Nenita Villaran says: "you have nothing to worry at all" Nenita
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Ahmad. Go to the homepage to see more stories.
missyoung :
please respond quickly .. please .
missyoung : read this mails and please give me your opinion and your advise.

Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006
From: "vnenita villaran" <>

From madam Nenita Villaran
Dearest One,
I am Madam Nenita Villaran-a citizen of philippine,
widow, and legitimate heir to the late former Minister
of finance who was assassinated for been working with
the ex-president Joseph .E in philippine.
I inherited a total sum of 20 million dollars from my
late husband, The presure from my decease husband's
family for this money has compelled me to leave Manila
and have the money which is concealed in a metallic
trunk box is deposited with a security and finance
company Cote d' ivoire under a secret arrangement as a
family treasure.
This means that the security company does not know the
content of this box that was shipped from the
Philippine to Cote d' ivoire under a diplomatic
My purpose of asking for your assistance boil down to
the fact that I don't want my late husband's family to
be aware or name involve, and the deposit statement of
the box authorized the company to make this box
avaliable for shipment on request only to my foreign
bussiness representative, though unname.
Hence I want you to contact the the security company
as my bussiness partner / associate, after receiving
the prove from me to enable the company release the
consigment to you diplomatically, while I join you on
the arrival of the box.
I have recently paid all demurrage ,storage charges
and the shipment fee, all you need do is to help me
contact the security company and introduce yourself as
my bussiness partner / associate ,requesting the
shipment of the box to your address which you will
And as soon as Diplomatic shipping agent approved the
shipment and tell you the arrival date of the box then
I will join you to give you 15% of the money instantly
before I go on with the proposed investment in your
domain provided is secured and investment friendly.
Please if you are interested and willing to represent
me as my bussiness partner / associate kindly write me
as soon as possible.
I awaits your urgent response
Best wishes
Madam Nenita Villaran
Please do forward all mail to for security reason please

Ahmad to  madam Nenita Villaran
I think you had a wrong title to my E-mail
I'm from Syrian Arab Republic my work is in a design & arts
if i can help you in Syria - Damascus .. I'm ready
thank you .. 
My Dear Partner Ahmad,
Thanks for your email and your sincere understanding to help and do this business with me. I will be very greatful to you and expecialy to God who have directed me to choose only you in this great venture to rescue me out of the lion den to live a better life in your country, you may not understand very well why i use the word "lion den" i am going through hell right here
in the Philippines and i have gone through a lot of humiliation in the hands of this wicked and heartless family of my late husband, but i stongly beleive that if you are able to help me retreive this box of money from the security company to your end which means my life will come back to normal again when i join you soonest.

You will have to help me in bringing this box of money out of the security company where the money was deposited, that is the more reason why I contacted you because I will not want our family name to be involved in this great transaction for some security reasons of my safety and the safety of my funds.
All you have to do to make this transaction a true successful venture is to call the security company and give them your correct safe residential address where you want the box of money to be deliver, then they will use their diplomatic power to ship the money to your address with immediate effect. Before the box of money get to your address, I will give you the key pass code to open the box for you to send me some money to arrange for my travelling to meet up the arrival of the box at your address where the box is delivered.
Please i hope there will be utmost confidence in this transaction? as it will benefit both of us because i'm willing to offer you 20% of the money outside any of your little expenses that you may incure during cause of this transaction as long as you can assist me soonest, that is you will be entilte to 20 % of the total sum as your own share of the money for your kind
I am ready to give you the security company's contact number and the documents that I used in depositing this box of money which is the certificate of deposit they gave me on the very day when I deposited the box of money with a code as family treasure, I will also to feed you with more informations and giudlines for you to discuss with the company without making any mistake and this transaction is 100% Risk free you have nothing to worry at all.
Upon your confirmation of this email, I will send you my identity and also scan the document as file and send it to you by email attachment so that you can call the security company in Abidjan to give them your address where they will deliver the box immdeiately,
You have to act fast to your reply of this mail so that we can conclude this business sooner.
Awaiting to hear from you, while I look forward to meet you very soon.
Bye for now and God bless you,
Madam Villaran Nenita.
Ahmad TO : vnenita villaran
you can send to my mail your special information . copys of your papers   and all information  that i need 
.. and tell me .. WHAT EXACTLY  I HAVE TO DO . STEP BY STEP and tell me mor about your self please .
deer Vnenita Villaran  :
i hope to help you a humanity help
and i wish you a good life
you can trust in me
My Dear Partner Ahmad,
Thanks for your email and your sincere concern to help me live a new life in your country. I just want to first of all appreciate you for your wonderful response and that has let me know your full interest and have also given me the assurance to know that you are a very honest person in doing business,inshort i am most greatful for your concern to help me get a better life
in your country.
What you have to do right now is to call the security company on phone
 (+ 225 07 14 83 68 ) to tell them that you are my business partner to receive the trunk box in their care and give them your safe residential address where you want them to deliver the box of money today, and below is their full contact:


