Ms. Rose Johnson Yormie says: "all my heart is gone out of this refugee camp"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Visanu. This is what he wrote to me:

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I realy think this is some kind of fraud.
On the death certificate you can read that Mr. Yormie Johson has died on 14 feb 2002 but on the internet side from Liberia I saw he has won the 2005 elections as a senator
see this link:
I am not sure if it is the same person, but I think so.
Please if you have time let me now something.
Thanks for your advice on the internet>
Best Regards,
Mr. Visanu

I answered:

Hi Visanu,
You are absolutely right. This is fraud. It is a typical example of 419 fraud.
See a similar story here: and similar Death Certificates here:

I was not aware that the real Yormie Johnson had become a senator, but I managed to get it confirmed:
Here is a little about his (dark) past:
"I'm sorry I murdered the president"


It all started when Visanu replied to a letter from Miss Rose Johnson Yormie.

Here are some of the letters Visanu received:


Hi Dearest Darling !

Thanks for your acceptance to my proposal I will really like to have a good relationship with you, and I have a special reason why I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation here and I am Ms.Rose Johnson i am 25years old girl from Liberia,the only daughter of Late Prince Johnson Yormie the deputy minister of national security under the leadership of president Charles Taylor who is now in exile after many innocent soul were killed ,My father was killed by government of Charles Taylor ,he accuse my father of coup attempt.if you don't mind i will like you to write me on this ID:( hope to hear from you soon,I will be waiting for your mail

I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment I, am receiving from my step mother. She planned to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father.

Meanwhile I wanted to escape to the Europe but she hide away my international passport and other valuable travelling documents. Luckily she did not discover where I kept my Father's File which contains important documents. So I decided to run to the refugee camp where I am presently seeking asylum under the United Nations High Commission for the Refugee herein Dakar, Republic of Senegal. I wish to contact you personally for a long term business relationship and investment assistance in your Country.

My father of blessed memory deposited the sum of US$7, 800, 000.00 in Bank with my name as the next of kin.

However, I shall forward you with the necessary information of the deposit on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me for the transfer and investment of the fund.As you will help me in an investment, and i will like to complete my studies, as I was in my ist year in the university, when the crisis started.

It is my intention to compensate you with 10% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be my investment capital. This is the reason why I decided to contact you. Please all communications should be through this email address only for confidential purposes.

As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In the light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely.

I'm staying at the female hostel. Awaiting your urgent and positive response. Please do keep this only to your self please I begg you not to disclose it till I come over , once the fund has been transfered.

Greetings from Rose,
Yours Truly!
Ms.Rose Johnson Yormie.

I replied, and Rose asked me to contact the bank.  

Sun, 5 Feb 2006


Good After noon



Bank Name: City Bank Plc Dakar- Senegal.
Contact Person: Mr. Ijamaka Ivah.
Telephone Number: +221 465 4995
Telfax: +221 6899721 Telex : 48560
8 Avenue Leopold Sanghor BP 3319 Dakar Senegal.


Sir I am MR Visanu. Address XXXXX XXXXX. Telephone XXX XXXX XXXX. Sir I am contacting you on behalf of Miss. Rose Johnson Yomie Whose father deposited in your bank, the sum of US$7,800,000.00 in Account Number 771287987,Swift Code Number,AFT877 Deposit Code Number,AT78. FIX Deposit Account. Sir, I will be glad for you to tell me what I will be doing now to receive the money in my bank account for the future life Miss. Rose Johnson Yomie who currently reside in a refugee camp in another country. Miss. Rose has nominated me to stand on her behalf for the claim of her late father's deposited inheritance with your bank. Thank you and hope to do everything possible to help the girl out of her bad conditions MR Visanu.

Here are my bank Details:
Name of the bank : XXXXX
Branch : XXXXX Branch
Account name : XXXXX
Account Number : XXXXX XXXXX

Hope to here from you soon,

Best Regards Mr. Visanu




Claim/Requirements From Citi Bank Plc Dakar Senegal.


Mon, 06 Feb 2006

Attn: Mr Visanu,

With Refference to your request for the release of Mr. Yormie Johnson's deposited fund with us (WILLED) to her only daughter Miss. Rose  J. Yormie . We have acknowledge the receipt of your e-mail inquiry in respect to the said inherited fund deposited in our escrow account.
Be informed that your inquiry has been noted and forwarded to the transfer unit of Citi Bank Plc, you are required to provide proves confirming the true death of the formal depositor and the legality of your claims from the side of the next of kin (Miss
Rose  J. Yormie ) to enable us process the release order, you should present the following documents via e-mail attachment for the  contents to be viewed properly.

1. You should present an authority letter i,e (Power of attorney) dully signed by Senegalais based Attorney as a witness to you and your partner, mandating you to make this claims and transfer on behalf of  Miss.
Rose  Yormie.

2. You should present a copy of Mr.
Yormie Johnson's death certificate, issued by a public/General hospital confirming his death.

3. You should present an affidavit of oath from the federal high court here in Dakar Senegal, Since the next of kin is residing in Senegal.

On receipts of the above documents, we shall verify them and as soon as we are satisfied, we shall process your claim and effect the transfer. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, and we promise to give our customers the best of our services.Feel free to contact the bank extension via if any urgent inquiry.


