Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Site: romlove
From: rwalter3rd_32455
Date: May 14, 2015

Hello friend i would like to become your friend. I just verify your details from romlove. You can mail me back on leighwilliamw@gmail.com if you don`t mind.

Leigh William Washburn
Leigh William Washburn
Leigh William Washburn
Leigh William Washburn
Leigh William Washburn
Leigh William Washburn
Leigh William Washburn
Leigh William Washburn
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2015 04:07:17 +0000
From: Leigh William Washburn <leighwilliamw@gmail.com>
Subject: Thanks for accepting my proposal

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for your reply and accepting my proposal. How is life over there, hope you and your family are fine! I am fine over here in Afghanistan. Like i said my name is Sgt Leigh William Washburn a US Citizen, from Charlotte, North Carolina considers Portland Oregon, i Graduated from Parkrose Senior High School, Portland Oregon, i am 32 Yrs years old single, Presently i am in Afghanistan at war zone for peace keeping mission due to the WAR crisis going on here in Afghanistan.

About me, I have a good heart, I am very sincere and down to earth. I have a loving heart and am very respectful and kind Woman, I have a lot of love to give, my own Religious is Catholic christian, I never judge others and am very compassionate, i love to appreciate the little things in life and am very respectful.

Dear, i have my reasons to contact you as i have something very important to share with you in my next mail. I wish to start a very strong relationship with you and my relationship with you will brings a lot of great changes in your life and maybe we can start as friend or go into business partner with my funds which i need to invest with your urgent assistance.

Dear, What do you do for a living to overcome economical expenses and to sustain your life and family? i know we are just knowing each other but we can share ideas and discuss about important things and more issues as we talk about ourselves, I like to think positively and I care about other people's feelings.

I will be very happy to know more about you, like your hobbies, Interest, Life style, Religious believe, i will also love to see your pictures, like i always says i have very very important issue to share and discuss with you in my next mail so that you will give will me a solution about it, Let me stop here for now,i expect an urgent respond from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,
Sgt Leigh William Washburn

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 08:55:00 +0000
From: Leigh William Washburn <leighwilliamw@gmail.com>
Subject: Confidential

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your mail and am very happy for your interest, I hope you and your family are fine. Am also fine here but just that things is not so easy for me because from time to time our military colleagues are being attacked by car bombs and insurgents but I thank God for saving my life everyday.

Dear, as I informed you about something very important to share with you. Listing to this, during one of our rescue mission with my Military groups we came across a safe box that contain huge amount of money that belongs to the revolutionaries, which I believe they are using the money to buy weapons and ammunition's land for war, after I discovered the fund it was agreed by all our military parties of present in that mission that the money will be shared between us.

However, out of the total fund my share was $ 4.700.000.00 (Four Million Seven Hundred Thousand USD), right now I am seek your assistance to evacuate my share of the money, which is $ 4.700.000.00 to your place as quickly as possible, at the moment I am deeply afraid of losing the funds here due to the level of attacks everyday, dear if you can assure me that my funds will be safe in your care until I complete my service here in the next few months. there are no risks involved.

Considering my position in service, I keep the funds in a treasure box and deposited it to UN Security office here as family items, I don't have bank account here and due to my position in services, I can not transfer the fund because all our activities are monitored. Also our military communication here are only radio message and internet facilities. To avoid losing the funds here due to the level of crisis everyday, I have made a solid arrangements with a UN Security office, they agreed and promised to send their diplomats to deliver the treasure box to any destination of my choice.

I need your urgent assistance and as you assist me receive the fund, I shall be compensating you with 30% of the total fund personally, while the remain of the balance shall be my investment capital in your City which will still be under your control until I meet you. Please don't discuss this issue to a third party, if you have any reasons to reject this offer, please delete all my email conversation with you because any leakage of this information will be very dangerous for me considering my position in services.

