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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to an employment program and offered a job abroad. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never get the job, because it never existed. Most of these letters are spread via dating sites.

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From: Trisha Robert < trisharobert2@yahoo.com >
Subject: Re: Your message to me on my hotmail id
Date: Thursday, October 18, 2012, 12:56 PM

I am a smart, confident, fun loving, caring and honest person. I see life as a big challenge in every aspect and I feel that I am always prepared to face these challenges boldly and with patience. I like listening music, browsing, driving, reading novels and watching TV. I am quite straight forward, respect all and expects too. I have a good sense of humor. I am very soft from inside and feels the pains of others a lot. I am really bothered if anybody tells lie in front of me. I am a student and I enjoy it as well. I am a moderate person who can accept faults and is always ready to rectify them or at least suggest a workable and logical via media. I have very few friends who think that I am jolly, fun-loving and a loving person. I prefer and love putting on casual dresses. I cannot live without my computer (which helps me a lot in life), TV program like comedy show, listen to news channels like: ABC News and a host of others. I also prefer to stay at home but like to socialize occasionally. My greatest ambition is to rise high in my profession as medical assistant once I graduate though is very demanding, but is a career I loved. I do believe in clean and sincere relationships. I always trust others till the time they prove otherwise. I am a self-made person. I have had a very bitter experience of life in numerous occasions which had hurt me a lot and can’t afford to avail any more chances. I have full faith on myself and similarly respect others also in their respective faiths. In nutshell, I am an easygoing person. I love to stay at home with my loved ones.
Am from a family of three, a boy and two girls. Caleb is our last born while Rhoda is the one next to me. My parents are happily married and my father Work under the United Nations why my mum works with the United States Refugee program (usrp).
The distance between us is a serious challenge to the growth of this relationship for that simple reason; I have decided to introduce you to the United States Refugees Program. I have this knowledge because my mother works with this body. I will suggest you contact them for more information about the program. Below is the contact address of the man in charge Reverend Smith Titus (usrpprogramme@aol.com ) (usrpprogramme@hotmail.com ). Try and get back to me as soon as you receive feedback from him. And then we take it from there.
Here is my address and i will be please to hear from you from time to time.
Address 1451 Providence Avenue, Chester Pennsylvania. 19013-5715
Fax: +1-206-984-3221.
Thanks, Trisha Robert.

Trisha 1
From: Reverend Smith Titus < usrpprogramme@aol.com >
Date: Thursday, October 18, 2012, 2:36 PM

Reverend Smith Titus
10100 International Drive, Orlando, FL. 32821
Florida, United States.
Tel/Fax: (+01-206-350-5566)(+10-206-426-5098)
Dear Applicants,
Every year millions of people around the world are displaced by war, famine, civil unrest, and political unrest. Others are forced to flee their countries in order escape the risk of death and torture at the hands of persecutors. In mid-1998, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimated the world's population of refugees and asylum seekers to be 13 million. The United States works with other governmental, international, and private organizations to provide food, health care, and shelter to millions of refugees throughout the world.
The purpose and goal of the United States Refugee Program is to provide and accommodate those les privilege the opportunity they need to better their life. Registered applicants are fully integrated into our society with equal opportunity for all. There are job opportunity, access to good education and above all shelter and access to good medication.
We are only recruiting and resettling group of participants or organization with recommendation from top personals from our organization or other recognized organization around the world. But since your recommended by one of our colleagues, we have no choice than to grant you the opportunity to benefit from this program. We will furnish you with all necessary information you need for the program after you must have gone through the program brochure. Both the refugees resettlement and employment programs tends to employment opportunities the only difference is that each successful refugee will gain employment opportunity and will be housed in the houses provided by the America Refugees Committee(ARC) and United Nations organization(UNO), While each less privilege applicant from the third world countries will gain employment opportunity and a houses. Portions of the Payment for the house will be deducted from the employee monthly salaries for a period of 2-3 years and at the end of the payment tenure, the employee will become the owner of the house.
The recruitment and resettlement program are designed to give focus youths, Groups and Association valuable contact within the sector. The Resettlement and employment - housing recruitment program are always under the auspices of WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME (WFP), FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION (FAO), UNITED FARMERS ASSOCIATION (UFA), NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS (NAM) and EMPLOYERS ASSOCIATION GROUP (EAG) who believes to assist the less privilege ones and poor citizenry from the third world countries .Companies and Agricultural investors in the western world needs cheaper labors and this can only be achieved by recruiting workers from the third world countries.
