sandyjohnson_34 says: "i wil be getting married to you soon"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. His nickname is Guppy. After a divorse, Guppy joined a dating site and begun to chat with a younger girl, englesenita4realluv. It turned out to become an expensive relationship.

He was also contacted by Sandy Johnson. Guppy wrote to me:

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... I have been contacted on yahoo messenger today by someone i met those days on this meeting site. After the first story i have been very carefull and until today i refused to send to this women the money she was asking for. This story could be played in a movie as it was and it is so incredible.

This woman she is from UK but her father was working in Nigeria for a german company.I have been talking to the phone even with her father.I sent her some money to book a flight so we could meet in London.Guess what happened two days before we would have meet in London??Her dad died... I had some suspicions on the reality of her story.I called the company to see if she made a booking and guess what?They had no booking for her name... Now she came up today with a story about her dad who would had some shares and as well that i would be soon contacted by a senior advocate of Nigeria called Barrister Bank Smith San.... She will call me on yahoo messenger tomorrow night to tell me what the lawyer told her to do with this shares from her dead father... I send you all the conversation i had with this actual story...

Many thanks to your site Miss Young as i would have been probably fooled again.. Many thanks Guppy ...


Chat where she tells me about her rich father ...
sandyjohnson_34 (21:28:16): hello dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:28:17): are u there

guppy (22:20:41): hi i am back home right now
sandyjohnson_34 (22:22:03): hi dear
sandyjohnson_34 (22:22:07): yeah its been a while
guppy (22:22:24): yes i know
guppy (22:22:36): but you do not come often online i presume
sandyjohnson_34 (22:23:02): yeah dear
sandyjohnson_34 (22:23:05): really been busy
guppy (22:23:24): i believe you..working every days?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:23:46): yeah dear
guppy (22:24:14): any good news?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:24:26): yes dear
guppy (22:24:43): cool which ones?

