Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Gift Johnson <swisslady2323@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: I Will Like To Know More About You.

Hello My Dearest
Compliments of the day, how are you faring today ? definitely i believe that you are well sounded in good health, if so may thanks be to God Almighty for the grace. My dear I am excited as i meet your mail now and i am delighted with the contents, my dear like i told you in my first massage, i am miss Grace Gift Johnson from Liberia in West coast of Africa but presently i am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the last crisis in Liberia President Charles Taylor's Reign. I am a 23 years old girl 5'7" tall and chocolate in complexion. My late father Mr.George Ellis Johnson was once a minister in Liberia before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed him along side with my mother and my only brother Alexandra .

It is only me that is alive now and i managed to make my way to a near by country Senegal where i am living now. Please i will like to know more about you, i mean about your life style and what you are doing presently for a living, i will tell you more about myself as soon as i hear from you again, attached here are my pictures i hope you will like my poses and it will be a pleasure if you can send a copy of yours to me, please take good care of yourself and be blessed. Waiting for your reply.

With regards.
Miss Grace Gift Johnson.



Mrs From: Gift Johnson <swisslady2323@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: This is all about me. With love and trust.

Hello My Dearest44.
It is a pleasure reading from your mail now, how are you today ? Definitely i know that you are swimming majestically in the ocean of good health. If so doxology, how is the weather over there ? mine is a little bit hot over here in Dakar Senegal and the worst of it is my refugees status here it's just like one staying in the prison and i hope by Gods grace i will come out here soon. I don't have any relatives now whom i can go to all my relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person i have now is Reverend Evans Kingsley he is the senior Reverend of Christ The King Churches here in the camp, he has been very nice to me since i came here but i am not living with him rather i am leaving in the women's hostel because the camp have two hostels one for men and the other for women.

The Pastors Tel number is (+221-771-712-817) if you call and tell him that you wants to speak with miss Gift Grace Johnson he will send for me at the girls hostel. As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilege to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country. Is my wish to go back to school because i only attended my first year before the tragic incident that lead to my being in this situation now took place.

Please listen to this, i have my late father's deposit certificate and death certificate here with me which i will send to you later, because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in Europe which he used my name as the next of kin,the amount in question is $5.600.00 Million (Five Million Six Hundred Thousand Dollars) So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my travelling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you.

So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know about it. Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i deposed on you. I like honest and understanding people,truthful and a man of vision,truth and hardworking. I will be delighted to hear from you in this regard, meanwhile i will like you to call me through the provided number for further discussion because i have a lot to tell you.

Have a nice day and think about me.
Please i am waiting to hear from you soonest
Yours Friend
Miss Gift Grace Johnson
With Love And Trust.
Mrs From: Gift Johnson <swisslady2323@yahoo.co.uk>

Hello My Dearest44.
Compliments of the day, it is another wonderful day that our Lord has enabled us to see and is a privilege, how are you faring today ? definitely i know that you are well sounded in good health, back to me here i am fine today and i am appreciating God for His grace. My dear i am so happy when i saw your mail, you are really honest and caring and please keep it up, God will bless and reward you for every effort you are about to make to see me out from this horrible prison called refugee camp where i am living today as a result of the untimely death of my parents(may their gentle souls rest in peace Amen)

I am really happy with you today and I wonder if God have totally forgotten me, why i am facing all this kind of difficulties ,God have given you to me to stand for me for the claim of my father's wealth which i know that i did not make any mistake by chosen you, I want to let you know earlier enough that my contact with you was directly from God Almighty because i got you immediately after my 7 days 6 to 6 fasting and prayers that's why i give you all my trust and i believe that you will not betray me or let me down.

God says in the book of life that people should be doing good to orphanages, Knowing you brought some kind of relieve to me making me to feel the way that those who have parents do, please i want you to contact the bank today to confirm about this transfer.

