Oliver Tedji says: "good free monies are made within and amongst the bankers" Oliver
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call her Anna. Go to the homepage to see more stories.
To: missyoung
Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Subject: help

Dear miss young,
First of all I want to thank you for your big help, because of your website I was enlightened with fraud issues especially the 419 thing. I am from the Philippines and just a couple of weeks ago my uncle received an email claiming that a dead relative who used to live in Togo left $6.1 M that is to be inherited by my uncle and my mother because they were supposedly the next of kin to the deceased uncle. I come from a very poor country and $6.1 M is really big so it immediately caught my mother's attention so, they replied and agreed to cooperate with a man who named Oliver Tedji who claimed to be a lawyer. For days they have been communicating and the documents that the lawyer sends us are impressive that at first glance they appear to be true. Untill now they are exchanging emails but due to my research and I thank you once again for your help we are still comunicating with the scammer just for fun and to find the local sindicate who we believe is involved with these Togolese scammers and put them to jail. The thing is, internet fraud is not yet widely known in my country and I think there will be others who will become victims of fraud. I want to help in stopping these criminals and I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me guidelines on what to do in my situation. If you want I can send you the mails and documents that the scammer sent us to warn other people about this kind of scam because I compared it to the scams you had posted on your site and this one is pretty good, very elaborate criminals.
Thank you for your time and God bless!
Hopefully yours,
Togo football fan
Togo football fan

hello again!

I'm attaching the emails sent to my uncle.My uncle and my mom talked it over and decided that my mom will take over since she's the older sibling.
It was only after my mom gave personal information about her that I found out about this so called business transaction. So, I looked it up in the internet and googled every detail and found your wonderful website! Now we're just playing along.

Oh and we were able to contact the bank using their real number and turns out the bank director of foreign remitance department doesn't exist! heck even the whole department is bogus!

I hope this is a big help to other people, most especially  Filipinos (my nationality) I hate to admit it but we are pretty gullible with regards to get rich scams!

Thank you for the advise and I hope this can be used to help others.


Barrister Oliver Tedji
Principal Partner Oliver Tedji Legal Counsellors
Office Email; enquiry_oliverlegalcounsellors2@yahoo.co.uk

Your mail; Marzan
I am sorry for the unusual approach that I have contacted you. This is an official legal notice of an unclaimed fund  left  by your deceased relative G.Marzan .whose life was relinquished in an airliner crash of 25th December 2003.My client,his wife and three children were involved in the Benin Airways flight air crash with registration number(141-UTA)which departed from a village called Adjarra near Porto Nouvo in Benin Republic to destination Lome where nobody survived.
For more information on the plane crash,check the website for more information http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/3348109.stm I would be greatfull if you would allow me to send you details of this opportunity that I am currently involved in at the moment since i have made several enquiries to locate any of my client’s extended relaives but has proved unsuccessful.Our beneficiary act laws allows for such claim as far proof ,documents and information about the deceased are presented to the bank.
As the former legal attorney,confidant to your late relative and witness of fact of the above mentioned subject matter,i hereby solicit for your immediate response and positive committed efforts in this matter to facilitate the fund  remittal of total sum $6.1million.This fund was left behind in a Financial house(bank) by your deceased relative of the same national and surnames/last names(an added lawful advantage required by our local beneficiary laws)
Contact me  for more voice to voice clarifications through my telephone :+00228-927 58 84  for more information.
As soon as your affirmative response is received,i will subsequently contact you immediately after your positive response to this convenant will and provide you with more details and informations required by law to legally support you for this claim.
Kindly  get in touch with us through the alternative email address of  my law  firm back home :(enquiry_oliverlegalcounsellors2@yahoo.co.uk)
May his fragile soul rest in perfect peace,Amen!
Best wishes,
Barrister Oliver Tedji(Esq)


