Barrister John Adams says: "this fund has no relationship with Drug, money laundry or any form of illegality"
Hello, I am Miss Young. In this story I have to assist an old lawyer to invest $22m. Go to the homepage to see more stories.

Sent: December 11, 2004
Subject: investment




This fund belongs to my client, a Chief Comptroller General of Customs.
He wants to invest this fund in abroad

If you are interested, contact me with the above email address for details. The moment I hear you it will take us 48hours to credit the funds to your nominated bank account for the investment.

Be assured that this fund has no relationship with Drug, money laundry or any form of illegality.

Hoping to hear from you, while you furnish me with your private telephone numbers for easy communication. .

Best regard
Barrister John Adams

$22m with no strings attached. That sounds great, so I tell him that I am interested.  

Sent: December 13, 2004
Subject: Thanks for your reply

Attn:Miss Young

Dear ,

Thanks for your prompt response . Well, I mustn?t fail to disclose our intention clear for future reference . We intend to invest this fund under your assistance . Our major concern is making sure that this fund is invested in USA because of it?s vibrant and conducive economic environment . Since you will manage this fund on our behalf , it is our belief that you know the best project to go into . Our expectations from you are prudent management , transparency and accountability .

May be for your earlier information , this fund belongs to my client Chief Frank Umeh , a former comptroller ? general of custom services in Nigeria . He has retired due to ill-health . He has partial paralysis which confined him in doors . From information passed to me , he made this money from a deal which he struck with some colleagues last year and has deposited the money in the General Account of Eco Bank of Nigeria through the assistance of his close friend , late Chief A. K. DIKIBO who was then the chairman of the board . Chief Dikibo was assassinated in what was believed to be politically motivated this year .

Now , the fund is in the bank and my client is disabled and can not properly come up with a concrete investment agenda thus , he has to employ me to solicit for external assistance . That was why I contacted you .

So , from our point of action here, you are naturally going to invest and manage any project which you invest into and make returns to us accordingly . An agreement will be drafted which will be bidding to us for posterity and you are also free to make your suggestion towards that .

Finally, I hand over this job to your honorable care . I want you to wisely advise us on steps to take . Our duty is to provide the fund while you take care of the needed expertise .
Thank you .
Barrister John Adams

Dikibo was killed on February 6, along the Kwale-Ogwashi-Ukwu road
Dear John, I read your long email, and have a good feeling of what is going to happen. I suppose the first thing we have to do, is to transfer the money to a foreign bank? ...  

Sent: December 14, 2004
Subject: Barr. John Adams


Your prompt response is quite commendable and I truly subscribe to your idea of having the fund transferred out from it's present place of deposit . Such step will ensure that the fund is properly safe guarded and it will enhance our investment drive .

To achieve this unique purpose , it becomes imperative for you to provide the bank account information needed to actualize the purpose . As soon you provide those needed information , I shall move forward to start processing relevant government backings which will ensure that the transfer is hitch free . I won't like us to run into any problem because , all over the world , there is general concern about money -laundering and terrorism .

I don't want us to be accussed of any hence the need to initially normalize everything to guarantee safety . Immediately all the relevant payment approvals are secured with your name and bank account information , You will be regarded as the fund beneficiary which itself will enable us to make withdrawals from the account .

Presently , there is no accessibility to the fund thus we can't withdraw any amount from it because it is in the general account of the bank and there is no beneficiary name attached to it yet . So I enjoin you to provide the needed information immediately . We can not afford to waste anytime .

Finally , Although I have not seen you but from the two mails written by you , I quite believe in you and have no doubt whatsoever that you will be of immense assistance to us in making sure that this fund is well safeguarded abroad . I equally advise you to be discreet and never discuss nor disclose this transaction with anybody no matter how close . You are aware that the amount of money involved is enormous , so keep this transaction to yourself alone .

Thank you .
Barr. John Adams .

Dear John, I agree in your latest email. Here is my bank data: Bank account xxxx
I have attached my picture now that we are going to work together on this case. I would also like to see how you look like. Will you send me your picture? Regards, ...

Sent: December 15, 2004
Subject: Barr. John Adams ( Find Attached documents )


I acknowledge the receipt of your banking information as requested by me . You didn?t include the routing number or swift ?code if there is any . Please try to correct that mistake .

