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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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From: Nadejda < nad_suhan@yahoo.com >
Date: Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 3:28 PM
Subject: hi

Hello, let' s talk, my e-mail address: nad_suhan@yahoo.com

Mrs From: Nadejda < nad_suhan@yahoo.com >
Date: 2010/7/30
Subject: hi

Hello my dear friend, I was incredibly pleased to see your response.

I see that our acquaintance to turn into something more interesting and exciting and it' s very nice to me.

It was very interesting to read your letter.

With each letter I learn more about you and have a little present to you, what you in reality.

Too bad you' re so far away from me.

If you lived in Russia, then we could meet, sit in cafes and learn more about each other when we meet.

But unfortunately, you are far away from me.

Yet we have the Internet and on any day we can communicate with each other.

I must confess that it is very interesting. Do you agree with me?

I think I should apologize to you, because I am a little late for you my answer.

Forgive me for this, ok.

I wanted to write you every day, but I had a lot of work and I decided to postpone my answer today.

I hope you are not angry at me because of this and we will continue our interesting introduction.

My friend, today your day? How your mood? What is your weather today?

Perhaps you have now is very hot and you walk down the street in a T-shirt.

We also have hot weather. Today there somewhere + 26. It is quite warm and hot.

My dear, you love summer? If not, what is your favorite season?

I would be interested to hear about it. Personally, I love summer.

I love the sun, I love when everything around is green and just as I love summer because it is time to leave.

If you honestly, I' m already a bit tired from work and need a vacation.

My vacation will start around the end of July and it will last 40 days.

I think traveling to your vacation.

 Maybe even I will be traveling to your country, but it' s still only thinking about the future.

What are your plans for the summer? You will travel anywhere?

 Contact me about your plans, maybe they are going to match?

Or you may plan to visit Russia? It would be good.

I have great pleasure to meet you in my city and I promise even be your guide.

My city of Moscow is very beautiful.

We have many fountains, many architectural monuments, as many beautiful women.

I think you' ll like it here. But it' s all in the future, but there is also here minuses.

What ' s on this I finish my letter and will await your response.

Do not forget to write about your plans for the summer, because I really think about traveling to your country.

A kiss for you!!

Sincerely yours Nadejda.

Mrs From: Nadejda < nad_suhan@yahoo.com >
Date: 2010/8/9
Subject: hi

Hello my dear, was very pleased today to see your letter.

Thank you so much, so quickly that you answer me always.

If you honestly say your letter is always lifts my spirits.

That even my colleague noticed it. She now sits in front of me and smiling at me.

She said that I changed a bit for the time that we communicate with you.

She said that I became more joyful, more cheerful and happy look.

I do not know, I would like the same, what I was before.

But it said that the onlooker sees most of the game and she sees in me changes.

Perhaps it is you have changed me and you made me more joyful in life.

Thank you for this, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I have for you a very serious matter.

But I ask you to answer me seriously, ok.

My dear, you would like to have a serious relationship with a woman from Russia?

You scare the distance for love?

I know that it' s more personal questions, but I would like to know an answer.

If you is not hard, then I ask you reply to me.

In my letters I wrote to you about my search and just how seriously I treat this.

But I did not write to you why I seek a man from another country, and not with Russia.

I ' m sure you' re interested in the answer to this question, so I would like to write this letter a little about it.

Remember I' m in some sort of letter I wrote about my past relationships.

I wrote to you, that we had parted with him, because we realized that we were not made for each other.

If honest, all it is, but our parting was not so little.

I have not written to you about this,

but now we have become closer to you and I would like to tell you about my past relationships.

He was called Dima, he also worked with the police in a neighboring department.

He was an inspector of the central department in the rank of captain.

As soon as I came to work in this area, we had liked each other.

In any free day, he sought a meeting with me and I gave it to him for a meeting.

Gradually our friendship turned into more serious relationships.

We have already started talking about a future wedding, but eventually our relationship did not reach before.

We did not live with him, but often came to visit me in my apartment.

Over time he became more and more to drink vodka, going out with other women and I like a fool all forgave him.

But my patience came to an end and I told him that between us all over.

I told him that I do not need a man who bid defiance to me.

I told him that I am not a toy and that I have the heart.

He told me in reply that I still do go to him and left me.

It was painful at heart, but I told myself that with him all over and did not suit him.

After 2 months he was dismissed from his job for drunkenness, and he disappeared.

After that I had not seen it, and now has been almost two years since I had not heard anything about it.

After these relations, I told myself that I will no more be bound with a Russian man.

I work in the police and I know that in Russia, almost all men drink, and I do not want such a man.

That ' s why I decided to try to build a relationship with a man from another country.