Benin crash
Benin airliner crash

Dear Erma/David Marzan,
I hope you are doing great today.I am most delighted that you are at least educated and enlightened to handle this transcation.During my telephone converstaion with David,he had demanded to relate this project to the elder sister since she would be in the best situation to handle it.I must confess my disappointment that neither you nor David has communicated to me since considering the short time notice given to me by the bank.Most beneficiary laws defer from country by country.I am a custodian and prosecutor of law and would not allow your family to breach any law of our land since if you people are in trouble,i am also in trouble.I am 100% sure and confident about this project and needs an unhindered and committed efforts from your side to ensure success.
Erma,i will like to shed a little light on how our inheritance law came into existence.In 1992,our supreme court ruled a case in favor of one Mrs Joyce Sarmiento vs Ecobank Lome,Togo who was contacted by one of the late justices of my country Hon Linus Makeke who had contacted Mrs Joyce of Philippines nationality for a claim of estates valued at 18 million USD left unclaimed by Late Generoso Sarmiento.She was not a direct relative to his late client but a niece.Hon Linus Makeke prayed for the court that since;
1.Same nationality are invoved
2.Same last names.
3.There is is a witness of fact in form of a legal counsel and since from his late client’s data files from the bank;there was no stated will since the mishap happened during a peace keeping journey in Somalia where he travelled with his wife and their only son,that he presents her for claim since she has a good standing and capable of starting a project and charitiy with this fund to better the lives of other filipinos and distant and close family circus of the Sarmientos.
The court finaly granted relief to Mrs Joyce and made it a law in our country since then that the criteria for claims as the above stated reasons only.
So since i had received a notice from the bank precisely on the 17-04-2006 to present an available next of kin to late George Marzan,i started making frantic efforts to search for any person who will be trusted to be presented for such claim.It is practically fateful that i contacted David since the time mandate is almost elasping.I had also suggested that your family can make adequate travelling efforts to come down to our country or send just a representative to physically come down to lome Togo to partake and see things himself.My number is 00228 927 5884.I will also try to call you on the stated number.
PS:It is unideal that i would be writing David from another email and be contacting you through phone.You can forward your email address by writing me directly.
Best regards,
Oliver Tedji(Esq)
family circus
Dear David Marzan
Thank you for your response to my proposal. I want you to know that this transaction is 100% risk free as far as you work towards my directive it will enable us have a successful transfer.I got your contact from an international trade link promotional site,this is as result of my involvement in this transaction as the personal attorney to late Mr.George Marzan until the tragic 25th December 2003 airliner crash in Benin republic that claimed his dear life.Therefore as his lawful representative,note that i have good intentions and have brought you a good tiding that will change our entire lives coupled with the assurance of giving our late client, your distant relative a resting peace even in the world beyond,equipped with legal backups and preparedness to ensure success in this important transaction.It is true that you should have been contacted before now but you know that a transaction of such magnitude is not supposed to be publicly declared for now to avoid false claimants and probably alert the government of this big transfer which might incur high taxation.I had received a notification from the bank some few months ago since probably the bank has waited for any of late Mr. George Marzan’s next of kin to show up which has been unfruitful. 
I am also contacting you since you also bear the same last name to our deceased client Mr. George Marzan which will make this claim easier. During one of our series of discussion prior to his death,he once told me that his great grand father,Eduardo Marzan migrated from the Biliran Province of Phillipines to America where he was born and relocated to south africa through Libya and finally to Togo where he became a raw Gold merchant and into export,imports and governmental major contractor.
Meanwhile let me go straight to explain more on the event that led to this before I expatiate on the project proper. My late client Mr. George Marzan was on vacation with his family to a cultural festival holding in a nearby country Benin-Republic during this period where this accident happened,which warranted the bank to give me(as his legal counsel) a notification to seek and present a next of kin/heir to his inheritance deposits.I have exhausted all efforts over the past months and days trying to locate close relative of my late client without any success,hence why i have contacted you.I know this will definetly sound strange to you but it is real.I have all the neccessary documents/information required for this claim,all i need is your copperation and committed efforts towards the success of this transaction.Due to my sincere will of purpose,i have attached a copy of my proffessional identity card for you to have a view of me.

