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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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From: Elena S (sleepleni@gmail.com ), (im.like.life@gmail.com ) and (elena198x@gmail.com )

Hello !
Thank you for letter!
When I created my mail bow I wanted to sleep:)
I would like to write more information about me. My name is Elena and I'm 27 years old. I'm 172 tall and my weight is 55 kg. I was born in the 10.11.1982 in Russian small town Novocheboksarsk where I live now.
It is a small beautiful city. It is about 680-720 kilometres away from Moscow. If you want to know more about my city, you can find it in Google-map.
I am working as a seller at the kids toy shop. I have higher marketing education. It was difficult to find job by my specialization in our city, that's why I am working now as a seller.
I was never married and I don't have children but I want to have it sometime. I don't smoke and I don't use strong alcoholic spirits, but sometimes I drink slightly in the good company with my friends.
I have mum, dad and younger sister. She is 17 years old. She study at the university in Nizhny Novgorod.I live together with my parents in our apartments. It is nether big nor small. We have three rooms in our apartments. It is very comfortable.
I have many interests and hobby. I like sewing, embroidering, cooking, reading different books. I like to read books about love. I like to go cinema and listen different music. I like to travel, but I have never been abroad.
I would like to make new friends. And I am hope that in future we will be closer to each other.
Now I would like to know something about you. What are you doing? What do you like most of all?
When is your birthday? What do you think about Russian women?
I am looking forward to hear from you soon.


Elena S1
Mrs Hello my friend !!!

How are you? I'm very glad that our acquaintance proceed.
Thx for your letter and photo! Also thx for answering my questions.
I hope that you have fine day.
We have rainy weather and about +21 C today.
I do not know nothing about persons there because i never was abroad...
The age difference is not of great importance for me... For me the most important in the men it that he had pure and sincere soul.
I think that older man know how to behaviour with a woman.
I'm very interested by communication with you. I would like to tell you about my parents.
My parents are very kind people.
My mum 49 years old. She works as a doctor-therapist. She like her work very much.
My father 51 years old. He works as an engineer at our chemical factory.
They live together like 28 years. They are very happy with each other.
I have my fathers grandparents. They live in a village. In summer time i like to spend time with them.
I have a very friendly family and we support each other a difficult times.
I think that this information about my family will be sufficient for you.
And now I want to know about your family my friend ...
Once again I thank you for your letter.
With impatience I will wait your answer...

Your new friend

Elena S10
Mrs Hi my friend !!!

How are you today?
Thx for your letter. It was interesting to me! :) It is very pleasant for me that you answered so quickly. Hope...it was a fine day for you.
We have cloudy weather today and about +21 C.
I think that it is interesting for you why I don't have boyfriend hear in Russia, why I am looking for someone in the Internet?
If be true I had a bad experience with my last boyfriend. He cheated me with my best friend.
It was blow in a back. I don't want to remind myself about it. Hope you understand me...
That why I decide to find friend by the Internet...
Today I would like to tell you about my native town Novocheboksarsk.
I think that Novocheboksarsk is one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. I wrote in one of my letters to you that it is located on distance about 700 km to the east from Moscow. Our city is very small and now there live about 130 thousand people.
Our city very clean and convenient and very young. It was founded in
1960. So if you want, you can find more information about my city in Internet. :)
Please tell me more about your city where do you live ... If you want you can send me some photos of your city. It will be very nice! ;)
I really want to know more about your country.
I will wait for your answer. :)
Your friend from Russia.

Elena S11
Mrs Hey my dear !