If you have accepted to assist me please do send me your information as follows for me to know more about you:

1 Your direct telephone/Mobile fax numbers:
2 Your full names and address:
3 Your Age:
4 Your Occupation:
5 Nationality:

Thanks and remain bless, your urgent reply will be highly appreciated, I hope my explanation is very clear but if you need further clarification, then send your questions, I expect to hear from you soonest, always taken good care of yourself and also put me in your daily prayers.

Yours Faithfully

Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2015 07:10:55 +0000
From: Leigh William Washburn <leighwilliamw@gmail.com>
Subject: Contact this security company

Dear Friend,

Thanks for your quick respond, I appreciate your concern towards receiving this box in your place. I am just coming back from UN Red Cross Security Agent office here for the submitting of your details for them to deliver the box to you immediately without wasting any further time, but I was not happy over the news i got from them, the UN Red Cross Security Agent office sent the box to Worldwide Diplomatic Delivery Company in United Kingdom for safe keeping due to the gravity of attack and crisis here on daily basis.

They apologies to me for taken the box out of they office without my notice. The reason given to me was due to my box was register under high premium insurance policy, that makes them to took the decision of moving it into the Worldwide Diplomatic Delivery Company in United Kingdom based on daily attack crises over here.

So below are the details of the insurance company given to me by the UN Red Cross Security Agent office here. They directed me to get in touch with the Worldwide Diplomatic Delivery Company for them to deliver the box to you. They collected your details and send to the Security company and they also directed that you should contact them for immediate delivering of the box.

Right now, i want you to contact this mentioned Worldwide Diplomatic Delivery Company in United Kingdom with below details given by UN Red Cross Security Agent office.

Worldwide Diplomatic Parcel Delivery Services
Office Address: 185 Queens Road, Watford,
Hertfordshire, WD17 2QH,
United Kingdom
Email: info@wdpds.com
Tel: +(44)7790596942
website: www.wdpds.com

When you contact Worldwide Diplomatic Parcel Delivery Services, tell them you are the partner of (US Military officer Sgt Leigh William Washburn) and you want to know the possibility of delivering a consignment box contains family items of Sgt Leigh William Washburn to your country. I will also send them an email, i want you to understand that the funds inside the consignment will be under your control until i join you soon.

Please always put me in your daily prayers because from time to time my military colleagues are being attacked by car bomb and insurgents are also attacking us and some are dieing instantly, right now i am living in fear, so immediately you receive the box in your place i will make arrangement to resign my job without waiting the complement time of my services, and then come over to your place immediately.

Dear, please please please please for security of the funds, do not allow the Worldwide Diplomatic Parcel Delivery Services or the person who is coming to deliver the box to your house to notice that the treasure box contains funds inside, please keep everything for yourself because everything concerning this consignment box is intact between us and on no account should you expose this information to anyone.

Take good care of yourself, i will be waiting to read your urgent reply, please contact the Worldwide Diplomatic Parcel Delivery Services with the above details as soon as you read this mail.

Thanks And God Bless.

Sgt Leigh William Washburn

From: Worldwide Diplomatic Parcel Delivery Services <info@wdpds.com>
Sender: <outlook_7eef7e5a534081eb@outlook.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2015 16:30:17 +0100
Subject: From Worldwide Diplomatic Parcel Delivery Services

Tuesday, June 23, 2015.

Attention Mr. ,

We the management of Worldwide Diplomatic Parcel Delivery Services has verify and confirm the Deposit of Sgt Leigh William Washburn correct in our customer Database which is purposely for delivery to your care. We are pleased to inform you that your request has been granted.

And Worldwide Diplomatic Parcel Delivery Services would like you to know that it would be our pleasure to be able to provide you our expert services. We wish to inform you that every onward arrangement have been put in placed already to ensure a successful delivering of the box to any of your nominated home address.

Note that this box was deposited by UN Red Cross Security Agent office authorities on behalf of Sgt Leigh William Washburn under high premium insurance policy that is why we are going to deliver it to you through diplomatic system of delivery to avoid confiscation of the box by your country airport authorities.

However, we have received your information and hereby confirmed all your data to be intact. The management of Worldwide Diplomatic Parcel Delivery Services want to notify you that Sgt. Leigh William Washburn consignment box that is assigned to you to receive has been registered with our company for delivery to your country.

