Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: angela kennedy <angelakenn-16@hotmail.com>
Subject: HELLO

My dear, I am miss Angela from Asmara, Eritrea, single and 21 years old. After accessing your details in the internet site i copied out only your email address. Immediately after going through your information i made up my mind to contact you for long term relationship, because you are my choice of trust and i see nothing wrong with the choice that i have made in you. Now that i am in a state of absolute confusion I must let you know that my daddy was the Financial controler to the Common Wealth North African Region.
      About my parents; My mummy died in labour when she was giving birth to a baby in the hospital in Asmara, and both my mummy and the baby died together, then i was only 11 years of age. My daddy died in a car accident and the car driver that jamed my daddy's car ran away and my daddy's lawyer and my daddy's brother are among the suspects, and they are all against me because of my daddy's properties in Eritrea.The following information is my purpose of choosing you. Before my daddy died he made me  the beneficiary of the amount of 14.5 Million gbp in his account with Citi Bank in Dakar, Senegal, i have the bank certificate of account in my travelling bag in this prison. on my way travelling to Dakar, Senegal i arrived this Gambia on transit, on the same night i arrived Gambia i was attacked by 2 big boys in my guest house (hotel) room, they robbed me, collected my hand bag that contained all my  money, as if that was not enough, they tried to rape me so i collected the nearest object in the room and hited one of them on the head and screamed to the hearing of the neighbouring compounds and people came out and descended on the criminals, the next morning the police came to the guest house and arrested me, since then i have been kept under awaiting trial here in this central prison of Gambia because the criminal i heated died as a result of the severe beating given to him by the neighbourhood.
      I am among the girls newly appointed to head the girls sector in this prison, hence i have the advantage to use the prison computer to communicate with you, and i will be very glad to also have a detailed information about you. From here i communicated with citi bank and they said that because of the written agreement that my daddy signed with them that i must be present in their bank to withdraw the money by myself OR that i should appoint a foreign partner who will receive the money on my behalf. the money is my only hope in life. as soon as  Citi Bank transfers the money into your bank account, you will use some of the money to get me a lawyer/s to fight for my case and get me out of here, then the same week of my release you will fly down here in Gambia  and i and you will depart to your home in your country together. I want you to help me receive the amount and also be my fund and investment manager.
      Reply me only on email: Angelakenn777@hotmail.com  ONLY. In your reply do give me your house address.
With all my love,
Miss Angela Kennedy
From: Angela Kennedy <angelakenn777@yahoo.com>
Subject: my freedom, pls, send me the orphanage childrens photo

My dear, thatnks for your words, i will be glad to be friendly with the children and be taking care of them. you have to re attach the orphanage children photos you told me that you will send me.
     In this prison most of the times we feel lonly and we use to discuss and share one another stories, one will ask you what brought you to this prison and you will tell her, after telling her your own story, she will also tell you her own story, when i was newly brought to this place i use to stay very quiet and there was a room mate who came and asked me what brought me to the prison and i told her and she told me that the problem that is in my case is because of the man that paralysed, that if that one did not paralyse i will not be here and she consoled me and after that she started telling me her own reason why she is in this prison, here all fellow girls call me Angel instead of angela, and every of them wants to be my friend, some call me lonly angel, because of the first week i came here i use to be very quiet and alone. and honey i am not photogenic, i am more beautiful in physical appearance than in photo, dont worry when you come you will see that i am not photogenic.
      Here i use to dream but most of the time when i wake up i use to forget the dream, but latter i use to remember the dream gradually if i concentrate. i like music and i like entertainment places, i like watching entertainers. and i like reading books.
       what is most important to me now is my freedom. so after the bank transfer the money you will withdraw enough money from it and come to this Gambia to free me or send enough money that will be used for my freedom. with 5000 i will be freed from here, my room mate who came here before me told me that the prison boss use to take bribe and release prisoners, she has stayed here for 4 years and some months, she told me that if the bribe is given that the prison boss will use some of the money to bribe the court judges and prosecutors to judge in my favour, she said that the prison boss will have the court call up my case and with the bribe given to the judges and prosecutors the case will be judged in my favour and i will win the case, that the opportunity that i have is that i am under awaiting trial and that as i said that 5000 is nothing, i will be out the under 7 days that i give them the money. she said that that is the only way i can be freed, that if not i will be here for years or for life, she said that many have been released because they paid the 5000. I have to stop here.
     How to locate me in this prison is Address:
 Ask for me : Angela Kennedy ( The Eritrean Girl)
Visiting hours:
from 9.00am to 12.00pm every day.
Visiting days: WEDNESDAYS and SUNDAYS
To visit me, you must have to go to the high court to obtain a visiting card before they will allow you to see me at the post of this prison. I am writing more.
I remain yours ever,
Miss Angela Kennedywith all my love and kisses