sandyjohnson_34 (22:25:00): i found out that my parents have some wealth
sandyjohnson_34 (22:25:05): that i discoverd
sandyjohnson_34 (22:25:30): i have been in talks with my lawyer
guppy (22:25:33): and?sounds incredible
sandyjohnson_34 (22:25:48): this few days and i told him about u and how much i wanna be with you
sandyjohnson_34 (22:26:03): so i will be needing you to help me with this
guppy (22:26:24): how?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:26:44): hold on
sandyjohnson_34 (22:32:19): yeah i am here
guppy (22:32:35): Ok
sandyjohnson_34 (22:32:59): the lawyer called me some few days ago that my dad had a lot of things in his possesion
sandyjohnson_34 (22:33:18): and i told him about u
sandyjohnson_34 (22:33:55): that i will be going to spend my life with you
guppy (22:34:04): just go on..i do not interrupt you
sandyjohnson_34 (22:34:05): and that i wil be getting married to you soon
sandyjohnson_34 (22:35:04): i told him that i would be getting across to him through you that i needed to talk to you about iy
guppy (22:35:40): okay...
guppy (22:35:57): but when you talk about mariage..?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:36:36): so he told me that my dad left brhind soo many propertties,like shares,in soo many companies
guppy (22:36:59): okay and how can i help you?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:37:57): to include soo many things that my dad has put down for me but i will have to be married to get some of thses things dear....
sandyjohnson_34 (22:38:05): so thats why i told him about u
sandyjohnson_34 (22:38:29): and i explained to him that i would be getting married to u soon
guppy (22:38:45): i see..
sandyjohnson_34 (22:38:47): so i suggested that i wanted u involved in the whole thing
sandyjohnson_34 (22:39:00): to be able to claim my properties
guppy (22:39:01): and thank you for your trust
sandyjohnson_34 (22:39:10): yeah dear
sandyjohnson_34 (22:39:13): anyime
guppy (22:39:21): so what will be next?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:40:04): hold on
guppy (22:40:09): okay
sandyjohnson_34 (22:40:35): i should be seeing the lawyer tomorrow to know what next the plan is
sandyjohnson_34 (22:40:44): i would keep u updated about everything
guppy (22:41:29): where are those shares?in which country?and are you sure you have to be married to get them?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:42:05): yeah CADBURY,LEVER BROTHERS AND GUINESSS
sandyjohnson_34 (22:42:18): yeah i need to be married to get most of thse things
sandyjohnson_34 (22:42:54): cause the will says that i have to be married so that i can be responsible for alll this things
sandyjohnson_34 (22:43:05): been the only child of my parent
guppy (22:43:14): i see
sandyjohnson_34 (22:43:16): and to be able to maintain the wealth'
sandyjohnson_34 (22:43:50): u know that i cannot keep anything from u
sandyjohnson_34 (22:43:56): so thats why i have to telll u alll this things
guppy (22:44:28): may trust me..something that you will always be sure...
sandyjohnson_34 (22:45:05): baby thats wht my lawyer ws even skeptical about
sandyjohnson_34 (22:45:08): but i know that i can TRUST U
sandyjohnson_34 (22:45:35): cause he was saying to me that why do i have sooo much intrest in a man that i have never seeen
sandyjohnson_34 (22:45:50): But i told him that my heart belongs to you
guppy (22:46:34): yes dear...same for me..tell him....if you want me to help you...i have to trust you and now you know my position and you know that i will have to be sure about all this
guppy (22:47:01): if i may help you i will do it
guppy (22:47:07): no worries
sandyjohnson_34 (22:47:33): we are thinking the same way
sandyjohnson_34 (22:47:49): what is going to happen here is that we have to TRUST
sandyjohnson_34 (22:47:52): each other
sandyjohnson_34 (22:47:58): cause i do TRUST YOU WITH ALL MY HEART
guppy (22:48:18): i have friends working in banks and stock exchanges here in geneva so they will be able to help as well
sandyjohnson_34 (22:48:39): baby thats so sweet
sandyjohnson_34 (22:48:41): thank u
guppy (22:48:45): thank you..i hope one day i will be able to give you back my trust
sandyjohnson_34 (22:48:53): i told him that u are capable of taking care of me
guppy (22:48:58): but there is a small problem to this
sandyjohnson_34 (22:49:08): but he is just been careful
guppy (22:49:30): okay is a good lawyer...
guppy (22:49:38): you remember what i told you
guppy (22:49:46): that i will soon leave geneva
sandyjohnson_34 (22:49:47): yeah
sandyjohnson_34 (22:49:57): yeah dear
sandyjohnson_34 (22:50:12): but i cant remember you telline me this
guppy (22:50:31): i told you that i will move to saigon
sandyjohnson_34 (22:50:43): but will that be a problem dear
guppy (22:51:16): no for me if it is not a problem for you...all depend what i have to do and what the lawyer will tell you
sandyjohnson_34 (22:51:38): ok
guppy (22:51:53): i hope that you may trust your lawyer as well
guppy (22:52:08): why are you like this with me?
guppy (22:52:19): why you still want to meet me?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:52:26): he has been with my dad even before i was born
sandyjohnson_34 (22:52:33): yeah i wanna meet you
guppy (22:53:07): but why i waited till today to tell you that?i could have help you after the death of your dad?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:53:59):  but why i waited till today to tell you that?i could have help you after the death of your dad?
guppy (22:54:46): you are telling me the same as i have been asking you?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:54:57): i dint get that
sandyjohnson_34 (22:55:02): can u rephrase
guppy (22:55:25): yes why the lawyer did not help you before?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:55:54): its like u dont get me
sandyjohnson_34 (22:56:25): well
sandyjohnson_34 (22:56:49): i went to him to tell him about me leaving town and wanting to get married
guppy (22:57:10): okay that i have understood
guppy (22:57:26): but the lawyer was a friend of your dad?right?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:57:39): yeah
sandyjohnson_34 (22:57:40): very good friend
sandyjohnson_34 (22:58:07): i never knew that the lawyer has been looking for me
guppy (22:58:43): okay..the lawyer was living in Lagos right?
sandyjohnson_34 (22:58:57): abuja
guppy (22:59:01): okay..
guppy (22:59:26): bad if he could have find you before
sandyjohnson_34 (22:59:31): he was in lagos before he moved down to abuja
guppy (22:59:43): you would not be in this situation for so long
sandyjohnson_34 (22:59:53): then he has made one of the senior advocate of nigeria
sandyjohnson_34 (23:00:00): yeah dear
guppy (23:00:08): i told you that it will be a good year for everybody
sandyjohnson_34 (23:00:22): yes dear
guppy (23:00:25): so now to keep me informed
sandyjohnson_34 (23:00:39): there is nothing good has seeing u first
guppy (23:00:41): i will be leaving switzerland on the 13 of june
sandyjohnson_34 (23:00:46): feeling ur warmth
guppy (23:00:59): still a dream for me
guppy (23:01:47): and then i will be in saigon
guppy (23:01:51): on the 14 june
guppy (23:01:59): do not forget
guppy (23:02:07): are u here?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:02:13): yeah
sandyjohnson_34 (23:02:33): i will be seing him tomorrow
sandyjohnson_34 (23:02:43): so i will be getting u to know everything tomorrow
guppy (23:02:51): ok..after the 12 of june i wont be reachable so easy as now
sandyjohnson_34 (23:02:53): will u be here
sandyjohnson_34 (23:03:00): i know
guppy (23:03:08): yes i will be here  ...what time?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:03:20): same time dear
guppy (23:03:35): what do you have now
guppy (23:03:40): what time
sandyjohnson_34 (23:03:55): its 10.03
sandyjohnson_34 (23:04:05): so i will be here for like 8 pm my time
guppy (23:04:09): ok here 11.04
guppy (23:04:15): one hour more than you
guppy (23:04:20): ok
sandyjohnson_34 (23:04:23): thats will be 9pm ur time
sandyjohnson_34 (23:04:27): will u be here
guppy (23:04:57): i will do my best as i am working..but if i am not there leave a mail please or try later if you may
sandyjohnson_34 (23:05:08): yeah i will
sandyjohnson_34 (23:05:14): i need to keep u posted
sandyjohnson_34 (23:05:20): whats ur email again dear?
guppy (23:05:38): it is
sandyjohnson_34 (23:06:03): ok
guppy (23:06:09): do not forget the underscore between guppy and 2300
sandyjohnson_34 (23:06:16): ok
guppy (23:06:21): tell me the name of your lawyer please
sandyjohnson_34 (23:07:06): Barrister bank smith
sandyjohnson_34 (23:07:14): SAN
guppy (23:07:43): so it is BARRISTER BANK SMITH SAN??
sandyjohnson_34 (23:07:51): yeah
sandyjohnson_34 (23:08:06): senior advocate of nigeria
guppy (23:08:39): and he is in abudja?right?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:08:50): yeah
sandyjohnson_34 (23:08:58): he has a chamber in lagos and abuja
guppy (23:09:43): can you repeat the name...just to be sure ...please..sorry
sandyjohnson_34 (23:10:20): Barrister bank smith san
guppy (23:10:35): thank you....
guppy (23:10:57): so where are you now?still in the restaurant?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:11:14): at hom with my boss
guppy (23:11:35): i see..maybe the lawyer could help you a little with the money?no?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:11:42): guess what
guppy (23:11:47): tell me?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:11:56): i told my boss about the whole thing
guppy (23:12:01): no
sandyjohnson_34 (23:12:06): she is now getting nice all of a sudden
guppy (23:12:11): she will try to get some money from you
sandyjohnson_34 (23:12:16): wanting to know whats going on with me and all
guppy (23:12:38): yes...but you are intelligent and you know why
sandyjohnson_34 (23:12:40): why hasent be good to me before
sandyjohnson_34 (23:12:44): why now
guppy (23:13:00): people are strange sometimes
sandyjohnson_34 (23:13:06): yes deae
guppy (23:13:08): but i could be one of them
sandyjohnson_34 (23:13:19): how do u mean?
guppy (23:13:41): someone only interested in you because now i know that you will have money?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:14:04): yeah
guppy (23:14:08): do you trust me?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:14:22): yes i do dear
guppy (23:14:47): i have only one word...
guppy (23:14:53): trust
guppy (23:15:01): but if trust is broken
guppy (23:15:08): then it is over
guppy (23:15:17): this is in general
guppy (23:15:26): nothing against you
guppy (23:15:39): it is my philosophy
sandyjohnson_34 (23:15:49): yeah dear
guppy (23:16:13): so tell me tomorrow at what time do you see the lawyer?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:16:45): i will be going in the morrning
guppy (23:17:14): okay be carefull in the street...
sandyjohnson_34 (23:17:24): yes i will dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:18:14): okay dear,the first time i told my boss i wanted to go and she allowed me
sandyjohnson_34 (23:18:22): i got to be careful with her too
guppy (23:18:41): carefull with only yourself
sandyjohnson_34 (23:19:03): yeah dear
guppy (23:19:14): and then you will see that things will go right for once
sandyjohnson_34 (23:19:34): yes dear
guppy (23:19:37): okay sandy i am going to leave you now...i am waiting tomorrow night to speak with you
guppy (23:20:29): are you there?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:20:46): yeah dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:20:50): yes baby
sandyjohnson_34 (23:20:53): i will be here
guppy (23:20:55): i wish you a good night
guppy (23:21:14): me too..i try my best..for tomorrow..but i should be here
guppy (23:21:24): big kiss
sandyjohnson_34 (23:21:28): okay
sandyjohnson_34 (23:21:33): big kiss to you









































