Photos received from scammers
Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. The pictures below have all been used in connection with Advance Fee Fraud.

I have received them either from my own scambaiting, or from friends.

Notice that in most cases the pictures do not show the scammers themselves. Some of the pictures come from model agencies on the Internet. Others come from magazines, and some have been sent to the scammers from their victims.

If you also received one of these pictures, feel free to inform me.

Miss Young

Sabi Yak my
Sabina Dabah Sabina Sabina
Sabina Dominic Dim Deng My picture My photo
sabina sabina-2 love2
Sabu Afraa pics2
Saidat Amondu mypic1
Sainabou Samba Sainabou Sainabou Sainabou
Salam S Salam
sylvia 02
salomi nelson OymF27530773-02
salomy Dickson, salomy Dickson 2 78468572505
Saltarin Venus Saltarin photo
samantha roper samantha samantha
samira ali samira samira samira samira samira
selina selina
Samira Edmond 001 002 G9
SAMIRA WILSON samira samira
Sandar Abars bvOv1w273908-02
Sandar Debor sandar 1
Sandara Adams SANDARA
Sandra my love
sandra bamba my pic
sandra Desmond, Sandra Desmond 2, Sandra Desmond 3, sandra Desmond 4, sandra Desmond 5 Baby babygirl
Sandra Desmond, Sandra Desmond 2 199415009 199421253
sandra dona sandra
Sandra Duga Imagen 125
Sandra Gukama D3uArJ651854-02 4QRzBA089830-02
sandra harrison My
Cynthia Sankoh, Juliette Patrick, Lizzy
8 3 Hamadoun its me vickie its vickie nude chantal1
my_personal_picture pascaline_3_picture My photo 28 Alima
6 1 Hamadoun3 my pic 23 49 6 my love
edlover edlover meee juliet Image_633467275638015528 kate lamine on the beach
Hamadoun4 57 egio egio egio egio
Sandra Johnson my pic1
Sandra Kolleh eIATBF353624-02Vx
sandra matine

sand1-1 sand2

Sandra Michael (International Conference on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Child Abuse/Labor in Africa) sandra sandra
Sandra Ndiany