The USRP provides equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment in full compliance with all applicable laws, directives and regulations of federal, state and local governing bodies or agencies. No person shall be discriminated against in employment decisions because of race, religion, color, nationality, age, sexual orientation, or mental/physical disability. The USRP will make a reasonable accommodation for all successful applicants who went through the normal procedures.
The existing employment opportunities will need the services of 5-10 persons (both sexes) with the same official language or dialects to hence mutual understanding among the workers working at a particular location. And a family of six consisting of spouse and four children.
Applicants willing to work with us as local administrator, Social worker etc in future headquarter that will be open in their home country. But they must visit the United States first to receive training on how they can operate when they are sent to the field in their various countries. Can also apply and must be stated in their application.
Recommended applicants should form a group of 5-10 or a family of 6 persons and forward their data’s to their USRP continental office to obtain an application reference file number for the program.
All interested applicants from Africa/Asia continent should contact their zonal coordinator for registration procedure. Applicants from this zone should process their registration with him. He will guide you on how to obtain application reference file number. All interested Applicants from African and Asian countries should contact USRP for their Application file through Our African-Asian main office in Senegal at
BP 16 038
E-mail: usrp2@yahoo.com
Tel: 00221774096039
All interested Applicants from European countries should contact USRP and process their registration through our office in London
Email: usrpprogramme@yahoo.co.uk
Telefax: +44-704-307-9938
All interested Applicants from American countries should contact USRP through Our American continental office to obtain reference file number.
(usrprogramme@aol.com) (usrpprogramme@hotmail.com)
Telefax: (+01-206-350-5566) (+10-206-426-5098)

The things applicants should forward either by e-mail or by fax to their continental office.
These includes the following:
1) Names of applicants in the group/family
2) Passport numbers for each applicant if available
3) Name of country of origin and resident country
4) group/family contact telephone number
The members without traveling passport should forward the following requirements for the processing of UN Emergency traveling certificates.
1) Applicant's Scanned passport size photograph by
E-mail attachment.
2) Names, dates of birth and name of resident
3) Height measure and color of eyes
Note information for those with traveling passports and those without passports should be sent together and at the same time.
On receipt of the above requirements at your zonal office, Your group Application file will be opened in your zonal office. Your group/family Application reference
file number will be forwarded to you.
You will have to forward your group data’s along with the issued application reference file number by fax through this number (+01-206-350-5566) (+10-206-426-5098) to our head office for approval .Once your group/family application is approved by the head office, instruction will be passed from the head office to your zonal office to forward to your group/family the application forms along with payment confirmation as soon as your payment is made. Cost of application form and the processing fee for each member is $200 USD. The total amount should be sent to zonal office. The processing fee for each group/family should be made in group. When you send your application processing fees to your zonal office, you should ask them to send the official confirmation by fax to you and a copy to our office in the country where you have chosen for your employment or refugee program.
Because of poor banking system in most third world countries, application fees are no more received through our official bank account in Senegal. For current method of payment, you should contact the financial controller or the coordinator in African-Asian Office in Senegal.
You will also need to return your group/family application forms along with the payment confirmation for the processing of your group/family application by fax to our office in the country where you have chosen for your employment or resettlement program.
We shall give you more directives on where to receive your visas and where to receive your flight tickets in your country or nearby country as soon as your group application is approved.
All application forms and payment confirmations for the USRP Employment and resettlement program taking place in the United States of America should be returned to the American head office either by fax(+01-206-350-5566) (+10-206-426-5098) or through email on or before the 30th of October, 2012. Within this given date, you are supposed to have returned your application forms along with your payment confirmation for registration
5 persons is the least number we can receive from any group/family. Your group/family application will automatically be approved for this program If you can forward a
group/family information that consist of 10 persons .That means no other applications will be accepted from your country after yours. Interested Applicants without passports can also apply along with those with passports as provisions for the UN Emergency traveling certificates have been made available for applicants without passports.
Download the enclosed attachment for more information about the program and make sure you study it carefully so as to know pre- step by pre -step on how to go about your registration and make sure you follow the instructions.
Thanks, Reverend Smith Titus.

  747 10100 International Drive, Orlando Florida, UNITED STATES, 32821 TEL/FAX: +01-206-350-5566.+
United States Refugee Program (USRP) is an agency program that manages a
comprehensive case management system supporting refugees in their initial
reception and placement period. The program includes specialized resettlement and
foster care services for unaccompanied refugee minors. The following is an example
of a case law on United States Refugee Program (USRP):Priority One of the United
States Refugee Program of the U.S. Department of State is for certain classifications
of refugees identified by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or a
U.S. Embassy, including persons facing compelling security concerns in countries of
first asylum; persons in need of legal protection because of the danger of refinement;
those in danger due to threats of armed attack in an area where they are located;
prisoners of conscience; victims of torture or violence.