Chat where i am telling her that i checked to see if she did a booking...

sandyjohnson_34 (11:58:25): hi love
guppy (11:58:35): hi r u?
sandyjohnson_34 (11:58:42): fine thank u
guppy (11:58:53): you had a good night?
sandyjohnson_34 (11:59:22): yeah i did baby,thinking about you all through the night
guppy (11:59:30): me too...
guppy (11:59:33): listen
guppy (11:59:44): about the money bta
sandyjohnson_34 (11:59:48): okay dear
guppy (12:00:15): i did notgo to the bank yet,because i called BA to ask them some informations on that
sandyjohnson_34 (12:00:25): okay dear
guppy (12:00:46): and they told me that they do not know anything about this BTA...
guppy (12:01:11): they would know it as they would pass the information to their customers
guppy (12:01:26): they told me
guppy (12:01:46): that any locals taxes would be included in the price of the ticket
guppy (12:02:04): even if those taxes would be cashable or not
guppy (12:02:14): so maybe this rule is overdue
sandyjohnson_34 (12:02:50): u know what dear?
guppy (12:02:59): as well any kind of official sites like the one from the us embassy or uk embassy or nigeria embassy do speak about that
sandyjohnson_34 (12:03:04): i wont be blamed if i am stopped at the point of entry
guppy (12:03:05): tell me
sandyjohnson_34 (12:03:11): thats why involved my dad
sandyjohnson_34 (12:03:19): i think my dad wont be wrong about this
sandyjohnson_34 (12:03:29): anyway if that is what u want then its okay
guppy (12:03:40): i know that your dad wont be wrong about that
sandyjohnson_34 (12:03:42): i will go to the airport and hope not to have problems
sandyjohnson_34 (12:03:59): i think prevention is always better than cure
guppy (12:04:03): we still have time to solve this
sandyjohnson_34 (12:04:18): its would have been better that i have that should incase of any problems dear
guppy (12:04:22): yes me too
sandyjohnson_34 (12:04:44): i might not have that time againa s i will be at the airport
sandyjohnson_34 (12:05:01): if u had it u would have just sent it baby,since i will be returning it to you
sandyjohnson_34 (12:05:14): its not like i wanna spend it baby
guppy (12:05:19): i know that...but we are only monday and you will leave on frida
guppy (12:05:23): friday
sandyjohnson_34 (12:05:35): yeah it does not make a difference baby
guppy (12:05:38): nothing to do with that spending the money
sandyjohnson_34 (12:05:52): i am onlyn trying to be on teh safe side
sandyjohnson_34 (12:06:04): so the fault wont come from me if there is any probklem
sandyjohnson_34 (12:06:07): okay
sandyjohnson_34 (12:06:18): it wont hurt you at all sending the money dear
sandyjohnson_34 (12:06:30): it would only make us prepared for the unexpected
sandyjohnson_34 (12:06:36): its nigeria
guppy (12:06:53): yes i know nigeria a bit...
sandyjohnson_34 (12:06:56): and there are soo many bans imposed on this country
sandyjohnson_34 (12:07:04): becasue of there bad attitude
sandyjohnson_34 (12:07:12): i hope u understand me baby
sandyjohnson_34 (12:07:21): i wanna be with you by all means
sandyjohnson_34 (12:07:30): and dont want any problems any more dear
guppy (12:08:00): yes i do...but if BA tells me that they are not aware of any thing like this,they should be in position to advice their customer
guppy (12:08:21): so what you can do to be sure
sandyjohnson_34 (12:08:37): my dad just confirmed that to me dear
guppy (12:08:41): is to call ba in lagos and ask them to confirm this bta
sandyjohnson_34 (12:08:53): he travelled some few months back and he trabels as more often for bussinesses dear
guppy (12:09:03): maybe rules changed since your dad travelled last time
guppy (12:09:27): may you call ba today and ask them about bta?
sandyjohnson_34 (12:09:56): see dear,i want to you to know that i wanna be with you soo much baby,
sandyjohnson_34 (12:10:14): it wont cost u anything to send the money and my dad would hold on to that dear
guppy (12:10:20): this is just to make sure that you need this kind of prove..then if they confirm you this i will do the necessary
sandyjohnson_34 (12:10:51): you dont gat me baby
guppy (12:11:01): yes i do..get you
sandyjohnson_34 (12:11:26): u will stil have your money back dear when i get to u at the airport
guppy (12:11:50): yes i know..nothing to do with getting the money at the airport
sandyjohnson_34 (12:11:56): i wont be having soo much time later on this week as i need to prepare
sandyjohnson_34 (12:12:22): i need to get my dad things for the house since i will be leaving him
sandyjohnson_34 (12:12:32): and i need some time for myself too
guppy (12:12:38): okay
guppy (12:12:45): i understand you sandy
sandyjohnson_34 (12:12:48): u should have just done as u said baby
guppy (12:13:12): please let me speak
sandyjohnson_34 (12:13:16): i like to do my thintgs open minded as i say i wanna do ity dear
sandyjohnson_34 (12:13:30): what do u wanna say?
guppy (12:13:47): i want to say that i will do it...
guppy (12:13:56): so there is no reason to worry
guppy (12:14:14): you can get to the bank easly
guppy (12:14:21): i am just asking you
guppy (12:14:40): to call ba and to confirm with them that you need this bta stuff
sandyjohnson_34 (12:14:56): baby u know what?
guppy (12:15:02): tell me
sandyjohnson_34 (12:16:39): i called my dad on this cause i wasent sure,i confirmed the news from my agent here in nigeria,thats why i wanted you to talk to my dad and u did.i love to be prepared for anything in life and i dont like taking chancec dear....u need to see how i feel
sandyjohnson_34 (12:16:57): i long for this trip sooo much and to meet you
sandyjohnson_34 (12:17:16): if iyt wasent necessary baby i wont ask u to send the money
sandyjohnson_34 (12:17:45): but if you feel otherwise do as u think then
sandyjohnson_34 (12:17:56): i really dont like arguing about money
sandyjohnson_34 (12:18:22): u are more important to me than the money dear as i really wanna meet u and see where we will go from there baby
guppy (12:18:26): so far i think i did not disappoint you...i was asking you to get the informations from British airways office..that is all
guppy (12:18:41): me too i do not like arguing about money
sandyjohnson_34 (12:19:19): i never said you dissapointed but i am telling you that the information has already been confirmed dear
sandyjohnson_34 (12:19:26): lets talk about some thing else baby
sandyjohnson_34 (12:19:28): pls
guppy (12:20:32): okay as you want baby...but a phone call to the BA office would not take you long...i did it this morning and i am just telling you what they told me about bta...
guppy (12:21:16): please understand me
sandyjohnson_34 (12:21:45): it does not make any difference baby,AS U WILL BE GETTING BACK UR MONEY
sandyjohnson_34 (12:21:47): okay
guppy (12:21:54): i am trusting you and your is just that i am not trusting rules in nigeria
sandyjohnson_34 (12:22:20): u dont have any choice but to obey that baby,thats my situattion here my dear
sandyjohnson_34 (12:22:31): u getting ur money back
guppy (12:23:07): why are you saying that i have to obey?
sandyjohnson_34 (12:25:47): it does not concern u cause you not flying out from here,i am the one flying from here okay baby...thats what i said
sandyjohnson_34 (12:26:06): connection is messsing up here
guppy (12:26:13): i see that
sandyjohnson_34 (12:26:55): baby i still got about 4 hours before the bank closes here
sandyjohnson_34 (12:27:05): i ned to see my dad now]
guppy (12:27:24): okay...cannot you go tomorrow morning to the bank?
sandyjohnson_34 (12:28:46): u can do it again today?
sandyjohnson_34 (12:28:56): there is still soo much time dear
sandyjohnson_34 (12:29:03): its just past 12
guppy (12:29:08): i can do it this afternoon but then you would have to go tomorrow morning
sandyjohnson_34 (12:29:29): okay baby,i need to see my dad now then
sandyjohnson_34 (12:29:41): i will call u when i get to my dad place okay dear
guppy (12:29:50): okay
sandyjohnson_34 (12:29:54): so u can talk to me
sandyjohnson_34 (12:30:24): what time will u be going to the bank?its still possible i get the money today with my dad accompany me
guppy (12:30:51): i will go in the afternoon
guppy (12:31:02): why are you so much in rush?
sandyjohnson_34 (12:31:17): cause i wanna take care of other things
guppy (12:31:28): okay talk to you later
sandyjohnson_34 (12:31:29): oh u not happy baby that i am anxious to be with you?

