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Death Certificates

This is a list of death certificates that I have received related to Sierra Leone. I typically receive them when I have to inherit someone that has died, and the family could not be located.

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Death Certificate
Registry Birth & Death, Republic of Sierra-Leone
Steve Dika Ubani
Kigali General Hospital
Johnny Paul Koroma
Hospital Management Board, Sierra-leone
Dr. John Wiltord
from the Moreen Wiltord story
Mattru Hospital - Freetown, Serria-Leone
Dr Ahmed Camara
from the binta ahmed story
Death Certificate
Sans titre
Koidu Government Hospital
James Guei
Regitry Birth&Death - Republic of Sierra Loen
Fredrick Martines
from the Joy Mary Martines story
Death certificate
Death certificate
Sierra Leone Hospital Management Board
Johnson William
H Hospital Ministry of health
Romahi Momodu
from the Princess Sandra Momodu story
Dr john saleeby death certificate
Hospital Management Board - 112 Malama/Kamayama
Joseph Saidu Momoh
from the Hellen Joseph Saidu Momoh story and the Lora Momoh story
Mattru Hospital - Freetown, Sierra-Leone
Dr john saleeby
from the jouan saleeby story
My fathers death certificate
Ministry of Health - Sierra Leone
Fredrick Momoh
from the Henry Momoh story
Ministry of Health - Sierra Leone
Momoh Pujeh
from the Greg Pujeh story
Ministry of Health - Sierra Leone
Dr Styeve Mukendi Williams - died 24th october 2002
Hospital Management Board - General Hospital
Messrs Dr Richard Hassan
Mr John Sesay
Brian Clinic - Sierra Leone - No 0508
Dr. David Bakuma
Signed by Dr.Kevin Bongo
from the Mary Bakuma story
Death Cert
Tubmanburg General Hospital - Sieraleon
Dr. Williams Godwill - died 12 may 2002 - Signed by Dr Angus Kintara
Cert no. HMB/921/02002
Ministere de la Sante Publique - Sierra Leone
Chief Alfred Williams - died 20th march 2002

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