Refugees and immigrants to the United States bring with them a wealth of
knowledge, talent and diversity. To use these assets to best benefit their families and
communities, these newcomers often need guidance and assistance as they resettle
in the U.S. USRP provides refugees and immigrants across the United States with
the support, services and opportunities they need to rebuild their lives and enrich
their communities. USRP works through a nationwide network of partner agencies,
community-based organizations, state and local governments, and private sector
enterprises to provide refugees and immigrants with an array of essential services.
From the first bewildering days after arrival, to the excitement of starting a new job,
to the elation of purchasing a home or opening a business, USRP works alongside
our clients to make sure that they keep taking the next step towards their successful
integration and active participation in the United States. Less than 80,000 refugees
participated in the US Resettlement Program last year. It is a lengthy, difficult
Below are the steps a refugee must go through to resettle in the U.S.
Only applicant who have been fully completed their registration with the USRP are
eligible for the US Refugee Resettlement Program. Usually refugees with family are
referred together as a single group. Or a group of
Individual coming together to form a group.
The Department of State's Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM)
oversees this program. The State Department develops application criteria, refugee
admission ceilings and presents eligible cases to the Immigration & Naturalization
Service (INS) for adjudication.
The State Department's Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) describes the process of
application for admission to the United States as a refugee. Refugees, who meet the
criteria for application to the US program, are those that fully meet the requirements.
That is applicants that are capable of paying their registration processing fees and
complete all necessary registration requirements.
A refugee may receive assistance in preparing his or her resettlement application
from a resettlement organization or non-governmental organization contracted by the
Department of State for this purpose. The application typically consists of USRP
form, which consists of family tree and biographical information.
The USRP officer decides whether the applicant is a refugee as defined under US
law. An individual designation as a refugee who can not meet their basic
requirements is not guaranteed admission to the US. Refugees must be ready to
meet the condition outline bye the USRP.
All refugees are medically screened by a health care or medical professional
working for the USRP government prior to coming to the US or at the port of
entry. The screening identifies medical conditions that require follow up or
constitute a public health concern. A few serious conditions may render a refugee
ineligible for entry into the US. A waiver is sometimes available to the refugee.
After being "medically cleared," a refugee is satisfied to enter the US within any
given time.
USRP conducts resettlement programmes for refugees and Global employment and
housing recruitment programmes annually. We provide an excellent opportunity for
pro-active youths, non-employees and job seekers who have the mind to work in any
of the countries where these opportunities exist. USRP has made available a number
of sponsor opportunities alongside this recruitment programme.
The recruitment programmes are designed to give focus youths, Groups and
Association valuable contact within the sector.
The USRP provides equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants
for employment in full compliance with all applicable laws, directives and regulations
of federal, state and local governing bodies or agencies. No person shall be
discriminated against in employment decisions because of race, religion, color,
nationality, age, sexual orientation, or mental/physical disability. The USRP will make
a reasonable accommodation for all successful applicants who went through the
normal procedures.
The recruited workers become the owners of their houses after installmental
payments for a period of 2-3 years.
Applicants who applied through special recommendations with the normal
procedures are the only ones who can achieve these opportunities. In order to
benefit from USRP employment and housing resettlement programmes applicants
applying from the third world countries are to meet up with the following
We are seeking talented and motivated persons of both sexes to be part of this
groundbreaking Poverty campaign.
An applicant should be able to at least read and write in any of the following official
languages: English, French and Spanish.
Applicants should be in the age class of 19- 55years old.
Applicant should be in good state of health.
Applicants should also bear in mind that there are different types of jobs and for that,
it may not easy for us to locate an applicant to a specific job that he or she is trained
for, for a start, applicants should be ready to work in any field before we can relocate
the applicants to a specified job need by applicants. In most case the available jobs
are labourers in the farm, factories, companies etc,
Special preferences will be given to applicants with higher qualification during the
placement of jobs in US,
Interested Refugees who wants to apply for resettlement and Citizens of third world
countries who want to apply for the USRP employment and Housing resettlement are
advised to apply in group to the presiding USRP Administration for this programme
at their continental zone.
Applicants willing to work with us as local administrator, Social worker etc in future
headquarter that will be open in their home country. But they must visit the United
States first to receive training on how they can operate when they are sent to the
field in their various countries. Can also apply and must be stated in their application.