I decided to use the Internet and that' s how we became acquainted with you.

Of course at first I did not think that our acquaintance through the Internet may lead to something serious,

but with each passing day, with every your letter I am sure the reverse.

I ' m actually very pleased that we have correspondence with you and I would not want to lose contact with you.

You have become a bit expensive for me, although that only 5 letter to you.

But I hope that we will continue to write to each other and maybe even meet in the future.

I just hope I do not rush the time? Forgive me if I rush into our relationship.

Well, it happened sincerely letter and I was even easier on the soul.

I hope you will appreciate my sincerity and just write me about their past relationship in more detail.

With this I finish my letter and now will wait for your answer.

I ' ll be waiting for your early response, as I will try to write soon.

Millions of kisses for you from me.

Sincerely yours Nadejda.

Mrs From: Nadejda < nad_suhan@yahoo.com >
Date: 2010/8/16
Subject: Hello!

Hello my dear, my dear, you can not imagine how I was again able to see your response.

I love to receive your letter and I like how you write to me.

I am very pleased that all of what you write is addressed to me.

I am really madly glad to meet you and now is afraid to lose you.

I very much hope that this will not happen and we will continue to write to each other.

My dear, thank you for your letter.

My mood is always on the rise, when I read your letter.

How are you today? How is your mood, your health?

I hope that all is well with you.

If you honestly, I' m very bored by you and by your letter.

You know, I now have a desire to hear your voice, would like to talk to you,

but unfortunately my phone is only within Russia, I heard about it only today,

when the operator has expanded its account on the phone.

It is unfortunate that this is not an international phone,

otherwise we would contact you and I could hear your voice.

I really would like to hear your voice.

I think that talking on the phone would replace the thousands of letters,

but unfortunately I now have no opportunity to call you.

But I ask you not to worry.

I know you just want to talk to me on the phone and so I ask you to be patient.

I will call you soon via telephone office, possibly even next week and then we can talk with you.

Please do not insult me and be patient, ok.

I want to say that lately I' ve thought a lot about our acquaintance.

I feel that our acquaintance turns into something serious and that is why I' m in my last letter was opened to you.

If you honestly about my past to know not many and I hide them, because it pains me to think of those days.

But I decided to open up to you, because I think that if we desire a more serious relationship, then we must be honest with you.

I want to trust you and just would like you to just trust me.

I think it is very important for love. Do you agree with me?

With regard to sex before marriage. Are you interested in this question?

I think that every man interested in this question.

If you honestly, I treat it well.

Gone are the days when it was a shame to have sex before marriage, but now everything is different.

I am a woman is not the old rules, so I approve of sex before marriage.

In my life there were not many men, the more I engage in sex only with their favorite man.

The last time it was with a man, about whom I wrote in my last letter.

And now almost 2 years I did not love anybody.

You probably think that this is not possible? But it' s true, I did not lie to you.

My dear, I remember, in a letter written to you, that soon will I leave.

I have written to you then that I will travel to any country on my vacation.

I thought a lot about it and now decided to arrange a trip to your country to you.

What do you think about this?

I know that I am a little to hurry, but if I arrange a trip to your country, you' ll be willing to receive me at home?

I think it would be a convenient time to meet and the more our relationship could be transferred to another level.

Please write me what you think about it and let me know your answer, ok.

I beg you to write me your home address, right?,

I want to know the order we trust each other more, that' s my home address:




INDEX: 115612.

Well, you' re probably already tired of reading my letter and I must finish now.

I can only wait for a response from you and I hope that you will soon write to me.

I ' ll eagerly await your response.

Gently kiss you in the cheek.

Your Nadejda.

Mrs From: Nadejda < nad_suhan@yahoo.com >
Date: 2010/8/23
Subject: hi

Hello, my Prince charming!!!!!!

I hope you do not mind if I call you that? You really like my prince charming.

In my eyes you look like a hero to me. Remember, as in fairy tales?

Princess dreams of her prince charming and is waiting for his first meeting with him.

For me, as I dream of meeting my Prince and I feel that I have found him, are you.

My God, it has only a little time after my last letter, I already managed to miss your letters.

If you honestly, I' m waiting for your letters, like the sun in the gloomy weather,

or as rain during drought, but in truth I myself could not you once write because of my work.

Now I feel happy, because every time you answer me.

My dear, I hope that we never lost contact with you.

I ' m afraid to lose you and I ask you always respond to me.

Suppose that sometimes I can not tell you every day,

but remember that I will still respond to you because you have become very dear to me, it' s true.

I am going to promise that I will try to write the answer to your letter as soon as possible.

