Miss Young

Mr. Jeff Jefferies says: "there are ways of getting visas within 5 days"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Fredric.

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Hey Miss Young


This is the ”woman” I thought, I was suppose to know and was coming to live with me, in Norway. I have to say, that she/he is very good and the first money I send, was to pay for her internet, so we could keep in touch ( 324,27 USD )( by Western union )

    I met her on shadii and her profile was ( cute_uk_uk_1976) I Emailed with them and they deleted her profile. She was supposed to come from Broxburn Scotland. Her mother was from Scotland and her father was from Nigeria and they had a lot of problems in the family, so she and her father fled to Nigeria ( what a story, right ? ) well, anyhow, We chatted a lot and I send her money for a planeticket   (2788,25 USD ) and then ?????????????? she was going to leave. But there were something about     BTA     ??????     to make it short, I payed for that tooo   ( 1500 USD )

    And I got a flight detail from Jeff Jeffries and I was expecting her a few days later ?????????   but then I got a mail from Jeffries, that something was wrong with her british passport and I had to pay for a VISA and this is some of, what he wrote.  

  Sir, what i think you can do now because she wrote
your name down as the sponsor and person coming to
meet in Norway, based on our recconmdation to the
embassey here in Nigeria there are ways of getting
visas within 5 days to a week and the other one within
2 weeks,they call this type automatic visa mainly for
foreigners, like your wife's case. based on your
expectation of her. the 1st type which is with 5 days
to 1 week at most will cost 1025euro and the other
type which is for about 2 weeks will cost her 875
euro.and if you want us to proceed on it please e mail
us back back as soon as you get the e mail so we can
recommend her document back to the embassey here.sir i
hope you will not let us delay things so much and i am
hoping you e mail me back ASAP. if you wanted to pay
the money either by bank transfer wire or money
transfer you can let it go to our treasury department
or send it to your wife so she bring it down here .
here is the information you will need.
  ZIP CODE  23401


Enough is enough, ok ?

BIUTIFULSTELLA@YAHOO.COM <biutifulstella@yahoo.com>


I send all the pictures too, of her.


stella 1 stegzy stella sitting




This is the person, supposed to be her boss and which I send the money to. She is a nurse and he is a doctor ???????


Stephen Martins






ZIP CODE :   23402


His phone is still on





mr.Jeff Jefferies


jeffluv11@yahoo.co.uk       I mailed KLM at the murtuala Mohammed airport and they didn’t know him.



This is something about him tooo




on my bed

stella posing


. Fredric lost a lot of money before he realized that it was a scam. Learn from his experience!

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