 

Thank you may God richly bless you



From: Capt Godwin Simon <>
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 9:13 PM

Dear Good Friend,

Please pardon my indignation for contacting you via this media.
I have no option for now than to mail you. I know that my letter may seem strange to you, but I pray God that you give it a fair hearing as you will benefit from it too.

I am in need of your assistance.....My name is Capt. Godwin Simon, I am in the Engineering Military Unit of Liberia.....I have about $25.5 Million US dollars I made during the civil war in my country on diamond deal and I have moved this fund to Ghana and now I want to move this fund out of that country to your country.

I want to move this fund to your country through diplomatic means, to send it directly to you or any place of your choice in your country with diplomatic courier service,.....provided you will assure me of your capability to secure this fund......untill I will come with my investment plans on my own share of the fund.

Once the fund get to you, you will take 30% out of this fund and keep 70% safely for me. My good friend your role in this deal is to set up secured A/C where you will lodge in my own part of this fund safely untill I come for it.

Please reply me back immediately if you are interested...I will furnish you with more details soonest I read your reply.

I guarantee that this deal will be executed under legitimate arrangements that will protect you from any breach of the law. Be rest assured of this my good friend.

On your reply please indicate your telephone and fax numbers for easier and oral communication.

Waiting for your urgent response.

Friendly regards,

Capt. Godwin Simon.
  > Solomon wrote:
> Dear Captain
> My name is Solomon here in South Africa, I am responding to your letter
> where you need help.
> I have received your letter and I will say it came at a right time
> because
> we are a church here in South Africa recently we bought a land to build
> a
> mega church. The cost of the land is R1.2 million rand and it is 24
> hectors of the land, we already paid some money. We are in need of money
> now to start building because roughly our buildings will cost around R24
> million rand.
> So with your request we can see where we can help you in order for you
> to
> help us to fullfil the vision of the church.
> I can be contacted at this number +2733 3444, Fax is +2733 3455.
> May God bless you
> Solomon (SOUTH AFRICA)
Mr > Hello Solomon,
> Thanks for your prompt response to my mail..........Solomon I must be
> frank to you, I have serious interest on investing in your country and
> will want us to set up working plan if you will be capable of handling
> this transaction with me.
> Solomon I have tried to hook up with you on the number you gave to
> me,......but could not be able to get through and I would really want to
> talk with you on this issue.
> Here is my own direct telephone number + 228 920 59 32, please try to
> call me and see if you can get through from there.......Here we have a
> very poor communication network.
> Your call will be highly appreciated.
> God bless.
> Capt. Godwin Simon.
  > Solomon wrote:
>   Hello Captain
> My number is working fine may be its your network but if you keep on
> trying you will get through to me. Again let me repeat my number: 033 3444,
> Fax: 033 3455
> Thank you
> Solomon
Mr > Hello Solomon,
>   I have tried several times again...and it was still same as other day,
> it maybe bad network as you said....Please I think we can be using this
> email media for now until when the network will be ok.
>   Or what do you suggest?
>   God bless.
>   Capt. Godwin Simon.
  > Solomon wrote:
> Hello Captain,
> So I will hear from you then Captain, cause in the mean time there is no
> way we can communicate except emails. Then once your network is fine give
> me a ring then. I will wait for your call or email.
> May God richly bless you
> Solomon
Mr > Hello Solomon,
>   Thanks for your mail, it means we have to stick to this media
> until the network comes better.
>   Now please Solomon tell me, ready are you to proceed for the
> withdrawal of this fund,...if I should furnishes you with all the
> deposit documents and  procure a probate note from High Court of Justice
> on your favor to proceed?
>   Looking forward to your next mail.
>   God bless.
>   Capt. Godwin Simon.
  > Solomon wrote:
>   Hello Captain
> Captain I am ready at anytime provided you supply me with enough
> information concerning this matter.
> Waiting to here from you.
> Thank you
> Come to Jesus & He loves you
> Solomon
Mr > Dear Solomon,
>   Thanks for your positive response,...Ok please furnish me with your full
> contact address for me to proceed to High Court of Justice and procure
> the probate note on your favor.
>   I am looking forawrd to your prompt response.
>   God bless.
>   Capt. Godwin Simon.
  > Solomon wrote:
>   Hi Captain
> U know what I made a mistake my address is Private Bag X9505650 not a PO Box.
> Thank you
> Solomon
Mr > Dear Solomon,
>   Thanks for the correction, but already I have give the address to my
> attorney and I feel he must have submitted it to court. Ok I will meet
> him this evening to know what should be done about it.
>   God bless.
>   Capt. Godwin Simon.

