Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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Mrs Am 15.04.2014 18:09, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com

I would be glad to continue our acquaintance, I hope you have not forgotten me? I wished to write to you earlier, but I had no such opportunity. I send my photo to you, I hope you will be glad to see it :) Write to me soon, I shall wait! Yours Elena
Elena Tjanjugina
Elena Tjanjugina
Elena Tjanjugina
Elena Tjanjugina
Elena Tjanjugina
Elena Tjanjugina

Am 16.04.2014 14:23, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :

Hello my new friend.
I got your answer. Thank you very much . I am pleased to have a familiarity with you.
I did not get your picture . Why have not you sent it? I want to see a person with whom I associate. Please send me it .
You ask why I became interested in you? I will answer immediately , I like smart people. And I am pleased to communicate with smart people . Age does not matter for me. Indeed, in friendship and fellowship are no age restrictions . I hope you will agree with me . The main thing that was a good man and a good mixer .
I 'll write you a little more about yourself. I am 28 years old . My birthday is August 11. When is your birthday ? I live in the city of Samara . Have you ever heard about this city ? This city is in the middle of Russia. And you can see it on the map. It is a beautiful city with great culture. I was born here. And all my life I have lived here . I like this city . Write me also of your town . I've never been married . I do not want to say that Russian men are bad men . But I could not find a man here. Because of that I recorded on a dating site . And I want to try their luck on the Internet. Who knows, maybe of our communication will have something good ? I never had children. You have a wife and children ? With whom do you live? Write me more about yourself. Also send me more pictures of you . I would also like to see at a glance if future communication all goes well, you'll be able to come to Russia that we could have a meeting ? I want a real relationship , and I do not see the point in an empty and a long correspondence . It would be better if you can come to Russia . And we will communicate the reality . I will also be happy to talk with you on Skype . But first we need to know each other better . I hope you understand. In the near future I'll send you my skype .
Now I must finish my letter. I send a couple of my photos. I hope you like it . I'll wait for your answer . Hope to see it soon . Your new friend Elena 


Am 06.05.2014 18:41, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
My dear , I have good news. This is good news for us. I bought a ticket to Schnefeld, on May 30. I did not think that the tickets will cost so much . But less enough money. I also hope that all is well with the visa . Tomorrow morning I will be traveling to Moscow. And I'll be there for several days . I do not know anyone there in Moscow. And I will be very boring one there. I'll have to go to your embassy to get a visa . I already knew about it . I took all my necessary documents. I learned that the visa has cost about 300-400 euros . I will also be staying at a hotel a few days there . I hope that I have enough money . As you know I have to pay for the credit of my apartment . And I do not have much money to spare. But I hope that I have enough money for everything. I'll try to find an internet cafe there , and I will write to you from there . I'm very excited about it. But I will do everything necessary to get a visa .
My dear , thank you very much for your hospitality. And I'll be glad to stay in your house . I looked at the cost of accommodations . And it is more expensive . I can not afford it . I hope you will not take me a fee for pets do you have? :-) I'm kidding ! I know that you are a good and caring man . I know that you give me a lot of care and warmth . I really want to meet you . With each letter you get me closer and closer . You are pleasant and nice man . I feel something for you. This is a very pleasant and wonderful feeling. I never experienced this before. But I do not know what is this feeling , maybe it's love? ? ? ? ? ? Thanks for that feeling for me . You gave it to me. You are my good :-)! I still can not believe that we 'll see you . I've never flown on airplanes, and I'm scared a little bit. But I overcome this fear . And I know that you gave me a good time .
Now I have to collect my things . As soon as I come to Moscow , I will immediately go to the embassy . I'll have to have a job interview there. And as soon as I have the opportunity , I'll write you a letter. I also will let you know the exact time of arrival and all the necessary information . My dear , I really miss you . . . Always only your Elena


Am 08.05.2014 17:55, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
Hello my dear, how are you today ? I 'm in Moscow now . I found an internet cafe here , and I can write to you from here . I was waiting for your reply with great impatience. My dear , I went to the embassy. And I spoke with the people there . I had an interview there. I talked with the people there . I said we had acquaintance with you. And we want to meet . I also showed them the ticket. They checked all the details . And unfortunately I have some problems. They checked whether I have debts. And I do have debt for utilities. My duty is about 440 euros. I talked to my mom, she was able to help me with 100 euros. She sent the money to me, but I still need to pay 340 euros . My dear , if I do not pay the money , they will not give me a visa . I am very upset and I do not know what to do . . I paid a lot of money for tickets, and now if I cancel the trip , I will lose all the money I paid . I am very sad . Sorry, I should finish the letter . I'll wait for your answer . your Elena 


Am 09.05.2014 12:47, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
Hello my dear. Now I have to pay 340 euros. My mom sent me 100 euros via Western Union company. My dear, you can help me pay my debt?


