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Hello, I am Miss Young. A scammer often fails in making his victim pay him money. But he does not give up if he thinks it is still possible to convince the victim. He could try a new scam with hidden millions or a big lottery winning. Another approach is a compensation letter where he promises the victim a big sum as compensation. The compensation money does not exist, - it is simply the start of a new scam. The letter below is an example of such a letter.

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From: MY NAME IS Miss SARAH THOMPSON < info@lee.com >
Date: Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 11:08 AM
Subject: Hello My Good Friend,

Hello My Good Friend,

How are you today? Hope all is well with you and your family? I hope this mail finds you in an excellent condition of health. But if you do not remember me, you have received an email from me in the past regarding my late father inheritance multi-million-dollar business proposal which we never concluded at that time.

I am using this opportunity to inform you that my late father inheritance which was WILL in my name have been concluded with another Greek Merchant who financed it to a logical conclusion. I thank you for your great effort to our unfinished transfer of the funds into your account, due to one reason or the other best to known you at that time.

Due to the effort, sincerity, courage and trust worthiness you showed during the course of the transaction, I want to compensate you and show my gratitude to you with the sum of $900,000.00. I have left an international certified bank draft for you, worth about $900,000.00 cashable anywhere in the world.

My dear friend I will like you to contact MR.BEN RONALD ALLEN so that he will send the draft to you without any delay. At the moment, I ' m very busy here in Paraguay South American, trying to invest my money with the help of the Good Samaritan who hears my cry and assistant in the release of my funds with the bank. Please I will like you to accept this token with good faith as this is from the bottom of my heart.

ADDRESS: No. 183 Western Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
EMAIL: mr.benronald214@yahoo.com
NO; +2348079711221 }

Therefore, you should send him your full Name, telephone number and contact address for his reference and make further arrangement with him on how you want to receive your check.

Thanks you in anticipation for your past efforts and God bless you.


From: Mr.Ben Ronald < mr.benronald214@yahoo.com >
Date: Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 12:23 PM
Subject: Dear

I received your mail and thank you for  expressing your feelings to me.

After reading and understanding your mail considering what you said and the fact that there is no way you can receive your CHECK funds without you paying the necessary courtier fees as it is done over here in Africa as the customer relation officer of the courier company told me.Because of what you said.
But will want you to know that as far as I am concern,Nobody is feeding on your $755usd. And I am not interested in it. If not for the purpose of dispatching your CHECK,I shouldn' t have in the first place ask you a cent.
So I am making it succinctly clear that I am not after your $755usd.
My duty is to make sure that the CHECK gets to you once you sent the delivery fee and that is all.

Please kindly view the attachment file as i have attached your package to the body of this email, and there is two other documents you have to sing for the confirmation that shows you have truly received it. and after sinning the document you must return it back to the FedEx immediately so their is nothing to doubt about this transaction. your check has already being sealed which no one have the right to touch exempt you.

Although, I  am not disputing the fact you raised because I understand your fears and In all sense of honesty you are 100% right to be afraid because of evil people and scam Artist. with hoax and fictitious proposal.  UN-godly person without good conscience who can do anything to make money, money that can never last and therefore fleecing innocent people.   You are talking of guarantee, What guarantee are you talking about? guarantee that I am cheating you or will make me not to cheat you.
Therefore, It can only take more than the spirit of  Man to be able to discern the one that is real and legitimate. I have no problem with your conviction, and cannot change your  position to treat this matter just like that.
There is nothing I can do, after all if you received the fund it is for our mutual benefit and since my best is not enough and you did not have faith trust  and that spirit of accommodation  which is the basis of  maturity, I cant do otherwise.
The Choice is yours to pick your Certified Bank Draft And Cash Your Fund.  I don' t want you to see it as if  I am forcing you against your wish. I have told you nothing but the truth about this transaction, If there is anything you are thinking on the contrary well I am not a party to that. I believed in honest living, I can account for any Cent I earn Today. I hate cheating and dis-honest  people.
That I am working in the Finance House does not mean that I should soil my hands in corruption.
I have a good family background, My father is a Priest and he raised his children in a christian way. When I mean christian , I mean those with the fear of God that worship God in truth and spirit. Why must I cheat you ?, does that solve my problems?. Look this world does not end on the planet earth, after death come judgement.
I knew you are frustrated, dejected and horrified because of unknown fear. Please do not visit the sin of another person on me or use that as a reference point to judge this case.
Although no one is perfect but I can vouch for my integrity as a child of God. Please understand my position as I understood and respect your feelings, stop counting the cost. I promise you that you will make it up as soon as you receive your package and cash your fund. Even though I am a stranger to you, God Knows that I have no strange motive
against you.
I also want you to know that Most of the things that happens in our life is for a purpose and it is only God that knows the best. That is why we must be grateful to God for his grace in our life. Please keep on doing unto others as you will want them to do unto you, for the greatest of all the commandment from God is LOVE.
I believed  you and trust in God that you will never fail me and I also want you to know that if other people have failed you and has therefore eroded the trust and confidence you have in people, please trust me as a worthy Sister and a friend in deed. I will never betray the trust and confidence you reposed in me, God is in control and on top of this situation. It is well in Jesus name. Once again, You have absolutely nothing to fear or worry as far as this transaction is concerned.
I do appreciate every effort you are making.  This shows the Love of Christ in you whom is always there to correct our humanly errors through his blood he shared for us to live without blame, I pray for you   all the time you and your family. Thank you for your Heart and your love as a soul mate in Christ.  The love of God is in the Hearts.  Let us not loose him anymore.  But I will not loose my Faith in God the Father and in our Lord Jesus Christ. have faith and trust in God that with this fund you will take care of all this needs and even get yourself back to sound financial footing.
Please do not give up or frustrated as it is devil that is frustrating you  seeing that there is light in the end of the tunnel. Be positive minded and do not allow this opportunity to slip off your hand. Say and be positive at same time * THAT I CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS ME.
it will all work out somehow because what God has for us it is for us.  Keep hanging in there and I will too.  Now I knew how better to pray with knowing what is going on and your predicaments.  You have my consent to do what  is  needed immediately.
I declare decree that you walk in the favor of God and so does your family.  No weapon formed against us shall prosper.  I command every demonic force that is trying to hinder this fund  reaching your destination to go now in the name of Jesus.  I curse the root and soil of Satan' s attack and plans.  By the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I  declare and decree that this power is resolved and settled.  Lord, you said in your word that whatever we pray and believe when we pray and trust you for it, that it shall be done.  So I stand in faith with water fasan for this matter to be done in the mighty name of Jesus.  I thank you for our connection and for blessing everything that his hands touch  and make a way for him to raise this $755usd that is required for the delivery of her package in Jesus name.  It is done!!!!
God our Father will help you to provide the required money and will also look with love on those who call you to share in the one sacrifice of our Jesus Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit make us one body healed of all divisions. Keep us in communion of mind and heart; help us to work together through him, with him, in him in the unity of the Holy Spirit almighty Father for ever and ever. Amen.

I will be looking forward to receive your message soon. GOD our Lord blesses you always and your dear family.
Yours Sister and Soul Mate in Christ Jesus.

Mr.Ben Ronald.

419Thomas Bailey
Miss Young

If you received a similar letter, please ignore it. Do not answer it. If you do, you will end up on more of the mailing lists used by the criminals behind this fraud. Read more....

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