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Cordelia Lincoln says: "Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck" Cordelia

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him izzyeyes.

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Hello Miss Young,
Many Thanks  for  running '419.bitten us .com' site.
It saved me from blundering big time.
I always thought I was ...well Until I had these.
Can you please edit and publish attached emails to stop someone getting hooked by this scam.
I have taken my email add out from the correspondence below and called myself izzyeyes.
I wonder what they would try next
ta for your good work.
God Bless



  Date: July 11, 2007 06:11:00 AM PDT
To: cordelia lincoln  cordelialincoln44@yahoo.com
Responding to your message left on G.D.com.
Yes, I would like us to link up as friends.
However I would also like to say that am based in the U.K
i live in the outskirts of London, commute to work closer to London
I have not been to Ghana for a long time, so don't know how I can be of assistance to you on your trip...but we'll see. Hope to hear from you and we'll talk some more ;that is if you'll be so kind to leave me your tel/mob.no.
Have a good day.
Cordelia On Thursday, July 12, 2007, at 08:37AM, "cordelia lincoln" <cordelialincoln44@yahoo.com> wrote:
>                Hello,
>         Thanks for your letter,first let me say compliment of the season to you. Sometimes, life certainly can feel that way  and what better shelter from the storms and trials of daily life than friendship and to know that there is someone out there you can fall back on. Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be but when you lock eyes with them, you know that every moment they will affect your life in some profound way.And sometimes things happen to you at the time that may seem horrible, painful and unfair, but in reflection you realize that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, will power or heart. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck. illness, injury, love, lost moments of
> true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere. Safe and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless-the people you meet affect your life. The successes and downfalls that you experience can create who you are, and the bad experiences can be learned from. In fact, they are probably the most poignant and important ones. So if you're seriously looking for a friend to get to know,You have found me. I am glad to meet you too. Like as I have already informed you in my previous letter about my job.I am Living alone at my own apartment given to me by my father. I am the First child of my parents. My parent have three children, two girls and a boy by name Anthony as the Last child, Joyce is second to me .The name of my father's is James Lincoln and my mother's name is Pelosi Lincoln .My father is an ex- diplomat to the United Nations while my mother is one
> of the senior personal of US department of education New york. I am single and haven,t marry once. My hobbies are reading,watching movies, listening to soft musics, long driving, swiming and travelling.I hate delay, that is slugglishness and procrastinating, I hate lies. I love some one who is trustworthy and does not smoke nor drink.I love nature and sometimes I wish I owened a house in the country not far from a city.You wake up to fresh mountain air,gaze the green senery,see green veges growing in your little garden and so much more. Kind of boring right? No, imagine I am with my sweetheart in those quite surroundings.well,I leave it to your own imagination what will hapen Some times I am always busy with the job activities during the Refugee resettlement program.I have travelled to many countries arround the globe in our course of visiting some refugee camps in other countries .I will be attending a combined conference in Africa by August 2007. The conference is
> scheduled to hold in US first and follow by the one in Africa. I am one of the organisers of the forth coming youth combined conferences taking place in the US from August 20th - 24th  and in Guine-Bissau,West Africa from 27th-31st of August,2007.  We are inviting five delegates from each of the selected countries arround the world. In our request to invite youths from the selected countries, I went in search of e-mail on the website as a means of contacting youths and organisations in these countries . I picked your e-mail from a penpal website. You will assist us in relating to one of the existing youths organisation in your country to contact the conference secretariat in the US through this fax +01-419-593-8078. or through this e-mail, yworeg2003@yahoo.com  But before they could be considered for participation in this most esteemed event, their organisation will have to forward to the above address the following requirement. 1) The organisation profile 2) The Aims and
> Objectives of the organisation 3) Their achievements so far. With this information put into consideration by the organising committee , They will be officially invited to participate in this .Our independent donor will take care of all their flight tickets and their accommodation throught their stay in the US and the organising committee will process the US visa for all participants requiring entry visas to the US . Participants will only take care of their accommodation during the other event in Guine-Bissau. As one of the organisers I knew not of anybody from your country. Hence my writing to you is to gain assess to any youth organisation in your country. If you are interested to participate and wants to represent your country, you should contact the secretary to the organiser for detail information on registration procedures and inform the organiser that I recommended you.You will need not to forward the above requirement for your group or organisation , hence I will
> give your recommedation to the secretary.You are to contact the organiser as soon as possible as all participants visa request will be forwarded to the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs for Authorisation the same. Any group visa request not forwarded on that same day will miss the the visa assistance. I am looking forward to seeing you. Please download for my photograph attached to this e-mail. Thanks, Cordelia Lincoln.
>   Contact Address: 247 24Th Street, Ogden, UT 83401
>  Fax number: +01-801-348-1515

cordelia 1

cordelia 2

Cordelia From: <cordelialincoln44@yahoo.com>
Date: July 13, 2007 12:43:00 PM PDT

 Hi dear,
   Compliments of the season , I just want to reminds you once again that if you have not made your interest known to the secretary that you should please do. Tell her that i Cordelia Lincoln recommended you to the fourth coming international conference . Here is her email address yworeg2003@yahoo.com . Try and give me feedback immediately your application to attend the programme is accepted .
 Thanks, Cordelia Lincoln.