Website: www.wdpds.com
Link: http://wdpds.com/tracking.php
Invoice No.: EA034654246BR
Tracking PIN: 91871507

In reference to our previous mail the cost of the delivery is as follows:
Airway Freight: ....................... £1200 GBP
Insurance: ..........................£300 GBP
Custom Clearance: ...................£1680 GBP
Total Cost...........................£3180 GBP

You have to pay for this charge before lifting the consignment to your country. Upon receipt of this fee we shall proceed with other external processes that will lead to the delivering of the consignment box to your home.

As soon as we received the payment of £3180 GBP of the custom, Air Freight and insurance charges, then the Airway Bill for the Shipment will be attach to you in respond to this mail for your perusal. And The delivery diplomat will contact you upon his arrival in your country international airport.

You can make the payment to us through Western Union OR Money Gram Transfer with the below information:

Receiver's name: Steven Peters
Receiver's address: United Kingdom
Question: yes
Answer: yes
Sender's name: ................
Sender's address: ..............
MTCN: .....................................

Thank you for your cooperation as our customer's satisfaction is our pride. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Yours In Services
Steven Peters
Senior Services Officer
Worldwide Diplomatic Parcel Delivery Services

Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 04:26:07 +0000
From: Leigh William Washburn <leighwilliamw@gmail.com>
Subject: Please help me to pay the delivery company

Dear Friend,

Nice to read from you again. I believe that our meeting is divine and with God who brought us together we will overcome every challenges. Meanwhile I am very happy for the length you have gone with the security company.

I don't know where to start as even you don't expect to spend money in this but as we can see it is something that must be done so I ask that you help by sending the money to them even if you don't have it at hand I suggest that you should try and borrow from someone and once you receive the box I will give you the code in which you will use to open it and take your money back.

Like I told you before now that as a military here I don't have any access to my account neither do I have someone now to call to lend me the money so please try and send the money to them today so that they will deliver the box to you this week. Attached are the two documents that you requested.

I am expecting an urgent respond from you soon.

Your friend,
Sgt. Leigh William Washburn



Mr , of , (Partner B'), AGE years Old, Mobil tel: , AND Sergeanr Leigh William Washburn (PARTNER A') OF a US Citizen, from Charlotte, North Carolina Portland Oregon Born on 12-01-1982 in TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital, Bowling Green..

Whereas partner A' approached partner B' for business transaction of mutual benefits to
both parties in which partner B' shall receive for safe-keeping the total sum of $4.700,000
(For Million Seven hundred thousand united states dollars only) on trust for both partners.

Now is read as follows:

1. That partner A' & B' agreed together to embark on this transaction with one accord whereby the fund afore-mentioned above shall be release to partner b' respectively from the delivery company where the fund was deposited as a consignment box.

2. I lawfully declared, assured and guarantee Mr , that every activity in relation to the claim of the funds is legal and shall be executes legally free from any breach of law in this county and environs and every information I provided to him about myself and this transaction are nothing but the truth.

3. That partner A' shall be responsible for all other groundwork that will ensure swift delivery of this fund to partner B'. While partner B' shall finance the delivery.

4. That partner A' and B' shall be entitled to 70% and 30% respectively.

5. That these percentages indicated will only be binding after all the necessary expenses incur in the course of this transaction has duly been deducted as agreed.

6. That after confirming the arrival of the fund in partner B' custody, partner A ' shall fly down to meet partner B' for sharing and after the sharing partner B' shall transfer partner A' shares in any account provided by partner A'

7. That partner B' promised and agreed not to hide any information away from partner A' before and after receiving this fund.

8. That this agreement shall be valid upon mutual signature and until the above referred conditions have been fulfilled respectively and legally .any contravention by any of this two partners to any part of this agreement shall be subject to litigation.

NAME: Miss Leigh William Washburn
COUNTRY: United States of America
DATE: 28-06-2015

DATE: 28-06-2015


Miss. Leigh William Washburn OF USA (PARTNER A)
Miss Young

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