You must understand that in the banking industry chances or opportunities like this are common but not heard. People put their monies in banks and some of these accounts are either coded or confidentially operated, therefore, when such people die what do you think that happens to these monies when nobody comes for their claims? Well, this is one of the numerous avenues good free monies are made within and amongst the bankers. I did not master mind Mr.George Marzan’s death and I did not operate or manage his account, if there was something that I could have done officially to have this money sent to his real relatives independent of the bank management, believe me, I would have done it since my religion forbids to take somebody else thing.

Normally, when something like this happens in the bank, it is reported to the management. The Management can only wait for some years for a next of kin to show up without publishing it or making it public because of course, false claimants must definitely show up.Therefore, it is not published and the bank only waits for the real heir to show up as the availability of such funds are expected to be in the late customers WILL which would be the only source of knowledge of it by anybody who is entitled to such estate. So the bank gives some years for this, and if no claimant comes forward then the Management sends the money to the Debt Re-conversion Department and the account is closed.

Now the question is, who runs the Debt Re-conversion Department and who is the Management? The answer is simple. The Chairman, Managing Director and Board members. These are individuals and these monies are shared by them and nobody asks questions period. In fact these issues are not even discussed outside board meetings.  
To explain myself properly, I am not a board member and of course not a banker. I am not part of the Management and I am not rich, therefore, if I have this opportunity and throw it to the wolves, then I must be the most foolish-man that has ever lived. I have fully put everything in place and since this is an opportunity open to anybody, we do not see anything wrong or fraudulent in what we are doing as long as we are not hurting who should not be hurt period. I can only tell you that it is just destiny that brought us together.You are a human being and you can draw your own judgement from the above explanations.

Because I am quite sure of what I am doing that is why I am committing all in this project because I know what the catch is and it is worth it, my conscience is clear and I have no genuine reason to worry about the dead. The procedure of establishing the next of kin would be taken care of by me since this has to be certified by my office since i was his legal counsel, do not worry about this since i have all documents/information needed for this claim.
I want to personally urge you to see it as a reason thats worth it and consider it very necessary to proceed with me and ensure that we work with transparency and achieve the best of result in this transaction.It was not by mistake that i contacted you because we were left with no other option than this,due to the fact that we have exhausted all possible means to locate any of our late clients relative or next of kin as no will was drawn before his untimely death.

I need your response as soon as possible so that I will know what your position is before I give you details of the project. You can understand that the money in question is huge so we both have to be very careful and sure of what we are doing before we commence. I will explain how this payment is going to be processed and paid into your account in my next mail.Note that we will be entitiled to 35% of the total fund while 5% will be mapped out for any unforseen expenses and 65% for you.

As soon as you state your position in this transaction I will send to you all the information needed with the Payment Application Form to you for completion and submission, this will automatically signal the commencement of the transaction as all other procedures will be forwarded to you as well. My number is 00228-927-58 84.00228 is my country’s code number while 9275884 is my direct phone line.You can call me at any time since I usually connect my office phone to my house when I am at home. 
Best regards,
Oliver Tedji(Esq)