Here is the contact information of the bank in London where the money was deposited by my late father, is as follows,
EMAIL ADDRESS(customercares@co-operativebankplc.ourprofile.info) or (bankingandservice@co-operativebank.ourprofile.net)
TELEPHONE NUMBER IS +44-702-401-85-66 or +44-702-401-99-86.
FAX OFFICE NUMBER IS +44-702-401-44-87

Already i have informed them about my intention to claim my late father's deposit of which my name appears as the next of kin. The only thing the bank told me is to look for a foreign partner who will assist me in the transfer due to my refugee status here in Senegal, as a refugee i am not allowed direct claim of the money but through an appointed representative as the united refugee law governing refugee all over the world states.

Based on this information i will like you to send an email to the transfer department of the bank today with this email address- (customercares@co-operativebankplc.ourprofile.info) or (bankingandservice@co-operativebank.ourprofile.net) and please copy me with the same mail for transparency. Attentioned Mr.Michelle Graham the foreign transfer officer of the bank and let him know that you are my representative and that you want to assist me transfer my US$5.600.00 million dollars deposited by late father of which i am the next of kin.

The account information are as follows.
Account Holder....Mr.George.Ellis Johnson.
Account number........43483002
Amount been deposited........ US$5.600.00 Million

I am appreciating all your efforts and love towards helping me in this regard, please take good care of yourself and remain blessed, i will be on my way back to the camp now. Hoping to hear from you soonest.
With Warmth Regards From
Yours In Love Forever
Miss Grace Gift Johnson
Mrs From: Gift Johnson <swisslady2323@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: Dear please send the letter to the bank now.

Hello Darling.
I am glad communicating with you again this day. I hope you are fine, in good health and doing greatly well in every thing under your control. Back here, i am just fine and not but pleased with my condition here. Thank you for your letter, i believe i will find happiness again in my life through your help. I am really happy that i found a person like you in my life. I am hoping much and believe on you. Darling, i can understand your own letter very fine, don't worry when we come together we shall learn the language fine. On the aspect of contacting the bank, i will compose below a letter you will send to the bank regarding the transfer and we wait for their reply to you. Please all you have to do is to try your possible best for me, and in the letter below complete your names and forward it to the bank now. I am appreciating your concern and kindness towards me. Permit me to stop here so far.. I am looking forward hearing from you with news from the bank.. Have a pleasant and blessed days. Remain blessed.

Love always,
Grace Johnson......4

This is the letter below, you should forward it to the bank in their current mail addresses:
(co-operativetransferdept@financemail.net) or (co-operative-customercares@mybestmail.com)

Respected Mr. Michelle Graham,

An acquaintance of mine by name Miss. Grace Gift Johnson, has solicited my assistance in the transfer of an amount of Five Million, Six Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars (U.S$ 5,600,000.00), deposited by her late Father, Mr. George Ellis Johnson, to whom she is next of kin as duly stated in the initial deposit transaction between the depositor, Mr. George Ellis Johnson and your bank, The Co-operative Bank PLC, London.

Miss. Grace Gift Johnson has asked me to contact you on her behalf regarding the above mentioned transfer. She has informed me of your bank's advice that she gets a foreign partner/representative to facilitate the transfer of the funds in question, as her refugee status in Senegal does not allow for her direct claim of the money under the United Refugee Law, governing refugees the world over.

Miss. Grace Gift Johnson has discussed this with me and I, finding nothing untoward involved in the transaction, have obliged to help in the transfer.

Below are the details of the account information, is as follows,


Please furnish me with the procedures to follow to see that the above mentioned account is transferred to my account in my country..
Your immediate response in this regard will highly be appreciated.

Yours Truly,
Mr. .................

Mrs From: Gift Johnson <swisslady2323@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: Hello Dear.

Hello Darling.
I am gladden after having red your mail to know that you have sent letter to the bankers concerning the transfer. I pray that they will sincerely and kindly grant this request for us. My darling, i really don't know how to express my happiness and joy to you. Thank you for taken this step to help me. Please do up date me when you have response from the bank. I am really appreciating your effort and love towards me. Have a blessed and peaceful days. I have to leave now..

Love always,
Grace Johnson.......4
Mrs From: Gift Johnson <swisslady2323@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: Hello my dearest.

