Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs De : Angela Smith < xaxslave@yahoo.com >
Envoye le : Ma, 29 Nov 2016 16:27
Sujet : It will be so wonderful to have a man with all I missed.

Hello darling,
Thanks for your message am happy to read from you at this time and I hope it will not stop at a time, I don't want to doubt you but what have seen I must confess you have to prove to me you true and capable to take care of me not monetarilly alone but will and readiness. Truly a man to love and be there for is what matters and yes if I am opportune to be with you why will I not love and make love to you, when I see you the right man for me ! I will love and never let another woman take my place beside you.
I am doing all I can to get myself to Netherlands not solely for to meet you but for what is at hand for me my family and it will be easy for us to see from there though lots to still do and prepare for and many old faces to see from far distance even my uncles have not seen since I was young but I hope to God to help and sustain me mentally and financially cos now I have no one but him to help arrange for what will be expected of me and all but I know God will do it.
I never had chance to finish my college and it will beso wonderful to have a man with all I missed and will help me to start again even to give our kids the best of knowledge. What do you aspire to be ? Do you have enough finance to do all ?What do you like and what do you hate ? What's your best colour ? How many kids you want in life ? Am sorry but can I depend on you for love and support financially ?If I visit will we be going from there ? Am sorry if I ask to many questions but its what it is now and I hope you will understand, my darling, and if this is it then am ready to be yours so I wait for your word. I have attached photos of me, hope you like them.

Kisses and hugs

Angela Smith
Mrs De : Angela Smith < xaxslave@yahoo.com >
Envoye le : Ma, 29 Nov 2016 2:13
Sujet : I wait for your words

Am in the United States at the moment but must be in Netherlands next week as I lost my Grandma and I have to be there for the burials and all so that's why I asked if you can bring me from Europe back to Canada but I guess you in Europe so that's better.
Well to tell you the truth am into BDSM and am a slave I came here because a man invited me and transported me told me he lives alone and ready to start a new life with me as his slave and woman, we even talked about our kids and more cos am not getting younger and I want have my own family cos this has always been my prayer to God but when I got here things were not as he said and he has left me for over 2 months have to survive roughly on the street if not for God in my life then I got the message about my Grandma and now am running up and down to get back so its hard time for me and the man am suppose to lay on his shoulder he he just forsook me when I think of it am surprise cos I thought I know him and why I ask about you want cos most you men are deceitful and wicked they play prank to get what they want and then that's all so what do you really want cos at this moment I don't need a man to joke with I have issues in my life already now and to add thinking of disappointment from man I think of my life with I don't want please. . I don't know why I told you all this about me but I have written from my heart and yes am confused now don't know what to expect in life and you why have you come into my life now you ready for a woman with you? please I don't need childish play now not this time and not this age of me please cos I believe young people are always jokers so are you different do you really want a future with me or just fun ? can you fend for me take care of me and my future kids ? Are you truly ready for a woman can you wipe my tears away ? Are you real ?
Tell me and show me your pictures I will send mine also and will see if God has brought you for me at a time I needed am not sure but if it is then a dream come through for me.
I wait for your words
Angela Smith
Mrs De : Angela Smith < xaxslave@yahoo.com >
Envoye le : Je, 1 Dec 2016 15:06
Sujet : Honey, can you help me with my basic needs ?

Yesterday I was at the airport here in Memphis but the price I saw is so so much I had to sell my iPhone 7 bought for me not long ago to raise more money and still not enough needed $185 more but God willing i met a good samaritain who was so so there for me and cleared me out so I will be moving later today but now the next phase is that I have nothing on me as am leaving for the burial arrangement and expenses am the only one left of my mother to do her rights as she no more so I have a lot to carry for my Grandma burial and every help and support I can get now will be so so useful I have no man in my life save you now darling and am sorry to say but now is the time to see if you are serious with me if you can take care of me.

To answer you, BDSM is not my job but a lifestyle, so it does not stop me from living my normal life and I do not need a slave as I am also but a master and a man to handle and cuddle me to be a resting shoulder for me in dark times so am ready to come meet you maybe preferably in your student room as it may not be convenience but first I must be through with this mountain in front of me so I ask for your helpnot as your woman yet but as someone in dying need of support, whatever you can afford to help though I can not bother you with the burial things as it is a family problem but if you can help me with my basic needs as a woman for the ceremony I will never forget the good and I want you know am not trying to scam you ok, because you might think so but I tell you all this from the depth of my heart, PLEASE. .

I may not be able to see your reply till I reach but I will hope to get a favourable response from you and one that will give me joy when I come and I pray God give you the means to do and anywhere you take from to do God will replenish in thousand and million folds because yes man may not pay back the good but God surely will and I hope I can find refuge and solace in you and to know I have found something to hold on to in you. Prove me I have a man to call mine and to build and achieve with you for the future do this for me and I will never think twice again about you and i will fight for what I have. Do this and I will know God has brought you for me at the time I needed most.

God bless you for me and support you to support me and make this for real my dream come through, I have attached one picture for you as I don't have much here because my phone is gone, I will send you more when I have the means.

Much Love and Kisses

Mrs De : Angela Smith < xaxslave@yahoo.com >
Envoye le : Di, 4 Dec 2016 14:52
Sujet : I wait for your message, my love. .