waterfall in Biliran
Waterfall in Biliran




my proffessional identity card
my proffessional identity card





Dear David Marzan
I hope that you are doing great today.Your presence would have made my family joyous and excited since all our hope to better our lives lies with the success of this project.We see as a God given opportunity.This transaction should not be based only exchange of emails since a huge amount of money is involved. We should maintain constant telephonic communication to avoid any false claimaint and ensure total and adequate representation and direction.
To commence this transaction,the first mandated legal step is to officially introduce yourself to the bank as the legal heir to late George Marzan through transmission of an application to the bank. Since we have limited time to enhance the successful claim of your inheritance fund,so we should try and work within this time frame to enable success.I have included a sample of the application.You will have to print it out from your computer,fill into the spaces all required information,scan,attach either your driving license or international passport.Note that this application should be emailed to the bank’s official email address as noted in the application and a fax copy as well.Copy me as well.
Please inform me as soon as you transmit this application to the bank through a brief call to enable me proceed to the high court of justice immediately to declare and swear an oath in securing an important document called the ‘’sworn affidavit of declaration’.This is an evidential supportive document that will register your claim in our high court of justice as requested by our inheritance law.See application below. 
Best regards,
Oliver Tedji(Esq)
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Dr. Halifart Wetego. Director of Foreign
Remittance Dept.
Union Togolaise De Banque
Lome- Togo.( UTB)
Fax #: +228-222-6547.
Email: info.foreignremit_utb@safe-mail.net

Dear Sir,
                                              DRAFT APPLICATION FORM

Application for the release and transfer of $6.1m(Six million,one hundred thousand United States Dollars only) from UTB dormant vault A/C N0:14-699-99/ UTB.Please be informed that i wish to come for the claim,release and transfer of the sum of ($6,100,000.00) from account number 14-699-99/ UTB with your bank.

The above amount/money was deposited by my deceased uncle, Mr. George Marzan.I wish as the heir apparent with all documents of proof to claim and instruct that the above–mentioned amount be released to me by bank draft,cheque or the conventional swift telegraphic transfer process through any of your correspondence financial insitution either in Europe,Asia or America.I also humbly request for the services of an accredited resident attorney who will be required to ensure speedy transfer of this fund to me bank account since i dont know when my travelling arrangments will be done to enable me physically be present there due to my official engagements.I have in addition attached a copy of my international passport/drivers license for proper official identification with the below filled personal informations.

Private telephone
Private fax no(s)
Private email address
Marital status
Proffesional status
Your names

I attest herein that this application request is in compliance to your banking internal policies and respect to your official protocols to the above stated matter.I therefore agree to your terms/requirements that will enhance an immediate transfer of my inheritance fund as applied.Please accept this late application,i hope you will understand and expedite action.

Your signature ...................................


Attention; Erma Marzan


See attached files and respond as instructed.Due to our latest technical problems developed on our email system,our permanent official bank website is on maintanance so we are using this safe-mail account as an alternative for temporary bases and we hope that you are going to be in good receipt of it.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Stella Iwu


Director Of Foreign Remittance Department,

Dr Haliphart Wetego


Tel/fax;+228-222 6547

                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This has been issued/approved by UNION TOGOLAISE DE BANQUE LOME-TOGO., which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority. This e-mail may contain confidential and/ or privileged information(s)If you are not the intended recipient (or have received this e-mail in error) please notify us immediately with tel/fax number +228 222 6547 or through our email address and destroy this e-mail. Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution of the material in this e-mail is strictly forbidden. E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete,or contain viruses. The sender therefore does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message which arise as a result of e-mail transmission. If verification is required please request a hard-copy version. This message is provided for informational purposes and should not be construed as a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments.Please direct further enquiry strictly to our Legal/Investigation Department on Email address: accounts@utb-tg.com



  miss young,

attached are the emails from the scammer (oliver) sent to my mom.

there's even a reply from the bank

also attached is the scammer's i.d. card , an affidavit of claim and an official bank response
my proffessional identity card
Oliver From: Oliver Tedji <enquiry_oliverlegalcounsellors2@yahoo.co.uk>

