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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Mrs From: <helenshpakovna@yahoo.com>
Subject: Hello my dear friend
Date: Sat 31 Mar 2012 05 24 00 -0500

Hello my dear friend !
Hello my dear friend !!! I am so glad, that you loved a
The previous letter again. I think, that at us is much in general also. It
Forces me to write to you again and to speak you more and more about me. But
To speak the truth, I do not like to write the letter because I cannot tell
All from you in it. I do not have any other possibility to communicate now. My phone while is under repair
Have no any house any phone because very softly to establish
It and then to pay for accounts on this purpose. My family not richly and now
We do not have such possibility to have house phone. But when I
Save some money, I will call for you. We will be capable to hear ours
Voices. I think, that it is very interesting, and I feel, it rises a little
As I already had an imagination about the one whom you and in a
Head there - the image you. You understand me? Many
Women have an own ideal image of the person about which they wish to see
Them. Concerning I at me was not present it. I am a person who does not pay very much
Attention to occurrence of the person; I prefer to see in beauty of men
Soul. Sometimes it happens, with which I face the maximum circles of a society and
When I come into contact to them, I understand, which they pay too much
Attention to their appearance, sometimes they transfer it about them
The private world. And not interestingly contact in them. It
Pity! I prefer to communicate to clever, wise people who can
Tell to me so to interesting things, that I will aspire to communicate to it
More and more. I think, that you are such person because you are more more senior
Then I and you at us am wide experience of a life then me. You can council
Me something like the friend, and it can help to solve to me a problem.
And I can make the same to you also, you can tell and ask me
Everything, that you want, sincere, to be similar to me, I demand, that it knew you better,
Be not afraid. Remember that you can always get my support. I - very much
It is glad, that you understand my letters very well; it
Because of my good language. I have studied it at school and
Always had very good marks. My teacher loved me, and for this reason I have tried
Not to upset her. I studied more and more, and for this reason I can the easy
To speak in English, French and German languages! Thus I think, when I will name you, you will understand me very much
Well possibly with some accent. I will not warn you when it happens because
I wish to make surprise for you. I know, which you will be glad to hear a
The voice also, and me is pleasant to do my close people happier and to bring
Their pleasure. I have one poem for you which I loved very much. I want
You, to read it and to say me, that you think of words
It is written there. I love it! The MOMENTS In the LIFE There - the moments
In a life when you break without the one whom - that so, that you only wish to choose them
From your dreams also cover them for the real!

When the door happiness, another opens;
But it is frequent times we look such long on
The closed door, that we do not see it,
Which has been opened for us.
Do not go for sights; they can deceive.
Do not go for riches; even it disappears.
Go for this purpose, whom - the one who forces you to smile,
As the smile is required only to
Force dark day to seem bright.
Find, that does your close smile.

Dream, that you wish to dream;
Go, where you wish to go;
Be what you wish to be,
As you have only one life
And one chance to make all things
You wish to make.

You can have enough happiness to make to you a sweet,
It is many tests to make you strong,
There is a sufficient burning to consider you as the person and
The sufficient hope to make you happy.

Happiest of people do not necessarily
Have best of all;
They only I take most of all
Everything, that there arrives their way.

The brightest future always will be
Be based on the forgotten past;
You cannot promote in a life to
You allow from last refusals and sufferings.

When you have been born, you shouted
And all round you have smiled.
Live your life so in the end,
You - those who smiles also all
Round you shouts.
I have read it, I was surprising, and now I have shared it with you, because you
The person who does me by a smile. I will wait for yours after electronic letters!
please, write to me as soon as possible! Well? Good-bye, sm. You
Soon. Sincerely yours, Elena
Mrs From: <helenshpakovna@yahoo.com>
Subject: Hello my most dear
Date: Thu 5 Apr 2012 03 25 38 -0500

