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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Site: twofishdating
From: nwaoku
Date: 10-15-2013 08:05:36
Subject. k10samira@live.com

Hi, My name is Samira Im a single female and new on this site and Im here to seek for a friendship or relationship with mutual benefit as I am planning on relocating to your area soon to further my education.just trying to meet somebody and you seem like the only one I could find the profile interesting I dont mean to be sudden but would like to get together sometime? hook me up if you are interested at my emaiil address and I will get back to you with my pics.

Marius Akan kone
Marius Akan kone
Marius Akan kone
Samira Kone
Samira Kone
Kone Samira
Kone Samira
Samira Kone
Samira Kone
Samira Kone
evil uncle
Safe Deposit Box
From: Samira Kone <k10samira@live.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 08:08:54 +0800
Subject: RE: From twofishdating

Hello Dear,

Thanks for your message, I found that dating site on my late father's email account, I am writing From China but I plan to relocate to your country soon to further my education, please permit me to inform you of my desire to go into business relationship with you, after going through your profile and noticed that you are from the country I wish to move to, so I prayed over it then decided to contact you due to the nature of my proposal, which requires a reputable and trustworthy person from your country. Someone who will be kind and sincere to me as I have no relation or know any one over there in your country.
My name is Miss Samira Kone, I am the only daughter of late Mr. and Mrs. Marius and Sarah Kone. My father was a very wealthy Cocoa Marchant in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, he was killed during the 2011 Civil War in my Country, He was poison to death by his only brother (My Uncle) and his new wife my step mother. My mother died on the 20th October 1994 and my father married another woman, but My Daddy took me so special because l am motherless. Before the death of my father on December 2011 in a private hospital there in Abidjan, he secretly called me on his bedside, when I sat down to listen to him, he started crying, when I asked him why?

He complained that I am too young to be managing my life with no one to take care of me, and That I have not finished my university education as he planned for me, then he revealed to me that he has secured an inheritance for me in a security company here in China, that he used my name as the only daughter for his next of kin in deposit to the deposit.
He also explained to me that it was because of his wealth that he was poisoned by his only brother (My Uncle) and who has been having Secret afair with my step mother, that l should stay away from them as they are evil he warned me seriously not associate with his brother that is my uncle, that I should seek for a God fearing foreign partner in a country of my choice where l will move to and use my inheritance for proper investment purpose also further my education, that I must finish my university education with the help of a business partner abroad, that he or she should help me obtain a resident permit in his or her country to enable live there as long as I wish.

He also gave a standing instruction to the company that the deposit must be transferred to any country of my choice when releasing the Inheritance to me According to my father, the inheritance was secured a Gold Art Works to avoid attracting attention to my inheritance. But now since my father my bread winner is no more to start up a new life I need to have this my inheritance released to me. l am honorable seeking your assistance in the following ways.

(1) To serve as my guardian in your country while I will depend on your expert advice since l am a girl of 19 years.

(2) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country in order to further my university education and to secure a residential permit for me in your country when the Vault Company release my inheritance.

Moreover, l am willing to offer you 15% of my inheritance as compensation for your assistance in having it released and have the Company transfer my inheritance to your country so that I can leave here and mover to your country. So Please you can indicate your option towards assisting me as l believed that this project would be concluded soon, you signify interest to assist me by getting back to me. Hoping to hearing from you soon. May God bless you as you extend your helping hand to the needy. Please reply soon I attached my picture so you will know how I look like.

Thanks and best wishes
Samira Kone,

From: Kone Samira <konesamira@live.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 05:44:51 -0700
Subject: Here more about me,

Greetings My Dear  �,

Thanks for your getting back to me, I am only asking you to assist me retrieve my inheritance deposited by my late father in the security company here in China as I plan to relocate to your country once my inheritance is retrieved and transferred to your country, moreover I really appreciate the time you made out to respond back to me, God in his infinite mercy will richly reward you for your concerns towards me in this my difficult moment in life, I will like to meet you first but I want to explain about my self to you in details so that you may know more about me and my situation here now.

I am under graduate student from Ivory Coast in West Africa before this crisis in my family and my country started which has resulted that I had to quit school for the safety of my life I was in my 2nd year into the university. I inherited $16.5 million United state dollars from my late father who was poisoned by my Uncle and my step mother, so for the safety of my life I had to ran away from my country to this place in China my uncle and my step mother does not know I am here for now and I believe no one will find me here, presently I am in a guest house (Hotel).