Dear Erma Marzan ,
  I hope your family is doing great today.May the glory of the lord also be with you !I should be fully updated as regards your communication with the bank as i have just returned from a family funeral in the village.
  I had gone to the bank last week before my travel to confirm if the application request has been submitted which i received a negative response.I am not impressed over the delay in the subsequent submission of the said application.Kindly send the application as an official way of introducing your family as the next of kin to my late client to enable draft a communication to the bank in my success in presenting a heir to the estates of late George Marzan.Note also that this gesture will commence this claim.
  Give me a brief call for more directions.My number remains 00228 927 5884.
  Best regards,
  Oliver Tedji(Esq)
... glory of the lord ...
Oliver Dear Erma Marzan,
  I hope your family is doing great today.I have received the copy of the already submitted application dated July 15th 2006 and has also received a confirmation from my insider today that your application has been received by the bank.This is a positive news and officially commences the process of your application claims.This also means that you should be propmt in checking your mails incase of any immediate response from the bank.
  I would first thing tommorrow morning,proceed to our high court of justice to swear,declare and prepare an important court document called the 'sworn affidavit of declaration'.This is an evidential supportive document that would legally register your inheritance claims in our high court of justice.This is inline with one of the mandated legal requirements in pursuit of inheritance claims as demanded by our beneficiary laws.As soon as i come back,i will quickly send the document across for you to append your signature and send again to the bank without delay.
  Could you please reconfirm your direct telephone numbers once more.
  Best regards,
  Oliver Tedji(Esq)
Oliver Dear Erma Marzan
  I hope that you are doing great.I am happy to inform you that i have succeeded in the provision of the sworn affidavit of declaration from Lome High Court today,thank God for making the provisions of the non refundable charges available through the help of my wife as regards finances which made the issuance of this important document possible and like i told you earlier,an expected positive response from the bank in respect to your application request is solely relied on the presence of this court sworn oath as demanded by Togolese Beneficiary Laws with specific instructions for this legal record to be made available on your behalf by a witness of fact(me) as evidential documented proof to your legal request for the transfer of your inheritance fund.
    This means as mandated by our beneficiary law,the bank will respond to your request as soon as they receive this very important document.You would have to send this document through an email attachment through the bank's email address rather than fax to easy transmission.You have to print this document out from your computer,sign your signature on the spaces provided with NAME BENEFICIARY and send immediately a signed copy to the bank through their official email address: info.foreignremit_utbi@safe-mail.net
    Take a proper note that a copy of this document MUST be kept securely with you,this also refers to all datas,informations and documents that concerns this transaction must not be shared, conveyed, transmitted, discussed or disclosed to any person(s), company or institution without a proper consultations with me.We must avail ourselves and maintain this security measures until this fund is transferred to your designated bank account.It is also measures aimed to avoid false claimant to your inheritance fund.
    Go ahead, sign the document and transmit a copy to the bank without more delay.I have noted your numbers and your brother's and would reach you if neccessary.Kindly ask David to send me a brief mail to boost my belief that he is still a comrade of success with us. 
    Best regards,