My day was illuminated this morning U.k  time as I read yours.
Most especially the sterling work you do; refugee resettlement programme, and can not help holding you in awe and admiration.
So many of us, like I,  would love to put something back into human kind, but get embroilled in our 8 till 5 routine of daily work.
am the only son of my parents, amongst 4 all who are girls, dad went soon as I arrived in England years ago, when only 11. Mum 5 yrs ago.
The interesting thing is I came to England to study under a Grant. I am settled now, own my home and have nailed down a good job. I last went to Ghana as I've mentioned 5yrs ago for mum's funeral..but enough of sad times eh!
Brings me back to this conference invite..as much as I would love to attend ...I do not belong to a youth group or organisation, here in the Uk or in Ghana that would justify the organisers consideration of me to attend.
On a more personal level an invite to visit would be nice, vice -versa should you be coming to the U.k , you are welcomed in my home.
I have an uncle, he is the only relation of my mum left in this wide world. I intend paying him a visit before the end of this year, and would make it a point to inform you.

OH YES, I HAVE FOUND YOU,  AND YOU ME and I intend to keep.
The Guinea-Bissau trip would be nice, just to link up there, as I have not seen Africa much myself. But I have boundless energy and patience to match. Seems also we may have a lot of things in common, namely, I love the seaside as well as the countryside. I do stay in English countryside places and go for walks in the woodlands for the quiet and serentiy of it all with a Dan Brown /Robert Ludlum novel or 2.
You would not want to know, what ran through my mind,  if I were in those  'quiet surroundings of greenery and mountain air' should I be your 'sweetheart'..lol

I opened your attachment and 'vois la' there you were...and now am really blown off the surface of the water...and dripping like the flow of volcanic lava.
Now I have to get the dgicam out and get some to take a few shots of me to send.

Thanks Cordellia, your intro. was words of wisdom and music in my ears, and I shall relish them all the days of my life.
Thanks again.

Da Vinci Code
Cordelia Subject: YOU ARE WELCOME
Date: July 13, 2007 04:01:02 PM PDT
           Thanks for your e-mail. It does not necessary means that you must belong to an organisation before you can attend this event. You can just form a group of five capable persons from your country. They should be in position of their international passports. You forget looking for or joining an organisation to enable you participante in this conference.You just have to contact the organiser and inform her that I recommneded your group. I hope you will do this as soon as possible.When you contact the secretary ( yworeg2003@yahoo.com ) you should follow the instruction immediately . You are to forward the names and passport numbers of your group to the organiser as soon as possible as all participants visa request will be forwarded to the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs for Authorisation the same. Any group visa request not forwarded on that same day will miss the the visa assistance.Only 5 members accepted to participate as a group from the selected countries.Immediately you forward the names and the passports number of your group, you will receive other information on how to contact the organiser in Guine-Bissau for information on the hotels in Guine-Bissau. You have to make your hotel reservation in Guine-Bissau and then send by fax the confirmation of the hotel reservation along with the conference registration form to the organisers in the US for the processing of your visas .You shall receive your flight tickets at the airline branch office in your country. Thanks, Cordelia Lincoln.
  To: yworeg2003@yahoo.com

Can you please forward to me, the necessary documentation to apply to attend above on Africa.
Cordelia Lincoln has formally recommended me to attend.
I would be so grateful if you can forward me the forms required to register my interest.
Many Thanks
mrs From: nancy parkerson <yworeg2003@yahoo.com>
Date: July 16, 2007 04:17:00 AM PDT

                                                              Madam Nancy Parkerson,
                                                                                 PO Box 3321,
                                                                                St Lucie, Orlando Florida,
                                                                                 United States of America.
                                                                                 Tel/Fax +01-419-593-8078.

Dear Participants,
Peace and love to you all the days of your life.The forth coming
Youth's Conferences is never under advertisement.It is not open for every body
to Participate,We can only accept participants under recommendation,But
since your recommendation comes from one of our colleagues ,I will give you
the opportunity to participate in the forth coming Youth's Conferences.The
forth coming Youths Conference (AGAINST RACISM AND CHILD ABUSE ) is
scheduled to take place on August 20th-24th, 2007 at Global Youths welfare
convention Hall, 3074 St lucie Orlando Florida state , US. The second conference
on (CHILD ABUSE) will take place at Armical Cabral Hall Independence
Square in Bissau city,Guine-Bissau between August  27th -- 31st,  2007.