All the more I think about you at night I go to bed thinking of you and now I have to plan a meeting with you on my vacation.

I think that we need this meeting, because the only way we can all know each other and

appreciate the feelings of each other. Do you agree with me?

As for my vacation. In the last letter I wrote to you that soon I will have my vacation,

but I am now at the moment is not excused from work because a lot of work, but promised to let go on vacation very soon.

My vacation will last for 40 days and if you have the desire, then I could arrive to you for 30 days and we could decide our future life.

If so, I ask you to inform me beforehand that I had already begun to prepare for our meeting.

I will need a visa to your country and this requires time.

That is why I ask you to tell the time in advance so I could prepare the documents for the visa and then get a visa at your embassy.

If I have free time tomorrow, I will try to go to a travel agency for information about travel in your country.

I think this is the best option to learn about the cost of the path to you and just about all the necessary documents.

I write to you then all the information when I learn about it, ok.

Well, my dear, I have still have a lot of work with personal documents, so I end my letter.

It now only remains eagerly await an answer from you and I hope to get a response from you soon.

Please my lord, do not make me wait, ok.

I ' ll think about you every day and already miss your letter.

Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss -

Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss -

Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss - Kiss -Kiss - Kiss - and all this just for you!!!!!!!!

Sincerely yours dear Nadejda.

Mrs From: Nadejda < nad_suhan@yahoo.com >
Date: Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 6:55 PM
Subject: Hello!!!

Hello my sweet, I was terribly pleased to once again see your letter.

Thank you my dear, that you responded so quickly to me.

Thank you very much for your picture, you are very handsome man.

If you honestly, I' m waiting for your letter, but she is only now able to access the computer,

my computer was working on repairs and I could not write to you.

You know, lately I' ve been thinking a lot about you.

I do not know what is happening to me, but I feel that I am slowly falling in love with you.

If you honestly, I' m afraid of this feeling, because my past has left a

scar on my heart and I would not want to repeat the same mistake.

But I have nothing to do with myself.

I ' m just a tool in the hands of my heart and do what it says to me.

I wish so much to write to you about their feelings,

but I do not know where to start and just do not know whether you will understand my feelings or not.

If you were here with me, then I would be looking into your eyes could confess about their feelings,

but unfortunately you are far away from me now.

Can I write to you now that I miss you terribly, that I think about you every day, but it will be only words.

This word written from the heart, but it is not live sound and do not feel what a man feels within himself.

I ' m not sure that you understand me now, my dear, so I write to you directly.

I wanted to tell you that I would like to move to you my feelings - something that I feel inside.

I want you to know and feel that I sincerely with you and that I really fall in love with you.

If you believe my words, it would be great, if not, then I' ll be patient and prove it to you at the meeting.

By the way, about our meeting. I last letter I wrote to you that I will learn a travel agency for travel to your country,

but unfortunately I have not heard about it.

I went to a travel agency in his spare time, but it was closed at that time.

I think I need to go in the morning on a working day for them and I do it soon.

I immediately then write about all the news you and I will tell you about all the promotions.

So do not worry about it.

My darling, and how was your day today? Write to me about it.

I am very interested to hear about what you do during the day.

Have you thought about me even a little?

I know that this is not right to ask you to tell me about your feelings towards me, but maybe you can be honest with me?

No, I do not ask you about it. If you do not want to, I understand everything and I will not rush you to your senses.

I just ask you not to hurt my heart and break it, because from this very painful.

I already felt it in their past relationships and now very afraid to do the very same mistake.

I hope you can understand me, my angel!

Well, my sweet, it happened a long and earnest letter.

I do not know, maybe I should not now send you this letter because I put it in your heart, but I' m willing to risk it.

I ' m risk-taking woman and is ready to take risks for love.

I hope you add me.

Now I' m eagerly waiting for your response and hope that you will answer me soon.

I badly miss you my baby !!!!!!!!

Only your Nadejda.

On rollers
Mrs From: Nadejda < nad_suhan@yahoo.com >
Date: Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 11:04 PM
Subject: Re: read this also

I am really very sad, because you do not write, why, what reason?

I really hoped that you everything seriously and want our meeting.

I ' ll wait for your answer with impatience.

Your love Nadejda.

Mrs From: Nadejda < nad_suhan@yahoo.com >
Date: Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 10:09 PM
Subject: Re[2]: read this also

Hello my dear , many days, but I' ve missed you terribly.

I ' m really happy always receive your letters,

but I really was very sad that I told you she could not immediately write a letter,

but the reason was the fact that I could not access the computer,

I really really worried, but now will be all right.

My dear , I feel that I am every day more attached to you.

I do not know what to do with them, I am increasingly thinking about you.