Am 13.05.2014 19:21, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
My dear, I am very grateful to you . I could not answer you right away. Unfortunately I was still in Moscow and I do not have a lot of money . I save a lot . Internet cafes are not cheap here . And now I need to pay at least 50 euros so I could talk longer. If I pay 50 euros , I can talk to you online on Skype and without problems. My dear , you know that? Internet cafes have said that I can take payment via share fell. You can bring money through share fell ? I need at least 50 euros so we could talk . I was told that the transfer of money through share fell simple, and you need only specify my email to send and then I'll have the money in your account share fell. I hope that you can do it . And as soon as I pay for internet cafe, I can talk to you on Skype . I hope you understand. I would hope that you can help me now for at least 50 euros so we can talk online . I should finish the letter . I'll wait for your answer . I love you. your Elena


Am 14.05.2014 16:10, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
My dear, please forgive me. Sometimes I make mistakes in spelling. Yesterday I was in a hurry , I mean pay pal. You know such a payment system ? I have to pay an internet cafe. And they can take payment via pay pal. Can you help me out with paying for the internet cafe across the pay pal? You only need to know my email , so that you could do to convey. And when I have money , I can pay for an internet cafe. And we can talk to you via Skype . Yes I am still in Moscow. And I understand that you can help me , but you can help only after we will talk with you online . If you can make a payment today , I will pay , and I will call to you on Skype . Please write me as soon as possible . I am waiting for your answer . Elena


Am 15.05.2014 10:38, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
My dear, I do not tell you that one hour is worth only 4 euros . In an internet cafe , no hourly wage . You must pay a minimum price of 50 euros is the cost of one week. Do you understand that ? My mom has no more money. And she can not send it to me. About pay pal. If you have a credit card, then you will not be difficult to detect due to pay pal. You only need a credit card to attach account pay pal, and everything will work . Do you understand that ? You can contact myself internet cafe their email : admin@cafetimepro.com
I am waiting for your answer . Elena

Mrs Am 15.05.2014 15:37, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
I 'll try to explain it to you . I have to buy a subscription for unlimited internet cafe. They do not sell just an hour or two , they sell unlimited subscription . Must be purchased at least a week . My account number is 789028 , and if you want to pay directly to them , write them a letter . And reported payment information . You can just ask them about it? You can pay directly to them on Pay Pal. You need to transfer their email : admin@cafetimepro.com . Once you have made the transfer to them , tell them my account number , Pay Pal with whom you made the transfer , and the amount of the transfer. Please try to do it today. As soon as you pay my bill , we will be able to speak to you on Skype . I am waiting for your answer . your Elena
Mrs Am 16.05.2014 12:42, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
Hello my dear, how are you? ? ? I hope that all is well . My dear , can you tell me the truth ? Are you questioning my reality ? ? ? If so , I am sending you a picture that I made for you today. And I hope you get this . My dear , you know my flight will be on May 30 , but I still did a visa. And I have problems with the Internet . I have spent a lot of money for a ticket and visa. But I do not get a visa if I would not pay 350 euros. As I already told you I had a debt of 450 for utilities. My mom was able to send me 100 euros via Western Union . Now I needed to pay another 350 euros. I very much hope that you understand me . And I hope for your help . If I pay for the debt, then I get a visa without any problems . We have very little time . . I'm sending you my information :

First name: Elena

Last name: Tjanjugina

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

I'm doing everything that we could meet. And I also hope that you can make a small contribution to our meeting . I'll wait for your answer . your Elena
Mrs Am 16.05.2014 13:50, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
I do not understand you, you say you can help me only when I arrive in Germany??? Why then talk on Skype? I'll try to find a way to talk to you on Skype. Try to always be online
Mrs Am 20.05.2014 12:36, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
Hello my dear. I understand that you want to talk online . And only after that you can help me . I understand you, but you also have to understand me. Maybe I can call on your cell phone? And then we can talk to you ? Yesterday I was online on Skype , but I have not seen you online . I was very upset . We must find an alternative way . Send me your phone number so I can call you. What do you think about this? I can call you as soon as I can . I hope you understand. Please answer me as soon as possible . your Elena
Mrs Am 26.05.2014 11:19, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
Hello my dear, yesterday I was online on Skype, I tried to call you. But I received no reply. I am very sorry about that. Today I'll try to call you on the phone. And I hope that we can talk to you. your Elena 

Am 26.05.2014 20:34, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
My dear, I tried to call you. But you did not answer :-( I'll try more later

Mrs Am 30.05.2014 11:18, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com :
I returned home . My flight was canceled . I am very sorry about that. I called several times to you , but you did not pick up . Why give the phone number if it does not work ? I lost a lot of money . It seems to me that it was just naive stupidity. I do not plan to come to you. If you want you can come here himself . But I'm not giving you a guarantee that we will meet with you. I am very upset. Because it was my dream to meet you . But because you are my principles , I could not help me . I lost about 1200 euros. It's practically my monthly salary . Now I have to work to get this money back . 
Mrs Am 05.06.2014 15:34, schrieb eelena892@gmail.com
Sorry for my last letter. I was very upset. And of course I still want to meet with you. My dear, if we can establish contact via Skype. Even if we do it. I can not come to you. I spent about 1400 euros on the real costs. And I do not have the money now. Do you understand that? I can not buy anything . . And I still have debt because of which I can not get a visa. I hope you understand. What do you think about this? Write me. your Elena
Miss Young

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