sandyjohnson_34 (18:04:38): hi dearie
guppy (18:04:58): hello
sandyjohnson_34 (18:05:11): i jus got back dear
guppy (18:05:28): okay me too i spent the day with my mum
sandyjohnson_34 (18:05:39): How she doing dear?
guppy (18:06:19): she is doing fine..and you what have you done ?
sandyjohnson_34 (18:06:44): went out shopping for toiletries dear
sandyjohnson_34 (18:07:03): i went also with my dad to see the doctor
sandyjohnson_34 (18:07:08): he has slight malaria
guppy (18:07:33): waouw i hope that he is used to malaria
guppy (18:07:40): does he need treatment?
sandyjohnson_34 (18:07:53): yeah but he went in for medivcation and is doing fine now
sandyjohnson_34 (18:08:05): he is resting now in the living room my dear
guppy (18:08:14): nice to hear that
guppy (18:08:29): so he did not go to work today?
sandyjohnson_34 (18:08:43): he was there in the ealry hours dear
sandyjohnson_34 (18:08:49): thats where i called you from
guppy (18:09:05): okay...
sandyjohnson_34 (18:09:07): he is trying to raise some money for me for the BTA
guppy (18:09:42): you know...i have been calling the uk embassy the usa embassy and the nigerian embassy
sandyjohnson_34 (18:09:55): and what did they tell u?
guppy (18:09:58): and as well ba office
sandyjohnson_34 (18:10:50): its not a problem anylonger dear,if you think tht its not necessary i will go in on friday
sandyjohnson_34 (18:11:00): i dont wanna argue about it again my dear
guppy (18:11:05): they told me that they do not know about it
sandyjohnson_34 (18:11:12): its really not necessary baby
guppy (18:11:40): okay ,,,,but how you will do it if you have cancelled your reservation?
sandyjohnson_34 (18:11:59): i can get that done back when i get the money from my dad
sandyjohnson_34 (18:12:10): thats no big deal for me
guppy (18:12:37): if you say so ..then it is great if you still find a seat on the flight...
guppy (18:12:53): they told you that they will keep the seat for you?
sandyjohnson_34 (18:12:56): yeah i will
sandyjohnson_34 (18:13:01): always do that
sandyjohnson_34 (18:13:08): i never hace a problem with that
sandyjohnson_34 (18:13:25): the agent is very close to me
guppy (18:13:58): yes...but what will happen if they tell you that they have sold all the seats?is that possible?
sandyjohnson_34 (18:14:08): no
sandyjohnson_34 (18:14:13): not posible dear
guppy (18:15:26): well i do not know how things work in nigeria but here if you buy a ticket the last days then it will cost more and not sure that they have one left
guppy (18:15:46): make sure that they have one
sandyjohnson_34 (18:16:11): yeah,i assume that u dont know how it works here
guppy (18:17:16): well what i know is that BA rules should be the same everywhere if not they will not go there
sandyjohnson_34 (18:19:43): yeah dear
guppy (18:19:45): anyway .... you will have to explain me when we will meet how come all the embassies and ba told me the same about BTA...they do not know about that...if they do not know then you should complain about that...let s finish about that and tell me when you get back your i have to go
guppy (18:20:00): i will talk to you later this evening..
sandyjohnson_34 (18:20:14): okay then
sandyjohnson_34 (18:20:16): bye dear
guppy (18:20:19): bye
sandyjohnson_34 (18:20:24): looking forward to seeing you anyway
sandyjohnson_34 (18:20:31): u working tomorrow?
guppy (18:20:55): yes i do from 1000am till 1630 pm
guppy (18:21:08): talk to you later..kiss

sandyjohnson_34 (19:18:29): Helllo Dear
sandyjohnson_34 (19:19:03): Thinking aout you sooo much dear and cant wait to be with you this weekend my dear
sandyjohnson_34 (19:56:17): Check ur email dear,i sent you a message,i will be looking forward to talking to u dear....
sandyjohnson_34 (19:56:23): I REALLY DO MISS U