    Oliver Tedji(Esq)
sworn affidavit of declaration
Oliver Dear Erma Marzan,
  I hope that your family is doing great today.I have been busy lately with some office work,hence the reason for the late response.It is a welcome news that the sworn document has been submitted to the bank.All that is important at this stage is to receive a positive response from the bank.
  Kindly keep me informed of any news.
  Oliver Tedji(Esq)
Oliver Dear Erma Marzan
  I hope you are doing great today.I want to use this medium to express my gratitude to the bank UNION TOGOLAISE DE BANQUE (UTB)for their understanding and cooperation and above all, the adherence to the rule of law that afford you the right to claim your inherited estate.I am a delighted and happy man now.I received the bank's document in an upright position and had to adjust it to be able to read it.Did you receive the copy in that condition?Well,it is a positive and bold step towards the hitch free and speedy transfer of your inheritance fund to your bank account .Then you must know that we have reached to the most important and delicate part of the transaction,it means that you must have to comply strictly to all directives from the bank and their attorney aimed at the hitch free transfer of your inheritance fund.This means you should call and write the bank's attorney immediately as soon as you receive this mail to urgently apply for an extension for your case.The 96
 hours will be expiring on Thursday 3rd  2006.
  However,i am pleased to note that the bank has taken bold and accurate initiatives by assigning you with top credible and influential legal back ups like Hon Barrister Williams Paku of Pinnacle Associates who is a very good and qualified attorney, an old experienced hand and a Senior Advocate of Togo(SAT) .It means that he stands a better chance and choice to give you all legal representation and adequately in all respects and in particular reference to the further provision of mandates,materials and document with a subsequent authentication and updates of your inherited bank account to which the bank has given him this mandate.As a registered attorney of UTB Togo and a member of Associations of Ecowas Banking Lawyers , then the sky is his limit to an equitable and influential legal representation on your behalf.
  You will notice that the bank did not assign me to represent you in this case.The only reason is that i am not registered with the bank UTB Togo as i had earlier told you that i am just a petit attorney which hinders me the opportunity to represent you in this case.It takes an approximate of $ 4,956 to acquire this registration. And there are almost 22 banks here in the country which makes it very expensive and exurbitant to go by.Even if i want to get this registration this moment, it cannot work because of the 96 working hours of the bank which is at the edge of expiration and the protocols that the registration process has to take with the Federal Ministry of Finance which takes almost 9 working days coupled with a recommendation from the supreme court judges which i do not have that kind of affluence like people of Hon Barrister Williams Paku and Hon Barrister Linus Makeke. This does not mean that i cannot be here to give you all the legal interpretations, advise and
 lead as your partner and learned proffessional in this field.
  Moreover, since this is a very huge amount of money and in order for us to be very careful and sure of what we are doing and achieve our objective, which is the successful transfer of your inheritance fund with all necessary legal mechanism behind you,then the need for us to make appropriate choice in the issue of legal representative (Attorney) to represent you in the issues of the authentication of the documents of the bank account of your late uncle and the update of the same bank account and further provisions of all other materials as is deemed necessary by UTB Togo to enable an immediate transfer of your inherited fund.Then you are fortunate to have an opportunity to get a very proffesional services of Hon.Barrister Williams Paku, i will say that it is the right man to handle this job and to ensure success though he does not personally know me.
  As you will note that there are two important documents that the bank has requested from you which are not with me and which are not supposed to be with me by law ,that can only be provided by the assigned attorney of the bank(Hon..Barrister Williams Paku Pinnacle Associates).These documents can only be provided from Ecowas High Court of Justice,a legal arm of Ecowas.Ecowas means the Organisation of Economic Communities of West States which is in equivalent of the European Union in Hague -Nertherands.The two documents,mandates and rights that are supposed to be provided from the Ecowas High Court of Justice are the AFFIDAVIT OF CLAIM AND THE STATUS RECOGNITION CERTIFICATE as was demanded from you by the bank.And the importance of these documents to the transfer of your inheritance fund are as follows :
  1.The STATUS RECOGNITION CERTIFICATE effects the automatic change of the bank account holder's ownership names,this means that there MUST be an authenticated Status Recognition Certificate that must be issued and MUST be provided by this attorney in this court which has to effect the change of the ownership of the former holder of this bank account, your late uncle Mr George Marzan 's names to your names before the bank will have the right and power to transfer this fund to your bank account.Note that it is this court (Ecowas High Court) that has the right and backing of provisions and powers of of all leagues of nations that make up the West African countries to issue such mandates and authority in particular reference to the transfer of huge amount of fund out of the West African coast to any part of the world.
  2.The AFFIDAVIT OF CLAIM is an oath taken documented procedures that has to be sworn by your bank attorneys(Hon.Barrister Williams Paku Pinnacle Associates) in this court instructing this notable court that they are your legal representatives as mandated and assigned by the bank UTB Togo to give you all legal backing for the issue of the transfer of your inheritance fund.Thereby pleading the court to afford you the right for the issuance of the Affidavit of Claim as is protected by Togolese Beneficiary Act Laws as laws protecting its sovereingty as a member state of Ecowas.Furthermore that as required for their clien t(you) by law to afford you the right to claim your inherited estate without hinderance or delay within and outside the Ecowas States. For a vivid understanding of this issue, take note that the Status recognition certificate and the Affidavit of claim are like "exit permittee" or like permits that has to be granted by this notable court of law in forms of