Mr. Ijamaka Nguyen Ivah.
Director of Foreign Operations
Citi Bank Plc Dakar- Senegal.
Telephone: +221 465 4995
Telfax: +221 6899721 Telex : 48560
8 Avenue Leopold Sanghor BP 3319 Dakar Senegal.



Hallo Ms Rose,

I received this letter today from your bank, I hope you are able to provide those requests, than every thing will be transfer very quickly and you can start a new future here in my country.

If you have those letters and you have a scanner at your Pc scan then them, and send theme as soon as possible, after that I will send those letters to the bank.

So miss Rose do not give up hope soon you will be free.

Please hope to here soon from you, and take good care of your self, keep holding on.

Best Regards,

Mr. Visanu



Dearest Visanu,

I just receive this email now and do not know what the bank really mean. Do they request all these documents from us before they will transfer the money? Please let me understand what they really need from us because you no better than me and i have the copy of my late father's certificate of death but i do not have the Affidavit and power of attorney. Sir, how about it? please i need to know what i can do here or can you ask the bank to use their laywer to get us the papers from court? or should i search for a lawyer here myself who can assist us? please let me know what i can be doing because i am very happy to know that the bank are ready to release my late father's money.

I am now praying to God so that will join us together in short time because all my heart is gone out of this refugee camp since i have the left inheritance which can change my future life. Please i will be happy for you to try all you can to let us get this money out for good life and education.

Take care and i will be back to check on you.

Your's Lovely,
Rose Yomie.

The bank gives me the name of a lawyer, and I contact him.  

"Barrister Desmond Okiki" <>




Thu, 09 Feb 2006

Mr. Visanu,
I am Honorable Barrister S.A Desmond Okiki (SAN). I am accreditted Attorney with the Citibank Plc in Dakar Senegal here. Back to our telephone discussion yesterday and this morning, I left my office this to the Bank for total inquiry about your communication to me for the fact that I did not no you nor neither have had any correspondent with you before your email letter to me.

I am in a full mandate with my legal power to verify the legality of your claim with the above bank on behalf of your partner Ms. Rose according to your letter to me. On my interview to the director general of CitiBank Plc Dakar Senegal here Chief Mr. Ijamaka N. Ivah, he told me that your claim was perfectly given a consideral acceptance but will be subject to a full co-operation to provide the legal papers required from the probate section of the Federal High Court Authority here, Stamp,Seal,Signed and Notarize before the Ministry of Justice in the Tribunal.

In view of the above, I ensure you that the papers must be sign, stamp, and seal by the relevants authorities of Government administrations in the probate section of the Federal High Court here in Dakar Senegal for it's aunthenticity the legitimacy which must authorise that every power is given to you without any unhindered access to the relationship between you and your partner Ms. Rose Johnson Yomie whose father deposited the said fund to the bank according your statement and that of the bank director Mr. Ivah over the fund transfer engagement. Here I state the Costs of the legal documents.



(iii) STAMP DUTIES = (50 Euro)

TOTAL COST 2,550.00 EURO Only (Two Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty Euro Only)

Furthermore, note that I am working under the instructions of our Government Law and stipulations over all my legal services. Above is the working cost, which must be paid at Registriar office of Federal High Court Authority before the document will be issue with your name. After the payment is receive, the documents will be prepare at the Registriar office upon presentation of the payment receipt.

Note that we give the extent of 1 day in every service and once the money be paid today the papers will be ready before 10:00am tomorrow,and the copies will be forward to you via email or fax immediately.

Send the required fee with this name.
NAME: Mr. Patrick Mgbado:
Address : 13 Kuer Khadim Rue Dakar Senegal.

Send us these following informations after payment through our E-mail as stated below: Send the following informations after the money is send to help facilitate the confirmation of the receipt.

1. Sender's Name and Address.
2. 10 Digit Control MTCN Code For money Transfer.
3. text question and the answer to the text.

Therefore with the above Documents, the bank officials and it's Managements will quickly give an attention to you as the appointed person/beneficiary for this properties belongings to this lady. Hopefully that you will be satisfy after the good service that this law chambers and it's associates are ought to give to you. Call me on my office phone as stated below if any need or impotant question.

In service,

Okiki Law Chambers & Associates
Motto: Honesty Peace & Justice
TEl : (+221)-583-72 86)

Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006
To: "Barrister Desmond Okiki" <>

Dear mr. Desmond Okiki

Thank you for your quick reaction.

I have forwarded this mail to Miss Rose J Yormie, to contact you, as soon as possible, she is able to use a PC at the refugee  camp. On the account number ot her late father is tranferd 7.800.000 Dollar, ok let us now not speak about the intrest. But I realy do not understand why in the world I have to pay "only" 2,5550.00 euro, for cost while that money is staying at your bank, all over the world banks take their expenses automaticly. So the best ting you can do is contact miss Rose, and I am sure she is willing to give you more money, just for your service.

Here is her E-mail address:

Or maybe better if you visit her at the refugee camp.

Thank you again for your quick reaction

Best regards Mr. Visanu

Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006

Dear Rose,

this is the letter I forwarded to your bank and authorities in Dakar Senegal.

Please contact them and tell them they can have the interest of your late fathers account, as a service for their fee.

Keep holding on soon Dear Rose

Best regards,

Mr. Visanu


At this point Visanu stopped contacting Rose and her associates, because he realized that it was a scam.

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