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What should I do if I receive a Nigerian 419 email?

There are 3 ways you can react:

  1. Ignore it. Delete the email and forget all about it.
  2. Report it. Find the domain name in the emailaddress, for example xcvmail.com. Inform the fraud protection team by copying the email message and its header information into a new email addressed to abuse@xcvmail.com (Note 1). The header is very important for tracking down the message's point of origin.
  3. Answer it. Have some fun as I have had, but realize that you are dealing with criminals. NEVER give them any personal details, and NEVER send them any money. Read about scambaiting first by following the links on my linkspage. If you want to send a short answer, see my suggested answers.
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Miss Young

Most 419 emails come from free email domains. There are thousands of domains to select from. Below is a list of some of those I have seen. You can also use the list if you need a temporary emailaddress.

Free email domains used in 419 fraud

Powered by BigMailBox.com

accountant.com   See mail.com
africamail.com   See mail.com

Powered by Outblaze.

Related domains:
138mail.com asiamail.com koreanmail.com mailasia.com mailpanda.com


See UltimateEmail.com.


Powered by Horde


What if I have a user that is spamming?
ANSWER: BigMailBox is aware of the problems of spamming. We have setup a system whereby webmasters can immediately delete users who are abusing their accounts. Simply email us at abuse@bigmailbox.com. Once we receive your request, we will immediately delete the user with no further notification.

Related domains:
111mail.com 123Iran.com 1-usa.com 37.com 420email.com 4degreez.com 4-music-today.com Actingbiz.com Allhiphop.com Anatomicrock.com Animeone.com Anjungcafe.com Asiancutes.com A-teens.net Ausi.com Autoindia.com Autopm.com Barriolife.com B-boy.com Beautifulboy.com Bgay.com Bicycledata.com Bicycling.com Bigheavyworld.com Bigmailbox.net Bikerheaven.net Bikermail.com Billssite.com Blackandchristian.com Blackcity.net Blackvault.com Bmxtrix.com Boarderzone.com Boatnerd.com Bolbox.com Bongmail.com Bowl.com Butch-femme.org Byke.com Calle22.com Cannabismail.com Catlovers.com Certifiedbitches.com Championboxing.com Chatway.com Chillymail.com Classprod.com Classycouples.com Congiu.net Coolshit.com Corpusmail.com CyberUnlimited.org Cycledata.com Darkfear.com Darkforces.com Dirtythird.com Dopefiends.com Drakmail.net Dr-dre.com Dreamstop.com Draac.com Egypt.net Emailfast.com Eminemfans.com Envirocitizen.com Escapeartist.com Ezsweeps.com Famous.as Farts.com Feelingnaughty.com Firemyst.com Freeonline.com Fudge.com Funkytimes.com Gamerssolution.com Gazabo.net Glittergrrrls.com Goatrance.com Goddess.com Gohip.com Gospelcity.com Gothicgirl.com Gotomy.com Grapemail.net Greatautos.org Guy.com Haitisurf.com Happyhippo.com Hateinthebox.com Hiphopmail.com Houseofhorrors.com Hugkiss.com Hullnumber.com Idunno4recipes.com Ihatenetscape.com Intimatefire.com Irow.com Jazzemail.com Juanitabynum.com Kanoodle.com Kickboxing.com Kidrock.com Kinkyemail.com Kool-things.com Latinabarbie.com Latinogreeks.com Leesville.com Loveemail.com Lovers-mail.com Lowrider.com Lucky7lotto.net Madeniggaz.net Mailbomb.com Marillion.net Megarave.com Mesra.net Mofa.com Motley.com Music.com Musician.net Musicsites.com Netbroadcaster.com Netfingers.com Net-surf.com Nettaxi.com Nicedriveway.com Nocharge.com Operationivy.com Paidoffers.net Pcbee.com Persian.com Petrofind.com Phunkybitches.com Pikaguam.com Pinkcity.net Pitbullmail.com Planetsmeg.com Poop.com Poormail.com Potsmokersnet.com Primetap.com Project420.com ProLife.net Puertoricowow.com Puppetweb.com Rapstar.com Rapworld.com Rastamall.com Ratedx.net Ravermail.com Relapsecult.com Remixer.com Rockeros.com Romance106fm.com Saveourplanet.org Singalongcenter.com Sketchyfriends.com Slayerized.com Smartstocks.com Soulja-beatz.org Specialoperations.com Speedymail.net Spells.com Streetracing.com Subspacemail.com Sugarray.com Superbikeclub.com Superintendents.net Surfguiden.com Sweetwishes.com Tattoodesign.com Teamster.net Teenchatnow.com The5thquarter.com Theblackmarket.com Tombstone.ws Troamail.org U2tours.com Vitalogy.org Whatisthis.com Wrestlezone.com Yogaelements.com Zerogravityclub.com

consultant.com   See mail.com
deliveryman.com   See mail.com
diplomats.com   See mail.com

Powered by Outblaze

dublin.com   See mail.com

December 16, 2005: "Signup procedure disabled."

fastermail.com Powered by Outblaze
financier.com   See mail.com

Also called Wanadoo webmail.