How are you?
I'm very happy to receive your letter.
It is very pleasant, that our communication is advanced.
I really do like to read your letters . It bring a lot of pleasure to me.
With each new letter we know each other better and I think that it's important... :) Are you agree with me? I'm happy that I found such friend as you. Of course I dream to have children sometime in the future...
Today I would like to tell you about my childhood. I hope that it will be interesting to you... I will begin with my youth. I tried different hobbies.
When I went to school, I have not many free time (thanks to my parents). Because I have visited lessons of dances, I sang in school chorus. But I didn't like singing... :)
And also I always take part in release the bulletin board newspaper at our school. Also in childhood I go to a swimming pool. When I started to go there I don't swim very well... :) I don't regret that i didn't have free time at school, because it didn't passed useless.
My parents very correctly brought me up and want to make me good and independent girl.
One of my favorite hobbies - to cook various new dishes. I think that sometime in future you can taste my dishes :)
Everybody who was taste it like my dishes. I hope that you will like it too...
When the weather outside is bad I like to watch TV and read books. It help to spend time quickly.
In summer I like to spend my holiday in village with my grandparents.
Hear very beautiful nature and air is a very fresh.
Tell me something about childhood and your hobby.
It is very interesting to me.
Bye my dear :)
I'm waiting for your warm letter

Yours Elena

PS.there you can see my photo when I was child.
Elena S13
Mrs Hello my dear !

I wish to tell you that I waited your letter very much. Your letters are filled by honesty and kindness.
I do not thiak you are the full. You write very interesting words.You very good and attractive man !!!
It's upset that we far away from each other now.
I think that I'll be the good wife for my future husband. Each woman looking for the person who will love and respect her.
I want the good relation to myself. I want men who will be the good father to my future children.
I search for serious relations and the person who can understand me and who will understand me.
The relation between the men and the woman very important. The man should treat the woman kindly, with love and respect.
He should be with her nearby in bad and good times and care about her.
The man should give to the woman all love and care. He should do everything to make his woman the happiest on the Earth.
The woman should do the same also: support him always, be with him nearby when he need it.
Maybe you will seem that it is ideal relations but I think that on mutual respect and mutual understanding exists true love.
I think that the love is very important for man and woman. It is the type of relations which I looking for.
Are my ideas close to yours ? Tell me please which kind of relations you are looking for?
I want very much to continue our relations.
I think that you are that man who is necessary to me.

I'm looking forward to hear from you soon .

Sincerely yours
Mrs Hey my dear !!!

I'm very happy to receive your new letter.
How are you my dear?
In this letter I would like to tell you more about my character and my soul. I think that you should know my private world. :)
I wish inform you about myself as much as I can. I'm not looking for a rich man for me.
I'm looking for someone who will divide with me love! With whom I can have happy family!!! I'm so glad that I found you.
I think that you are very kind deeply loving person. You are similar to the person of my dream!!!
I think that I'm very romantic woman. I think that I can trust you completely.
I can talk with you about everything and discuss with you different themes. I can speak with you about any problems.
I would like to find in you the supporter, the friend and maybe my future husband.
I can make your life wonderful by my kindness and tenderness. I don't like flattery and a deceit.
I wish I could make all people on the Earth happy. I receive a lots of pleasure from dialogue with friends and interesting people.
I love calmness.
Now I'm listening music, silent slow music, which brings calmness and the consent.
My faviotite flowers are red roses. But none didn't bring them to me quite for a long time.
I dream that in such beautiful season I will have my love, and I will go with him.
Everything should be beautiful and romantic. For a long time I didn't felt anything like that and I wish to feel it very much!
I hope that my letters bring sunshine in your life when you read them.
I would like to know about you more.
With impatience I'm waiting for your answer.

Sincerely yours Elena
Mrs Hey my dear !!!