sandyjohnson_34 (20:38:23): Hi dear
sandyjohnson_34 (20:38:26): Are you there my love?
guppy (20:38:47): yes i am nice to see you
sandyjohnson_34 (20:38:58): did u get my email dear?
sandyjohnson_34 (20:39:12): i thaught that i wont be on here again till later on tomorow dear
guppy (20:39:21): yes i did thank ..hope that your father will get better
sandyjohnson_34 (20:39:39): i think he is going to be fine..
sandyjohnson_34 (20:40:01): As i can  drive and tthere is no one to take him to the hospital
sandyjohnson_34 (20:40:09): cause the driver is gone now
guppy (20:40:41): do you have to go to the hospital?
sandyjohnson_34 (20:41:31): yeah hehas to but there is no one to take us,but he used is drug so i think he should be fine dear
guppy (20:41:58): no way to take a taxi?or a neighbor
sandyjohnson_34 (20:42:16): he wants to go with the driver but he will be fine dear.....
sandyjohnson_34 (20:42:20): he is asleep now
sandyjohnson_34 (20:42:27): hold on a minute
sandyjohnson_34 (20:43:11): okay i am here
sandyjohnson_34 (20:43:25): so where did u go to my dear?
guppy (20:43:25): the hospital far away?
sandyjohnson_34 (20:43:33): yeah it is dear
sandyjohnson_34 (20:43:57): he is asleep dear,i will only pray that he is fine till tomorow morning
guppy (20:44:30): okay...i was out just for a while..i went to visit an appartement
sandyjohnson_34 (20:44:59): okay dear
sandyjohnson_34 (20:45:17): i am sorry about today dear
sandyjohnson_34 (20:45:50): but i want you to know that i was really anxious...
guppy (20:46:01): no it is okay do not worry..i just wanted that the things are clear
sandyjohnson_34 (20:46:36): i felt really bad that i was been sturrborn when u stoped talking to me today
sandyjohnson_34 (20:46:46): i thought i got u upset dear
sandyjohnson_34 (20:46:50): i am sorry again
guppy (20:47:54): no but things are not the same here as in nigeria and i did not know why you did not tell me about your cancellation of your reservation
sandyjohnson_34 (20:48:25): sorry about that anyway
sandyjohnson_34 (20:48:33): i can always ge a seat my dear
guppy (20:48:46): it is okay do not worry as long i will meet you it is enough..
sandyjohnson_34 (20:48:55): yeah definetly
sandyjohnson_34 (20:49:12): u know i wanna be with you dont u?
guppy (20:50:06): yes i know from all your nice words that you have wrote to me
sandyjohnson_34 (20:50:24): even by me attitude dear
sandyjohnson_34 (20:50:46): at a point today dear,i thought that i was bugging you
guppy (20:52:00): well..i do not know what will be your feelings if someone ask you to send money for something that noone know and that you did not have a reservation for london...i thought what you might imagine...
sandyjohnson_34 (20:53:04): yeah i know how u feel dear
sandyjohnson_34 (20:53:15): But baby the whole thing is based on TRUST
sandyjohnson_34 (20:53:23): thats how it should be dear
guppy (20:53:43): wait a second
guppy (20:57:10): i am back
guppy (20:57:19): sorry i was on phone with my mum
sandyjohnson_34 (20:57:31): yeah no problem dear
guppy (20:57:56): yes i know about trust...
sandyjohnson_34 (20:58:18): this relationship should be based on that my dear
sandyjohnson_34 (20:58:38): thats how to start up a relationship u know
guppy (20:58:52): yes i not forget that i trusted you when i sent you the money
sandyjohnson_34 (20:59:32): yeah dear,thats why my countenance changed when i was telling you about the bta,i thought maybe u think i needed the money for some thing else
sandyjohnson_34 (20:59:42): i was only acting on what i was told dear
guppy (21:00:29): that is okay...but as well you should trust me when i am telling you that i have been told by officials that they do not know about bta
sandyjohnson_34 (21:01:02): its okay
sandyjohnson_34 (21:01:14): Are you working tomorrow dear?
guppy (21:01:31): so tomorrow you are going to register on the flight for friday?
guppy (21:01:45): i am working from 1000 am till 1630 pm
sandyjohnson_34 (21:02:32): when i get the money from dad i will go in before friday definetly......
sandyjohnson_34 (21:02:48): whe are u leaving for heathrow
guppy (21:03:34): i am leaving on the afternoon on the friday to london..then i go to the hotel and then i get some rest and then i come to pick you up at the airport
guppy (21:03:50): you will probably need some rest after your flight..
sandyjohnson_34 (21:03:59): yeah that would be fine then my dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:04:02): yeah i do
sandyjohnson_34 (21:04:09): i am happy
sandyjohnson_34 (21:04:37): have u booked anywhere yet baby?
guppy (21:04:42): i am happy to...
guppy (21:04:57): yes i did..i gave you the name of the hotel..
sandyjohnson_34 (21:05:14): can u give me again dear,i need to drop that for my dad
guppy (21:05:26): okay wait a second
sandyjohnson_34 (21:05:54): okay dear
guppy (21:06:15): imperial 3 stars hotel
guppy (21:06:23): churchill square
sandyjohnson_34 (21:06:25): cool dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:06:38): yeah i think i know that place dear
guppy (21:06:43): 0044 207 837 9999
sandyjohnson_34 (21:07:10): thats better,i will call them to confirm that later on
sandyjohnson_34 (21:07:20): what name was the reservation made dear?
sandyjohnson_34 (21:07:23): urs?
guppy (21:07:34): made on my name but for two persons
sandyjohnson_34 (21:07:46): okay dear thats cool then
sandyjohnson_34 (21:07:58): i will try and call them before froday with dad
guppy (21:08:24): okay but you do not need to do it...
guppy (21:08:37): i have the reservationnumber as well if you want
guppy (21:09:12): 164-74992
sandyjohnson_34 (21:09:31):   okay dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:09:34): thats good
guppy (21:09:54): yeah you will tell me when you get your ticket ?
sandyjohnson_34 (21:10:01): yeah dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:10:06): most definetly my love
guppy (21:10:29): that is cool baby...when do you think that you can go if your dad is sick?
sandyjohnson_34 (21:10:47): go where baby?
guppy (21:10:59): with your dad to collect the ticket
sandyjohnson_34 (21:11:36): i will be there before friday my cant be taken as the agent is a well known somebody dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:11:57): at times i dont book and i just go to get ticket
sandyjohnson_34 (21:12:12): he will definetly get a flight for me
guppy (21:12:42): okay..i read today on the BA web site that they are having some problems with one of the runway at the airport and that it might be creating some troubles
guppy (21:13:23): ask them as well if it might create to you some problems on friday...
sandyjohnson_34 (21:13:34): i will tell u all dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:13:41): my dear do u like my poems?
sandyjohnson_34 (21:13:47): i write them off head baby
sandyjohnson_34 (21:13:54): when i am alone in the room
sandyjohnson_34 (21:14:03): especially when i think about u dear
guppy (21:14:18): yes it is touching and i feel it comes from your heart
sandyjohnson_34 (21:14:29): yeah it does dear
guppy (21:14:50): nice that you open your heart to me that way
guppy (21:15:39): i am not too good in words..i do prefer to prove to the one i love all my love with my behavior
sandyjohnson_34 (21:15:49): baby can i ask u for some thing dear?i dont know how to tel u but i think i shoud dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:15:59): ;)
guppy (21:16:17): yes go ahead
sandyjohnson_34 (21:18:15): baby i wanna buy a dress ,i already made a deposit from the money you gave me dear,but i have to make a full payment..i was thinking that my dad will give me the rememing amount but i dont wanna task him tooo much...Tell me if you can,sorry if i am demanding too much
sandyjohnson_34 (21:19:43): i wanna look good to meet my dream man
sandyjohnson_34 (21:19:53): what do u think baby
guppy (21:20:05): how much are you missing?you should have been waiting untill to be in i wanted to do shopping with you
guppy (21:21:33): are you there?
sandyjohnson_34 (21:21:34): baby i dont wanna ask u for too much in london as i am coming to show u how much i wanna be with you dear,i am concentrating more on our meeting again after we have meet in london maybe we could do shopping in newyork in december baby
guppy (21:22:42): i know...for me you would look nice and goodlooking with whatever on you...
guppy (21:23:37): but please you do not need to buy a dress for not are already nice enough for me...i look the inside of a person and not only the out look....
sandyjohnson_34 (21:24:10): i wanna get it baby,if that will be all i will buy
sandyjohnson_34 (21:24:29): just about 266 usd left dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:24:41): pls honey,its for us oky
guppy (21:25:53): 266 usd? what kind of dress is that?i am not really in fashion but it seems to be a expensive dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:26:07): i love designers baby
sandyjohnson_34 (21:26:14): i love cloths too
sandyjohnson_34 (21:26:22): sorry i dint tell u that baby
sandyjohnson_34 (21:26:37): its a full atire dear,alll GUCCI
sandyjohnson_34 (21:26:43): u know GUCCI?
guppy (21:27:28): all women like clothes...yes i know gucci...but are you sure it is a real one i know in nigeria you could buy anything
sandyjohnson_34 (21:27:45): yeah its authentic baby
sandyjohnson_34 (21:27:52): from a gucci store here
sandyjohnson_34 (21:28:17): baby i know the original my dear,Remember that i was born and brought up in uk
guppy (21:28:31): would prefer that you and your dad would go to a nice restaurant before you leave that to buy a dress gucci
sandyjohnson_34 (21:28:31): so i know a whole lot more baby
sandyjohnson_34 (21:28:57): so what do u suggest dear?
sandyjohnson_34 (21:29:05): u not buying it for me?
guppy (21:31:45): well i suggest that you should stop asking me for money as it bores me...i sent you since i know you 900 usd...i think i gave you the prove that for me money as the least place in my life...but that i am not a bank account neither...i would appreciate to go with you to do shopping than you buy it in nigeria....
sandyjohnson_34 (21:32:23): never mind dear
sandyjohnson_34 (21:32:27): sorry
guppy (21:32:30): when you will meet me you will see that i can be very generous..sorry if i disappoint you one more time...but at least you know that i am telling what i think..
sandyjohnson_34 (21:32:55): its okay dear
guppy (21:33:20): i am going to leave...
sandyjohnson_34 (21:33:27): okay dear
guppy (21:33:49): i am tired of this day...i got up early to do things i need some rest...
guppy (21:34:09): i hope that your dad will feel better...and that we can talk tomorrow evening
guppy (21:34:22): i send you a big hug and many kisses
sandyjohnson_34 (21:34:23): okay i hoe soo too dear
guppy (21:34:27): sweet heart
sandyjohnson_34 (21:34:29): Thank u
sandyjohnson_34 (21:34:32): bye for now
guppy (21:34:36): bye















































































