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Have you ever received an email from a stranger in Nigeria promising you millions of dollars? - You should just delete it, because it is a pack of lies.

However, some people answers them, and they soon find out that they have to pay some fee in order to get the millions. Then comes the second fee, and the third fee, etc etc. No one has ever received the millions, but many have lost a lot of money, and some have even got killed.

This so called "Advance Fee Fraud" has become an industry in Nigeria, and the surrounding countries. Another common name is "419 fraud" after Section 419 of the Nigerian Penal code, the section that specifically prohibits this type of crime.

The fraud is difficult to stop, but we can have some fun, and have the criminals use their time in vain. That is called scambaiting.

If you are new to this sport, I will recommend you to look at the links-page.

Have fun,

Miss Young


Below you will find an important warning and 10 recent scam stories.

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Recent stories  

Kevwe Franklin Oberuomo: Bitte senden Sie

Posted: 29 Jun 2022 11:46

german AMRO 2 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4AA, Grossbritannien... (more)


Posted: 29 Jun 2022 11:23

From: homeland security <homeland.s45@aol.com> Date: Fri, Jun 3, 2022 at 5:06 AM Subject: ATTENTION .- VIEW THE ID CARD ATTACH WELCOME -TO HOMELAND SECURITY OFFICE USA Tyvola Centre Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States ATTENTION This is FROM Homeland Security department.We know that you have not received Your fund we have finally HAVE your $2.5million abandoned long-lost cheque confirming to be your own compensation funds,we decided TO contact you BASED ON THIS PERSONAL DISCOVERY, I AM CONTACTING YOU NOW TO LET YOU ... (more)

Robert E. Marling Jr.: send the $100 dollar

Posted: 26 Jun 2022 13:39

From: Robert E. Marling Jr. <chinasaejike754@gmail.com> Date: Thu, Jun 2, 2022 at 3:27 AM Subject: Attn My Dear: To: -- Attn: Dear: We the Money-Gram Board of Directors, We are contacting you regarding your $7.5M USD which we have already program for immediate transfer to you through Money-Gram four payment daily. We have already made this (2) Ref-Number control number available on your name to enable you pick up your payment but before we can be able to release the complete information you have to obtain Authorization ... (more)

Ryan Obi: playing games over there

Posted: 26 Jun 2022 13:39

From: MR.JAMES BEN <westernuniontransfer98@gmail.com> Date: Tue, May 10, 2022 at 1:58 PM Subject: United Nation Embassy Benin republic To: United Nation Embassy Benin republic U.S. Embassy Nairobi United Nation Ave, Benin republic Greeting from U.S Embassy THIS MAIL IS ONLY FOR THE OWNER OF THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS The mission of the United States Embassy is to advance the interests of the Americans and South Americans, and to serve and protect U.S. citizens and help foreigners in Benin republic. ... (more)

Kelly Brown: Wert von ($ 13.850.000,00) Millionen

Posted: 26 Jun 2022 13:39

german Von: KELLY BROWN < bar.kelbrown1@gmail.com > An: "undisclosed-recipients:;" < undisclosed-recipients:; > Gesendet: Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2022, 00:41:49 MESZ Betreff: 1 Lieber Freund, Ich bin Rechtsanwalt Kelly Brown. Hast du meine vorherige Nachricht an dich erhalten? Ich habe wichtige Informationen fur Sie bezuglich Ihres Nachlasses im Wert von ($ 13.850.000,00) Millionen, die von Ihrem verstorbenen Verwandten hinterlassen wurden, der den gleichen Nachnamen wie Sie tragt. Deshalb habe ich Sie kontaktiert, weil Sie beide den gleichen Nachnamen und die gleiche Nationalitat haben. Bitte antworten Sie fur weitere Details. Vielen Dank. Rechtsanwalt Kelly Brown. ... (more)

EBEBE AEMRO SELASSIA: leader of the world's crime

Posted: 26 Jun 2022 13:39

Am Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2022, 23:11:33 MESZ hat United Nation Organization < mrsamelianath10@gmail.com > Folgendes geschrieben: IMF OFFICE IN BURKINA FASO Resident Representative for Burkina Faso Email: oau.africa1@gmail.com Tel : +226 54265127 Attn: fund holder, Dear Beneficiary, here ... (more)

Charles Jackson: Hohe von 4 Millionen

Posted: 25 Jun 2022 08:08

german Charles Jackson < jackienoah18@gmail.com > -- Hallo, Mein Name ist Charles Jackson und ich komme aus North Carolina, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. Am 1. Juni 2020 gewann ich 344.600.000 ... (more)

DAVID JACKSON: you are entitled

Posted: 25 Jun 2022 08:00

DAVID JACKSON < INFOSIZUNNA@GMAIL.COM > 3:20 PM (3 hours ago) -- Our Ref: RTB /SNT/STB To: Beneficiary; This is FBI special agent David Jackson. I was delegated alongside others by the United Nations to come over to Africa to investigate fraudsters who had been in the business of swindling foreigners, especially those that had one form of transaction / contracts and another. Please be informed that in the course of our investigation, we detected your name and details in our Scammed Monitoring Network. We also found out that you were scammed of a huge sum of money by impostors via Western Union and MoneyGram. Be informed here that in a ... (more)

Flora Little John: I love to appreciate small things

Posted: 12 Jun 2022 08:40

05.04.2022, 19:40, "Flora little john" < floralittlejohn149@gmail.com > : Dear friend, Thank you for your answer and I want you to know that no friendship is a coincidence and I would rather go with my friend in the dark than in the light alone. without going too far below here all About me: Name and surname: Capt. Flora Little John Born: june 23, 1987. In the southeastern United States (Kentucky). Marital status free Country: United States of America Place: captain, USAF ... (more)

Catherine de Bolle: Geldstrafe von 50 000 bis

Posted: 05 Jun 2022 08:55

german... (more)


The scammers that send these fraud letters are criminals. They want your money, and they use force to get it, if that is necessary. You should never travel to meet a scammer!
When they get annoyed, they will send you threatening letters. The threats are probably empty, but it shows what kind of people these criminals are.


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I have set up the this website because I am worried for all those who are tempted by the millions of dollars they are offered by the scammers. I hope that my stories will make them realize that it is all lies. Many of the stories contain names of real persons, banks and historic events, and it shows that the scammers will use every trick in the book to get you to pay.

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Miss Young
Miss Young

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