lottery n.l. says: "make the payment using Western Union money transfer"
Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call her Maria. Go to the homepage to see more stories.
friend From: Maria
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dear miss Young,
I received a letter from lottery n.l. (much like yours) to which I responded, sent them personal details, banking details and my signature (am I in any kind of danger?) and thought there was nothing wrong (thankGod!) and I would win my 1,000,000 euros, until they asked me to pay 2,150 euros of tax, so as to complete the money transfer.
 I told them I did not have that much money and they offered to let me pay 500 and owe them 1650 to pay immediatery after the money had been transferd to my account. They even presented me with "official" legal documents, as you can see in the forwarded mail, by the Dutch Tax and Customs Office (please note that I called the Office on Friday and they told me they would investigate and warned me not to send them any money meanwhile) and the Postbank.
Although they tried to prevent me from discussing the matter with anyone, I had planned to discuss it with my lawyer and my bank on Monday until by searching to see whether my Remmitance Bank (Postbank) existed I ran into your website (a godsent!).
Please  take a look at the forwarded message and scanned documents they sent me last and let me  know, as soon as you can, what you think, although I am dead-certain by now, after reading your stories, that they are frauds.
From: PostBank NL <>
Sent: Friday, June 16, 2006


Dear Madam,

The Netherlands Ministerie Van Financien-Dutch tax and Customs office has forward to us in regards to this effect and the copy has been attached to this mail. But for security and guarantee, our bank legal department has prepared to draft a guarantee document to this effect in ensuring you are protected all the way in this transaction.

The payment for the application could not be deducted from your funds; reasons for this are highlighted below:

(1) The funds has insurance policy from the paying lottery firm, which makes it impossible for us to temper with the funds until fully transferred to you. This is done for security caution by International Sweepstakes.

(2) The monetary unit has placed a hold on the funds as we speak and we can only deal on the funds when the hold is lifted with clarity from the tax office. Please comply with this mail for necessary action.

The Dutch Tax and Custom office has instructed us to inform you that payment of the tax clearance charges can be effected through Western Union Money Transfer due to the reliable, fast way to receive money and better customer services without any delay in time,so you are to make the payment of the 500Euros as a wavier consider in your favour.
While the balance amount of 1650Euros you will effect when your prize money must have been credited to your nominated bank account,Please you are instruced to write a note of guarantee,guaranying you will make the balance payment as soon as your prize money is transferred to your account.
So here is the information of the Account Officer name you are to make the payment using Western Union money transfer.



After you must have made the payment at the western union office, I require you forward to us the payment slip transfer at email attachment or through fax. Please do know that upon confirmation of the tax payment with the Dutch Tax office, your prize money will be transferred to your nominated bank account.
Note:You are to effect the payment within 48 hours from the time is email is received by you.
For further clarification regarding the transfer process of your prize money, you can call me on my Foreign Service number.
Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Ernst Arne Roland
Post Bank Netherlands

Letter of Guarantee

Dutch Tax Clearance

From: Miss Young
To: Maria
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hi Maria,
It IS a scam. You did NOT win the lottery.
The telephone numbers in the attached "documents" are either mobile phones,(+316), or "personal numbers" (+318), which means that they forward all calls to another phone (anywhere in the world).
I suggest that you stop all further conversation with the criminals behind this scam. DO NOT send them money.
End of story

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