Telephone:             + 225 07 14 83 68  / 
FAX                       +          225 21244012

Contact Person: DR. GALAN DAVE (Director of foreign operation)

All the informations which you need to prove to the company that you are my business partner are right there in the attached certificate of deposit and the agreement bond. You have to perform quickly to this effect so that we can conclude this business sooner, this transaction will take only two days at most to be concluded after you contact the company with the cetificate of deposit as my business partner. You have to call the company now before anything else so that they can use their diplomatic power to ship the box to your address today.
As soon as the box leaves the security company in (Abidjan-Cote d'Ivoire)immediately you get the confirmation from the company about the arrival date and time of the box to your address, i will give you the secrete access opening code of the box for you to open the box and send me some amount of money to enable me buy my air ticket to come over to your country to meet up the arrival of the box with you.
My dear friend, you have to keep this transaction a top secrete from your friends and family so that my life and money will be safe when i come to meet you and you must not show any one my document for the safety of the transaction. 
Please also take proper note of this point : do not make any mistake to tell anyone in the company that the box contains money because i deposited the box with a code as family treasure so that there will be no evil eye brow attracted the box of money while in the care of the security company, so should in case they ask you just tell them that the box contains family treasure and that is all.
Download the document to call the security company now to tell them that you are my business partner and that you want them to ship the trunk box to your address today. the security company is working 24 to 24 hours every day so you can always get them on line. 
Awaiting to hear and also meet you very soon.
Best regard,
Madam Nenita Villaran.


To : Madam Nenita Villaran
I'm so sorry because I  was so busy yesterday
I read your email today and I promise  to work in your case quickly .
Madam Nenita :
your attachment file ( your documents )that's you sent it to me is not clear I can't read any word from it because it has a very low resolution . please scan and send me another copy  (hi resolution )to work quickly .
Madam Nenita : I have a question ..
if the security company ask me about  authorization document that you gave it to me . what I have to tell them ?
I think I'll need an authorization document from you to me . what you see ?
last .. I repeat you can trust in me & I'll give you any warranty you need to save your father's money and your better life .
waiting to hear and also meet you very soon.

My dear partner ahmad,
Thanks for your mail which was well recieved.
I have rescaned the docs again.
Really i am very happy with the way you are help me as i have suffered alot here in mainila phillipines.
Cna you Imagin that i feed on rolls of bread everyday just to survive. I do not even know ,if i am going to survive in this my illness as i have already been paralized.
Please ahmad i really need you help you have to help me do this as if i loose that moneyt my whole life is finished.
As regards to the authorization doc i do not think it is important.
Please do go ahead and call them now so that they can get started please.
I will be waiting for your response.
Regards and God bless you.


Dear Ahmad,

Thanks for your mail and i will want you to know that i really greafull for all you doing in try to give me a new life.

Please i counting on you please as i do not have anybody to help me in life again.

My Sickness is getting worst day by day.

Please do go ahead and co-operate with the security company.

I will waiting for your response.

God Bless you.




My dear Partner Ahmad,

I will want you to know that all my hope is on you please do everything to get this box from the security company.

also do what they ask you to do.

I really suffering can you imaging that i can't even buy medications for myself.

Please contact them immeditely with your details as they asked you.

Please do response.

God Bless you.



Madam Nenita Villaran :
hi I have a nice news for you
I called the security company now with Dr . Galan and he will send to my mail what they want of documents and information from me to send your box to me I told him that is the box is a family treasure and I'm your business partner . every thing is OK Madam Nenita i'm waiting now for the company email to know what i have to send them what they need .
now .. you have to be happy and still trusting in me and i'll tell you when there mail will come to me .
you'll say good bey to your bad life and you will come to our country
I'm waiting for your respond pleas don't late ..
"viga.securities" <> wrote:

4, RUE FLEMMING,  ZONE 4,  01 BP 3041 ABIDJAN 01
TEL: + 225 07 14 83 68




Madam Nenita Villaran
I send to you the company mail that they sent to me :
and I'm waiting your respond ..
pleas don't late

Madam Nenita :
I recalled Dr Galan and told him that I'll send the information in a few days
and pleas scan it in ( hi resolution ) more than that you sent to me . and be sure it will be able to reading .