Received an offensive email?
Open the message that you want to report to us, click on Forward and send the mail to abuse@fsmail.net. Paste the copied headers into the email (go to Edit, Paste), and detail your complaint about the message.

gawab.com Related domains:
gawab.com alex4all.com alexandria.cc

Related domains:
gmx.de gmx.net gmx.info gmx.org gmx.biz gmx.com gmx.tm nurfuerspam.de (and many more)


Powered by tiscali.co.uk


Report e-mail abuse to MSN Hotmail
Forward a complete copy of the abusive message (including the full message header) to abuse@hotmail.com.

insurer.com   See mail.com
jumpy.it Powered by mediaset.it

Powered by findlaw.com


Powered by Wannado webmail

En relación con lo anterior, los USUARIOS perjudicados por la recepción de mensajes no solicitados podrán comunicarlo a LATINRED remitiendo un mensaje a la dirección de correo electrónico spamalert@latinmail.com.

Related domains:
latinmail.com starmedia.com

lawyer.com   See mail.com

You agree that you will not use Lycos Network Products and Services to: Upload, post, email, otherwise transmit, or post links to any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas that are designated for such purpose.

If you are aware of any violations of these Terms and Conditions, please report them to: Lycos Network Abuse Manager 100 Fifth Street Waltham, MA 02451 Email Address: abuse@tripod.com

Related domains:
lycos.com .gamesville.com tripod.com angelfire.com quote.com ragingbull.com wired.com hotbot.com whowhere.com sonique.com hotwired.com webmonkey.com getrelevant.com htmlgear.com matchmaker.com


Powered by Outblaze.

User Agreement
User shall not use the mail.com Service for spamming. Spamming includes, but is not limited to (1) the bulk sending of unsolicited messages, or the sending of unsolicited e-mails which provoke complaints from recipients, (2) the sending of junk mail, (3) the use of distribution lists that include people who have not given specific permission to be included in such distribution process

To report a violation of this User Agreement, please write to abuse@mail.com. If you are forwarding an unsolicited commercial email ("spam") message, please be sure to include the full headers.

Related domains:
2die4.com accountant.com adexec.com africamail.com allergist.com alumnidirector.com archaeologist.com arcticmail.com artlover.com asia.com australiamail.com berlin.com bikerider.com catlover.com cheerful.com chemist.com clerk.com cliffhanger.com columnist.com comic.com consultant.com counsellor.com cutey.com deliveryman.com diplomats.com doctor.com doglover.com dr.com dublin.com earthling.net Email.com engineer.com europe.com execs.com financier.com gardener.com geologist.com graphic-designer.com hairdresser.net hot-shot.com Iname.com inorbit.com insurer.com japan.com journalist.com lawyer.com legislator.com lobbyist.com london.com loveable.com mad.scientist.com madrid.com mail.com mindless.com minister.com moscowmail.com munich.com musician.org myself.com nycmail.com optician.com paris.com pediatrician.com playful.com poetic.com popstar.com post.com presidency.com priest.com programmer.net publicist.com realtyagent.com registerednurses.com repairman.com representative.com rescueteam.com rome.com saintly.com samerica.com sanfranmail.com scientist.com seductive.com singapore.com sociologist.com soon.com teacher.com techie.com technologist.com tokyo.com umpire.com usa.com whoever.com winning.com witty.com writeme.com yours.com


What should I do if I receive a Nigerian 419 email?
Immediately inform Mail2World's fraud protection team by copying the 419 email message and its header information into a new email addressed to fraud@mail2world.com. The header is very important for tracking down the message's point of origin. You can view and copy header information by clicking the Display Headers link just below the date in the open email.

More about fraud policy.

Related domains:
mail2Africa.com mail2Australia.com mail2Europe.com mail2NorthAmerica.com mail2Northpole.com mail2SouthAmerica.com mail2Southpole.com mail2Lawyer.com (and many more)


Powered by everyone.net


Powered by excite.com?

terms of service
You agree to not use the My Way Service (including My Way's email services or bulletin boards) to: upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas that are designated for such purpose;


Netscape Network Registered User Agreement
Your membership gives you access and use of Netscape Network's communication tools, including such features as sending and receiving e-mails, instant messaging and chat. This does not mean that you may use such communication tools to send unsolicited bulk e-mail or unsolicited communications (e.g., chat, instant messages, etc.).