A group should consist not more or less than 5 to 10 persons and they should be
resident in the same country
A group application is not yet considered until the group list and file number is
received at the head office for consideration. All groups that have received their
reference file numbers from their Continental Administration will need to forward
names and passport numbers of their group members along with the reference file
number issued to them by the zonal co-ordinator. The members without traveling
passport should forward the following requirements for the processing of UN
Emergency traveling certificates.
(1) Applicant's Scanned passport size photograph
(2) Names, dates of birth and name of resident country
(3) Height measure and colour of eyes
The group information, reference file number and requirements should be sent to the
international head office by fax through this number (+01-206-350-5566)(+10-206-
426-5098) by email .
Thereafter all Successful groups will receive USRP official application forms by email
attachment, as it will help each member of the group to receive the original
copies of the form. Each applicant will need to complete his or her application form.
Each group will need to forward their registration processing fees to their zonal
Payment confirmation will be forwarded to the group on receipt of the payment by
the Zonal office
Disqualified groups application will receive no further replies or notification from the
head office or your zonal office.
All application forms and payment confirmations for the USRP Employment and
resettlement programmes should be returned to the Head office in the United States
by fax through this number (+01-206-350-5566)(+10-206-426-5098) for the
processing of their documents .
All application forms filled by the group must be return together at the same time.
Any group application received after the dead line will be cancelled except with
special reason or permission before the application forms were submitted.
1) No application will be processed without the payment confirmation for the
application processing fee. Therefore applicants are advised to return their forms
along with the group registration processing fees payment confirmation for the
application-processing fee.
2) The official rate for the application processing fee is $200 USD per applicant and
is non refundable. Applicant will make a payment of $200 each to the Zonal
coordinator at the time of registration. All applicants that successfully make their
registration processing fees of $200 will receive visa application form from the USRP
senior representatives to the US bureau for immigrant's affairs, Barrister Mark Baker.
3) Members without travelling passport will be offer United Nations Emergency
travelling certificate. All group filled forms and Registration processing fees
payment confirmation should be forwarded to our head office in the United States the
same time.
For information on method of payment, please do contact your zonal co-ordinator
USRP have three international branches with our head office located in
10100 International Drive, Orlando Florida 32821, United States.
Contact person
Rev. Smith Titus (Secretary to USRP) Madam. Elizabeth Franklin (Assistant
Sec. to USRP)
Tel/Fax: (+01-206-350-5566) (+10-206-426-5098)
Email: (usrprogramme@aol.com) (usrpprogramme@hotmail.com)
Applicants from Europe should apply through Europe coordinator to USRP.
Contact person:
Mr Jack Richardson (Europe coordinator to USRP)
Tel/Fax: +44-704-307-9938
Email: usrpprogramme@yahoo.co.uk
All interested Applicants from African and Asian countries should contact USRP
Our Africa/Asia office in Senegal at
BP 16 038
Contact person
Abdou Bah (USRP Africa/Asia Coordinator)
Tel: 00221-774096039
Email: usrp2@yahoo.com
If the Zonal coordinator officer approves the refugee's application for USRP
resettlement, If rejected, the applicant has thirty days to file a motion to reconsider
the denial with the Zonal coordinator office. Generally, a motion is considered only if
it contains new information not available at the original application. In other words
registration has to be through the various zonal coordinators
Bellow are some picture of newly arrived refugees from different countries of origin
Most newly arrived refugees are give the basic necessities that will enable leave
comfortable in the US. Things like: a permanent home. Safe, sanitary and
accessible to public transportation. Some US cities and towns offer more housing
options than others. Refugees need social security numbers in order to seek
employment or enrol in school. All refugees have to be register with the Social
Security Administration as soon as they come in.
USRP have taking a lot of interest in implementing these programmes mostly for
African and Asian refugees and less privileges ones. Since the past decade, Africa
has the highest records of war out brake and highest numbers of refugees today.
Hence the implementation of USRP programmes has mainly been for Africans and
Today we are happy to announce to the world in general that many refugees have
resettled in different countries through USRP while many citizens from the third world
countries especially Africans and Asian have gotten nice jobs and owned houses
through our employment programmes.
Interested groups for the programme should forward their group information that
contains the following: names of group members, dates of birth and passport
numbers, name of resident country and contact telephone number for the group.
The Zonal coordinator for each Zone will forward files numbers to the groups whose
application and personal information were received at their reception.
Barrister James Ford the USRP senior representatives to the US Bureau for
Immigrants Affairs has issue the UN Emergency Travelling form to all the various
zonal coordinator. To be issued to applicants without passport.
