Miss Young

"for security reasons to remove eye brows"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Alex. He is a scambaiter, so he knew from the start that he was in contact with criminals that wanted his money.

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Hi miss Young,

Now I missed a major deal of $56m!!!  Damn!!!

For some reason,they became mad with me....for not paying demurrage charge.....   isn´t that rude?



Mr Good day and greetings from Korea.

This is JANG DOO HWAN, I am a government official in the Treasury
Division of the Korean Ministry of Finance and Economy.

The Korean Government is presently experiencing a different phase in it's
history as some government personnels have discovered so many means of
enriching themselves with the co-operation of foreign partners.Corruption
reigns strong at all layers of Korean society.

A clear indication of this is that salary level in Korea is substantially
below its spending level: people making $3000 a month spending $1000 for a
night of entertainment. A son of current Korean president is said to have
spent $200,000 a month without a clear source income and hid boxes of
money in his balcony.

We do not want to be left out as this is truely our chance. These funds
are actually embezzled
as we would not deceive you. The truth is that it
is now a common place here and we are seizing this opportunity on our
part.The amount of money we have in the custody of a foreign diplomatic
personnel is US$56.9m arising from Treasury Bond & Bill Issuance which we
are directly in charge of.

I, in conjunction with 3 other government personnels,We have successfully
moved these funds out of Korea through this diplomat and he has deposited
the trunk boxes in a cargo security firm in Europe.

We are hereby contacting you because we want you to deal with the cargo
security company and claim the money on our behalf since we have declared
that the consignment belongs to our foreign business partner.
You shall also be required to assist us in investing in your country once
we get these funds.It is hoped that we can trust you with this business
otherwise, let us know so we can contact someone else. Once you confirm
the receipt of the money ,I will come over to your Country or any Country
in Europe to share the funds in an agreed percentage.As soon as payment is
effected, and the amount mentioned above is successfully transferred into
your account,we intend to use our own share in acquiring some estates

For this too you shall also be our overseas manager of all our properties
and you will be paid based on a certain percentage agreed on by both
parties. We shall rely immensely on you as we are not too conversant with
the practice outside Korea.
I and my coleagues, spoken english is bad and so we have always used the
services of
a payed translator who does the transalation for me in english writing.
Please bear with us
Please send us your business name, telephone and fax number so that we
can immediately forward it to a chamber in Europe which we have contacted
to help you with all the legal process and back up, you may need if need
be.We do not intend to waste any further time.

Prior to your interest to my proposal...in my next email, I will send you
all contacts you may need to enable us proceed without delays.
Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.please get intouch with me
on my email address as i will only be waiting for your swift

