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Did you receive a letter from a stranger or a company that you never heard of, offering you easy money in a work-at-home job? They typically offer you 10 % of the payment you are asked to receive from customers. The remaining 90 % you have to send by Western Union.

The whole setup is fraud. There is no company, and no customers. They will send you stolen or fake checks or money orders. Your bank might accept it at first, and you might send the 90 % by Western Union. When your bank some weeks later recognises the problem, they will take the money back from your account and you will have lost all the money you sent. On top of that you risk being arrested for handling counterfeit money.

The whole idea of letting customers pay through you instead of directly to the company or to a bank account makes no sense.

In some of these scams they explain that they want you to be the middleman because the "international money transfer tax" is less for individuals than for companies. This tax does not exist.

Please ignore such offers.

Miss Young

work at home

Updated October 18, 2017

Here are some of the job offers I have received recently:

Kostalova Marcela: new officers with the following duties

Posted: 03 Oct 2017 15:12

Gesendet: Sonntag, 01. Oktober 2017 um 23:37 Uhr Von: " Sonia Gregory" < yuioqwer0326@yahoo.co.jp > Betreff: Home-based vacancy. Dear applicant, I really hope you are well. My name is Ms. Kostalova Marcela I ' m Executive Manager and I represent on behalf of real estate EVROPA realitni, an Czech real estate enterprise. We are increasing the boundaries of our market and want to propose our real estate services to Americans. As a result, we are seeking new officers with the following duties: ... (more)

Marcela Kostalova: I am Accountable

Posted: 13 Sep 2017 16:20

Gesendet: Montag, 11. September 2017 um 07:53 Uhr Von: " Marjorie Tucker" < eroguknight@mail.goo.ne.jp > Betreff: New work. Greetings applicant, I hope you are all good. My name is Ms. Kostalova Marcela I am Accountable Person and I' m sending this email on behalf of kancelar_Evropa, an Czech Republic-based real estate business. We are increasing the borders of our business and want to offer our rental servicing to US-citizens. As a result, we are looking for more staff with the following duties: ... (more)

Tourbusiness Gibas-Tour: please disregard this email

Posted: 13 Sep 2017 08:22

Von: Judith Cox < swd1217@mail.goo.ne.jp > Verschickt: Di, 12. Sept 2017 4:57 Betreff: New work, Greetings! This is a one time notification of a new position available for you. If you are no longer looking for a vacancy, please disregard this email. Tourbusiness Gibas-Tour has an opening for a talented individual. At our Business, you will be responsible for managing invoices, statements and ... (more)

Zhu Jimin: will be entitle to ten percent (10%) of every payment

Posted: 05 Sep 2017 19:29

From: Shougang Group < npalomin@ing.uchile.cl > Date: 9/5/17 3:23 AM (GMT-08:00) To: Subject: Agent In (USA/Canada) Needed - Shougang Group 45 Huagong Road Xinji City, Hebei Province China. webpage: www.shougang.com.cn This is an official request for Professional/consultants who will stand as our regional representative to run logistics on behalf of Shougang Group. We are only looking for individual or company from USA and Canada. You will be entitle to ten percent (10%) of every payment you receive from ... (more)

Katherine Rivera: DL and Driver background is needed

Posted: 26 Aug 2017 08:53

Targy: Part-time position Datum: Fri, 25 Aug 2017 14:56:49 +0200 Felado: ... (more)

Matsuki Hiraoka: act as our company's payment representative

Posted: 15 Aug 2017 18:44

On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 5:12 am, Mr Matsuki Hiraoka < APINEDO@IIAP.COM > wrote: Hello GW Solar Inc Co,LTD(Japan/UK), is a manufacture company and international trade of machinery for Semiconductor, LCD, OLED and Mechatronics as well as solar power systems, solar garden lights etc.We are in search of competent individuals/companies who can act as our company's payment representative in North America region.Please if interested kindly contact for more details. Regards, Mr Matsuki Hiraoka Human Resource Manager GW Solar Inc Co,LTD(Japan/UK) - Este mensaje ha sido analizado por MailScanner en busca de virus y otros contenidos peligrosos, y se considera que est limpio. For all your IT requirements visit: http://www.transtec.co.uk ... (more)