 documents as is provided in the Ecowas Financial Act Laws that demands that in this case that such financial insitutions that operates and situated within the region of Ecowas States must have the presence of these documents before any fund can be transfered out of Ecowas States.
  3.The authentication and updates of the bank account of your late uncle must be performed also by this attorney and not forgetting the documents that are with me which i have attached to this mail .The death certificate,the deposit certificate,maiden names are all attached in this mail.
  I want you to contact immediately Hon.Barrister Williams Paku Pinnacle Associates Lome Togo since he is the person to represent you and go ahead to travel to the Ecowas High Court of Justice which it not situated in this country but in another neigbouring country with 7 and half hours tro and fro by flight for the provision of these remaining documents and considering 96 working hours as imposed by the bank so that he will have enough time to mode his travelling arrangements to the Ecowas Headquaters.He is the right person to also write the bank to request for extra extension in dates instead of the 96hrs to enable you come up with the required documents and items.It means that you must write him a brief mail immediately to notify him about this assignment from the bank and call him also to intimate you on all it takes to go about the process of the provision of these important materials.It is very important now to maintain telephonic communication with Hon Barrister
 Williams Paku and me to ensure maximum representation. Note that without these legal documents that the bank is not allowed to transfer this fund.So there is great importance of contacting the bank attorney immediately so that he can work within the 96 hours of the bank before it expires.As noted by the bank, here are the contact of the bank attorney once again;
  Contact Person; Hon.Barrister Williams Paku Pinnacle Associate
  Telefax:+ 228 998 03 42
  Email; pinnacleassociates@gawab.com
  I have attached the followings in this email;
  1.The Deposit certificate of your late uncle's bank account.Herein you will find all necessary details of your inherited bank account with date of the deposit of your inherited fund and all other necessary concerns as is also reflected in the data files of the bank.
  2.The maiden names are ;GERESA DAYRIT
  3.Your bank account details.(Forward your bank account information to the attorney since he will sign off your final fund release order)
  4.A binding agreement that i have drafted in my chamber as documented evidence and prove of our partnership and the reimbursement of the 35% share of the total sum of 6.1 million USD.You will have to sign this document on the spaces povided with your names and return a copy for my file.
  5.Death certificate of late George Marzan issued to me by our NATIONAL POPULATION COMMISSION.
  I have also noted with deep interest, the calculated,orderly arrangements of the bankers, with kudos to their friendly and accommodating internal banking regulations with particular reference to the reactivation process of your inherited bank account and the process of the account holder's change of names.You must not forget the fact that your inherited bank account for sometime now has been dormant,hence the important need for the bankers to effect a reactivation procedures to enable the funtionalbility of the bank account.I am of the opinion that this process is very important and it is also a good sign that the management of the banks are really out to assist you get your inheritance fund repartriated.The $1,850 charges of the bankers are the calculated ratio of the total period that the bank account has remained dormant till the date of the receipt of your application request.I want to therefore advise you to go out and pay this money as instructed by the bankers so
 that you do not delay the process yourself.You know as well as i do that this is just a peanut compared to your inheritance fund, so do not allow anything delay this process. I am sure also that we would not want this fund gets confiscated by the board of directors of this bank for lack of full and unquestionable legal next of kin representation.I need to remind you of the fact that this Africa,so anything can happen.I am also concerned of the fact that you must not create any loophole for the management of the bank to use as an excuse to confiscate this fund.So help us fill this gap and work within the time frame of the bankers,so that your presence can be felt and also they will be convinced that you are really committed to the transfer of your inheritance fund. I am just a petit attorney,i cannot raise such amount.You can lend from anybody or relatives so that we can pay back within the next few days.
  Like the bank noted ,the amount of money must be transfered with the names of their bank account reactivation officer in charge(Mr Ben Isidor,Destination of money transfer :Togo).The procedure is that you go to any of the western union location agent with cash and ask them to transfer the mentioned sum through the names indicated by the bank.It does not take a long process,i believe it is always transfered in minutes while you will be issued with payment informations.This means that you will have to withdraw from your bank account the cash and transfer in cash the charges via the western union agents closer to you.These payment informations has to be sent to the bank here so that they can make the withdrawal through the local western union agent location in the bank.Yes,the cash will arrive n francs(cfa)our local currency.As soon as you effect the payment,then send the payment informations to the bank and copy the bank's attorney Hon Barrister Williams Paku via email and
 copy to me for confirmation.
  PS: You should carefully read this mail to understand all bits.If you are in confusion,please call me.You should immediately upon receiving this mail contact the bank's attorney through email for his assistance to help procur the other documents that are not with me.Make sure you write the attorney today.You will not need to appear in person since you will represented by the bank attorney.Try and speak voice to voice with him if possible.I was trying to reach you on phone until i discovered that i cannot be able to make international calls and it is late in my country whereby i would not be able to contact the communication company.Kindly call me as soon as you receive this mail for more directives.I wish your family the best of luck and hope to meet you people soonest!
  Best regards,
  Oliver Tedji(Esq)