Chat where her father died ...

sandyjohnson_34 (23:22:14): hi baby
sandyjohnson_34 (23:22:18): read ur email
sandyjohnson_34 (23:22:23): i was waiting for you
sandyjohnson_34 (23:22:31): as i had a stressful day today
sandyjohnson_34 (23:22:38): my dad is in teh hospital now
guppy (23:22:48): you had a stressfull day ...hi sweety
guppy (23:23:07): sorry to hear that and how is he doing?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:23:17): its worse dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:23:21): i sent u a mil
sandyjohnson_34 (23:23:28): read it baby
guppy (23:23:36): i just read now
guppy (23:23:51): are you still leaving on friday?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:24:03): Remember i told u that he was not doing well yesterday night when i was talking to you
sandyjohnson_34 (23:24:11): yeah i will
sandyjohnson_34 (23:24:18): i really want too dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:24:23): i called the agent today
sandyjohnson_34 (23:24:41): and i told him that i was going to be with him on thursday
sandyjohnson_34 (23:25:08): but i think i might loose my dad,Docor discoverd that he has some complication with is heart
sandyjohnson_34 (23:25:15): he smokes tooo
guppy (23:25:37): no is not possible!!!!!it is terrible...
sandyjohnson_34 (23:25:52): yeah dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:26:02): the doctor gqave me a bad news concerning him
sandyjohnson_34 (23:26:12): i just got hom,e about some few hours ago
guppy (23:26:16): but you still want to leave in this case?did you get your ticket?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:26:19): he is in the hospuital now
sandyjohnson_34 (23:26:38): i called the agent now
sandyjohnson_34 (23:27:01): and told him to still reserve a space for friday
sandyjohnson_34 (23:27:10): i really wanna see u dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:27:17): and i look forward to meeting with you
guppy (23:27:30): yeah what about your dad?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:28:04): i hope he feels strong by tomorrow as his condition was bad when i left
sandyjohnson_34 (23:28:12): i will be going back later on tonight
sandyjohnson_34 (23:28:22): the driver is here to take me
guppy (23:28:23): i wish i could be with you
sandyjohnson_34 (23:28:39): in this time of pain dear i ned you more
sandyjohnson_34 (23:28:48): but i look forward to seeing you on friday
sandyjohnson_34 (23:29:06): You mean a whole lot to me dear than u think as u are my only friend now
guppy (23:29:06): me will be on saturday ..but it is the same
guppy (23:29:29): i will be here when you need....if you need to speak
guppy (23:30:04): so tell me what you gonna do tomorrow?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:30:53): i will be making my final preparations dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:31:17): but i will be off to te hospital in about an hour from now
guppy (23:31:25): okay sound good...but you will leave behind your dad..i hope he get better tomorrow
sandyjohnson_34 (23:31:41): i will be there baby tonight to see how is doing dear
guppy (23:32:20): okay...i am working tomorrow morning early
guppy (23:32:30): so i will be online tomorrow night
sandyjohnson_34 (23:32:37): yeah dea
sandyjohnson_34 (23:32:44): thats would be nice dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:33:12): i wish u where here to be with me now
sandyjohnson_34 (23:33:26): as i am scared and afraid of lossing my dad
guppy (23:33:43): i am sure things will go fine
sandyjohnson_34 (23:33:43): he means a whole lot to me
sandyjohnson_34 (23:33:55): i am happy that u came into my life now
sandyjohnson_34 (23:34:04): it makes things easier for me
sandyjohnson_34 (23:34:17): u can imagine that i have heard nothing from the company
sandyjohnson_34 (23:34:30): they abandoned my dad totally
guppy (23:34:32): at least i can help you a bit by being close to you with my thoughts
guppy (23:35:39): it is bad from them...
sandyjohnson_34 (23:35:52): yeah dear
guppy (23:36:13): it is not a good company and your dad should not work for them anymore
sandyjohnson_34 (23:36:24): yeah dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:36:25): +
sandyjohnson_34 (23:36:30): i think sooo my love
guppy (23:37:10): anyway pry for your dad i will do it as well...and God will do the rest
guppy (23:38:09): are you there?
sandyjohnson_34 (23:38:41): yeah dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:38:44): i am here
sandyjohnson_34 (23:38:48): hold on baby
sandyjohnson_34 (23:38:56): a phone calll dear
guppy (23:39:25): okay
sandyjohnson_34 (23:40:51): i have to go now
sandyjohnson_34 (23:41:01): hospital just called me dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:41:04): bye baby
sandyjohnson_34 (23:41:23): i think i have to go now baby
guppy (23:41:26): okay take care my love
sandyjohnson_34 (23:41:36): bye dear
guppy (23:41:39): let me know
sandyjohnson_34 (23:41:47): emergency dear
sandyjohnson_34 (23:42:11): bye dear
guppy (23:42:17): okay i think about you....
guppy (23:42:18): kisses