Sometimes I can not even concentrate at work because my mind is occupied with you.

This is a very pleasant feeling, but I' m afraid all this very much.

Yesterday I was up all night thinking about my last letter that I wrote to you.

I prayed to God that you just misunderstood me and broke my feelings.

My feelings are really mad at a high speed increase to you and I can not do anything with it.

Right now I have only one wish will soon meet with you and make sure that you' re the man I was looking for a lifetime.

I hope that I am not mistaken in you, my dear.

in my letters I wrote to you several times that I' m going to go to a travel agency to learn about traveling to your country.

This morning I got leave to go to work for a few hours and went to a travel agency.

I turned it to the manager and asked her to explain about the journey.

In response to my inquiry, she gave me a price sheet, where all were written.

Since she said that they can arrange me a trip to your country but all over, that it depends only on me and my money.

I was told that I would need a passport which I have and it is much improved my position to travel.

I now need only travel documents to you, these documents I would do without problems for 1 week.

I also would pick the most convenient flight trip as a one-way plane ticket is not for sale.

I signed a contract with a travel agency to prepare the documents for my trip,

but I was told that I must pay 435 American dollars $,

until the end of this week, it makes me depressed and frustrated because at the moment

I do not have the money to me because I earned payment will be only the beginning of next month,

but it will be sufficient only for the taxes for the apartment and accommodation, you understand me now.

Now I' m sitting at work and really worried, because my agency was warned that I should pay for this week until Friday.

I tried to take this money from my friends and acquaintances,

but none of them wanted to help me and they say only that they now have no money.

My dear , I' m not one to turn to and that is why I found the nerve,

and now I am writing you this letter of request to help me with these 435 $.

, my dear, I am very much not convenient to you and

I now hate myself because of this request, but I do not to turn to for help.

Please do not be evil on me because of my request and if you can

help me with 435 $, then I ask you to help me.

I promise you that your money is not lost and that I give you back the money.

So, I ask you for money borrowed.

you can give me the money borrowed for two months?

I know that you now do not trust me, but I can call you that you trust and

helped in the middle of the week necessarily, right?, You will be able to answer my call?

I very much hope that our telephone conversation will add you to trust me.

I am now sitting at their desktop computer and I have now dripping tears from his eyes.

Perhaps this is because of the song that I listen to now,

but probably I am worried because I really want you to come to his vacation

because it is the only opportunity for me to travel once a year.

I ' m also thinking to change my holiday to another time, because now a hard time with money for travel,

but my work will not be allowed to take leave at another time because we have

everything is on schedule and I can not change,

but my vacation will be begin at the end of this month August and I' m ready to come to you.

My dear , you can not imagine how I now would be grateful to you for your financial help now.

If you would be here at my side, I must kiss and tightly hug you.

But you' re far away from me, but this does not mean that I forget my gratitude.

I will keep myself and my gratitude at our first meeting, I present you with this kiss.

I promise you this and you will see that I keep my word.

I ' m just now asking for work as you' d better send me money so it was quickly and safely.

But unfortunately I do not have a bank account and the more I' ve never had that.

Maybe for you it seem strange, but in Russia only rich people have a bank account.

I ' m not a rich woman, I have nothing stored in the bank and so I never registered a bank account.

Now for me the only option to get your money is instant translation.

We are popular in Russia and almost everyone to enjoy.

You have in your town of Western Union?

This reliable system and you will need only my full name and address to send your money.

I ' ve already written my address, but once again I write you this now:

My full name: NADEJDA; a surname: SUHANOVA.




INDEX: 115612.

I should definitely pay money to a travel agency to Friday.

I ask you to help me, because on Friday my documents have been send to your embassy and this is the last day for payment.

If I do not pay the money to Friday, the travel agency will stop my journey to you.

My agent gave me to understand it and I think that they will not wait any longer.

So I ask you try to send me your money as soon as possible, ok.

now I can only hope for you and believe in what you have as much desire to meet me.

Now I can only wait anxiously at the heart of your response.

I can only pray that you get mad at me and understood my situation.

I am sure that today I will be very bad night, as I always will think about it,

but I hope to hear from you a good answer, and my spirits rise.

Please do not make me wait and tell me once, ok.

With impatience I will wait for a response.

Your and only your Nadejda.

By the way I wrote it to you in a letter that I listen to the song now.

This is a very beautiful song and my heart is broken, even when I hear this song.

I do not know how else to explain to you in love, but this song can help.

This is my most favorite songs and always listen to it when I' m sad.

Maybe you can feel the same sadness about me? It would be good.

I think that would be able to understand at all what I now hold within itself.

I already miss you very .


If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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