Yours sincerely,

Jang Doo-Hwan.
Mr On Fri Sep 14 03:12:33 PDT 2007, DOO-HWAN JANG
<doohwan_jang@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Thank you very much for your response and
> understanding,Following up to your response, i must express on
> behalf of myself and my colleagues at your profound gratitude for
> your reply.I contacted you because i am looking for a capable
> person with international experience, who can help me open the
> door to off-shore business for my funds. I thank you most
> heartily for taking interest in my proposal to you.I am
> exercising great discretion for not to fall into wrong hands,
> this is why i and my colleagues has seek for the help of a legal
> advicer abroad(Europe) who will be incharge of logistics and
> documentation on the release of this funds(In 2 trunk boxes)
> presently with a cargo security finance/Brokers company.I would
> need personal assurance from you that you are going to be
> fair,co-operative with me in realising this business proposal
> when this money has been finally paid to you.What I really need
> is a tested and competent associate who can handle the funds when
> it is finally
> paid. Just as i have stated in my first letter to you, this
> funds is presently deposited in Europe with the help of a
> diplomat from koria with a financial/Brokers security firm based
> in spain(Valencia). And in your favour, 5% of the total
> money of US$56.9m has been set aside for you prior to any
> incoveniences that might incure during the release of the
> consignment containing the funds presently with the security firm
> in spain. Please find below the contact details of
> this attorney we have chosen because we are not conversant with
> english speaking language and the system outside koria ingeneral
> because i use a payed translator outside the system entirely.
> getting all the necessary documents needed as this Funds was
> deposited by a diplomat.You can contact the attorney immediately
> and as we all progress together with him in making you the new
> beneficiary.I or any of my colleagues will be making arrangements
> on the possibilities of meeting with you in singapore as your
> designated destination.We hold a very vital office positions and
> for security reasons to remove eye brows from our side.This is
> why we have contacted you to help us act in this lucrative
> business venture of ours.please feel free to deal with him.I
> expect you to be giving me full details via this email as i may
> be only busy waiting for your informations via this email(
> doohwan_jang@yahoo.com).
> Your Sincerely.
> Jang Doo-Hwan
> Please contact the attorney immediately with the following
> address below and i have also sent your email and contact to
> them...He is either in spain or england.
> (Bouwman Van Dommelen Advocaten)
> www.bvd-advocaten.nl
> johanvanleigh@lawyer.com
> johanvanleigh@justice.com
> jjvanleigh@yahoo.com
> United kingdom:+ 447-031-836-536
> Spain:+34-693-243-370
Mr On Sat Sep 15 08:32:55 PDT 2007, DOO-HWAN JANG
<doohwan_jang@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear
> Friend/Partner,
> How are you today,I guess fine?...We have just received a
> letter from our attorney in europe about our investment proposal
> to you which we find very promising to your urgent aproach to the
> next step.Please feel free to act accordingly with him fully
> because we find you well connected and have a business aproach in
> the areas of investments for us.As soon as you the funds get to
> your possesion,we would like you to alert us on where you intend
> to make transfer to,If it is your bank account in austria or any
> other place...so that we can as well focus our direction to such
> place and i and my colleagues here are very gratefull for your
> kind effort.Please let us know the next steps urgently as you
> progress to the release of our funds still under the security
> vault of the security company.
> my kind regards,
> Jang Doo-Hwan.
Mr On Fri Sep 14 23:04:13 PDT 2007, johan van leigh
<johanvanleigh@lawyer.com> wrote:

> These funds is actually embezzled from Koria as you will want to
> know.
> And I believe you have been told by your friend/Partner,This
> funds is
> presently free and safe from any trace or illegal imposture by
> authorities, Because it was brought to Europe through diplomatic
> means
> and it is presently deposited with a security firm that has a
> very
> secured permanent storage facility for safe keeping in
> Spain(Valencia).Be
> further informed that I have made all confirmations regarding
> this funds
> that everyone's interest and security had been considered before
> you
> where even referred to me by your friend/partner. Be 100% free to
> act now
> to enable us bring this business to a successful completion.
> My aim as the attorney is helping you secure the necessary
> documents to
> the release of this funds.The certificate of deposit which is in
> my care
> and A change of beneficiary, A power of attorney which I will
> prepare in
> your name, giving you the full authorization to the release of
> the two
> trunk boxes from the security storage ware house i.e. the text
> below may
> need a few adoptions to comply with any local, legal regulations
> in any
> country of investment of your choice.
> The Basic Fund consist of two parts:
> The basic funds and the operational funds.
> ¤ The Basic fund consisting of USD52 million, for buying shares
> and
> investing in real estate business
> ¤ The Operational Fund consisting of USD 900.000$ for
> administrative and
> operational expenses during investment.
> ¤ 5% from the total amount which will be ($5.6m)to be paid to you
> after
> release of the funds for any inconveniences that might incur
> during the
> release of the funds,which will not be of financial embarrassment
> to you
> due to the fact and date of deposit.
> After making release of the consignment,We will have to open an
> account
> immediately with one of the banks in spain and deposit the funds
> in it
> and you can now be transfering the funds bit by bit to your
> (Accounts)designated destination for investment purpose.
> And from my findings with the help of a banker in Spain, There
> are two
> main types of banks in Spain: Clearing banks(bancos) and savings
> banks(caja de Ahorros) all banks are listed under "Bancos"
> Opening a
> personal bank Account in Spain, Both resident and none residents
> may open
> a Spanish account.To open an account, the applicant must be aged
> at least
> 18,provided proof of identity, and passport number or
> NIE(Foreigner's
> Identification number or Numero de Identification de
> extranjero).A non
> resident is entitled to open a non-resident Euro account(cuenta
> de euros
> de non residente)Or a foreign currency account.And we going to
> open upto
> 3 banco accounts and 2 saving banks accounts(Caja de Ahorros)with
> the
> help of a banker in one of the banks here in Spain and transfered
> will be
> carried out bit by bit through internet banking system to your
> designated
> destination for the investment.
> I may need to hear from you to know your assurance on all what I
> have
> highlighted in my last email to you and above by sending to me
> all
> information's and requirements,like your international passport
> or
> drivers licence through fax and your parmanent home address
> through
> email,as soon as i get this informations from you,I will proceed
> immediately to let you know what will be the next step for your
> arrival
> and for the clearance procedure of the funds for onward release
> and
> agreement on this transaction.
> Due to demurrage charge increments factor with the security firm,
> Endeavour to give me a feedback soonest,so that I can as well
> give you
> direct contact to the security firm.
> Always act accordingly while I assure you of my professional
> assistance.
> Your Sincerely.
> Barr Johan Van Leigh(LLB.Hons)
> For
> (Bouwman Van Dommelen Advocaten)
> www.bvd-advocaten.nl
> johanvanleigh@lawyer.com
> johanvanleigh@justice.com
> United kingdom:+ 447-031-836-536
> Spain:+ 34-693-243-370
> Fax: + 34-657-348-195
Mr > Dear
> Friend/Partner,
> How are you today,I guess fine?...We have discussed and all
> agree to invest in your company.Our attorney in europe has also
> written to us about the present development and reply made to
> you.Please feel free to act accordingly with our attorney fully
> because we find you well connected and have a business aproach in
> the areas of investments for us around europe and your country.As
> soon as you get the funds unto your possesion,we would like you
> to alert us on where you intend to make transfer to and we can
> then finally decide what amount would be invested on your
> company,.Please let us know the next steps urgently as you
> progress to the release of our funds still under the vault of the
> security company.
> Please try and pay this charges to the security firm on our
> behalf and we will greatly reward you for this,whatever you pay
> for the release of our fund should be deducted from the
> $900.000usd for administrative and operation funds as soon as the
> funds gets to your possesion.I and my colleagues are presently on
> suspension from the offices we use to hold and as such cannot
> give account for this presently because we have to decline all
> our financial status to officials.
> The $10m you requested can be reconsidered,but for now be
> aware that we stand to pay you 10% as agreed within us
> presently.Just help us get this funds into your possesion first.
> my kind regards,
> Jang Doo-Hwan.


We where suppose to be friends and business partner,not enemies and now that you have proved to me that you couldn't carry on because of the money,I think you should leave it let me look for another person who will be capable to carry on with my business.And a man should be a man,not by stature when it comes to businesses of this magnitude and nature,Because Success in life is not measure by attempts made,But by goals achieved.

I thought you where humane and intelligently sociable,I use to cherished your sense of character in business on your aproach to business opportunities.

Your inabilty to pay the demurrage charges does not warrant or condole any form of irresponsibility, expecially when it manifest as true and see.

For your information i and my family and colleagues are leaving for singapor, where we intend to carry on who will help us carry out this business to its successful completion.My offer to you was very interesting,The opportunity that i rendered to you was also very admirable in all ways and i even agreed to pay you much and invest in your businesses you proposed to me.How i mine sure you wouldn't have swindled me with your manners and character that you portray now or even betray me when the money is finally payed to you.

If you are still interested on my proposal,get back to the round table and sign all necessary documentation with our attorney on this transaction and get the demurrage charges paid to the security firm.Only then we have a deal on your GTC firm.Get committed atleast..Have a re-thought as a man and not stature because stature does not rule the world today...time is running out.I am only seeking your help and blessing you at the same time.

Travell down to spain,pay the charges to the firm there and confirm the funds in the trunk boxes, then open an account and lodge it in,.Nobody is asking you to pay anything upfront.Hope we understand each other here???

I will be waiting to hear from you on this within 24h.If not i will assume that you are no longer interested with this business.

Kind Regards,


P.s: And stop threatening,i know you prefer and youa are interested with my offer.

. "Bouwman Van Dommelen Advocaten" is a legitimate company in Netherlands, but the email addresses Jang gave were all free email addresses with no connection to this company.

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