I have viewed your picture . You look so good , beautiful and sweet . I am equally attaching my international passport which has my picture and identity and also my personal C.V. which will give you an idea of the calibre of person whom you are dealing with . I have you in confidence that you won?t disappoint .

As regards to actualizing urgent and successful transfer of this fund into your account , Money will be needed . I don?t want to shy away from the truth . Money will be needed to secure all the payment approvals with your name thus formalizing and legitimizing the ownership of the fund with your name . As soon this fund is normalized in your name , there won?t be any interference from any quarters again . It is my intention to secure all those approvals from three (3) Government offices , namely , Nigeria Custom Services (B) Federal Ministry of Finance (C) Office of the Accountant General of the Federation .

Firstly , I shall make formal application to the Custom office and with the old contacts of my client (Who owns this fund ) apply for the payment to be recorded as an Excess Duty Refund . It will be approved to your favour as refund made against excess charge imposed on an importation which you made here in Nigeria . You don?t have to worry since we have all contacts which will ensure that this bedrock approval is promptly secured . After that , subsequent ones will follow accordingly and finally , I will submit all the approvals to the paying bank (ECO BANK OF NIG PLC ) and the fund will be transferred into your account without any delay . It will take us just five (5) working days to conclude this process .

To this effect , I sincerely solicit for financial support from you in order to commence with this unique assignment . I will initially start on this project by tomorrow and will visit the Custom office to enquire of the amount needed .

Please keep in touch always and don't forget to keep everything secret to your self alone . My phone number is :234-80 33 254 328 , you can reach me anytime . I equally request for yours for effective communication . Feel free and take good care of your self . God bless you .

Yours Truly ,
Barr. John Adams .


A close look at the (fake) passport shows that John was born on February 2, 1932, while the resume show that he was born July 13, 1932.

Dear John, Thank you for your informative email and the attachments. You ask for my banks routing code. If they have one, I don't know it. I have never been asked for a routing code before, and the account is used regularly for transfer to/from foreign banks.
I like your picture. You look very young for a 72 year old. Your climate must be much better than ours. Hope to hear from you again soon. Regards, ...

Sent: December 20, 2004
Subject: Barr.John Adams ( Urgent reply needed )


Your explanation on the routing number is noted . Already I have used the information given by you to formally apply to the Customs office for the initial payment approval . I hope to receive it by tomorrow . As soon it is secured , I will apply again to the Federal Ministry of Finance for their endorsement . I will forward the two approvals to you before applying for the last which will come from the office of the Accountant General of the Federation .

As I had already stated in my last mail , Money will be needed to facilitate this process and equally make it happen urgently . I have already committed the bit which I can readily lay hands on in the Customs Office . It is my wish to seek for urgent assistance from you no matter how small in order to propel me into more action . There is no need for us to waste any time . With your cooperation , we can conclude this transfer by friday next week . So I urgently need financial support from you . It should be voluntary and based on your availability . I am not tasking you but I believe you can help .

Finally, Thanks for your comment about my picture . That picture is one of my best and I always like to use it .

Thanks and God bless you .
Yours Truly ,
Barr. John Adams ,

Dear John, Thank you for your long email. I am glad to hear that the paperwork is almost finished. I am looking forward to see the documents. Hope to hear from you soon, ...  

Sent: December 21, 2004
Subject: Barr. John Adams .

Dear ,

I acknowledge your mail . As previously informed , I have already secured the approval from the Customs office and will collect the one from Federal Ministry of Finance later today before applying for the final approval from the office of Accountant General of the Federation . I will duly forward the two approvals secured to you today .

Be informed also that the approvals from the office of the Accountant General is the last and actually , we will be needing your voluntary financial assistance . I have exhausted the much I can lay hands on in securing the two other approvals . Although I don't know the cost yet , but after my formal application to that effect today , I will be able to know how much it will cost us . Please try your best .

Finally, I will get back to you later with those approvals .

Thank you .

Barr. John Adams .


2 days pass, and I don't hear from him. Then I send this:

Dear John, I haven't heard from you since you promised to send me some documents 2 days ago. Is everything ok? Hope to hear from you soon, ...

5 days later:


From: Mail Delivery Service <>
Sent: December 28, 2004
Subject: Delivery Status Notification

- These recipients of your message have been processed by the mail server:; Failed; 4.4.7 (delivery time expired)

It seems that someone else closed his business. I am not too worried. I know that one of these days I will get another offer to receiver a lot of millions ;-)

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