Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Dr Raymond CHIEN Kuo Fung < raymondchienkuofung@vf.vc >
Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2012 10:57 PM

Thank you very much for your response, and Co-Operation in this Matter, I want to quickly assure you again that You have Nothing to Loose in this Project as I do not intend to waste our Precious Times. Due to the Situation At Hand, It became very Important for me to seek the Assistance of a Reliable Partner who i can Trust beyond Reasonable Doubts to assist me in this Project, I appreciate the fact that you are Willing to Partner with me in Finalizing this Deal, I will ensure that the Attorney Procure Every Needed legal Documents in your Details to Ensure that the project is accomplished Smoothly, It shall pass through all Laws of International Banking Procedures, Having resolved to entrust this transaction into your hands, I want to remind you that, it needs your Commitment and Diligent follow up. Because this Project is Highly Capital Intensive so for this you Must Co-Operate with me in all best Manner to avoid any Inconveniences in Future.

I need your total Devotion and Trust to see this through and i believe i can get that from you. I know we have not met before, But with your level of maturity in the bussiness world I am very confident that we will be able to Establish the necessary trust that we need to execute this project and also we shall meet someday if so wished by God. I have done A High Back-Ground check on your Profile and I am very Confident that we shall together execute this project as Partners. I have Schemed Out every Single Safe Procedure which we shall follow to make sure We Execute this Project in the Best Manner without any Red-Flags from the Authorities here in my Country. I will need you to Read My Email Carefully and Get back to me so we can Move Forward. If you have Any Suggestions and Alternatives which shall enable us Execute this Project then do not hesitate to let me Know as we are partners and we must work together to achieve this Goal.
We shall setup an International Offshore Account with our Correspondent International Bank in Malaysia, I now intend that you open an Account in your name in this Foreign bank. The Total Funds in my Bank would be transferred to your Account which you will open in the bank for both of us, This is the best Alternative I have found for us to execute this Project, It will protect us from my Bank and any Red Flags from the Authorities and the Government here in Hong-Kong. I want us to enjoy this money in Peace when we conclude. So you should Follow My Instructions Accordingly and Religiously as i am a Devoted Christian so for this i always put God first in anything i do. Also You have to know that I cannot transfer this Fund in my name as my Bank will be aware that it is from me, This is where I need you. As result of this, You will have to open An International Offshore Account with our Corresponding Affiliate Bank In Malaysia.All Necessary Documents which shall back you up as the Bonafieid/Legal Next Of Kin to my Late Client shall be Documented in your Details by the Attorney who i have Hired to guide us through, It will be issued in your Name, This will make you the Legal Beneficiary to the funds. After this, The money will be Secured On-line for both of us. We can then Direct the bank to transfer our Various Shares into our Respective Home Bank Accounts. I will need you to send me a Copy of Any form of Your Identification (Driver's license Or International Passport or any other Form of Identification). I want to be very Confident that I am transacting with the Perfect Partner which i believe you are. As soon as I get any of these Identifications from you, I will Instruct the Attorney to commence the processing of the Legal Paperwork's in your Details and also i need to get a re-assurance from you that i am not making any Mistaking in trusting to work with you. I believe you will understand why I need all these Clarification from you as i want to be sure you are who your Profile say you are, The Funds Involved in this Project is very Large and I want to ensure that I know you very well before I proceed to give you all the details to commence the Project as we Both have a lot to Gain at the End of this project that i can Guarantee You, Along with this email i have Attached a Copy of My(Work Identification) (My International Passport) and some Personal Photographs of Myself and My Banking Friends to enable you have full knowledge of whom you are Dealing With, Upon receipt of your identification. I shall provide you with further Informations which shall enable us execute this operation without any complications.

We Can execute This Project also by Using a Well Known International Security Firm to Carry Down the total funds in form of a Trunk-Box to your Home Address, But i need you to understand that this Process is too Risky as The funds which is Involved in this Project is very Large so for this reason we must be very Careful, all the Paperwork's which will enable the Total Funds be released from my Bank shall be procured by the Hired Attorney and after it has been successfully released in your Details it shall be Transferred to a Security Company which shall Carry the Funds in a Trunk Box Directly to your Home Address, But this Procedure will Raise too much Red Flags from the Government and Authorities here in my Country as the Security System right now in Hong-Kong is very Tight so for this reason i do not think this is an Alternative, We shall execute this Project with the Use of our Correspondent Bank as it is more Safer and Better for us to Transfer the funds to an Offshore International Account which you shall setup with our Correspondent Bank in Malaysia.Note: I need you to be fully aware that You shall be responsible in Providing the International Offshore Account Opening Balance which will be required by our Correspondent Bank in Malaysia to setup an Offshore International Account as this is your only Personal Financial Role/Duty in this Project and i believe you shall Handle this with much Consideration, The Amount which shall be required by our Correspondent International Bank in Malaysia to setup such Account should be at a Range of ($1350 Dollars) I am providing you with these Information's due to the Fact that i have been in the Banking Sector for many Years as you already know and i have full knowledge of every Banking Criteria, I believe This will not be a Problem for you if you Truly Have Confidence/Faith in this Project.I need to let you know of myself so that you will be rest assured of whom you are transacting with. I am A Father of 4 Children and 7 Grand Children, God has Blessed me with a Very Wonderful Family, I Think i shall Invest Some Part of my Share of the Funds in your Country and you shall assist me Take Care of This because i trust you are more Familiar with your Country More than i do regardless of my Banking experience, I believe the 40% of the total funds that I have intended to give to you will be Sufficient Enough for you? Please Endeavor to keep this Project Private and Personal as i do not Need any Mistakes to be Made by any of us, I have a very High Profile Reputation which i have Built for Years with my Bank and i do not intend to get it Ruined for any Reason, I am very Convinced/Confident that i can fully rely on your Total Co-Operation and Trust all Through this Operation.

I believe you shall Stick to your Instructions and Order as Giving as You have much to Profit from this Project rather than Loose, I do not intend to Waste Neither your Precious Time or Mine, In no Time we shall Get this Project Executed and we shall Split the Funds in the right Proportion with much Happiness.
Your Earliest Response is much Awaited.
Your's Faithfully,
Dr Raymond CHIEN Kuo Fung.

Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....


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