Actually, we do not know one another neither have we met one another before but I am only seeking that you cooperate with me because I am really facing a difficult moment here in China I have the official deposit receipt which my late father used in lodging the box which contains this money to the security vault company here in China I will release this document to you and also give you the security company's contact information as we proceed with this project also I will like you to know that all I need is your trust and honesty.

Pls, I want you to know that this money at the Vault Company is my only hope of furthering my education in your country and I want you to help me retrieve the box out from the security company and have them transfer it to your country for me to leave here and move over to your country where I plan to start up a new life and and investment. I will continue with my education there in your Country while you will help me manage the investment till such a time that I will be grown enough to handle the investment you will establish for me over there in your country.

lease my dear; I desperately need your help to deposit the fund into an international bank account as soon you receive the consignment box over there in your country. Why I can't get the box my self is that the security vault will not release the consignment to me because of there agreement with my late father when he deposited the box to the security company for safe keeping and that encase of his death, the box can only be released to me when I am 25 years .

My father deposited the box as a gold art work worth 16.5 million US dollars to avoid attracting attention to the fund in the box this means that the Vault company does not know about the cash inside the trunk box they knew it as only a Gold artwork with some diamond design, so I want you to help me contact the security vault and discuss with them as my personal appointed guardian who I have appointed to claim the box on my behalf since I am not yet 25 years old, if the box is released to you it will enable me gain access to the cash to move on with life now that my father is no more alive.

I am really facing a total rejection here in China and I do not have any relative in your country, it's only by the grace of God that I was able to came across your profile on that site after several fasting and praying for God to send me a trust will be released and delivered to you by the security vault, but you will be expected to negotiate with the vault company for the release on my behalf. I will send you the combination key code of the box which I have with me here to enable you open the box and take out some money from the trunk box as soon as you receive it and you will send the money to me to enable me process the paper work needed by immigration to your country where I intend to invest the fund and proceed with my studies which I abandoned when this problem started. It is my strong desire to obtain a degree in a community development from any of the university in your country.

Please I am in a very difficult situation here China any help I could get from you will be greatly appreciated. I am ready to sign any undertaking with you to cover your involvement in this project. It is 100% risk free and Legitimate, I promise that you will never have any reason to regret knowing me. I will advice you to have private email address for us to use it in communication because of the confidential of this project as I don’t want any other person to know about this project, not even your best friend, in short I think it will be wise if you get a new email address as I just did so to make sure all our conversation is secured.

I attached another photo of me and I will be glad if can you send me yours too with your direct telephone number so that I can call you for us to discuss more, also advise me if I should give you the box deposit receipt from the security vault and the security vault's contact details so you could get in touch with them and know how they will deliver the box to you.
I am looking forward to read from you so we could move ahead. Please understand that this is confidential for the security of my inheritance. If you wish to call me from there please dial this telephone number +8613711044134 it is the telephone number of the guest house (hotel) where I am, when you call tell the receptionist Mr. Wushun that you will like to connect to Miss Samira Kone, in room number 473 and he will put you through and we can discuss.

Thank you and best wishes
Samira Kone.

From: Samira Kone <k10samira@live.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 20:46:51 +0800
Subject: RE: From twofishdating

My Dear,

Thanks for your message, I have already responded back to you with more information about me through my new live.com email account I also attached another of my picture too, please check the email in your bulk folder and inbox as it is our first communication with that my new email account it might go to the bulk since I am not on your contact list, please check and get back to me on my new email accout (konesamira@live.com) I believe if we get to know each other more better we can work things out for good, I look forward reading from you soon.

Thanks and best wishes

From: Kone Samira <konesamira@live.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 16:34:49 -0700
Subject: This very important, please take note of this (DLM)

Greetings dear  �,
Thanks for your message it is good to read from you again, please I will like you take your time and go through this message so that you will understand my situation here and about my inheritance too because if I should call you on phone I can not say all this over the phone for it will take a lot of time and cost me much to make overseas call from here but I will try to call you so that you can hear my voice.

I believe that my spirit leaded me to you for a good reason so I pray that this email will meet you in good condition of health and a sound mind your profile was the first I came across on that dating site where I contacted you so after seeing your profile and you happen to come from the country where I plan to move to in other to further my education I then decided to tell you about the situation of things with me here to see if you will be able to help me out. Please I seriously need your assistance to retrieve my inheritance because I don't have full access to the fund which I told you about and that is why I am asking for your assistance on retrieving it before I proceed to make the arrangement to come to your country.