From: Capt Godwin Simon <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 11:43 PM
Subject: View the attached photo.

Attached photo is my lawyer with the boxes used in conveying this fund from Liberia to Ghana.
  > Solomon wrote:
> Dear Captain
> If you want more information about our church & you can see even myself
> there: Log on to You can browse the
> site.
> I was the one of the leaders who finished the mentorship programe. I am
> wearing a navy suit with strippes. Then when you go under bible school
> I
> am wearing a black shirt & sitting down.
> Thank you.
> Solomon
Mr > Dear Solomon,
>   Thanks for the website of you church you sent, I am very happy and
> appreciate it very much.........Now please everything is taking good
> shape here ........My lawyer return to court to procure a new probate
> note due to the mistake on your earlier address. Solomon this made me to
> spent another $1,075, but my happinessis that court granted him to
> process a new one......I would want to tell you that by special grace of
> God next week everything will be ok for you to proceed to Ghana for this
> transaction.
>   Please keep your psirit high and be very prayerful.
>   God bless.
>   Capt. Godwin Simon.
Mr > Dear Solomon,
> Hope you are doing well?...Please just want to let you know that the
> papers are now ready....I wanted to know one thing from you as my
> lawyer
> adviced. Assure me of your readiness to proceed to Accra- Ghana next
> week for retrieval of this money from the security vault.
> Waiting for your response.
> God bless.
> Capt. Godwin Simon.
  > Solomon wrote:
> Yes I am ready provided you give me more information concerning this
> journey.
> Solomon

Mr > Thanks for your reply, I will take a good time tomorrow to detail you
> all about this transaction.
> God bless.
> Capt. Godwin Simon.
  > Solomon wrote:
> I am still waiting for your response. Please keep me updated of what is
> going now and please I don't want to do things at a last minute. I have
> planned everything in advance. Can you please give me your contact
> details because the last one that you gave me were not working at all.
> Solomon
Mr > Sorry for the delay,....I took a short trip with my lawyer to Ghana that
> was why. We just return this morning.
> Please call me on + 228 951 61 41 or + 228 920 5932.
> God bless.
> Capt. Godwin Simon.
  > Solomon wrote:
> Dear Captain
> Captain I don't know if you receive my reply yesterday, I am still waiting
> for your reply as you have promised me on Friday. Captain can you please
> give me your contact details e.g telephone number etc because the one that
> you gave last time it was not working at all.
> I am still waiting for your call as I have given you my telephone number
> last time we you requested it. Another thing I have got my personal fax
> that sometimes you can use it, 086 664 44.
> God richly bless you
> Solomon

Mr > Appreciation to your call of yesterday. Solomon as I told you,.....I went
> to Ghana with my lawyer to offset some charges this deposit encured.
> The security company will be expecting your arrival for withdrawal of
> this funds from vault anytime from next week.
> I will be sending you certificate of deposit of this fund, payment
> receipt of the demurrage charges and probate certificate which is
> obtained on your name fron Ecowas court of justice.
> I will send them to you soonest IBM company return my scanning machine
> on Monday,....I have already taken it to them for repair.
> Solomon as I requested yesterday on the phone,..please send me a copy of
> your passport, the security company need it....and please make your
> arrangment to come to Ghana next week.
> Please another important thing you must proceed with is $2,500 security
> and handling charge
. This has to be paid upon your arrival in their
> office.
> My good friend,..please send me your passport without delay. I will
> detail you on what to do later upon arrival in Ghana and how you and my
> personal assistance will meet in Ghana.
> God bless.
> Capt. Godwin Simon.
Solomon wrote:
Dear Captain,

Godwin sorry for disconnection of our conversation on the phone even on my
side I don't know what happened. But as I have said to you that can you
please raised that money on your side then I will repay once we had
finished our transaction.