From: Angela Kennedy <angelakenn777@yahoo.com>
Subject: My wishes and photo

My dear, i am worried to hear your voice, you have to give me your mobile phone number. what address do you want is it my prison address or my address in Eritrea? In this prison there is no access to phone, but one of the prison warders told me that if i want to be calling you that i must give her some money and she will give it to other of her colleagues and they will know that i have paid them for secrete calling, she said that she use to do it secretely with some of the prisoners who have the calling money to give her, she said that she also make little profit out of the money, that she will be buying calling cards from outside for me each time i want to call you. and whenever i want to call you that i should tell her so that she will secretely bring the calling phone handset to her office and that i must make sure that it is your mobile number that you will send me so that i can get through to you immediately i do the secrete calling. but the problem is that i have no any cash at hand to pay them.
        I want you to help me come out from here and i want it to be done as soon, and i dont want even a single person from your country or Eritrea to know that i am in this prison, so that they will not send food poison to me in this prison, please it is for my safety and peace of mind. i will like to let you know that what i want first from this life is peace of mind, since the death of my daddy i have not been peaceful within myself because i dont know who is who in my town Asmara, i mean that i dont know who is my family friends and family enemies because they also burn my daddy's cars and set our house on fire and that made me not to have peace of mind and i will never return to Eritrea, Coming to the wishes for myself, the best wishes for me is for you to invest my wealth substantially, i mean you making a substantial investment of the money, and while you take care of the investment and management of my wealth, i will be schooling in one of the best universities in your country, also tell me your best wishes
      My problem is that Citi bank instructed me to appoint a foreign partner who will receive the money on my behalf according to the agreement that my daddy signed with them. so i will write a letter to Citi bank and tell them that you are my foreign partner and the bank will surely transfer the money into your bank account for me, and from my money in your account you will buy your ticket and come to gambia to use part of the money to release me and take me with you. my mind us strong because I know that through your bank Citi bank will give me your bank address and how to locate your bank address after the transfer, so i am very safe about how to locate you through your bank after Citi bank transfer the money into your account for me. And when i come to india you will take me to your bank where my money is and i will withdraw all the money and redeposit it in 4 current or savings accounts with 4 big banks in India and i will leave 10% of the 14.5m in your account as your compensation for helping me. I have attached my photo to this letter, If possible do also scan and send me your photo. 
      Always inform me before taking any step and hence-forth always write me through this my email : Angelakenn777@yahoo.com because i mistakenly allowed the prison warder computer operator to see the password of my hotmail address. 
      I am waiting for your reply.
Miss Angela Kennedy with all my love

my photo
From: Angela Kennedy <angelakenn777@yahoo.com>
Subject: this is the letter that i sent to the bank