I am staying in a guest house (Hotel) here alone and I am the only child of my late parents; like I told you before my late father was killed by his wife my step mother in agreement with my late father's only brother (My Uncle) my father told me before he died that his younger brother associated with his wife (my step mother) to poison him so that when he die they will take his position in his company and then claim all his properties as I am the only girl and in most part of West Africa girls do not inherit anything from there father when he die, his properties will be shared among his brothers, they do not regard a female child.

My father was poison to death by his only brother and his new wife (my step mother), before he died he warned me seriously not to associate with his friends, brother or his wife for they are all evil after my fathers death my uncle sold some of my late fathers properties and companies also threaten to kill me if I don’t give him full information about this trunk box because he found one of the paper work regarding the depositing of the trunk box to the Vault Company that is why I ran away from my country to here China where the Vault company is located, so to stay away from that my evil uncle and my step mother also for the safety of my life through out the family crisis going on in my family and in my country then, if you listen to news you will know about the political crisis in my country Ivory Coast last two years.

My uncle was the one that created my first email account for me when I was still 10 years, I recently noticed that he has access to my email account, and has been reading my emails, I feel he might be trying to get more information about this arrangement of moving to your country or find out more information about my inheritance on that my other email account, so I have to create this new email account for my self, please my dear do not respond to any email that you might receive that is similar to mine or in the name of me, any email that you receive without this word (DLM) meaning (Daddy Love Me) note that it is not from me and that could be my uncle's set up, though I have change my email account already, but I will want us to use that word to secure our conversation for security purpose.

I believe this way our conversation is secured, and also I will like you to cancel your membership on that site where I met you, as I want to do, because I am sure my uncle must be trying to contact you with the similar emails like mine in other to know more information about this project and to cause us confusion. So please for the security of this my plan of moving to your country to meet you I want you to cancel your membership on that site where I contacted you first, Please do that after reading this message. I want you to understand that this country where I am is also like a hide out so that I can stay away from my evil uncle and step mother whom is threaten to kill me so please let everything we do be highly confidential, don’t let any one know about this not even your best friend, relative or your lawyer, I want every thing be between you and I.

Please I know we have never met before so you have to understand that I want to be sure that I can trust you that you will never try to take advantage of me. I want you to know that, I had bestowed my hope in you believing that you will not cheat me or seat on my money once the Vault company release my inheritance to your care therefore, you are to impose love, trust and confidence in me, so that things will workout successfully. Mostly what we need is trust because without trust that means we are not making any progress, I want you to understand that two people knows each other but one day, I came across that website on my late fathers email account and I notice the website is for meeting people for a serious relationship as I read from the site introduction, coming in contact with you I believe that I have known a little the kind of person you are and I think you are the kind of person I need in my life. I will like to give you every detail of my father and I so that you will have the full information’s about us,

My Father Personal information and address.

Family name. Akan Royal Family Cote'divoire, My Fathers full Name; Chief. Marius Akan kone
Date of Birth; June 11-1958 in the City Of Buake Cote'Divoire and He died on December 2011 at Clinique Saint Gabriel Co Cody in a private hospital in Abidjan age 53years. Our home address is, II Plateaux 7Eme Tranche -01 2549 Abidjan cote D'Ivoire, I am the only child, I was born on December 12-1993, My mother's name is Mrs. Mariam Kone (She died in 1994 a year after I was born)

Company information

Company Name; Bandama-Cafe-Cacao, Address:Lot 55 Rue De Commerce Plateau (Head office), And Address;BP 602, Gagnoa San-Pédro 01 (Branch office), Country/Territory; Cote D'Ivoire, Products/Services; Processed cocoa

Business Type; Merchant, Industry Focus; Chocolate Ingredients, Geographic; Nathanets Worldwide, No. of Employees 80 - 121 People, Annual Sales Range (USD) US$90 Million - US$120 Million, Year Established 1983, Representative/ Late Chief. Marrius Akan Kone.

The address where I am currently located is; 223 Yanjiang Ave Jiang'an, Wuhan, Hubei, China. My father’s company has been claimed by My uncle he is now in charge there, but that is not my problem, I only want to start up a new life with my inheritance, I think my message is becoming too long so I have to end here and will email you again with the deposit receipt and more information I need for us to proceed with the project.