OlwhsH214119-02 c1ErAR461529-02 Sandra

Sandra Philip Morgan yiiWSs793691-02s0bhb6058716-02
sandra richard My_pic sandra
Sandra Richardson 419sandra1419sandra
Sandra Rockwell photo 1 photo 2
Sandra Shadab hi
MjlfPr389824-02 3Pvvd
Sandra Thelma kUy0TE318661-02
Sandra Wanga 321550252
Sandra White sandra
Sandra William 198409397.img 236524589.img
Sandra Wilton STXs1d327954-02 SANDRA
Sandra Zubah K7EjRH296074-02 ieQ6tS123272-02
Sandrine Jama me me3
Sandrine Jama Jama baby Jama baby2
sandy utazi gggggjpeg
Santos Rebecca, Santos Rebecca 2 pics
sara pat y sara young sara
Sarah Dada My picture
Sarah Demo Sarah
Sarah Douglas Sarah
Sarah Hanis Sarah Hanis
Sarah Malik sarah sarah pics
Sarah Moore 419sara 419sara2
Sarah Sidney sarah
Sarah Smith, Sarah Smith 2 , Sarah Smith 3 13 43 14
16 12 15
Sarah Yormie Sarah Sarah
Saral Madu saral
Scola Ray 0x5BzR597545-02 8JBQsO140913-02
Scula Toure scula
Selina Samuel photo
semira semirababy 0aM9nc577297-02
Semira Soumah semira 4 u
Sense Neues Bild Neues Bild2 Neues Bild3
Serah Smith s
Seran Williams seran
SERENA JOHNSON serena my pics 21 my pics 6
Serna Ellowe Johnson my picture
Sexy Ann annsette01
Shakira Brown Shakira 1
shantel geng shantelpicture1jpeg
Sharon Bemba Saolona This is my photo
Sharon Edwin zBXrJP932656-02
Sharon Godwill my 1 my 2
Sharon Kamara My picture My picture My picture My picture
Sherry kk nany my dad and mom granny and me
Shila Ahijo my family my pic pic
Shirley Trotter shirley pics
Sidratu Ksidratu 00000 1000000
My picture
Silvia James Silvia
Silvia Williams silvia silvia silvia silvia
My Hospital Picture
sintia Karume sintia sintia2
Slivery Benson L0Wrm7944258-026T9xbp247239-02
Sofaya John QAj3fh563243-02
Sofia 30 34
Sofia Amudu 1475105914 413325349
Sofia Ibrahima vO71dK127293-02 s
sofia. Murrey SOFIA MURREY
sofia seh SOFIA1 SOFIA2
Sofia william sofiababy
sofia ukwa sofia sofia sofia
Solange Ammed to my
Sonia SONIA4
Sonia Lovelyjpeg Soniajpeg pic-1-1-1-1
Sonia camara sonia sonia
Sonia Edwin sonia1
Sonia Fumba sonia SONIA1
Sonia Johnson soniasonia!sonia!!
Sonia Ndeye my%20love[1]
Sonia Odily 8JBQsO140913-02
sonia Ruba 470_670558
sonia saleeby sonia queen soniababy soniababy
Sonia Tazy CeYZaB561612-02 EVqLhW315670-02
Sonia Zanda IZR7OJ214357-02
Sonsy Kadadah QV2hVc581454-02
Sophia Franck Xhl IS YOUR HEART this is me your wife
Sophia Majzoub Al-Khalifa 3mb5t9477886-02 ou4sNb025327-02
Sophie Abdel Hamid sophie sophie sophie
Sophie Abdel Hamid file1 2 file2 file3
Sophie Mpka sophie1
Soukey STEVE KANALY soukey
souzane kouassi My picture
sowu kwashi love love55
Staller Williams staller staller1
Stefanie image1 image2
Stela Rashid 48KdBw511536-02 stela
stella. Aribu stella
Stella Dioh stella stella stella
Stella Dominic Dim Deng L5dQvb461910-02 1ksKML547558-02
Stella Godwin 268599418.img 323147215.img
Stella Harry Fumba Moniba My Picture
Stella Johnson 01_at_home 02_stella 03_stella 04_stella 06_stella
Stella Karmah stella1 stella2 stella3
Stella Oneil, Stella Oneil 2 8183
Stella Oneil my pic 1 my pic 2
Stella Oneil, Stella Oneil 2 MY PIC
stella patrick stella
stelle ade stelle
Steller Debah 2 1
Stephanie Cassidy MY PHOTO
Stephanie. Cassidy Jenny1 Jenny2
Stephanie Koneh rQ8IOQ539446-02 GHM
Stephanie Paschal 419419LOVE MY LOVE
Stephie Atta My pic
law1 law2 1
Stephinie Atif 2 22
Stephynie Yormie stephy
Stesia Larry SVk3Hx794262-02 uOHiIa893343-02 cZ2Owi710833-02
Suban Van suban suban 1
Success Jude SUCCESS
suei sue2 sue3
sue sue19 sue10 sue sue sue sue sue sue6 sue7
Sunita Wilson Khalifa Sunita Khalifa
Sunny Leonkova sun 7 sun 5 sunny lenkova sun 12 sun HU_Sunny__16 3
sunny HU_Sunny__16 21 HU_Sunny__16 19 sun 10 16 sunny leo 2 sun 5
HU_Sunny__16 6 sun lle sunny 020 HU_Sunny__16 8 sunny leo 8 sunny sunny2 0363_01
sunny leo 16 sunny leo 25 0300 sunny leo 41 HU_Sunny__16 11 171 14000
sunny04 419sunny HU_Sunny__16 26 sunny002 sunny leo 34 09 419sunny 08 228_006
Sura Ngoma Sura
Susan Abeda, Susan Abeda 2 susan susanbaby
Susan Azamgo Robert Photo Photo
Susan David Mawere mypicture
Susan Jerry susan1 susan
SUSAN KEITA DdSZ6K028203-02 4jNzQW869304-02
susan kouame Susan
Susan Leke Susan Susan1
susan princess mohammad susan
susan wahid l_ca869c2eda67478072a221e00c9bd47e
Susan Zinga Love
Sussan Edeward Weah sussyb-1 sussan 2
sussan kamara sussy sussy
Sussan Desmond sussan
Suzan Alfarrouk suzan
suzy dominic 1 2
Suzzan smith Operah hi
suzanan cooper Q5AXmT939861-02
Suzanna Duke suzanna Suzanna1 SUZANNA 001
Suzanne Alfred Akibo-Betts GOL5dd525759-02 h0DsKC491983-02
Suzanne Alfred Akibo-Betts, Suzanne Alfred Akibo-Betts 2 301840943
Suzi Guei qzV90t259952-02
Suzzy pic 5pic 6
sylva suzzy4love
Sveta tr5d0f826 tr5db2b12 tra589cc2
Sveta Sveta 1 Sveta 2 Sveta 3
Svetlana 39535561 39536243 39536646 63997753 66631310
64143987 77629853 My 75742821 39789815 39938809
Svetlana IMG05319 IMG05320 IMG05420 IMG05418
DCSN0611 IMG03180 DSC04014
IMG05310 IMG05316 DSC04012
mysexypicuresIMG018 mysexypicuresIMG006 mysexypicuresIMG012
Svetlana SvetlanchikIam
Svetlana 1 vodopad 1 my faworite car 1 nice nature 1 Svetlana at work
Svetlana 0001 0002 0010 0011 0012
Svetlana Levchenko Sveta -AND- Sasha 11 419Sveta 1 Sveta 10 Sveta 12 419Sveta 2 419Sveta 3
419Sveta 4 419Sveta 5 419Sveta 6 Sveta 7 Sveta 8 Sveta 9
Swenny Godwin 078
swenny martins, swenny martins 2 sweny sweny
Swenny martins gh4ySu700128-02 TRHX6Q097828-02
syleca toure pc1 pc2
Syliva Benson DUJLK6441315-02 JArekY793245-02 NYjuIb673072-02
Sylvia Domingo Sylvia D 1 Sylvia D 2
Sylvia Sinkala Sylvia Sylvia
sylvia Uwandu sylvia sylvia for u sylvia 4you
synthia ndoh 1_268282723l
Syntia Desmond gggg.jpeg (89K, 375 x 500)

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