Dr. Desmond Sakjue (Bank officer)
Foreign Opearations Office.
Citi bank 
2 place de L Independence
Dear Sirs,
      My name is Miss Angela Kennedy, the daughter of Dr. Edwin Kennedy of 19 medical road, Asmara, Eritrea. My daddy's (Dr. Edwin Chachangolo Kennedy) bank account number with your bank is 401/9557240776. My daddy died at airport road in Asmara, Eritrea.
      Before My daddy died he made a WILL stating that the 14.5m in his account will be given to his only child (my self), Miss Angela Kennedy who is the beneficiary to his bank account in your bank (Citi bank), and your bank is aware of this. i have communicated with your bank and your bank have assured me that my inherrited money is save and secured in your bank, that i should get a foreign partner who will receive the money on my behalf, that when i do that your bank will process and send all my inherrited money into my foreign partner's account for me according to your bank law and the agreement that my daddy signed with your bank. As your bank instructed i am sending this letter for the Citi bank to be aware that any time from now my personally appointed foreign partner and fund manager will send you a letter through email to your bank to know the informations that you will need from my partner for your bank to transfer the money into my partner's account for my intended investment. You can first transfer 4.5 million gbp and after that you will transfer another 5 million gbp and after that you will transfer the remaining 5 million gbp. please i want you to help me transfer the money.
my financial manager's name is: xxxxx
Address is xxxxx
Email is; xxxxx
       I have attache my daddy's deposit certificate. Thank you very much,
Miss Angela Kennedy
the daughter of late Dr. Edwin Chachangolo. Kennedy
Bank account number. 401/9557240776

From: Angela Kennedy <angelakenn777@yahoo.com>
Subject: you have to email the bank

My dear, I have access to yahoo messanger, my id is angelakenn777@yahoo.com
      I have emailed the bank many times and explained to the bank that i am in banjul central prison here in Gambia but the banker incharge keep replying me that that because of the agreement that my daddy signed with Citi bank that the bank cannot deduct any money from my daddy's account to send to me except if i come to their bank, that i should appoint a foreign partner who will receive the money on my behalf because of the agreements that my daddy signed with their bank. The banker told me that they cannot change the bank laws because of me, that that is all. 
      You have to email a letter to the bank and tell them that i have appointed you to be my foreign partner and my fund and investment manager and you will ask them what are the information that they will need from you for them to transfer the money into your account for me for the purpose of the investment because that is the key thing they will need to hear or read from you. i will write a letter and send it to citi bank and you should also write your own letter and send it to the bank. you have to address the letter:
Dr. Desmond Sakjue (Bank officer)
Foreign Opearations Office.
Citi bank 
2 place de L Independence
      I have attache my daddy's bank certificate of account to this letter, please keep it safe and personal i also attached the picture of our house that was set on fire, and you should keep the document and all our information to yourself only. I want you to email and call the bank by yourself and talk to them
    I am waiting for your reply
Miss Angela Kennedywith all my love

our house that was set on fire

The my daddys deposit certificate

From: Citi Bk Plc <info_2citibanksenegal@yahoo.se>

DEPOSIT A/C NO. 401/9557240776

I have been asked by the director of Foreign operations/Wire Transfer to write you in respect of our customer's mail regarding her Fund Transfer. 

Actually Dr. Edwin C. Kennedy is one of our customers with some substantial amount of money deposited with us and his daughter Ms. Angela Kennedy is the next of kin to his account.

Before our bank will transfer the fund into your bank account, you are requested to provide the following requirement Without exception:
1. Your International passport or national Identity Card Number.

2.  A Power of Attorney permitting you to claim and transfer the fund into your bank account on behalf of Miss Angela Kennedy: This Power of attorney must be endorsed by the International Debt Reconciliation Attorney of the government of  the republic of Senegal.

3.  An Affidavit of Oath from Senegal High Court which is to be obtained by the same International Debt Reconciliation Attorney of the government of the Republic of Senegal.

Consult the International Debt Reconciliation Attorney to obtain the above legal document from the high court of Dakar, Senegal.

Contact information:

TEL: 00221.77.5200992

The above documents are compulsory, and are needed to protect our interest, yours and the next of kin after the transfer has been completed.

These shall also ensure that a smooth, quick and successful transfer of the fund is made.

NOTE: Forward the above documents to us along with your bank particulars where the fund will be transferred.

We promise to give our customers the best of our services.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Desmond S. Brown ( Fund Release Officer)
International Remittance Department

No. 2 place De L' Independence,
Tel: 00221.77.2705335


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