Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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My dearest One,
   Thanks for your mail, I thank you for your kind mind to assist me in this  hour of need.   I
contacted you to be my Guardian so  that you will look after  me and help me to look for abetter investment, so  that I can invest wisely when the money is transferred to you.
  Everything about this money is CLEAN. I have suffered a lot since my family died. I don’t
have any body to look after me, And those rebels that killed my family. i think might be after me.  
    With due respect, I would like to get some of your personal information and guarantee to
enable the transfer process start immediatly.
1. Your Full Name.
2. Contact postal address.
3. Phone/ Fax numbers.
Finally Promise me that when this  money gets to you that you will not change your mind and sit on the  money.
  This information will be used by me to apply and notify the bank  director about you as  a
credible person that will be helping me to recieve the money.  I will also use this information
and attach to the intrduction application that i will write to the bank. So my dear we have to
move very fast.
  As soon as the bank approves my application,  i will get back to you with the bank contact so that you can contact the bank and apply for the transfer of $15m in respect to my
application into your account.
   You have to keep this confidential and no  other person should know about this becouse of the safety of the money until the money is transferred to  you, and you bring me up to your country,  then you can have your 30% of the money and another 5% in case of any
expenses you may run into as i have promised.
    Again, this money is clean, it belongs to my late father.  Opon his death, i am his only
surviving next of kin and i have all document regarding the money deposite. If you need
copies i will send it to you as soon as you contact the bank.
  Please call or email me as soon as you contact the bank so that we can discourse,  that will also give me more confidence in you, but I will be very glad if you can come down here and have the opportunity to see each other physically if need be.  I am waiting for your
urgent response VIA phone call,or my private email:jafeenda1@yahoo.com
I have attached some of my picture and other pictures.
Miss Jafeenda Mobotu.
Tel: 0022509271087.

January 10, 2007 
Dearest One,
     Thank you so much for your mail and all that you have been doing to save an orphan like me.May God bless you.
     I have submitted the application, and the bank has approved you as the receiver of the money.  I was very happy when the bank director asked me to give you the bank contact, so that you can apply for the transfer of $15,000.000. (Fifteen million dollars) into your account, in respect of the application of Miss Jafeenda Mobotu, the only surviving child of Chief Justin C. Mobotu.
      I will be glad that we move with speed so that the money can be transferred to your bank account next week. I am presently hiding in my church  were people cannot  trace me easily and my feeding is just by charity helping of my pastor's wife, but that not my pressing problem now.
     I need this money to be transfered to your account , so that I can be able to have a new life altogether and continue my education as well.I trusted you even though i have not met you but i believe that you will help and see this through.I have been in great difficulties and my only hope is this money with the Bank in their fixed deposit and that is why I needed someone that the God will touch his mind to help me transfer this money, since i don't have any money left with me.  I even find it difficult to feed myself. 
     I have meet with the bank, and have submitted my introducing you to the bank as my guardian. The bank manager who is my dad's friend has told me to ask you to write and apply to the bank for the transfer of the money, or you contact him so that he will advice us on how the transfer will take place.
     Please do not tell anyone about this because i don't want the people that kill my parents to kill me also,and also for the safety of the money.  Please, you'll kindly keep this secret until the money is transfered and you bring me up to your country.I don't want to stay here again.
TEL: +(225) 22 00 80 79
FAX: +(225) 20 00 07 34
EMAIL :bfacibank@excite.com.
     Please don’t fail to contact the bank manager so that he will advice you on how to  proceed with the transfer immediately and the Bank manager will be glad to hear from you. I don’t want to stay in this country anymore.
     My name is Miss  Jafeenda Mobotu, presently i am staying in my church, where people cannot trace me.  I am single and hard working, i was also formerly a medical student before that incident happened to me, and i have stoped schooling because i can not pay my school fees.
    Remember, I'm also ready to pay another 5% for any expenses you may run as a result of this transfer. 
   Thank you and May God bless  and guide you.
Miss Jafeenda Mobotu.

January 12, 2007 
     How are you today?, i hope you are doing very well and OK.  I have returned from the
hospital, i saw the medical nurse and he examine my health.  The nurse said that i have Malaria and fever, and he gave me some medication for treatment.  I tryed calling your number and yet it did not connect, i don't know why.
     Have you called or email the bank?, what did Dr Duncan said to you.  Has he agreed to contact you with the bank's lawyer?, who will get the (mandamus order) which the bank will use and transfer the money to you.  If you get my email at this time, please contact Dr Duncan immediately so that he can get you the lawyer.  The early you contact the lawyer, the earlier he will get the legal document (mandamus order) from the Federal High Court.
    And immediately the bank receives the (mandamus order), with in 12hours the bank will transfer the money into your bank account, OK.  I am explaining all this to you so that you can understand all you need to do with the bank so that this my late father's money can be transfered immediately into your account, so that i can start coming over to your country, because i can not stay here anymore, my condition here is very bad and i am sick of this place and i am afraid also.
    Please Angel, try and do all you can with the bank so that the bank can transfer the
money immediately to you, so that we can start and have a new life in your country.  Remember, do not let anybody to know about this transfer so that the money can be safe.  I am very conscious of the safety of this money because it is my life right now, my only hope of survival is this money.
   We will meet in yahoo chat so that you will tell me in details what you have discaused with Dr Peter Duncan, OK.  Please take good care of yourself for me, bye and God bless.














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