Wanga Mobutu Sese-Seko says:
"I don’t want the fruit of my late father end up with those wicked people of my country" Wanga
. Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call her Andrea. This is how it started: Go to the homepage to see more stories.
From: wanga mobutu <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Subject: Business Relationship'''''''''''''''''''''''


I got your contact through a reliable source, in my search for a
foreign partner to assist me in my business.

I am Wanga Mobutu Sese-Seko, son of the late President Mobutu Sese-Seko of former Zaire, now congo Democratic Republic. me and my only surviving mother Mrs Pat Mobutu now in asylum, in Morocco, since the death of my father, because of the condition of his death I want you to see this as you can from here insite and know more about my family background and the murder of my late father.
About My family
I believe you are aware through the International press how the European Government frozen my late father bank accounts. Recently the French Government confiscated my father's Chateaux in South of France. In view of this, my family and I are afraid to make any investment without a front. In this line, therefore, it is the wish of my family to solicit for a trust worthy and sincere person who will invest these fund under trusteeship. I am interested in making an enormous investment worth US$50 Million in some parts of the world of which will be beneficiary to both parties.


Before the death of my late father, he deposited the above stated funds with a security Firm in Europe . Therefore, I intend to have a front who will manage this funds and invest it into property development, buying of shares and stock in Multinational Companies and engage in non speculative investments and other related ventures.
The document regarding this consignment are intact with me as i have also carefully search and find the security Company where I Confirmed that the consignment were deposited for safe Keeping in their security vault .The content were deposited as a family treasure, by Virtue of right as the son of my late father,the Security Company has accepted to release the consignment factually.
I have not disclose this to any body for over 8 years now that my father passed away I am seeking your assistance because my father has declared the record with the company stating that his foreign partner should be the authorized person to make claim on this Consignment on my behalf because of his position in government on which he gave no name as his partner.

I am willing to give you 30% and 10% as a refund for any expenses incured by you and for setting telephone bills why the remaining 60% will be invested and manage by you on till i come over to be with you .As soon as I hear from you I will then arrange a face-to-face meeting for us to deliberate on this investment, It will also give me the opportunity to assess your capability of handling this investment. Please, I will like you to send me your private telephone/fax numbers
to allow me discuss privately. Meanwhile, reach me on the above email address. Kindly treat this matter with utmost confidentiality as it is 100% risk free transaction and you are to also let me know what your % ...................

Best Regards,
Wanga Mobutu

i receive it from you. i read it and i feel sorry for you. i would like to let you know that i am girl aged of 24, i live in Mozambique. my name is Andrea. i have a son 4 years old.
please inform me more about you and then.
thank you
yours sincerely

wanga mobutu <> wrote:

Dear Andrea

Thank you for your response to my letter sent to you,I would want to properly and formally introduce myself to you, I am wanga mobutu sese seko male 36 years of age; I am man  with two children, one lovely daughter and a sons, I am a Christian, a baptized Catholic since my childhood, I will requires your utmost cooperation and maximum support and I would like you to treat it with the seriousness it deserves, i promise you that nothing God almighty cannot do.
There are Two Important Issues that must be emphasized, TRUST and CONFIDENTIALITY. Like i told you in my proposal this money  was deposited by my late father in with a Security Company Africa and abroad and What you should know is that at the time when my late father and my mother  are depositing this money they told the Security Company that this money belongs to Foreign Partners and that its meant for Joint Investment abroad so they agreed.
That is while I contacted you so you can stand as foreign Partners for them to further believe and transfer the consignment to you whereever you want the money transfer  or have the fund delivered to you in your country, I don’t want the fruit of my late father end up with those wicked people of my country members also enable me take care of my children's educational needs  and my lovely mother and secondly because of my late father  and my mother interest to establish a business Abroad.
My family  has agreed to compensate you with 25% of this amount, as your share for the assistance and co-operation, while my 70% share will be invested in your country and the remaining 15% percent is to offset and settle any expenses incurred by you (Even
up to settling telephone bills etc) on the course of transfering this fund into your account.
To get started, You are to send to me
Your Full Name
Contact Address,
Telephone/mobile, Fax number
A scan copy of your international passport/drivers licence.
It is therefore necessary that you tell me a little about yourself and your age as well. Please endeavour to email me everyday to enable me update you with activities report of the transaction. Rest assured it is true and real and above all, your security is guaranteed.
I will want you to contact my late father  attorney
Barrister festus okogun
You are free to contact the barrister as wel if you have any question in further as the sole beneficiary of the said consignment,but pls do not disclose the content of the consignment to him as my late father decleared the content to the security company as family treasure.
Pls get back to through my private email which is
Await Your earlier response as soon as possible .
Mr Wanga Mobutu sese seko