My darling, i keep getting more happier each time i read from you and i can't just but hope and pray that this i have now is real and mine and have come to stay in my life for a while if not forever. It was nice to read back from you and to be sincere i have many things that i would have loved solved but i do know you a student and i can not bother you the burial arrangement as it's our family problem i think now only my basic needs for this days ahead is maybe what i will prefer most at this moment you do for me, darling.
I don't have much cloths and with this ceremony here i will need new things as people i have not seen for a while will be around and at least i need to look of my best and am sorry to bother you with this but this is a woman basic need am sure you understand.I saw a long LouisVuitton black wool jacket i would love wear to the cemetery after the burial service it will cost me EURO 330 and also a nice second hand varnished leather loafer shoe for EURO 195 i love it because its very low and easy for me to wear even when busy i will not have difficulty with it, i have some shirts and skirt i can wear under it and a nice LouisVuitton eye glasses to go with it so with this am good to go.

The very important thing my darling is that i arranged for kale stew and French fries with white asparagus and meat croquets and few other things for that day and in the morning of it we will have sandwiches with cheese maybe with peanut butter and in the evening some potatoes with vegetable and meat or fish and followed by dessert just for my friends and near families who will come, it's for my own gathering this will cost me about EURO 530 but i already paid EURO 150 so the balance is what i must get please and my darling i sold my phone but i think i will need one now even if its iPhone 4 or 5 at least to take some pictures and share the memory and most importantly i would be able to hear your voice and we can talk better share more pictures and love and truly it will help me know you more but this am not saying compulsory if there is not enough but i somehow need it to communicate if not with any then you cos now that France is my destination in a week or two after we done with all burial rites I can be closer even as distance is there and you will see some of what is being done at the burial so i dont know what you can do for me i have friends who can help get affordable phones like EURO 230 but normally its around EURO 480 upwards, so this things are what is necessary for me in few days time am not asking you do all ok just whatever little assistance you will give will be very much appreciated and God in his grace will bless and repay you for this and I will never forget this as it will be a prove of what I must fight for and I think I do not need who is wealthy to make my dream come through but also who we can build our future together and do great things in life together. Children are strongly on my mind now and I think I must tell you this I hope you have the same view I want a family of my own and now I can not doubt if it's with you my love, I want be with you I know God is all so I pray he help us and direct out paths and make all we want come through but I want you know I want you if you want me.

And now my love and master I want to know what are the things that makes you happy and what are the best things a lady can do for you to gain your heart, what are your best colors in life what are the things that turns you on and most especially what are the things you dislike and hate most and i can get to tell you about what i love and also some i dislike and hate let me get to know you for real as you are and we hope for what is to come.

I wait for your message, my love, and yes it's love but it must grow because I found happiness since I met you and I wait to see that my dreams are real i have sent some of my pictures for you only and i would like to see some of you too for me only i want see you also naked as you came to this world as i have shown you let me want you.

Kisses and hugs to you, my love, from my heart.

Angela Smith
Mr De : Angela Smith < xaxslave@yahoo.com >
Envoye le : Lu, 5 Dec 2016 0:44
Sujet : I can't wait to read back from you

Am speechless, darling,as you have just given me a reason and hope at this time and what a time to meet you cos when I got your message earlier I was like a student !I want meet you and see you for real in whatever room you got so long you live on your own and you got toilet and all we can cook ? We go out together come in together nobody knows what's going on inside the house then am not that fat I guess and have always wanted to see your country and now I got a chance to move out and see what is out there for me why will I not want come ? If this is real then I will be over there as soon as the burial is done, by 13th 14th i should be moving as nothing to wait for.
How are you ? I would love to know your grade and point I hope you don't mind ? cos I feel am meeting a genius.
Am sorry darling as I can not use the bank now I had issues with my account earlier this year someone send me money and later after few days bank said fake and I had to pay some and my account blocked for some time till now if i have anything to collect its with my friends details before but please darling I want you help send to my cousin in Dubai, His mother is sister to my mum they both dead now so he lives there with his family but he will be coming tomorrow or next for the burial I will contact him for his details I will just message him on this as I have not told him before, he will get back to me in few hours time so please give me sometime to get the details and I know he will help me I will tell him expect some for me before he leaves Dubai for Netherlands and its easy for me to just collect from him when he comes. . Thanks so much my darling this is still new relationship we have to go one step at a time but I will love and hope to struggle and fight to make it work.
I told you I sold my phone and its just a new phone very clean but I had to fight for the present so it gone and with my files I was able to save only few pictures to my mail urgently as I was not expecting to part with it but there was nothing I could do it gone and my thousands of pictures and videos and resent happy moments even the anniversary that just ended over there in US all the beautiful moments from it are gone it sad but I move on cos I know many more beautiful moments is coming and now I have no doubt next is your country. That's why I wish for to get a phone cos I have none at the moment I would love have memory of the burial with me along and I can still show them to you and many family pictures, I will have people I have not seen for so long I love pictures much I love catch the moment in camera so I can remember some days its always good for the future now I must protect my files so in the future i will get a computer so I can always save all my files and media there when I loose my phone I will have nothing to worry about. Am sorry but the few pictures I have are the only ones now except later I can get some back from friends am so sorry to disappoint you darling I will make it up to you soon you will have much photos some you will take yourself and we will take together too we will be love birds and I hope to meet a wonderful family when I meet your people, this is another thing that bothers my mind.
I have not seen much of you and why I ask for more you know I need have plenty I can see you from there and know you, love, please send them okay. I will message him now so he can send the details, okay ??

I can't wait to read back from you
Thanks & Love

Miss Young

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