Rose Smith says: "i have to take my shawer now"
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To: missyoung
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006
Subject: Rose Smith

I've been scammed by someone who use the pictures of this girl.
The name of the scammer is Rose Smith, with the email address
I've send her money to come over, but she only ask me more and more money.
Now I have found these pictures on a model site.
I hope you put these pictures on your website.
Rose Smith

. This is part of their conversation:  
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:25:48): hello love how are u doing today
MYFriend (9/02/2006 21:26:00): fine thanks, and you
MYFriend (9/02/2006 21:26:01): ?
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:27:01): have u see the information now
MYFriend (9/02/2006 21:27:18): I've seen it, ok
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:27:32): ok love
MYFriend (9/02/2006 21:27:36): you come after the weekend
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:27:42): yes love
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:27:57): have u see the date
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:28:08): on the 13th febuary
MYFriend (9/02/2006 21:28:21): yes but you arrive 14th
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:29:02): ok hun
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:29:13): i have to complete the money
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:29:15): ok
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:29:29): i will be living now love
MYFriend (9/02/2006 21:29:35): why?
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:29:43): i have to take my shawer now
MYFriend (9/02/2006 21:29:59): ok
MYFriend (9/02/2006 21:30:36): can we talk later?
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:31:14): ok love
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:31:18): to nite
MYFriend (9/02/2006 21:31:25): what time?
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:31:32): 11 pm
MYFriend (9/02/2006 21:31:36): ok
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:31:42): ok
rose Smith (9/02/2006 21:31:43): bye

. The pictures are actually a model called Ilia. The scammer found her pictures on the Internet:  
  Ilia A
Be careful when you a contacted by a pretty girl on a dating site. "She" could be a scammer. Most scammers are men.

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