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Natalya says: "This letter is already very long"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Peter. It is a socalled "russian love scam". The "girl" will send a lot of long letters and a lot of pictures, but after a while she will ask for money for visa, for tickets, for clothes, for insurance, for medicine, ... Her stories are are all lies.

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Subject: Natalya s scam
Date: Wed 8 Sep 2010 18 01 23 0200

Good day Miss Young

This one is very very busy
Natalya wrote to me with this emailaddress sweetheartrusbaby@yahoo.com
Her letters and picture also sent from russiangoodgirl@yahoo.com and natalirugirle@yahoo.com


Mrs Hey my new friend (or I hope you will be) excuse me if it is an undesirable letter for you.
It is just my hope to get acquainted with a man. I used some mail addresses from different meeting website profiles.
I don_t know where exactly I found your Email or perhaps I confused with Email address and you got this text occasionally.
But anyway you can answer it because I am still in searching relationships, friendships and it is interesting for me to communicate with a man who will be interested in me.
Here I apply the picture of me. I hope you will like it.
If you are interested in me then we can begin our communicating and picture exchanging.
This is not a fun and not spam. This is a real letter.
With respect, Natalya
Natalya 1
Mrs Hi

I was so glad to get your message. Thank you very much! It means that you are interested in me. Am I right?
As soon I have to say that I just start searching Internet service that is why if I make any mistake or confuse something please don't be offended. I am just a beginner. But I had already bad experience. Many of men don't have serious intentions. They treat me like only to a game. They just need only my pictures and video. But actually it’s not right!
Now I want to say a little about myself. I gonna give you information letter by letter to prolong this process to form an interest to each other.
As you see my name is Natalya. Have you ever heard such a name? I am Russian. I was born on July,18 1982 in the city of Kazan which is situated 850 km to the East of Moscow. If you are interested in my city you can find much information in Internet.
I speak English a little as I studied it at school and in University. By the way I entered the University in the city of Saint Petersburg and soon after my graduation I went back to my native city. Now I work and live in Kazan with my parents. I love parents very much. I also love my work. I am hardworking and sociable.
I work as an engineer in a constructing office on the Machine-Building Factory in my city. I get used to my job. And execute it very well. And what about you? But in my opinion I am not paid properly. I don't get much money. It's a general problem in Russia. It's very hard here to be paid much enough. I even have no phone. Because it is necessary to pay for it and I don’t have enough money.
During my life I’ve just once had serious relationships. But then I broke with him. He was not suitable for me. It is so painful for me to recall about it.
I think you ask himself why such a girl as me wants to meet her love in Internet, do you? There are many reasons to it. And the main of them is that I disappointed in Russian men. They treat women so bad. They don't respect us and don’t estimate the values of family. And drink too much alcohol.I hope you don't drink too much alcohol? I don’t want such a destiny for me and for my future children. That is why I am looking for my only one by Internet. Also using Internet is very interesting and comfortable. I want to find a real gentleman who never offends a woman, estimates the values of family; always will be honest, strong, brave and respectful to me. And I hate liars! Maybe you will say that I am a romantic and I approach life strongly in romantic way. I don’t know. I consider that we should try to do the best. Can you share with me your opinion to this moment?
Well, you see what I am a person. You see my goals and my reasons. If you want to communicate with me then I wait your letters. Please don’t be in a hurry with questions You will get everything step by step. It’s much more pleasure to prolong the amusement of our meeting, isn’t it? As soon I want to say please don’t ask me about sexy or naked pictures. I will draw a conclusion that you are not serious and need only sex.
I have no computer at home. My friend allows me to use her computer and sometimes I visit Internet cafe. So I will be able to answer your letters approximately once two days. It’s not too long for you? According to the same reason I don’t use such programs as MSN, Skype, ICQ or something like that. I hope you will understand me?

