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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mr Date: Sat 15 May 2010
wilson vonn <willvon52@yahoo.com>
Hello ,
I am glad we have made it to this level of our communicating,well i will love to tell you a little about my self .. I was born in Romania. My full name is William Vonn Addo. I was born on 14th March 1957. I have been widowed for about 8 years now with a son who lives with me. He is 12 years and named Jason..My ex wife's' death made me lived in so much pain and so decided to be single but I think life is too short so we have to all move on as life does goes on...And life is meaningless without love, so I started to carry on a new search.I am shy but outgoing, timid but strong, a loner but loves to be around people. It all depends on who I am with and how familiar or comfortable that I am with them. I am very educated, not necessarily from a collegiate accomplishment level as I am street wise and in tune with my surroundings, making me more often comfortable than anxious. I think confidence is the greatest asset a person can have, both in themselves and in the environment around them.
I like a woman who has achieved self actualization, that is not dwelling on what happened way back when but what could happen today or tomorrow, a respectable woman who is willing to commit to a relationship after we spend time getting to know each other to see if we share enough in common.I am self employed engineer (construction) and deals in Import & Export of construction equipments like cranes. I am a very busy person too but l can make time for those l care about and the love of my life,l am a very funny person with a lot of humor..l don't play games with anyone. Sometimes l find it difficult to express myself on the first day so do understand me if l don't seem to write much on here about me ok..I don't have any major preference towards race, age or body type..
Sounds all too common, right? More than anything I am looking to meet a mature woman who is at the point in her life where she is looking for a long term committed and monogamous relationship. It would be nice to meet someone who is faithful and is looking to meet someone who is faithful.I believe in treating a woman with respect and dignity. I expect the same in return. . I am kind hearted and I am told I make a nice partner. Those that dwell in the past are not around me very long, I spot them from miles and run fast.. I enjoy dancing, having great conversation.If you think we share something in common I would hope you take the time to respond.I would look forward to meeting you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mr Hello ,

Reading about you has really made me come to know you more and i believe you really a nice person with great values in life.
I want to let you know that am sincere and honest and i hate a lot of this which i can combined together as lies. One of the things that turn me on is honesty but lies turns me down. My word is always my bond and i need a woman that will do the same for me, i hope you understand me.
I know that there are things we do not look at when we talk about real love, and they are like money, age, distance, race and religion, i do not know about you and how you take them for. I want to let you know now that Love takes many things: trust, hope, wishes, dreams, and everything you've got, even when you know it's not going be enough because i believe that When life gives you love, embrace it; take it in, make it every part of you, but don't be too hasty, for haste can scare love away. Take it slow and let everything happen as it will. True loves lies in the future of those who follow this doctrine.

I consider myself strong, open minded and direct. I'm not afraid to tell people what I think about them or about any topic. I tell it like I see it because I feel it's better to be completely honest with someone. Telling someone a lie just to keep them from not getting hurt is not good for them. If they ask me for the truth, I tell them the truth for their own benefit and best interest. I care about people, try to help them as much as I can in any way I can. I have a good sense of humor. I love to Meet people from around the world to learn new things. I love to learn about everything I can. I'm very patient and compassionate. I love animals. I love to travel !! My weakness would be that it's hard for me to forget when someone hurts me. I could forgive them but it's hard to get over it.

My dear, i have to let you also know that, Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end, Love is a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty. I will stop here now until i hear from you, take good care of yourself and be a good woman, i send across to you all my love, cares, tender touch and respect, bye.