The pictures of Sandy have been used by many scammers. They actually show a model called Joleen.

Here are some of the other names used: Sherry, Kelly, Diana William, lovely babee, Ashley, Shola Martins, Jullian, readluv, Carol Smith, Mell445, Jenny Cornelly, eline, Becky Nocks, Charity Best, Chika Henry, pretty009, Rose Williams

. Look out for profiles set up by scammers on dating sites. Do not become their next victim. game over
. Some months later another friend sent me this. Let me call him Harvey.  
Dear miss young. I am a single man living the Netherlands. I have an account with the chat programm Paltalk. By that programm I had learned a "lady" with the name Rose Williams. She asked me if she could see my webcam. So I asked "her" if she had Yahoo messenger or MSN. "She"gave me her Yahoo ID and I added her in my Yahoo messenger. Today we spoke eachother again. "She"" Asked me to show her my cam. So I did. She said: Wow you are looking so good. "She" was 29 single woman, a model and born in the USA. Her mother was ill and she was caring for her in Nigeria. "She" told me that she wanted to marry me getting kids. So she wanted to fly to my country to know me but she doesn't have money for a planeticket. So "she" asked me if I could get the money for her. I do not trust this and this smells like scam. When I looked in Google for Rose and the word scam. I had found your website and an article of a Rose Williams. Maybe it is the same person. I do not have any idea if this is a woman on the other side of the line or not.
I saved the conversation and the pictures of this person. Maybe you can see if I can trust this or not.
Take care,
Rose Harvey: Hi Rose :)

rosebrain_2002: Hello
rosebrain_2002: How are u
rosebrain_2002: am Rose Williams
rosebrain_2002: u

Harvey: I am doing fine. Thank you :)
Harvey: My name is Harvey. We spoke eachother yesterday in Paltalk :)
Harvey: I am from Netherlands. :)

rosebrain_2002: Yes
rosebrain_2002: am 29/f/ga/usa
rosebrain_2002: so what do u do for a living?

Harvey: I am a bookkeeper and I work with a small company :)

rosebrain_2002: Nice
rosebrain_2002: am a Model
rosebrain_2002: Can i see ur cam

Harvey: Sure :)
Harvey: Hi :)

rosebrain_2002: am here
rosebrain_2002: Can i see ur cam again

Harvey: Do you see me? I have brown eyes, dark blond hair. :)
Harvey: Sure :)

rosebrain_2002: no
rosebrain_2002: wow u looking good

Harvey: Thank you :)
Harvey: Nice background :)
Harvey: Do you have a picture or a cam?

rosebrain_2002: Yes i have a pix
rosebrain_2002: My cam is faulty now

Harvey: Wow you are a pretty lady :)

rosebrain_2002: Really
rosebrain_2002: Ty

Harvey: Yes :) I mean it.

rosebrain_2002: Am single and looking for a serious and honest..caring person to be with

Harvey: I am single too, I am 38 years old.

rosebrain_2002: wow nice
rosebrain_2002: Do u live alone?

Harvey: I live far from you and I have a handicap. I hope that is not a problem for you.

rosebrain_2002: Yes it not a problem for me

Harvey: I live with my parents yet. So I do not live alone. :)

rosebrain_2002: As soon as u wont hurt my feelings and u love me
rosebrain_2002: Okay

Harvey: Despite my handicap I can do allmost everything. :)

rosebrain_2002: Okay nice

Harvey: I have never been in the states, but I like to visit it once. :)

rosebrain_2002: And i promise to love u and i wont hurt u..and i will do anything for u
rosebrain_2002: Really
rosebrain_2002: Usa

Harvey: I do not like to hurt people. :) I hate violence ;)

rosebrain_2002: Okay nice
rosebrain_2002: But am in nigeria now taking care of my sick mom...have u been to nigeria or talk to any one there before?

Harvey: I have some chat friends in Nigeria. :)

rosebrain_2002: Okay
rosebrain_2002: M/F

Harvey: Male and female, but only for fun. :)

rosebrain_2002: wHAT HAPPEN TO THEM ALL
rosebrain_2002: But what do u need in me ?

Harvey: I am looking for a nice, friendly and honest lady to have a lot fun with.
Harvey: Someone who I can count on in difficult times and you can count on me in difficult times too. :)
Harvey: What is your mom doing in Nigeria?
Harvey: Why is she in Nigeria? Sounds a bit more friendly. ;)

rosebrain_2002: Hunnie my mom got married to my late dad in nigeria
rosebrain_2002: and that is where she live now and i was told later that mom got sick
rosebrain_2002: so i have to be with her

Harvey: I see.
Harvey: I hope for you that she will be better soon.

rosebrain_2002: Ty
rosebrain_2002: so u cant count on the other people of ur friends in nigeria

Harvey: I have only a friendly relationship with them.

rosebrain_2002: Okay
rosebrain_2002: do u have a wife?