Isabelle Stafford: make the United States market more competitive

Posted: 11 Aug 2017 08:15

From: Isabelle Stafford < antolinyyriosmgu@outlook.com > Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2017 6:17:10 PM Subject: ... (more)

Beverley Knowles: work flexible hours, overtime, weekends

Posted: 08 Aug 2017 19:56

De : Kara Ortega saoricchu314@yahoo.co.jp Envoye le : Sa, 5 Aoû 2017 21:46 Sujet : Greetings, dear Job Seeker, Hello ! We returning back concerning application on a HotJobs for career opportunity of Supply Chain Agent . SALARY RANGE: $92,300.00 - $115,000.00 / yearly TYPE OF WORK: from home OPEN PERIOD: Long Term conditions Responsibilities and Duties consist of: - Secures quotes from vendors of necessary resources to obtain most favorable price terms and services to ... (more)

Valerie LAURENT: propose our rental servicing to Americans

Posted: 07 Aug 2017 18:15

From: Denise Kelly < ohisa75@yahoo.co.jp > To: wilson1225 < wilson1225@comcast.net > Sent: Tue, Jul 4, 2017 1:32 pm Subject: Job ... (more)

Scott Williams: deduct $250 as your pay for this assignment, and send the rest to the agent's

Posted: 05 Aug 2017 21:05

From: Scott Williams < scottwill19979@gmail.com > Sent: Saturday, August 5, 2017 10:55 AM Subject: Re: survey assignment in your location[Instructions] Dear Survey Agent, I write this is to inform you that your first assignment will be delivered to your door step. Steps to take: YOUR FIRST ASSIGNMENT You are advised to read carefully to understand procedures. You are to text results and necessary details to (360) 214-5254 1) You are to acknowledge receipt of the payment. It was sent via USPS courier service 2) You are advised to proceed to your BANK immediately after receiving it, to deposit / cash it. You are to deduct $250 as your pay for this assignment, and send the rest to the agent's details below via cash deposit; Here are the details below: Bank of America Cash Deposit Evaluation BANK OF AMERICA ACCOUNT NAME: OMAR AWAL ACCOUNT NUMBER: 002261516483 You are expected to SECRETLY perform the following survey operation: 1) Smartness of the cashier 2) Customer service professionalism 3) Reaction of personnel under pressure 4) Information that you think would be helpful Once you have completed your assignment, you are to send in a detailed evaluation report with a scanned copy of the deposit receipt (360) 214-5254.... (more)

World Unlimited

I received the following letter from a friend. She was a victim of a work-at-home scam:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the victim of an Internet crime.  I recently received an email for a job opportunity.  The job duty is to help this company clearing checks and they let me keep 10% commission for the transaction.  All fees including money transfer agency commission and bank charges should be taken from the remaining 90%.  The rest amount should be sent to the authorized recipient for this money transfer.  

On May 29, 2007, I received an USPS Priority Mail from Finecorp USA Inc. P.O. Box 7983 Van Nuys, CA 91409-7983.  Inside this envelope enclosed a check from a person name:  Adam Shihadeh Ward at 7709 E. Appaloosa TRL, Orange, CA 92869.   This check look real and I did not know it is a counterfeit check until June 1, 2007.  I deposited this check on the same day of May 29, 2007.  My bank Washington Mutual told me the fund would be available to withdraw after two-business day, which is May 31, 2007. 

