NL National Lottery says: "you are advised to officially introduce yourself"
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Lawrence. He won the NL National Lottery. Or did he? Go to the homepage to see more stories.
Hi my name is Lawrence;
Here is a scam seems to be related to your experience
Van Gogh From: Van Gogh <>
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006




We are pleased to notify you of the release today as
dated of the NL National Lottery/International
Promotions programs held on the 29th day of January
2006. Participants were selected through a computer
ballot system drawn from 98,000 names from Europe,
America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle-East,
Africa, and North & South America as part of our
international promotions program conducted annually to
encourage prospective overseas entries. We hope with
part of your prize awards, you will take part in our
end of year lotto jackpot of 1.3 Billion International

You/Your Company, attached to:
TICKET No: 715 ß?? 4 ß?? 7207-NL,
SERIAL No: 39- 02 ß?? DNL drew the
LUCKY No: 04, 07, 29, 30, 42, 44, 39 and
BATCH No: OX9T ß?? 7T5T ß?? D3N

As a category B winner, you have been selected by
computer balloting system where only email addresses
are soughted, from a total numbers of 30,000 email
addresses drawn from all over the globe. After an
automated computer ballot of our International
Promotions Program consequently won in the second
Category. You have therefore been awarded a lump sum
pay out of US$5,000,000.00 in cash
, which is the
winning payout for second categories winners. This is
from the total prize money of US$46,000,000.00 shared
among the eight international win! ners in the SECOND


You have to contact the (VERIFICATION DEPARTMENT) for
immediate remittance; Your E-mail address won the
lucky number. To avoid mix up of numbers and names of
any kind, we request that you keep this award strictly
from public notice until the entire process of
transferring your claims has been completed, and your
funds remitted to your account.
This is part of our security protocol to avoid double
claiming or unscrupulous acts by participants of this
program. Required by the (NATIONALE POST CODE LOTERIJ

We also wish to bring to your notice our End of Year
(2006) high stakes where you stand a chance of winning
up to 13 million Euros, we hope that with a part of
your prize you will participate and to begin your
claims process please contact your claims agent.
Customer Service Unit,

TEL: +31-644-863-856
FAX: +31-205-248-266

Note: To enhance the processing of your claim by our
accredited claim agent, you are advised to officially
introduce yourself to the claim agent and also provide
them with your valid means of your personal
identification with a copy of this awards notification
for references.

Yours truly,
Ickenroth LaRoche (Dr),

here is the second letter they sent me.
But they also called me but there phone number was blocked.
And too I got mad at him on the phone and said to him he is a fraud.
Van Gogh From: K.Gogh Van <>
Sent: Sunday, October 29, 2006
Subject: Lawrence

Dear Lawrence,
We wish to congratulate you and formally inform you that you have won the sum of $5,000,000.00 (Five Million United States Dollars) in the last email-lottery draw, organized by ELECTRONIK LOTTERY.
We have confirmed the above winning.
You should note that your email address in addition to millions of company and individual email were extRacted with a software and the addresses were scrutinized with a ballot system and after the processes,30 email addresses were selected and they were shared into 3 categories respectively and which you are a winner in the 2nd category of $5m.The said sum is now deposited in our suspense account in your favour waiting for the immediate remittance into your nominated bank account.
Be informed that your winning prize has a hardcover insurance policy that makes it impossible to make any deduction of any kind, until the sum is finally credited into your designated account.
However, our client (ELECTRONIK LOTTERY) has been notified of this development and the status of your claim.
Below are the steps you will be following:
1. Fill the attached form in this email message,scan and send back to us for identification purpose.
2. You will activate an account with our accreditted payment center which varies because of the initial deposit of the different accounts and their features as they are stated below:
a. Regular Account, the initial deposit is £á1500.00 (One Thousand Five Hundred Euros). The Maximum transfer possible within a month is $5,000,000.00 (Five Million USD).
b. Daily Account, the initial deposit is £á2,500.00 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Euros). The Maximum transfer possible within a month is $8,000,000.00 (Eight Million USD).
c. Premium Account, the initial deposit is  £á3,500 (Three Thousand Five Hundred Euros). The transfer possible within a month from this account is $15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million USD).
d. Platinum Account, the initial deposit is £á4,500.00 (Four thousand Five Hundred Euros), the maximum transfer possible from this account within a month is $20,000,000.00 (Twenty Million USD) and above.
You will make a choice on the kind of account you can go for as it is important because you are a non-residence of this country and secondly because the prize money is in a suspense account and you cannot deduct nor make any transfers from a suspense account unless you have an existing account with the firm where the money is.
3. You will start making transfers to your designated bank account.
I hope these steps are clearly understood by you?
Following the above, you are expected to furnish us with all your necessary details as requested of you above along with a copy of your international passport or driver's license via email attachment for vetting process which is a standard practise just to ensure that we are dealing with the right individual and account.
This process is vital and urgent following the instruction from our clients that all prize money should be claimed on or before the end of 1 week (7days) from now otherwise your prize money will be returned back to its original source which means you have lost your winning prize.
Once again accept our congratulations and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Van Gogh
Tel: +31 644 863 856
Fax: +31-84-724-4423

Lawrence had realized that it was a scam, and did not answer.

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