thank you for replying again. i herald that your country is Zaire become Congo. i also herald that the president mobutu not well now i am surprising that you are the son of the president live in Morocco forever.

My Full Name: Andrea XXXX
My Contact Address: XXXXX, Mozambique. 
My mobile is (+222 888 2222)
MY Fax number IS N/A
Please do not joke because my sister was crying a lot because her foreign partner stole all her money at her bank account. she advises me be careful with the foreign partner. i hope you will not do it worse to me. i hate suffering and feeling worse.
thank you for piting on me but do not worry about it because i thank God for having communication eg writing, readying and sign language with my hands.
i really accept to be foreign partner with you in the name of God his Jehovah amen. i really trust and be honest you.
yours sincerely

From: wanga mobutu <>
Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2006
Subject: URGENT

Hello Mrs Andrea,
I want to use this opportunity to say thanks once again for your swift response to my email and i also want you to know that you are right with the information about my late father President Mobutu Sese Seko of formaly congo democratic republic now zaire.After the death of my late father and due to the condition of his death,i left zaire to exile in morroco but after some time i left in there and travel to Republic Du Benin(cotonuo) as that is the nearest country where the security company is where the consignment was i am presently in Cotonuo Now,
I am also very sorry for the late response to your regards,it was due to my mum she was unable to have it scaned to me on time i just want to say with the help of God she has finally send it to me.attach to this mail is a copy of my international passport and my mum own.

I want you to send back to me a copy of yours well and as soon as i recieved it i will know that you saying the truth so from there i will forward to you a certificate document for the deposit of the consignment and the contact security company where the consigment is deposited.

Pls this is not joke,as this a 100% real and confidential and above all it is legitimate transaction and beside,you are standing as my late father foreign business partner and business associate and i have all the document and my late father attorney has also assured me that he wil give you all the assistance you wil be needing to enable you claim this consignment as soon as possible and above all i want you to know that i am from a responsible family and i wil not for any reason engage myself in any indecent act that wil ruine the image of my family.
As soon as you are able to help me out get this done.
I am assuring you that i am willing to give you 30% from the total sum of the money why i wil also refund 20% for any expenses that may be incured by you as the process of this transaction and up to seting up telephone bills and for settling the lawyer for the change of ownership to your name as the sole beneficiary.why the balance of the 50% will be invested by you on my behalf uptill i comeover to be with you.
I also want to use this opportunity to say a very big thanks to God almighty for directing both of us to be one now i am giving you my 100% trust just the way you have just said in your email to me.i promise to be honest with you once again thanks very much.
Mr Wanga Mobutu Sese Seko



hello wangu,
i think it is difficult to find because it is lot of money to pay it. i am unemployed woman,, how do i find such the amount? i am very strike because of that amount how i find. i think we try to divide it eah other to look for money to pay Mr tony marka.
what do you think it. you do not have any money, i really do not understand abut it because you are the son of the president mobutu. i know  all the children of the president must remain luxury all their life in the world. our former president Samora Machael, he was dead but his children are the richest because of him.
i am trying to look for it. God will help me to solve the problem. please may you pray to God for it. thank you
see below the letter that nr tony wrote to me again
Note: forwarded message attached.

Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006
De: oceanic trans <>

Attention Mrs Andrea ,
We are in reciept of your international passport and  message and the content is noted.
We will like to use this medium to inform you that you should forward all the neccessary documents and also you are advice to forward your full Address to our office where you want us to deliver your consignment to and forward it to my office fast to enable us start the logistic preparation for onward delivery of your consignment.
To enable us proceed further,you are to pay the delivery shipping charges $2000USD through western union money transfer to the kind attention of our credit officer:.
when sending the money your test question and answer should be ,what money for? 
Your consignment will be delivered to your door step under 72 hours upon the receipt of the western union transfer code
We wait to hear from you to enable us serve you better.

Tony Marka
From: wanga mobutu <>
Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2006
Subject: URGENT

Hello Madam,
Thanks for the email and i am very happy that they has finally contacted you and also let you know when the delivery will be taking place.
I also want you to know that i understand all the content of your message and mr tony email,i understand that the $2000 dollars is a big money me as a president son,i have alot of money  in swiss bank but unfortunately when all my father account got frozen by the so wicked people of my country and the son wicked brother i have from my father second wife first son Mr kabilla he collide with some idiot to kill my father just because he want to over throw my father and become the president of the country but now he was also killed by his gang who he collide with to kill my after the death of my father the takeover all our properties because i was not in the country when my father died my mother called me and told me on the phone so before i could return back to the country they took over all my father estate and money so this $50,000,000 us dollars is the only asset that is remaining for me and for my lovely mother,i did not even know that my father has money there it is my mother who disclose it to me and he is the person who handed over all the document for the consignment to me and when i contacted the security company they told me that the agreement between my father and them is that the only person to make a claim on thesaid consignment must be my late father foreign partner so that is why you are the partner as the beneficiary you need not to worry as we just have to put head together and get the money paid to the security company k
I am ready to look for part of the money which is $1000 dollars and you yourself have to look for the same amount which is $1000 dollars to make it 2000 dollars as that is the amount they need before the can deliver the consignment so make sure you look for the money and have it send to mr tony so that he can have the consignment delivered to you immediately.
You must understand that you are now different from your family now as by the special grace of God almighty we will surely get this money to pay Mr tony.
Noted:You are to keep this and do not disclose the content of this transaction to anybody not even your family member and parent for security reason because this money that they are delivery to you is not a small amount so you need to keep it to our self on till they have finally delivered it to you and once the come to make the delivery collect the boxes from them and take it inside and i will give you the code to open the boxes so that you open one of the box and send me some money so that i come over to be with you .you have to look for this money from any body you can even get the money from your parent and if they ask you what is the money for you can simply tell them that you want to use it on your child or you want to use it for something personal so when they give it to you ,you have it paid to tony so that we can get this consignment before this month ending k
I am sending to you the certificate of deposit which was issued to my father when the consignment was deposited in silver trust security company and when i contacted them my barrister advise that we ask the silver trust to move the consignment to oceanic trans because it is a good security company so they did so from the doucment you will be able to know the history of the consignment and also i am sending to you some few document that my barrister did for me this document will help you alot to recieve the consignment and also it will help us at the bank when we want to deposited the 50,000,000 dollars once it is delivered to you but i want you to understand that this is confidential so you must keep this secrecy away from anybody.
Mr Wanga Mobutu





Dear Miss young
thank you for warning us about name is Andrea and live in Mozambique.i have 15 foreign partners are all the western African people. only one of them his name is Mr wanga Mobutu sese seko, i believe and trust him because i receive his passport with his mother  ans his cargo both his id and passport. he needs me to pay him only 1000usd for sending me his 3 trunk boxes. i just pay him 250usd but later he does not reply only after 2 days then he replies me say thank you and need me to pay more remain the balance. i find out he needs my money and if he will send me fake dollars.i am very worried about it because i have no money now i am unemployed woman. i am pregnant and i need to buy things for my new baby. i have told him send me back only 250usd but he said impossible to go back it to me. i think he is bandit. i feel disgusting and not trust him more but i have his passport.
i try to check all about him i find your name please answer me how to find him.
yours sincerely


I told Andrea that it was a scam and she stopped all further contact with the scammers.

The passports and the documents are all fake.


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