I'm very happy to receive your warm letter.
I like you very much!
Thx a lot for your attention. I want to have with you serious relations and to be the sensual partner for you in your life.
In our letters we should continue to study each other better. The most important dream for me it is to have beloved man near with me. Also I dream to have children in the future.
Eurovision was very late and i slept in this time. I like this german too but I like russian song more.
With each your new letter I understand that I know you better and it seems to me that you are very interesting man.
I receive pleasure from your each new letter. I think that we should write to each other as much as it possible.
Nothing makes the man and woman closer than execute a lot of time together and more communicate.
I like to dream and think about my future very much.
I very often dream about the house where I'll live with my future husband.
I would like to have in my apartment or house an old fireplace inside and plant flowers around the house.
I would like to have an aquarium with exotic fishes and sea turtles.
What do you think about it? What kind of house you are dreaming?
It would be very interesting for me know what do you think. :)
I'll be the happiest woman in the world if my husband will be my friend-reliable, silent, cautious and strong, generous and clever.
Do you like to visit your friends ? Or be in a good, a little bit noisy and cheerful company?
Do you like weekends? Do you like to have a rest? how you prefer to spend your free time?
I like weekends very much. In weekends I like to spent my time at the kitchen and with my friends.
I like cooking very much. I would like cook with you something unusual.
what kind of food do you like? Do you like tasty food? I like very much tasty food, but I try to limit myself in eating the tasty :)
I'm use to go aerobics to look well.
Do you care about your health?
I want to know more about each other.
Your every letter I'm waiting impatiently.
Please don't leave me for a long time my .
I'll look forward to hear from you tomorrow.
Sincerely yours

Mrs Hi my dear !!!

Thank you for letter!
How are you today?
Today I think about you my dear more. I'm glad that our correspondence continue! :)
With each your new letter I start to feel myself such happy that you even can't imagine. It so good when there is such man as you which can understand me... Through our correspondence we become more closer to each other. And I think that it is a very good.
After all it will be possible that in the future we will together :) But now it is just dreams...
What are you doing today my ? I would like to know what are you thinking about me. Tell me please what do you feel when you communicate with me?
When between us such big distance. And even this distance is not a barrier for us because we have very good correspondence by internet.
My I think that you already know about me and represent yourself what kind of person I am.
And I very much would like to know your opinion about me. What do you think about girl who lives so far away and who wished so much to be with you...
Tell me please your opinion? It seems to me that we fall in love to each other through our correspondence. I feel it.
When I read your letter I feel how strongly my heart knocks. And your heart knocks as mine when you find my letter in your computer my dear ?
I also feel butterflies in my stomach. I would like to know everything about you.
My dear I trust that if the person wish to achieve something very much he will do it.
And I'll trust that our correspondence will lead us to something more than simply letters...
And now I finish this letter.
Take care my !
Bye-bye :)

Mrs Hi my dear !!!

How are you today? I want to tell you that I'm very happy to receive your new letter.
It would be pleasant for me to answer your letter. I'm very grateful for you attention and interest in me.
My I want to ask you if I could call you in my letters "my love"? I think that it will be very pleasant for you. Isn't it?
It is a pity that now between us a long distance.
But I think that we can break all barriers by love language and warm letters which we write to each other.Are you agree with me?
Even the most difficult obstacles don't have force to constrain loving people.
For the love there is no barriers! If our meeting will happen I will remember it all my life...
I very much wish to talk with you about love. I'll write to you about my dreams... I dream that we are siting against a fireplace.
A candles burn soft pleasant light. Fire wood slightly will crack in a fireplace.
We look at each other and we are talking about love. It would be so romantic
I always trying to continue traditions of my family. My parents always love each other.
They help and hang together. My mum always taught me to be independent.
I like clever and strong people who have the point of view of representation about life.
I am trying to surround myself with honour and sincere people who appreciate friendship.
The love for me means freedom. A freedom in choosing of man whom I will love always.
I wish choose such man to whom I can give all my kindness and all my love.
I think that family should be based on love. If marriage is created not on love it wouldn't be long and happy.
Love - a gift which is given by people which love each other.
If the soul of the person is wonderful, you don't notice his weaknesses.
The love allows me to have a new look to the world.
I want to have love for which I'm ready to give my life.
I would like to have such understanding and affinity for the sake of which I will be ready to give back everything.
What do you think about it? What is love in your opinion?
Please answer my questions.
our courses of life has met. Allow them to burn as a bright star of our surprising love.
I will look forward to hear from you soon. I hope for my destiny. =)