Upside down









Oliver Dear Erma
  I hope that you are doing great today.I have read your mail with total confusion.The percentage has always been 35% -65%. With the larger sum belonging to your family and 35% for my office.This is not a welcome development at this point in the success of this transaction since we are running short of time.
  Your advise that i negotiate with Barrister Linus Makake is not feasible because the bank would require the account to be reactivated firstly before any access can be gained.The most important problem and issue is how to pay the reactivation .I have raised the sum of $500 as my contribution and hope that your family will assist in the rest.Note that our deadline is tommorrow.God knows if i have any means of raising more than this,i would do it.I kindly ask you to fill this gap to avoid confiscation.
  I hope to hear from you soon.
  Best regards,
Oliver Tedji(Esq)
Oliver Dear Erma,
  I hope that you are doing fine.I have read your mail .The procedure as i have confirmed here is that you will have to pay the money through the names of the bank's accounts officer Mr Ben Isidor.Destination:Togo(this also serves as the receipient's address). Account number will be not be needed since you are not paying the fee through the accounts officer bank account as it takes approximately 11-12 days to clear,that will hinder the bank's deadline mandate.All you will need is:
  Names:Mr Ben Isidor
  I was also informed that the reactivation fee will be cashed through the bank's local western union and receipt issued to your names..You should also intimate the bank through email that your proffessional partner will bring the balance and instruct them to issue the receipt in his names.I should be quickly informed as regards this movement as soon as you make the payment.
  Let me know if you have been able to contact and speak voice to voice with the bank's attorney or mail to acquaint him on the task at hand.If there is also any questions or enquiry to make,kindly write the bank for more clarifications.I have persistently tried reaching you on the phone without success,seems the number is a landline.I will try to call David.
  I hope to hear from you soonest.My family is anxiuosly waiting in desperation.
  Best regards,
  Oliver Tedji
Mrs From:"UTB FOREIGN DESK UTB FOREIGN DESK" <info.foreignremit_utb@Safe-mail.net> 

Attention; Erma Marzan


See attached files and respond as instructed.Due to our latest technical problems developed on our email system,our permanent official bank website is on maintanance so we are using this safe-mail account as an alternative for temporary bases and we hope that you are going to be in good receipt of it.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Stella Iwu


Director Of Foreign Remittance Department,

Dr Haliphart Wetego


Tel/fax;+228-222 6547

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Anna and her family did not pay any money to the scammers.
End of story.

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