Thanks and best wishes Samira (DLM)

From: Kone Samira <konesamira@live.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 17:13:48 -0700
Subject: All I want is your trust,understanding and honesty,also keep this highly confidential‏‏‏‏‏

Hello dear  �,

I hope you got my previous message, please I will like to get to know you more so please tell me more about your self anything you think you can tell me to help me know you more will be nice, and I will like you to bear in mind that I will be coming to meet you in your Country soon after my inheritance has been release and delivered to you by the Vault Company though I do not know how long it will take but I believe it will be about a week or two. I will be happy to study at one of the university over there in your country, I would have love to visit you there in your country and meet you in person first before carrying out this with you, but due to my present financial situation I can not afford to travel at this moment so I will need you to make me trust you more with my inheritance and future.

The vault company will deliver my inheritance to you over there in your country legally through diplomatic mean but you will need to contact them so that they will let you know what information they might need from you for the release and delivery of my inheritance to you as my personal appointed guardian whom I have appointed to claim the inheritance on my behalf because; me the next of kin is not up to age of 25 based on the agreement they had with my late father when he deposited the inheritance under their care. I will send you the access combination key code to open the box after you receive the it for you to open it and take out some money from there which you will send to me, so that I can pay my bills here at the hotel where I am and also get a visa together with flight ticket to fly over to meet you and when I come over you will help to negotiate a very good investment which we can invest the money into.

My dear, all I want from you is to lead me to the right channel, as I explained to you in my other message I am an orphan I don't have any relative over there in your country nor in this country where I am that is why I need your help mostly, also I want your support to make sure that vault company release this my inheritance to you as it is the only hope I have now to move on with life, I am 100% sure that the money which I told you about is inside the consignment box, and I am the only one with access key combination code to open the box, my daddy gave the code to me before he died.

I have been to the vault company to ask for permeation to do some checking on the box, and they told me that I will not be allowed to access the box until I am 25 years old as they agreed with my late father and that they can not go beyond the company policy. They further explained to me that the box was security checked by the international Security service for arms and drugs and was accorded with diplomatic immunity, which means that no immigration officer police or any security agent at any checking point, border or any airport will have the right to open or tamper with the box until it is it get to its destination during the delivery of the consignment to any country of my choice at the due time.

The total money in the box is $16.5million US dollars cash but my late father warned me never to let the security company have idea of cash inside the box because it was never declared to them as cash but as a royal gold art work worth that amount, I hope you understand this? please if there are any more things you will like to know more about this my inheritance let me know so that I can explain, I have trusted you with my future and my only hope of surviving with hope that you will not cheat me. Please my dear, I will like you to promise me that you will keep this as a secret between both of us as I don’t want someone else to know about this my inheritance, because some people are full of wickedness, please do not discuss this issue with any of your relatives or close friends lets keep it to our self. I will like you to get back to me with this information it will help me to introduce you to the vault company as my personal appointed guardian whom my inheritance will be release to:

1. A Clear picture of your ID and Your marital status, 2. Let me know If you are ready to keep this project as top secret as I do not want it to be jeopardize. 3.Your credibility and reliability as to avoid betrayal from you or seating on my share when the consignment is delivered to your care,

Also your immediate response shall be most appreciated as the urgency of this issue due to my present situation here in China and as I already explained, my uncle and my step mother is after my life to make sure no one question them about my late father’s death and properties, we don't have enough time again to do this project as the cash I have for my up keeping is almost finished and I want retrieve this my inheritance before my uncle will go behind me to make this claim as he already did with some of my inherited properties in Africa. please advice me if I should give you the contact information of the vault company for you to contact them and find out more information about the release of my inheritance. Bear in mind that they does not know about the cash in the trunk box because my late father deposited the box as family valuable Royal Gold Art work to avoid much attraction to the deposit.

I want your promise to help me and also stand by me when I get over there in your country. Note that our relationship can not only be built on money but it has got a lot to do with trust and love for human, how can we build this trust? should we be bonded by a contract bond which will be legally signed and sealed in the law court here to avoid cheats from the both of us before we proceed? I need your opinion on this, but I feel I can trust you without going into any contract bond, but if you wish you can drawft a contract agreement between you and I. then, get back to me with it so that I can go through it and take my decisions then sign it, like I said earlier that 15% of the whole US$ 16.5million goes to you for your good support and services rendered during the period of processing the release of this my inheritance to you.