Madam Nenita Villaran :
the deposit certificate is clear
don't send another copy . but your international passport is not clear I think I don't need it .
I'm waiting your respond to give me your ( OK ) .
and I'll continue with you until you come to syria

trust in me Madam Nenita I'm with you ..
Ahmad Madam Nenita :
Now I'm in my office I'm waiting for your response . I want strongly to help you .. you will come to our wonderful and secure country . I'll waiting for you in airport when you come .
but but i request from you to give me just tow or three days maximum to make an international passport because my identity card has an arabic letters only .
I'll continue my mission to get your box and send you the money that you need to come to our country and take your box completely and go to doctors for your health
Madam Nenita : pleas be sure I haven't tell anybody about you as you request .but  if you can't waiting 2 or 3 days I can send my brother passport today and make him your partner if you like . but i hope you to give me this 2 or 3 days until finishing my passport without anybody know . tell me now please what you want me to do ? send my beloved brother's name or waiting to finishing my passport ? I'm ready to doing any thing you want .

Dear Ahmad,

Thanks for your mail and may the peace of God be upon you and your ily.

I am very happy the way and the encouragement you give i just do not know how to thak you for your support as i have lost hope in survivng in this world but you came along to help me i really appriciate it as i just can't wait to come over to your country to live but i will also want to know if you have started looking for a house for me buit i will prefer to stay with you due to i am very old to live alone i hope you do not mind wht do you think about that?

I would want you to be the only person that will handle this afair for me so i will advise you wait for your own passport since you said you have just three day to do it that is no problem.

I will also want you to keep this secret betwwen us as you are the only one that know the content of the box please do not allow any body to know about it please.

I am really suffering here that is why i want this affair to finish quikly as i can't hang on any more life is very hard for me day by day i get weak because i can't afford to buy medications to keep my self strong. i also advise you keep in cont with the security company posible call them and tell them when you are going to send the docs to them.

I will be waiting for your response.

God bless you.



Old house


Madam Nenita Villaran :
please be sure that I have not tell anybody  about you
except me , and my god .. 
 I'm working now to finish my international passport
I hope to finish our case soon .

my mobile number is : + 963 99 88 77


Dear Ahmad,

I have not heared from you today i hope no problem please respond to my mail.

God Bless You.


My Dear Partner Ahmad,

Thanks for your mail.

I avery happy to recieve your mail as i was wondering what might have been the problem since i did not hear from you yesterday.

Anyway i am OK but still scared about what to tommorrow might turn out to be for me.

Really as i commend you for you effort in trying to make this affair a successful one.

Have you contacted Mr Galan either by telephone or mail?

I will be waing for your response.

God Bless and protect you.


Madam Nenita Velleran

God bless


Dear Mdam Nenita :
there is no problem but I was out of town yesterday I was In Latakia city.
I was working for passport  requirements .
I finished my work in Latakia but I have some others to finish my passport ..
everything is OK except one thing : I have been started for my passport in thursday 10-8-2006 and I was forgetting
that we have two state recess days  in Syria ( friday and saturday ) that's mean my passport will be in my pocket at sunday or monday . please forgive me .
. now I'm in my office .. I'll contact Dr.Galan
then I'll tell you what's new .
Mdam Nenita :
do not worry about where you will living . I will stay with you until you
be ok and then we will think about what you like to do .
I think you will be happy here .

waiting for you


Madam Nenita :
I called for Dr Galan today by telephone but nobody  answer I'll repeat and try again tomorrow . I see that I must talk with him before sending any mail ,
Madam Nenita : I hope to see you soon and we will talk .

. I told Ahmad that it was a scam and the name Nenita Villaran has been used by several scammers, f.ex. here, here and here.  
Ahmad Oh my god ..
Missyoung :
I would like to thank you and send to your hands a 1,000,000 of kisses
I did not send them any money. or my bank account number
Missyoung thank you very much .
End of story.

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