Hello my most dear !!
Hello my most dear !!! I am so happy to see your letter again!!!
And I at all do not know how to express it in words because sometimes
They insufficiently to explain feelings and ideas. I think you
Understand me! But I hope, that you feel as far as happy I-, when
I check my mail and to see your long expected letter to me. I have a
The idea at once, that is the person in this severe world who thinks and
Cares of me. Whether I am valid is right? I hope, that I am not mistaken
In it because reading your letters it seems to me, that you - very much
Sincere and fair with me. My intuition usually does not speak me a
Lie. I do not want, that you badly felt yourselves and thought much of my problems
But I have no other person in my life who understands me, listens
Me also helps me to solve my problems in way by which you do it. Today on my work very complex process which was has forced me to be upset, I have lost for one of the most important have put and now I am in grief. But my director has told to me that I was not upset all it will be good, my parents to me have told too they do not want to see me sad. But when I speak them about my problems, that they always try
To help me with their advice. I love them for so very much. I feel
Their support always and I am very grateful to them for this purpose. Today was a
Very difficult day for me, I hope, that you will understand me.
Also what concerning you, you have encountered with difficulties in your work?
I think, that all people do it. You have what difficulties usually?
It is interesting to me for knowing, you can speak me a little about it.
Probably I shall be capable to help you also. So, I shall stop here and I shall go
The house. I shall go a leg and to think a little of a life, that I had.
Sometimes interesting ideas and ideas appear in my head, when I
Going and they help me to solve some problems. I shall make it now and
Probably I shall think over some interesting decisions of a situation it
I have now. I hope to receive news from you soon my dear friend. I
Will wait for your letter with impatience again. Reflection about you,
Sincerely yours the Russian friend, Elena
Mrs From: <helenshpakovna@yahoo.com>
Subject: Hello my most dear
Date: Mon 9 Apr 2012 04 41 17 -0500

Hello my most dear !
Hello my most dear ! Many thanks for your letter and
Your support. I was really very pleased and happy to know, that you take
The care of me and excited is a lot of about me. It is meant much for me and now by me
Understand, that you - my real friend who can help to solve to me mine
Problems and a share my feelings. Many thanks for it,
I shall never forget you because you are very kind and cautious, you
The best. If such people as you will be more in this world, a life, will be
Be happier. But it not is impossible, for this reason, that I thank the God for it
It gave me you. I believe in God Jesus and that concerning you?
As we are copied each other, your letters of steel
Very important part of my life!! So my dear I think that
You would like to study more about my interests and a hobby that we
Can find the some people more the general things between us. About music which I love
To listen. So, I prefer a various kind of music and I can tell it
Always depends on my mood. If I sad I like to listen to sad music
And sometimes when I want to shout, I do it, listening to very sad music.
I like classics because I believe what to think over such melodious
Melody the person should be big and should make it with soul. I
Like to listen Beethoven, Mozart, also my favourite song “ To
Elise ”. I have no enough many words to explain you my feelings when I
Listen to it, I speak you simply, that it is wonderful. I hope you
Will understand me! Tomorrow, when I have come home very sad I
I listen to it and the feeling is much better, because sometimes music helps me
To calm. Also what concerning you? That does you prefer
Listen? I think, that you do not love classical music because here in
Men of Russia do not love it; they believe, that it will be very boring. I - not
Against it because each person can choose everything, it wants and is similar
Most of all. Among my favourite films there is “ a falling in New York ”
With main actor Richardom Dzhirom, "Enormous" (it - very popular film and
I think, that you observed it also) also “ Severe intentions ” and many another
Films about love. But I also like to observe comedies. I cannot remember
My favorite now, but I hope, that you do not offend, and will be
Write to me about films which you like to observe also. About the foodstuffs I like to eat …
Well … As to me I like to eat with the Russian kitchen because I am used to this
As my childhood and never judges another. I prepare for me and my family
Speaks, that I do it not poorly; at least they eat always all I
Will be prepared for them. My favourite dish - pelmeni, it - very tasty dish
From the Russian kitchen which will consist of forcemeat of a beef and pork
With an onions and the spices which have been wrapped up in the test and preparing. Can be once
I shall prepare pelmeni for you. . But certainly it - is not unique
I love a thing. There are many tasty dishes here in Russia. Once I
Visited McDonalds. I have understood, that the foodstuffs there is synthetic, but I
Loved it very much. I would like to visit this one more time. But it
Rather dear for me. My favourite color is green, because it calms
I downwards. Well,I think, that I have told much to you about my interests
And in the following letter I would like to read about yours. About
Everything, that you like to eat, listen, observe and other things, you likes
To make. I shall wait for your following e-mails! please, write to me
As soon as possible! Well? Good-bye, see. You it is fast. Yours faithfully,
Miss Young

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