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Dayzers Lottery Winning Certificates

If someone tells you that you have won in a lottery, where you did not buy a ticket, don't believe them. It is a scam.

Below you will find links to Dayzers lotteries I "won", and some of the winning certificates I received. These documents are all fake.

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Award Winning Cert
Dayzers Nederland
1,000,000 Euro
Award Winng Cert
Dayzers Loterij International
One million Euros
Dayzers Nederland
1,000,000 Euro

Dayzers Lottery

The real Dayzers lottery, http://www.dayzers.nl, is a dutch lottery. It has the following warning about scams on their website:


The Nederlandse Staatsloterij hereby warns the general public that recently some organisations are sending e-mails in which substantial prizes are awarded to the receiver(s) of that e-mail. To collect prizes the reciever should contact the organisation mentioned in the e-mail. A telephone number should be called or a ‘payment form’ or ‘prize claim form’ should be filled in. In most cases a specific amount of money must be paid in advance to receive the prize.

The Nederlandse Staatsloterij is not involved in these e-mails, and has not given any permission to use its name and address for any purpose. The e-mails are misleading and possibly fraudulent.

The Nederlandse Staatsloterij advises the receiver(s) of these e-mails:
- not to respond in any way on the e-mails;
- not to pay any money to receive a prize;
- not to fill in any form to collect the promised prize(s);
- not to provide any details on bank accounts or credit card numbers;
- not to get in contact via thelephone with the organisation(s).

Prizes awarded in these e-mails can not be claimed with the Nederlandse Staatsloterij.


More documents:


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