Harvey: I am single yet. :)
Harvey: I do not have kids.

rosebrain_2002: Okay
rosebrain_2002: so will u be happy if i become ur wife?and have kids for u

Harvey: Maybe. :) I like to know you better.

rosebrain_2002: Yes as soon as we get to know better

Harvey: For a good friendship or marriage we have to meet eachother in real life.

rosebrain_2002: Yes

Harvey: Do you have hobbies? I like photography, drawing and painting, reading, watching tv, playing wheelchairbasketball and sailing.

rosebrain_2002: Yes
rosebrain_2002: Swimming...dancing..writting peoms ....travelling...moviesand going to clubs

Harvey: Nice :)

rosebrain_2002: Ty

Harvey: At the moment I have vacation, but I am home now. Next week I am going to a city in the north-east of my country for a sailing journey :)

rosebrain_2002: Okay
rosebrain_2002: Hope am there with u for the jounery

Harvey: That would be nice :)

rosebrain_2002: Yes
rosebrain_2002: But do u want me to pay u a visit as soon as we get to know better

Harvey: Yes, if you can and if it is possible with your ill mother.......

rosebrain_2002: Yes it will
rosebrain_2002: So where will u take me to for dinner

Harvey: Sure, we have a lot of nice restaurants here. :)
Harvey: What kind of food do you like?

rosebrain_2002: Mexican and americans

Harvey: We have a mexican restaurant here. It is called Rose's cantina. I love buritos :)

rosebrain_2002: wow that nice
rosebrain_2002: that my name sakes

Harvey: What do you mean with sakes?

rosebrain_2002: AM Rose
rosebrain_2002: and u said the restaurant name is Rose

Harvey: Yes I understand it now. Thank you :)

rosebrain_2002: Okay
rosebrain_2002: Love u
rosebrain_2002: So what do u want to know about me

Harvey: Where were you born, in America or Nigeria?

rosebrain_2002: America

Harvey: I see. Do you have brothers or sisters? I have a brother. He is married and he has 4 kids
rosebrain_2002: wow that nice
rosebrain_2002: I dont have any brother/sister
rosebrain_2002: Cos i lost them with my dad at a motor acciedent

Harvey: I am sorry to hear that......

rosebrain_2002: Ty
rosebrain_2002: What else do u want to know about me?

Harvey: Do you have friends there where you are now?

rosebrain_2002: Nope i dont have
rosebrain_2002: Cos i dont want any trouble
rosebrain_2002: HuH

Harvey: I see LOL:D

rosebrain_2002: Hunnie what is ur full name?

Harvey: My friends calls me Harvey :)

rosebrain_2002: ok
rosebrain_2002: Nice name

Harvey: My name Harvey is an english name. It means soldier.

rosebrain_2002: Okay nice

Harvey: You have a nice name too.

rosebrain_2002: Ty

Harvey: In the front garden we have pink roses :)

rosebrain_2002: wow nice
rosebrain_2002: Love to see that one day

Harvey: I have a picture of it :)
Harvey: Do you like to see?

rosebrain_2002: Yes hunnie

Harvey: Okay :)
Harvey: Do you like it?

rosebrain_2002: wow that lovely
rosebrain_2002: yes

Harvey: I have a digital SLR camera. :)
Harvey: I love taking pictures of flowers.

rosebrain_2002: it a beautifull rose
rosebrain_2002: Like me
rosebrain_2002: lol

Harvey: I will believe that ;)

rosebrain_2002: Ty

Harvey: Do you have to make long working days as a model?

rosebrain_2002: Nope
rosebrain_2002: But i dont work here in nigeria
rosebrain_2002: Cos am here to take care of my sick mom
rosebrain_2002: what is ur country name?

Harvey: Netherlands.

rosebrain_2002: ok

Harvey: I live in a small town with about 9600 inhabitants. It is in the north-west of my country. Not far from the coast.

rosebrain_2002: Wow nice

Harvey: We have a sea climate here. In the summer the temperature is often 25 degrees celsius and in the winter about -5 degrees celsius.
Harvey: The last 2 weeks we had a heatwave here with temperatures of about 30 degrees.

rosebrain_2002: wow
rosebrain_2002: Hunnie i cant wait to be with u

Harvey: I like to show you my country :)

rosebrain_2002: Really
rosebrain_2002: But when will that be?

Harvey: The landscape is flat here. With meadows and forests. In the south we have hills.
Harvey: Next week I have a sailing vacation and the week after that I am free yet.

rosebrain_2002: what date will that be?

Harvey: I have to go to my work about 22 august again.

rosebrain_2002: Okay...u mean i will be with u on 22
rosebrain_2002: aug

Harvey: My sailing vacation is from the 5th of august till 12th of august.

rosebrain_2002: Okay i can be with u then

Harvey: I work 8 hours at a day, from 7:30 to 16:30.

rosebrain_2002: From 5th
rosebrain_2002: Huh

Harvey: Yes :)

rosebrain_2002: Okay
rosebrain_2002: But i dont have money for ticket
rosebrain_2002: Sorry to say that

Harvey: Maybe you have to save some money and try later. :)
Harvey: We can always have contact by Yahoo messenger. :)

rosebrain_2002: Y cant u get it for me
rosebrain_2002: Huh
rosebrain_2002: Hunnie if i have the money i could have get it my self

Harvey: I like to know people better before I lend them money, my friend.

rosebrain_2002: Okay

Harvey: My brother works with the police and he is a detective specialized in digital crimes........

rosebrain_2002: But we have to get to know better then
rosebrain_2002: But since am coming to ur place and we get to know better when am with u
rosebrain_2002: Okay

Harvey: I see. :)

rosebrain_2002: So when will that be of my coming then

Harvey: We can always speak eachother by messengers or e-mail :)

rosebrain_2002: Yes
rosebrain_2002: nice
rosebrain_2002: Then u will let me know when am coming
rosebrain_2002: huh

Harvey: It depends of you, when you have enough money for a ticket. I have a lot of patience. :)

rosebrain_2002: U looking soo good hunie
rosebrain_2002: Okay
rosebrain_2002: But i dont have any means to get money for ticket...cos i have spend all my money to my mom

Harvey: I think that you have to look for a job. Can the american embassy in Nigheria do something for you?

rosebrain_2002: Nope
rosebrain_2002: I have try to do..but i cant find
rosebrain_2002: Huh

Harvey: That is a pity.
Harvey: I think that a government in a country can always find a way to help people back to their mother country. In my country the government doesn't have any problems with that.

rosebrain_2002: Hunnie country are not the same

Harvey: That is true.........

rosebrain_2002: Okay love

Harvey: I do not know if you would be happy here.

rosebrain_2002: Hunnie i will be happy there as soon as u love me and u wont hurt me

Harvey: I see......

rosebrain_2002: But hunnie hope as soon as we get to know better...u can get me a ticket to come over to u?

Harvey: We do not know eachother good enough for that..... sorry. It is not the right time now.
Harvey: I have to go now. Bye bye :)
Harvey: I hope to speak with you another time :)

rosebrain_2002: Yes i said as soon as we get to know better
rosebrain_2002: Cos i need to see ur country and be with u

Harvey: Yes........
Harvey: Maybe it is better to go back to your own country when your mother is better and look for a job there.
Harvey: In the meantime we can speak eachother by Yahoo messenger. :)
Harvey: I have to go now. Bye bye :)

rosebrain_2002: Bye





Rose's Cantina








pink roses

. The pictures she sent are also of the model called Joleen. I suggested that Harvey stopped all further contact with this scammer.  

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