I am still waiting for those certificates that you have promised me.

God bless you


From: Capt Godwin Simon <>
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 4:16 PM

Dear Mr. Solomon,
Ok I will take this documents to public com center here to scan and sent them to you without further delay. On
side of this $2,500,...please I must tell you truth. I am very broke here and can not raise it...I told you I spent more than $62,000 on this recent trip to Ghana.
Mr. Solomon,....I make sure that demurrage and storage charges are paid, that there will be no problems or delay when you come for the withdrawal.
God bless.
Capt. Godwin Simon.
Solomon wrote:
Dear Captain

I want to give an assurance that I want to help as much as I can. So
please understand that even on my side I must be safe as much as you safe
on your side.

I won't let you down as I told you even from the first email I have send
to you that my intension to get this money is to build our church and help
those who are in need.

Because I believe by helping you, you are helping me as well. Provide me
with more information concerning this transaction. Are we going to
corriour to South Africa or we deposit in my account.

Please give me a ring sometimes on my office number or personal phone
+2733 3444. Thank you Captain

God Bless You and just remember with God nothing is impossible, we are
going to make it.

From: Capt Godwin Simon <>
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 4:49 PM
Subject: Re: Sorry for the delay,

Dear Mr. Solomon,
I want you to understand the need that you proceed to Ghana without delay...To avoid encountering more and more charges as I have paid for the demurrage and the storage charges.
Solomon, as I told you I will asign my PA to meet you at Ghana.
I will make sure he arrives in Ghana before you, to pick you from the airport upon your arrival, so that you both will proceeds to the company the next day for the withdrawal of this fund.
After retrieving fund from security company vault,
will take it to a good bank there in Ghana to exchange it into cashiers cheque,.......which you will deposit into your nominated bank account in South Africa when you return.
I will make a good search for banks in Ghana that has
good international relations and inform you.
God bless.
Capt. Godwin Simon.
From: Capt Godwin Simon <>
Sent: Friday, March 23, 2007 12:30 AM
Subject: Documents.

View the attach documents.


Certificate of deposit

Payment receipt

Probate Certificate

Solomon wrote:
Dear Captain,

Thank you for your documents they are so wonderful

Could you please do me one thing, so as you said you need my help to
withdraw this money and you said you are broke but if you really need my
help Captain just raised $2,500.00 and my flying tickets from South Africa
to Ghana & from Ghana back to South Africa.

I think that way it will be better for us especially for you because you
need my help. And you are the one who contacted me so all what you have
started please Captain finish it. I don't think someone who owns $25
million can be broke, but if you really need my help proof it to me

There is something that I don't understand why now I must raised handling
fees whose account is and money as well? You were supposed to contact me
before you even put the money to Ghana & why now all of a sudden you want
to move your money from Ghana to my country.

Thank you

From: Capt Godwin Simon <>
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2007 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: Documents.

Hello Solomon,
I am so disappointed by your saying. Inshort if you are really capable of handling this transaction,  you should adhere to my instructions and work with me. I told you I am broke, yes I am....I know why I ran out of money now. Does not mean I am flatened....Solomon if you can not take care of your trip to Accra Ghana with security/
handling charges as I have said, it means nothing than you are not capable of handling this deal...I think 30% of US$25.5 million I offers is not peanut and you have to proof that you are capable of handling it.
God bless.
Capt. Godwin Simon.

At this point Solomon had realized that it was a scam. He did not the "captain" any money, and he stopped all contact with him.

The captains emails were not sent from Liberia, but from Togo. Many scammers operate from this country.


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