On May 31, 2007, I double-check the fund to make sure it was available to withdraw.  Then I got en email from this Finecorp to give me an instruction of what to do with the fund.  The check amount was $4,220.00 minus my 10% commission and minus Western Union wire-transfer fee $175.00.  The remaining amount of $3,623.00 will be wire-transfer to Philippines to the person name Manuel Jr. Alegria.  I am so happy that I receive my first commission money of $422.00. 

On June 1, 2007, it is my first nightmare when I find out my bank account negative.  I call my bank right away and I find out the check I deposit on May 29, 2007 from Adam Shihadeh Ward was a counterfeit check.  I feel like I am the stupid person in the whole that I will fall for this job opportunity.   I hope I can reclaim my $3623.00 back but I know 99.99% I will not see my
money again. 

Therefore, I want everyone out there, please be careful about these "job opportunities".

Thank you,

(counterfeit) check
- 10% commission
- transfer fee
Sent via Western Union

+ transfer fee
Total loss


I received the following letter from another friend. She was almost the victim of a work-at-home scam:

Hi I have received four $500 American Express gift cheques. I was looking online for some part time work in order to stay home with my son more and received an email requesting me to be a representative. I was asked for my name, mailing address and phone number. A few days later I received an email stating I will be receiving some mail that will commence their business with me. Anyways, I have been out of town for a few weeks and when I got home last night I went through my mail and got a letter from Msla in Montana.
When I opened it up there was another thin brown envelope which only had my name and address on it. So I opened that one to find a "cashing and payment information"  sheet telling me to immediately sign in black ink each one of the enclosed gift cheques. Afterwards to take them to MY bank to be cashed, that gift checks are not deposited checks, they are to be cashed immediately. Once I cashed them to deduct 10% from the funds.
It goes on to inform me that most of their agents supply them from South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco and also Nigeria. Once I had deducted my 10% to proceed to the nearest western union office to make the payment payable to the agent in Africa. Plus, I was to take out the western union wire charges after I send the balance via Western Union to:
        Name:             Mark Smith
        Destination:        1 Kingsley drive, Isolo
                                    Lagos 23401 Nigeria
        Test question:     Who do you trust
        Answer:                 In GOD
Once payment was made, I was to please kindly email drb.willy@yahoo.co.uk or dr.bwilly@yahoo.co.uk the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN#) of payment for immediate forwarding to their agent.
Also stating that, from time of receipt from the transfer I would be expecting another payment in at least 5 days. Ending with : Thanks and God bless, Barry Willy of Barry Travels
I found four $500 American Express Gift Checks with this letter. I have had an American Express Gift check before and the ones I have look totally legit. So I signed them, then thought "this is too good to be true". I called my fiance and was told "no way!"  So I got online and did some searching, called American Express and found out that the checks I have in my possession are counterfeit.
I almost fell for it!!!!
I would have been held liable for $2000 and the money would have been transferred out of the country with no way of getting it back and no way of prosecuting before the check were found to be counterfeit.
American Express informed me to send them to:
            American Express
            Salt Lake City, UT

I hope these people are out of some money themselves. And to close their letter with: THANKS AND GOD BLESS!! 

Please use my letter to stop someone else from making a mistake! And help find these people responsible.

Thanks and good luck!! Your collection of stories are very informative.

Counterfeit Checks

I also received this letter from a friend that got arrested:

handcuffsDear Miss young:

My name is xxx and i was stupid enough to fall for this fake job offer that was posted on graigslist some time ago i was desparate and couldnt find a job i tried to cash the check they sent me with my name already printed on it. As soon as i tried to cash it i got arrested and charged and convicted of first degree forgery i got three yrs probation and a forgery conviction on my record. Prior to this my criminal record didnt have anything closely related to forgery nothing i never stole or committed a identity theft in my life and now i have to live with this for the rest of my life i feel i was set up and convicted wrongly i lost thousands of dollars of my own money in lawyer fees probation fees.and much more. I know its not your fault but i thought id share my nigerian nightmare scam and what it did and still doing to my life. Thank You for listening.


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