So, hopefully waiting for your answer!
Natalya 2
Mrs Hi
Thanks for your letter.
I am glad very much that we have started communicating. I like searching you.
Now I should like to tell you about people surrounding me. Of course they are my parents and friends.
Certainly I respect my parents very much. Because they are my friends. I put family values at the top of my life list. Now I live with my parents. But I want to live apart of them with my own family. I dream to make my own family.
My family consists of father and mother. My father was a school teacher. His subject was plotting. But now he is already on pension. And spend much time at home. Sometimes he goes fishing and like playing chess with his friends.
My mom works in a library. She is a library worker. Next year she is going to go out on pension too like my father. She likes her work. When she is free from work she grows flowers up at home. I have no brothers and sisters. I was the only one child in our family. I always dreamed about brother or sister. But the health of my mom was not allowed her to have more than one child.
Also I have a grandmother who lives in Saint-Petersburg. Because my mom was born there. She moved to Kazan when married my father as my dad is from Kazan. When I was at University I lived with my grandmother. But then I moved to Kazan because decided to live there. But even now according to my passport I have registration in Saint-Petersburg. I miss my granny very much. I have no possibility to visit my grandmother very often but she always waits for me.
Well what can you tell me about your parents?
Also I have many friends with who I append my free time. Some of my girlfriends are already married or have boyfriends. With some of them I work together or live in neighborhood. Of course among all my friends there are close friends with whom I can share some my secrets or my dreams. Also I have some friends in Saint-Petersburg because I lived there and studied. But now we don’t meet at all. What can you tell me about your friends?
Also I have to tell you that I have no any phone. Maybe in country it is very strange. We have had a home phone but then prices increased and we decided to refuse from it. Also I had a cell phone but recently the economy has lowered my income because of the crises and I don’t have it now.
Russia goes behind many European countries and USA in economy and in the life level. And that is why If somebody in Russia doesn’t have a phone it is not strange for us. I need to economy my money and to collect it if I want somebody. But I have a chance to put the letters down for you using a computer in Internet cafe or the computer of my girlfriend.
If you allow me I’d like to ask you some questions. How do you see yourself in the future? And what do you dream about? What can you make happy?

I Hope to see your answer
With much respect
Natalya 3

It’s so interesting for me to get your messages!!!
Thanks for your photo they have very much liked me.
I feel much interest searching you by the way of Email. By this letter I’d like to tell you about my hobbies. Hopefully my interest will be similar. Because if we have interests in common it would help us to be closer and to feel each other much more better.
We live in different countries; we have different mentality, culture and the way of life.
From the school age I have been interesting in geography and the culture of other countries.
Nowadays there are so many TV programs, newspapers and magazines from which we can find out about other countries. But as for me it’s better to find out about the country from the citizen of its country. Because only in this case it’s possible to get the most right and truthful information. Don’t you think so?
As for my hobbies, I have many. First of all I like to listen to music very much. I prefer not the only one direction of music I like different kinds such as classic, pop, rap and so on…
As for classical music I like Enio Moricone. I like his soundtracks to some movies.
Among rock music I like some songs of Metallica. As for rap I like the creativity of Timbaland.
Also I like Moby, Ace of Base, Enigma, Era, Enya and some other groups.
Also I like dancing very much. From classic dances I like tango, Salso, Flamanco(Spain), also modern ones. What about you? Do you like dancing? What dances do you like?
Also I fond of sport. I like winter kinds of sport, such as sking, skates. I like visiting ice palace. When I have spare time I like being there. What kind of winter sport do you like?
Also I like autosport, tennis and soccer. My favorite teams are Russian ones. I always support Russian soccer teams such as Rubin (Kazan) and Zenit (Saint-Petersburg). Do you like soccer or anything else?
I like reading. I like to read different interesting books. Classical literaturesuch as Archipelago Gulag by Solzhnicin (about the destiny of a person who appeared in the Siberian prison after the second world war); Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky(about the theory of a crime done by poor student).
From foreign literature I like Willam Shekzpir Romeo and Juletta. Frankenstein by Marry Shelly (a novel about one scientist who created a monster as everybody considered)
Also I like movies. My best editor is James Cameron. All his creativity and especially Titanic. I think you watched it? I got much impression when I saw it. I watched it many times. And Always I watch it with much desire. Of course I need to mention his last project Avatar.
I also like historian movies which are based on real events. And movies about nature planet because all of them develop myself very much and makes my outlook wider. What about you, what movies do you like?
I like cooking. As far as I am a woman I have to cook very well. I cook Russian national food such as Pelmeni, Pancake, Borsch(the soup from beet, potato, meet with sour cream.)
Also I know dishes of Italian food such as Losania, pizza. From China food I like Pekin duck and some sea products. I like vegetables, because it’s healthy! And as for you, what do you like to eat? What are your favorite dishes? Do you like cooking? Can you cook?
When I am free from work I like to be with my parents or friends. With my friends together we like to go outside and to make for example barbecue. We can simply go in for walk or to visit a theatre or cinema. I have friends by interests what is why all time we spend together goes interesting. How do you spend your free time? What do you like to do?
I can say to you much more about Russia and about our way of life. But in the next letter. This letter is already very long. I hope I didn’t make you tired?
Waiting for your letter
With the best regards, Natalya
Natalya 4
. When Peter realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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