Love and kisses.
Yours Elena
Mrs Hi my love !
Today I come from my work and at first I was check up my mail with hope find there your letter.
All day I thought about you about ours correspondence.
I think that I find very nice man and this man is you. I am glad for it very much.
Once my mum was told me one story. When my mum was young she was visit aerobics.
She often go on competitions with her command. Once when she was in a city Kazan she was got acquainted with one guy.
They understand that they find each other. It was love at first sight.
My mum was live in Siberia in small city Igrim then and he live in Kazan. The distance between this cities about 2500 km.
I think that my mum very much love my father. My father come to her in each two or three months. He love her all heart.
Then my mum was 21 year old and she study at institute. My father spend majority of his money for a trip to his love (my mum :) ) and on gifts for her.
I think that to him it wasn't easy. In Kazan he hold study and parents and in Igrim there was his love. After two years my mum finish study and she move to live in Kazan with her love.
She could leave her friends in native city. In Kazan to her was heavy but love warm her.
She lives till now with that person whom to grow fond when studied at institute.
I see that as they are happy now and I'll hope that I'll happy sometime how they...
And you my dear believe in love at first sight?
Whether you think that it is possible to happen once upon the person and live with him/her all life about pleasure and deliver pleasures each other?
It is important me to know that you think about it.

I wait your new letter.
Yours Elena
Hello my love !
How was your day?
Sometimes I work in weekend and have rest in monday.
Thx for your sincere letter. It is important for me to receive such letters from you. You are very important for me.
I am sad to hear you can not leave your country... Probably i will come to you, i hope it will not expansive.
I can't imagine any my day without correspondence with you and without receiving your letters which are filled by love and kindness.
I think that my soul blossoms when I think about you and about us. So it is very nice!
It is pleasant when I wake up in the mornings when I was dreaming about you and I dreaming about you even when I am awake and having breakfast in the mornings.
It is so pleasant when there is a person which can understand you....
It is pleasant for me to go for work and think about you. I don't notice bad weather in the street when you are in my mind and in my heart.
I think that my feelings to you are sincere. I've never had such feelings to anybody before, as I feel to you.
I trust you and I write my feelings to you... I hope that you appreciate my sincerity and honesty?
I love you my dear and I want to be with you. I wish to give you a smile, I wish to hold you for hands, to wake up in the mornings in one bed with you.
Would you like that if I awoke you in the mornings? I'll be cooking breakfasts in the morning for us.
I like to cook something tasty. Will you help me in this?
We can do it together. I wish to do all together with you and help you in all and that you will help me whenever you will be able.
I think it is beautiful when there is a support and help from the person whom you love.
I wish to be with you my love and give you happiness.

I think about you continuously....
One thousand kisses:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

Mrs Hello my angel !!!

How are you?
I'm glad to receive your warm letter today evening... :)
Your letters always bring a lot of pleasure to me.
I'm very glad that I have correspondence with you!
My parents and friends are glad that I have found such man as you. They see what I cheerful in last time. I think that sometime I will acquaint you with them. You will see that my mum the kindest woman on the Earth! I love my parents very much and they love me too. They understand all and want that I will be happy.
I always think about you my ... I Think every day, each hour, every minute, only about you and it compels me to be mad from love.
This most gentle divine feeling.
What weather at you my darling ?
I wish to tell you my love that you have changed all in my life.
My life become bright joyful, colourful, warm.
You, as though bring up me in heavens and show this world, show, that the life is fine.
Excuse me for my emotions, but I cannot close it.
My soul, as though a fountain of pleasure of sincerity and love. I wish to tell to all world and all that it exists love!
I love you my angel!!!
I feel pleasant that you worry about me.
You is my angel.
I have some ideas how we can spend evening together :)

I'll wait your letter :)

With love forever!

Mrs Hello my love !!!