To report spam, harassing, or otherwise offensive email from a NetZero member, forward the message(s), including full headers, to abuse@support.netzero.com.

Related domains:
netzero.com netzero.net

operamail.com Powered by Outblaze

Outblaze and its partners will terminate immediately any account which they believe, in their sole discretion, is transmitting or is otherwise connected to any spam or other unsolicited bulk email (recipient, dropbox, sender). In addition, because damages are often difficult to quantify, you agree to pay Outblaze liquidated damages of US$ 5.00 for each recipient's address on spam or unsolicited bulk email transmitted from your doramail.com account.

Any users that are suspected of Spamming from an Outblaze site, or of using an Outblaze site for drop boxing or spoofing, should be reported immediately. We will investigate the user and take action if we determine that he/she is guilty.

You may contact abuse@outblaze.com, or the specific Powered by Outblaze Web site from which you received the junk mail.

More information about anti-spam.

Related domains:
doramail.com fastermail.com (and many others)

presidency.com   See mail.com
rome.com   See mail.com

"Effective 12/5/2005, users will no longer be able to send nor receive new emails via Seeqmail's free service. Users can still log-in to their existing account(s), and retrieve emails that were received prior to 12/5/2005. We will be shutting this service down completely in 30 days so users will not be able to access their email as of 12:01 AM on January 5, 2006."



Sending spam from a Tiscali Internet Account is a breach of our Acceptable Use Policy. So tell the abuse team and we will take action.

Quando si è vittima dello spam si può segnalare l'accaduto al Servizio Abuse dell'ISP (Internet Service Provider) che fornisce la connessione utilizzata per l'invio indiscriminato delle e-mail non richieste. Nella maggior parte dei casi, l'account di riferimento utilizzato è del tipo "abuse@dominio ISP".

trini.com Powered by gawab.com?

Powered by Everyone.net.

Report SPAM: SPAM@UltimateEmail.com

Related domains:
ultimateemail.com ozzyosbournefan.com bankersmail.com (and many more)






Inoltre TIN.IT mette a disposizione di chiunque avesse subito durante la navigazione spamming, attacchi, virus, ecc la casella di posta abuse@tin.it per inoltrare segnalazioni circa l´accaduto.

Related domains:
tin.it virgilio.it

voila.fr Powered by Wannado webmail
winning.com   See mail.com



Registration is only available from South Africa

Spam: Forward the email that was sent to you to abuse@webmail.co.za

Related domains:
webmail.co.za exclusivemail.co.za executivemail.co.za homemail.co.za magicmail.co.za mailbox.co.za ravemail.co.za starmail.co.za thecricket.co.za thegolf.co.za thepub.co.za therugby.co.za websurfer.co.za workmail.co.za


Terms of Service ("TOS").
You agree to not use the Service to: upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas (such as shopping rooms) that are designated for such purpose;

How do I report unsolicited mail?
email the entire message (including full headers) to "abuse@" that domain name and explain your situation. For example, if you received spam from spammer@example.com, send the original email and your complaint to abuse@example.com.

yahoo.co.in: Please report any violations of the TOS to our Customer Care group.

yahoo.co.uk: If the spam or abusive email is being sent from a Yahoo! UK Mail account (user@yahoo.co.uk), please either complete our Abuse form or forward an unedited copy of the following information to uk-mail-abuse@yahoo-inc.com for us to evaluate and take appropriate action per our Terms of Service. If it originates from a Yahoo! US mail account please forward it to abuse@yahoo.com.

yahoo.com.sg: If the spam or abusive email is being sent from a Yahoo! Mail account, please forward an unedited copy of the following information to sg-mail-abuse@yahoo-inc.com for us to evaluate and take appropriate action per our Terms of Service.

yahoo.de: Mitteilen von Missbrauch. Bitte senden Sie diese Mail an die Adresse de-abuse@yahoo-inc.com.


Related domains:
zipmail.com.br bubbles.com.br eu.zip.net email.zip.net friends.zip.net mister.zip.net night.zip.net rock.zip.net sports.zip.net techno.zip.net


What is your Anti-Spam policy?

How do I report Spammers?
If You have been spammed by one of our members, please report it to abuse@zwallet.com . We will make reasonable attempts to respond to Your requests. Please be sure to include copy of email with full message headers or Usenet message.


ZZN will immediately terminate any account which it believes, in its sole discretion, is transmitting or is otherwise connected with any spam or other unsolicited commercial (UCE) or other bulk email.
Please report any violations of these conditions of use to our Abuse Administrator

Note 1:

Abuse can normally be reported to abuse@<domain>, but sometimes a different address must be used. You can see some examples above. The Network Abuse Clearinghouse can help you find out, what the correct address is.

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