Mr Hello ,
Good to hear from you. Yesterday i had very heavy day and i was unable to send you an email. Sunday was a lovely day. i was all alone at home while Jason went out with a few friends to the park. Yesterday i got to work very early just to make sure i have everything done before the day starts. How was your day yesterdy?
one thing i would say about me is, i am real and i have nothing to hide. I would not lie about my self or portray something i am not. I am simply online looking for the Love of my life. Someone to make my heart skip a beat...shake my whole being. A fairy tale that lasts a life time.Someone to adore and cherish....want to look at her face in the morning. I want to feel my heart speak to "her" heart and know that our souls connect in the deepest, richest way, the way God intended.
One thing about myself is that I share from my heart. I will not say things I don't mean, especially in a relationship but I also have had to learn how to be assertive and speak the truth in love--not be so scared and shy, worrying about what someone might think. It is always good to be up front and honest even if it is difficult. I am a fairly down to earth person and I hope you are beginning to see that. I could never tell anyone I love you if I did not. That is just me.
I have always taught about real love in one direction, but reading what you wrote has made me look it from a diffrent direction and i have come to understand it. Real love comprises of many things and it really based on what you seek and what are willing to give out. If you don't give your self out it would be difficult to love and be loved back. I believe have differences is just a way to slove and understand problems as they come in and it is very intersting when such things happens.
The world now has many bad people who would not say the trust when it comes to making money or working. In my case i have always told the people i would be working for to make sure if they want me to work well for them, then we must buy the right products to get a good work done. I believe the love i havce for my work makes me feel very good anything i finsh a project. That is sure love i put in when i am love. I have found it very disappointing to look online. I am not into any sort of games at all nor am I here to impress people by making myself be someone I am not. It is a way to meet people, but I have found that quality people are very few and far between.
Well i have had a sitution that i had to deal, it was a project i was told to finsih but i did not pay attention to what materials were used to start with. Later there were many problems after 5 months of finishing. I felt very bad and i had to find out what the problem was and why. So after 3 months of incedent i found out that the person who began the job did not use the right materials but he billed the people with the right materials price but bought the bad once and it cause the people very much money but at the end they listen to me and made the right choice.
Sure time is the best in healing all problems. What are you plans for the week and when would be online? Hope to hear from you soon. Take care

Mr My dear ,
I am glad to inform you have finialy got to when i am suppose to stay here in Kuala Lumpur and the people here in the hotel are really lovely. I will start work tomorrow and i just hope i can finish in time to make sure i take some vacation in Rio. How have you been? I miss talking to you take care and hope to see you soon.

Mr i am so sorry for all is what happening and has happened, i know by now you will be thinking evil of me but i want you to know that what what happened was not from me , i think the people that owes me has tapped my number and i have to do something about it before its gets out of hand .. i called vodafone to tell them about what happened and they told me that someone is using my phone and what ever i do with the phone they see it, so am gonna have to have to change mail password to on anything of mine .. please i want you to check your mails and if possible change your passwords because am afraid they might hack into yours. I have no intentions to destroy something i have helped build. I know you would not believe but i would be happy and greateful if you forgive me even if you would not talk to me any more please forgive but what every be the case and i will surely get into this matter.
You have been a great person and right now i am really sad and my heart is no more beating the way it should i am really scared and would find it difficult to love again. Thank you for everythings and for your time i really liked alot and i would not blame you for you not replying back. Have a sound sleep but for now i will be going to work. Take care and have sound sleep. Good byee

Always With Love
Mr i have been a little busy with the work here and also trying to get some paper work through to the heads of the company i came to work for here and also i don't want to use my laptop any more so i have go find some where i can email you from and talk to you. These are the information you wanted and i hope it would make you see what i am talking about. Don't feel sad and be strong and believe in me.

Hotel Name: Hotel Seri Malaysia Bagan Lalang
Web site: www.serimalaysia.com.my
Telephone: +603-2170 2110

Well i am feeling bad within me all this is happening and all i can say is believe in what is in your heart. I have nothing to hide and i really like you alot. My work here is almost over and believe you me i would have to go to Accra to clear somethings up and from there fly to Rio to see you. If you don't want me anymore i will understand. I miss you and take care.

Mr Hello ,
This might be the last email you might get from me. It time for me to leave and as i told you i have to go striagth to africa to complete this project i told you about. I am sorry we had to end this way. All the best and i hope with time you will find a way and place in your heart to forgive me and understand that i am real. All the best. Till i hear from you again

My dear i am in deep trouble and i really need your help. I really don't know how you will take this but if you are not willing to help me i am will not be offended. I have lost my credit card and i am in deep problem please i need to hear from you. Hope to hear from you soon.


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