So I request your full attention and that you should be there to take care of the receiving of my inheritance since I can not move to your country now until my inheritance is release and delivered to you. Dear, I’m very sorry i do not have enough money to send to you now I am willing to offer a 5% out of my inheritance for any expenses that might occur as I don't have much cash left with me. Please feel free to help me out and you will never regret it.

I attached my birth certificate, my national ID with the deposit receipt so that you will know that the fund is not illegally acquired money and also I have photo of my late father when he was alive he is the middle man among the three men sitting on the couch and his burial photo which I attached to this letter, but recently burn them because I each time I look at them it make me cry, my dear you are in my heart and I believe you are the only one I will tell about this my inheritance. I do not like to remember the death of my late father because each time I remember him or see his picture, I will do nothing but to cry for the whole day, whenever I remember how my late father loved me and the name he used to call me, it makes me cry all day!!!!!.

Please view the attachment for the documents of my inheritance, life has not been easy ever since I lost my father and I have been finding a way to retrieve this my inheritance as all my hope of surviving is in that trunk box, there are so many things I am lacking here as a young girl due to lack of money and the cost of living here in China, when my father was alive thing was not like this, but I know by the grace of God thing will be fine again.

I want you to give me all your heart in helping me because you are the only person I need to inform about this my inheritance so please do not to contact any other person in this matter or respond to any letter that is not from me, because I don’t want any third party on this not even your lawyer. Make sure you keep this matter secret do not let any other person to know about this my inheritance until the final release and delivery to you.

On hearing from you I will go ahead and introduce you to the vault company and give you there contact information for you to contact them as my appointed guardian to verify the existing of my inheritance. Bye for now and remain in trust while I await your reply soon.

Thanks with all my trust
Yours Faithfully
Samira DLM.

From: Kone Samira <konesamira@live.com>
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 15:47:16 -0700
Subject: I will need your full support

Hello My Dear  �,

Thanks for your message, understanding I am very glad to find someone like you, I have tried to call you on that number that you sent to me but it could not go through I dialed  � and it did not go through so I tried  � and it went through but no one answered, let me know if that is the correct number. please I will like you to know that only what I need is your full support to make this workout, for me to be able to have full access to my inheritance. the only thing I want is for us to build trust between each other as I want to trust you with all my heart but please understand that I am been afraid of getting into the hands of the wrong person this is one of the reason I need to confirm the picture of your ID with your address to be sure you are who you said you are. And also because of the nature of this my inheritance I will not like any other person to know about it other than you that you whom I already informed about it because I do not want much attraction towards my inheritance.

If there is anything you will like to know more or if you have any question to ask me about me or my inheritance please do ask and I will be glad to answer and explain to you very well for you to understand, this is my life future we are talking about here so I must have to be very careful about it so that there will be nothing to make me ruin my future or cause us confusion. I do have some money with me from which I has been taking care of my self, I can use it for any fee from the vault Company if there will be any because my father told me that he paid the vault company about 30,000 dollars for safe keeping of the consignment so I think that money can cover any fee they may require.

According to my late father and the Vault company they said that the consignment will be accorded with diplomatic immunity for safe passage at every airport, the customs will security check the consignment but will not open it, they will security check it to make sure it does not contain anything illegal like drugs or fire arm in it during the delivery, so I don't think there will be any problem delivering the consignment to you. My father said it was because he want the money to intact until I get well matured and can be able to use the money wisely, he said that he did not want to put in a banker because it will bring so many attraction to me and many may try to kill me or mislead me in other to claim the money.

Dear, please I will need your full support to make this my dream come true, I don't like to go about telling people about this my situation here because I know many will try to mislead me or advice me wrongly in other to claim my inheritance. I will like you to kindly take a picture of your ID and email it to me along with your contact address, I will need a copy of your ID to be attached in the release application form which I will submit to the Vault Company when introducing you to them, I have attached a copy of my international passport for you to be sure that I am who I said I am. I will personally introduce you to the vault company without contacting any other person.

Dear, please get back to me with the picture of your ID or the information on the ID as I needed on the release application form which I will submit to the vault Company, it will help me know you more and also introduce you to the vault company as my personal appointed guardian before you will now contact them as the person who I have already told them about that I want the consignment to be released to. I believe with your support everything will workout fine, I'm hoping to read from you soon. thanks with lots of trust and best wishes

yours truly Samira DLM
Miss Young

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