The theme of the forth coming Youths Conferences is to teach the youths on the need to
avoid recial discrimination and also to condemn child abuse which is
increasing every day among  youth the all over the world. The Forth coming Conferences
are being Organized by the Youths Welfare  Organisation in United States and being sponsor by our dependent donors.
 The conference is dedicated to all our beloved Brothers and
Sisters who lost their precious lives during the september 11th Terrorist
attack in New York,Washington and the recent attack in Kenya,East Africa .Every
body is entitled to Participate inthe forth coming Youth's Conferences
regardless of your Religion or belief.Only four or five Youths
are expected to participate together as a group from each Country and none of them
will be less than eighteen years,they must participate in both
Conferences.The independent Donors and the Sponsorers will take care of your entire
flight tickets,including your feeding and accomodation throughout your stay
in United States. You are only responsible for your hotel reservation in
Guine-Bissau (Africa) where the second conference is scheduled to take
place.If you are interested to participate in the forth coming Youths
conferences,you should send your names, passport numbers
together with the Country of your origin and resident through the
following fax number, +01-419-593-8078 can send the names
through our e-mail. We will open your participation file as soon as we recieve
your names along with the passport numbers and other required information
.Youwill recieve the conference Participation forms ,we will also
direct you to our Africa Coordinator as soon as your name sreach to us. Our
African Coordinator will only directyou to Hotels in Africa where you
will make your reservation.Your African Hotel reservation confirmation will
only prove to the US Bureau ofImmigrant Affairs that you must go to Africa
after U.S.Conference.I will give you more directive as soonas your names
reach to us.Please note that we are notthe US Authority authorising your visas
but we are working with dates directives from the US Bureau of Immigrant
Affairs, the authority that is in charge of authorisation of group
visas.We can not add or reduce any given requirements for
the authorisation of participants visas participating in this
events.And as such all requirements must be met by participants requiring the US
Visa assistance.Remember to forward your names,passports number ,name of
country or Originand resident as soon as possible in order to open afile for
your group. You will choose four other persons from your organisation or
find four other persons from your country to apply with you as a groupfrom
your country. When you apply as a group from your country, your visas will
be easily authorised. But if only you apply,then it is you will have to
face the Embassy alone for personal visa. You will have to go to the
embassy on your personal efforts without no assistance from the organisers and
our US Immigration Advocates. When you apply as a group from your country.
 The US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs will now believe that you have a motive to
come to the US. The US Bureau of immigrant Affairs have asked all
participants requiring the US visas for this  events,to make their hotel reservation in Guine-Bissau . This will convince the US Bureau of Immigrant Affairs thatall participants
attending the US conference will godown to Guine-Bissau after the conferenc in
the US.Without your accommodation in Guine-Bissau the US Bureau of
Immigrant Affairs will not authorise groupvisas . You must try all possibilities
to book your hotel and get the confirmation to be faxed along with your
conference registration forms.To Begin with, youhave to forward the
names and passport number of your five delegates by e-mail or by fax as soon
aspossible. Registration deadline is on the 30th of  July,2007.You
should endeavour to contact the management of the below selected hotels in
Guine-Bissau . Please note that we can not open group participation
file with names forwarded without the passport numbers.


PRACA BISSAU,GUINEA-BISSAU CONTACT E-MAIL: apart_hotelcabaco@yahoo.com

Point to note, when you make your reservation in any of this hotel,
should ask for confirmation by fax to as you will need to fax the
confirmation to the organisers in the US for the processings of your
documents.For more information and assistance as regard the selected
hotels in Guine-Bissau you can reach the secretary to the organising
committee Sr
Ricardo Da Costa through this e-mail: info_africaywo@yahoo.com
Thanks, Your sincerely.
Madam Nancy parkerson.
Date: July 16, 2007 07:48:22 AM PDT
To: cordelia lincoln  cordelialincoln44@yahoo.com
I have mailed the secretary whilst I looked at the possibility of booking days from work, for the conference.
However as said earlier, I do not need an US Visa to come to the states, as an UK National, with a British Passport, although my origins are in Ghana.
As a the works annual shutdown starts in the last week of August, when leaves/holidays are at a premium, sometimes not granted at all. It would be grossly unfair to my colleagues to do otherwise and disappear however good the cause without sufficient notice.
More so I do not have details of others/youth groups  in Ghana to give to you, to recommend, vis-a-vis how they can afford hotel rooms in The Guinea-Bissau.
If I were to be able to travel to the States, I would not necessarily need to go to The Guinea-Bissau either, which means, I would have blocked the opportunity of someone more dedicated as a youth worker from going.
I am ever so sorry to let you down on this occasion. See you in October if allowed.
Hope you have a good conference.
Date: July 16, 2007 07:57:23 AM PDT
To:: nancy parkerson <yworeg2003@yahoo.com>

Dear Nancy,
My company's annual Plant shutdown start the last week of August every year.
As a result, am not able to holidays to attend the conference Cordelia graciously invited me to.
Besides as an UK. National holding a British Passport I do not need an US Visa to visit the states, all be it that my origins are from Ghana, but more importantly it would benefit someone, youth groups from Ghana.
As a result of my inability to obtain some days off, I regret to say I can not attend the conference in the states nor in The Guinea-Bissau.
Hope you have a good conference and ..
Good Luck.
. The scammers lost interest in izzyeyes, and the scam stopped here.

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