Barrister Mark Baker
US Immigration Advocate
Tel/Fax: +1-253-780-9010
Successful applicants will have their entry visas processed from their country
Of choice for employment and housing resettlement programme. All entry visas will
be applied for from the respective government right channels for the visas depending
on the system of Government being operated by the country. All visas and other
documents for each group will be applied for on behalf of each group by the US
Immigration Lawyers .The groups for the US programmes, will have their documents
processed from the US Department of States- Federal Bureau of Immigrant Affairs in
Washington. USRP has no authority to authorised applicants documents. It is the
Immigration Lawyers who are experts on this field. It is the duty of the US
Immigration Lawyers to apply for all needed documents direct from US Federal
Bureau of Immigrant Affairs and also apply for the US labor certificates from the US
Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and immigration and Naturalization Service
(INS) whose regulations requires that Aliens (person) seeking to enter US on basis
of employment must obtain the US Labor certificates, which Will enable Alien to work
legally in the US. The US Immigration Lawyers files an application on behalf of the
individual Alien or applicant to the INS and the Department of State respectively. The
actual admission of the Alien and the granting of authorization to work in the US is
the responsibility of INS. The handling of documents processing by the US
Immigration Lawyer and Refugee Immigration Lawyers has made the processing of
all documents for applicants very effective. When the processing of the entry visas is
completed, we will forward confirmation of the authorized visas by fax to the
embassy at the group's home country and the same copy will also be forwarded to
the group.
We will then contact the Consular in your country and arrange for the day the group
will appear at the embassy for the issuance of the visa seals in your passports. The
visas can only be issued to the group members whose names have already been file
down as of the time the documents were being processed. Without the presentation
of the confirmation of the authorized visas to the consular, the Visas will then be
denied to the group. Applicants are therefore advised for their own benefits not to
appear at the embassy without the copy of the confirmation of the authorized visas
or before the confirmations are forwarded to them or the Embassy.
On receipt of the authorized visa confirmation by fax, groups that have no US
embassy in their country or group that doesn't want to appear at the Embassy can
mail their international passports by DHL to the head office or to our office at the
group's chosen country for resettlement or for employment and housing
resettlements for the issuance of the visas seals in their passports. The DHL to and
fro mailing cost of passports is at the expense of the group. Before mailing the
passports by DHL, Group members should makes sure that they mail their passports
along with the copy their group visa confirmation. Any group passports received at
our office by DHL without the confirmation sent along with it will be returned without
any Visa
The US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs have made arrangement to assist participants
without international passports with the UN Refugee Emergency Travel certificate, if
they are able to fulfilled the needed requirements for the processing. The
requirements include the following
1. Scanned passport photograph for each participant applying for the document and
should be sent by e-mail attachment.
2. Names of participants, dates of birth and name of participants' resident country.
Since its creation in 1951,International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has helped
more than 11 million people to start new lives in their own and foreign countries or
through resettlement abroad.
Each immigrant has a unique story to tell. Many were fleeing deprivation, danger and
fear of persecution. Others were simply seeking a better life for themselves and their
The personal accounts contained in this section of the IOM website tell the stories of
some of these immigrants - what they experienced and how IOM's intervention has
helped change their lives.
The stories were made possible by the many governments who contribute to IOM's
activities, our international and non-governmental partner agencies, and the
dedication and commitment of IOM's 3,500 staff worldwide.
On receipt visa confirmation, we shall forward the group data's to the office of the
IOM for them to give instruction to the Airlines to issue the ticket booklets to the
successful applicants whose groups visas has been authorised and confirmed by
All successful applicants will receive the one-way tickets at the airline sales office in
their country or at the sales office closer to their country after the processing of their
documents. International flights, Air France and other airlines have been chosen for
the trips, in some countries where Air France do not operate, alternative Airline will
be provided for them
We have received lots of questions on why should payment be made to the zonal
offices and why should the zonal offices instead of the head office issue reference
file number. This programme was designed to assist, protect and improve the
welfares of the Refugees and citizens of third world countries around the world.
Formerly this programme was being presided or rather administrated by the
international Head office in the US but we later found out that the purposes for this
programme was not met.
The opportunities were not getting direct to those who needed it most. Most citizens
of US and other immigrants in US were applying for their families and friends who
were back home in their countries, thereby making it very difficult for the Refugees
and citizens of third world countries who have no friends or family in the United
States not to benefit from the programme. There were a lots of people in Africa, Asia,
etc who did not knew about this programme until the presiding of this programme
was transferred to zonal offices and since then many Refugees and citizens of third
world countries have benefited from this programmes.
You are welcome,
United States Refugees Programme Superintendent,
USRP Superintendent (Tom Ridge)
Frm Secretary Homeland security.
Miss Young

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