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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Hello Dear ,
  It is my pleasure to seen your reply.Meanwhile compliment of the day to you and all around you!!!!!!!!  I wish to say thanks very much for your mail to me cos it is very hard to confide or reply a strenge mail from someone through the internet in this new generation .So how is things in general?hope sound perfectly cool with you and your family in this 2007?well we have to give thanks to the almighty God for his love and kindness on we all.I was not happy to see in the content of ur mail that you did not elaborate more about urself, country and family background.
Well more about me as i told you in brief in my first mail that I am a 25 years old student who is about to graduate soon& from a christian family, (senstive in humour as you said)  I work out my daily activities & love to read in  English variety of books, I think I am sensitive and kind to people, my mother says that I am good looking take a good care of my body and my look, also I think I have a good sense of humor enjoy going to theater ,concerts and be a good Christian. And that teach me to be open minded, forgiving , loving and of my hobbies like to laugh, I live to be spontaneous, and I am usually up to trying any good thing at least once, I love relaxing indoors after the days activities by watching movies,reading and a littel sleep to relax my veins and artries. I have peace in my heart that God will give me the sweetest person in the whole universe, mature, fun to be with, warm hearted, and would be able to cry on his shoulder and he will also cry on mine too.Meaning that i am single but with my past experiance with my ex-boy friend i don't want to go into any immediate reletionship with anyone untill i have been healed by the past experiance,pls don't ask me more about the problem cos it is like opening a healing wound. . . . .So I can say like Paul,“though I am not what I ought to be nor what I wish to be, nor yet what I hope to be, I can truly say I am not what I once was” only can be tell by people!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Little About Me
My sign I do not believe in signs and i am 1.62 meters tall,white in colour but prefer red as my favourite colour.  I'm a people person. .Very warm. .Giving. .Committed to family. .Friendly. .Funny. . I think I am Smart. .ahhhhand hope to be full of charm. .Favourite Things My favourite things include my family and my  education mostly followed by other interesting things. I have one sister and a brother behind me. . . . Pyjama pants. .Towels right out of the dryer. .Hobbies and Interests I like being at the library or hostel, reading, watching movies, camping, hiking, riding bicycle, and laughing. . I don't smoke but at time take alcholic occassionally. . . . . My favourite Quote 1)"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own joy." Robert A. Heinlin2)"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times- with the same person."3)"Marriage = permanent tag-along"Hope to hear more from you concerning your family and life experiance and i will  send you my picture in my next mail i hope you will send me yours while getting back to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!extend my greetings to your family. Take care and May God bless you.
Yours Judith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
judith Hello Dear , 
Seeing your mails with such great interest bring so much happiness to me.it was full of sincerity and honest. I simply love it content. They make my days good as i got it. I was really wondering a person like you surely will mean world to your parents and people around you . Well how is life generally with you over there for me life  goes on here smoothly.
Dear, i know you are aware of the deadly katrina hurrucan catastrophy that hit the coastal gulf of America for some period now,really this is very uncomfortable toward the approch of the American government,could you imagine it were the outside world problem the American government will be the first to intervain and render help but their responds to the internal problem off recent was the way the American citzen expected.Many are looking at it maybe cos it is mostly affected the black or that the war in iraq have exhusted the America resources that is why they could not act immidiately.If you calculated the properties lost it ammount to 10 to 16 billons dollars,the exact death tole figure have not been able to be given accurately.Displace homes and people have not been given good shelter and feeding if not when the masses compalin that puch Mr Bush to viste most of the affected areas immidiately.Sincerel i am totally disappointed by the behavours of the American government toward this incidence that happends.
If you remember the past tsunmani crisi and that of the present endless war in Iraq which has kept a lot of worries in me. It has lost its whole purpose, which i thought in the past never existed. The news of people losing their lives is very disturbing. As my father who have been a navy man for 19 yrs and I was even born and brought up in Military environment in US, wars really upset me. I hope all this madness of men killing each other along with thousands of ladies and children comes to an end soon.
Sincerely the shock  of the news of the indian ocean catastrophy(tsunami) last time which made me to shade tears at any time i memorised that incidence, i wonder if we are approching the end time cos things which never happend started happening,so this kept me wondering where the world heading to as a question to myself? In this mail was an attachement from co-operate world. I will always send you attachments from this section of inco-operation if found anyone of interesting, which will generally be good for you.  If you have anything to tell me about the attachement of the co-operate world fixtion.you are my choice of man and will be happy to meet you in person one day.Pls i would have send  you my picture but due to time factor but i promised to do that definitely next mail okay.
Well dear, I am really happy to have know someone like you which i know will be a bonus to my friendship and you may write me when your busy schedule is less.So do write to me as when your heart desires and when you find time.
With lots of love and warm regards from,
Yours Judith.
judith Hello Dearest ,
Thankss for your mails to me i am really greatful for knowing ur type of person, Normally, I would have like to spend time on the net with you chatting irrespective of the time difference but due to time lost attending conferences and as a final year student, I spend most of my time in the library trying to make up for the time.
Thanks, it is my great pleasure meeting you as well and I pray that we develope a healthy,sincere and lovely relationship  acceptable to both of us in the future with strong health,i love mostly brave man with high way of thinking and interligent like you, here attached is some of my photos as I wish and will send u in due time to come,i expect ur pics too.
Good news I will be previllage to visit Africa this year 2007, In my department (International relation) we have been selected to attend International conferences which are to take place, firstly here in United States  and also in  African Island , I will like and be happy if you can take a time out of your busy time to attend both conferences with you as my lovely pal or friend.This is only on the grounds that if it pleases you to attend the confrence with me. It is totally your choice.please let me know whether you would like to attend the conference and if you would, only forward your full name and contact address to enable me prepare the invitation for you and I will give you the link to the organisation secretary inorder for you to contact them.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks Yours Lovely.

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