How are you? I am glad to receive your letter. Thanks for the answer.
I think we can meet in the future :)
I don't know as it it is possible to write and as it is possible to tell that is created at me in heart. And that what forces me to live. This such feeling. Today early in the morning I have written this poem, I don't know whence it goes possibly from heart from my love to you my angel . My heart knocks and my soul sings with happiness. Now I want write this poem to you that you could hear, read, feel, feel it me near to yourself. Feel it my .
Love servants obedient we
We submit to you
Love as the most valuable stone
We carry in the bosom in a nest.
Love - the child sleeping gently
Warmed by caress of mothers
Love as an angel celestial
Brings a life in hearts of people.

I hope that it is pleasant to you. And now I'll think only about you and about ours meeting with you.

I kiss you

I wait your warm letter for me...

Yours Elena
Mrs HELLLLOOOOO my love !

I very much waited your letter my angel and this happy moment has come. Today we had a cloudy weather and I fell sad. I feel my darling as you far and it afflicts me. Only your letters are capable to present me a particle of your soul.
You are far and I feel myself lonely. You are necessary for me. Every day I understand more and more that to me very difficult wait our meeting, I want to be with you my lovely prince . You unique person which are capable to change my life. I miss you. I miss my which I so long searched.
You are so far from me, and love from it is only stronger my angel! It is very a pity to me, that I cannot talk with you keeping for hands, I can not kiss you, I can not touch you. You know as I madly it want. I want to fall asleep and wake up with thought on you. I want always be with you. I want to be assured that is necessary to you everywhere and always, now and then. At me it is a lot of desires, and their execution depends on you my . My favorite our love grows! It it will be eternal! It will be always while we are live! I love you ! I dream about you...
I hope we can meet in august or in autumn time :)

With the big impatience will wait your answer.

Yours Elena
Mrs Hello my angel !!!

How are you?
I'm very glad to receive your letter. I would like to know your story about king :)
We have very hot weather here and it is about +34 today :(
I feel so pleasant when you write so soon. I like when you write to me the romantic letters, when you write to me very much caress compliments. My dear , I have wake up today at early. Weather was not so warm but in the sky the sun shone and has cheered me at once up. I have recollected you my angel, I thought as will be good when we will be together... We can walk with you ... It will be so perfectly... In my work all is O'k. All time I thought about you, all my thoughts are devoted to you my lovely . I think every day as I with you will be meeting in the future and it will be so beautiful.
It's not pleasant to me when in the street not hot. I like warm weather. I like to bathe in beams of the warm sun :)
When you are far I feel lonely. You are necessary for me my love . Thoughts about our meeting heat to me a soul, they support me when I have bad mood and don't happy. My girlfriends have noticed it too , that I began to look happier and cheerful.
I'm happy that I have you. My love boils as a volcano woken by the god the Eros she tries to be pulled out outside but doesn't find an exit in absence you. I dream about our meeting, as the young schoolgirl of the first appointment in a life. I think that I'm similar on Juliette which waits a meeting with the beloved. But I hope that at us all will be not so is sad as at them. I to see you sometimes.

Yours Elena
Mrs Hello my dear !!!

How are you?

At us all the day long sky is grey... I feel sadly now. I don't know why I feel sad... Probably I'm influenced by weather.
Now for me is necessary the man which always will be near with me and with which I will feel care and warm. I think that it's you. Excuse me for my revelations.
I very much want to meet with you my love . And I very much want that it more likely to be carried out.
My love I'm very glad that I found you. It's very pleasant to me to have the correspondence with you. But we communicate long time and the meeting is necessary for me now. I want to talk with you in really and to hold your hands in time which I'll talk with you.
The meeting is necessary for us. It a new step in our relations. Do you agree with me? I hope that you understand me. And then we will understand each other better and we will solve together a question about our relations. I want that we have appeared for each other same, what we in our warm letters :)

Take care my love !
Yours Elena
Mrs Hi
I think you not seriously concern to me and our correspondence.
I do not search penpal . I search man for serious relations and meeting in the future. I dream about husband and family.
If you do not want the same then will be better to stop our correspondence.
Have a good weekend.


If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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