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I have set up this site because I am worried for all those who are tempted by the millions of dollars that they are offered by the scammers. I hope that my stories will make them realize that it is all lies, although many of the stories are filled with names of real persons, banks and historic events, and that the scammers will use every trick in the book to get you to pay.

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Miss Young

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From my inbox

dear miss young,

After nearly being a victim of a email scam, i decided to search the web and found a whole lot of websites dedicated to exposing the scammers. I found that your website was the best offering full stories of the actual scams and emails received and sent.
These people are so nasty and greedy, and i feel really sorry for the people that have become victims.

I am a stay at home mum, that does not have alot of money and i just manage to give my children the daily basic needs, and struggle everyday to survive, it makes me sick to my stomach that their are people out there that have the odasity to do this to other human beings.

I thank my lucky stars that i was able to stop the tranfer of my money, before the scammers could withdraw it. After i had transfered the money through western union, i came home and emailed the person and told them the money was there ready for them to pick up,as it was early hours of the morning in Africa i knew that they wouldnt be able to withdraw it until western union had opened..after sending an email to them, someting in my heart was telling me something wasnt right, so i did a google search on this so called lawyer and up popped some articles about scams,(warning bells where going off in my mind),without even reading the articles i phoned western union straight away and cancelled the transfer. I got sucked in big time, with money that belongs to my children, i cant believe i was willing to sacrafice their money,which pays for everything house,food,power,phone,gas,clothing etc.

I felt really guilty and feel like a bad mother,how can these people do that.

At the start i knew it was too good to be true,but got caught up in that felling of "im going to be a millionaire",that would of solved all my problems.

I am so glad my children are o.k and still have a roof over their heads,food in their bellys,and warm clothing on their backs.

Good luck with your website your doing a great job.

kind regards

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