Hi sweetie.
I hope you are doing well and keeping fit this day. I am just reading from your letter now and to replied it. I am sorry to reply your letter late, as i couldn't find the chance earlier. Dear, i told you that my condition here is not that pleasant to me, and isn't every time that i find the chance to write to you. I am glad to hear that you have sent letter to the bank, but darling, i told you to copy to me "cc" the letter when you will send it to the bank. However, please do let me know when you have reply from the bankers. Darling, i have confidence that i found you, and i am praying that soonest i will be there together with you. Its a pity i will not send you the photo now as i don't have it here now but in the near future i try to do it. Darling, i will be glad if you want me to come to you now. I will be happy to come provided we shall continue with the transfer of money, but now darling, i don't have passport. I need to make a new passport after which we arrange for other things for my coming. Please i need this help from you. I am looking forward hearing from you with lovely words. Have a pleasant and blessed days. I have to leave now.

Lot of kisses,
Grace Johnson......4
From: "CO-OPERATIVE BANK" <co-operative-customercares@mybestmail.com>

We wish to certify the receipt of your mail and equally acknowledging the existence of the fund. As the aspiring partner to the next of kin , Miss.Gift GraceJohnson to the fund of our deceased customer Mr. George Ellis Johnson , from Liberia ( West Africa ), of account number (43483002/EBL/UK ) with the outstanding amount of US$ 5,600,000.00 , In conjunction to the mail sent to our institution by your partner too, where she notify us about you , we are welcoming you in good faith . In line with our security, administrative matters and ethics ,your application is going under scrutinizing . However we are expecting you and your partner to furnish us with the following requirements which will certify that she has legally presented you to stand on her behalf in this transfer :
1, POWER OF ATTORNEY - This document must be endorsed by a Senegalese resident lawyer as far as your partner is currently residing in that country ,( This document is a legal prove of change of ownership / Heir and must be signed by Miss.Gift GraceJohnson.
2, SWORN AFFIDAVIT OF OATH on your name by a Senegalese residence lawyer too .

3, DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE - This is the certificate which we issued to Mr.George Ellis Johnson.

4,YOUR IDENTIFICATION MATERIAL - This can either be computer scan copy of your traveling passport or driving license (This is needed from you for proper identification ).
5, YOUR FULL CONTACT INFORMATION - This include your phone contact numbers, occupation / profession and address of residence.

6, DEATH CERTIFICATE OF Mr.George Ellis Johnson.

7, You should provide your full bank account information's from any destination of your choice both your bank phone numbers, e-mail address and area address.

All this requirements are compulsory and they are need to protect our interest,yours and that of your partner on and after the transfer of the fund to your nominated bank account. Upon receiving all this information we promise to do the needful. If you have any question do not hesitate to ask us .

Yours faithfully in service ,
Mr.Michelle Graham (Director Of International Operations & Remittance)
Tel: +44-703-196-89-56 or +44-703-191-76-50.

From: Gift Johnson <swisslady2323@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: Darling please contact this lawyer now for other documents.

Hello Sweetie.
I am wishing you every good thing about this day. I guess my letter finds you well this day. Back here, i am fine because you gives me hope of freedom and for a better tomorrow. I am more than happy to read your mail now and to read from the mail you received from the bank and the contents was well understood. Once again thanks for your ability to help me transfer the money to your position pending my arrival to meet with you, it shows you are a dependable and trustworthy man and Husband to be. I promise you this from my heart (I AM NOT GOING TO DISAPPOINT YOU OR LET YOU DOWN) and i equally expect the same from you. Now, regarding the requests the bank needs from us i have with me here the Deposit Certificate of the fund and the death certificate,(which i will send to you) I thought it's only this documents that the bank will need from us but since they need the power of attorney and an affidavit of oath from the high court here in Dakar Senegal.

I have informed the Reverend about it and he gave me the contact of this lawyer below,he is a registered lawyer and member in (Senegalese Bar Association) who will help in preparing the documents for us, Please i will like you to contact him through email and phone today,when your contacting him, tell him that you are my Foreign partner and you want him to prepare a power of attorney in your name to enable the transfer of my (Late) father's ACCOUNT in THE CO-OPERATIVE BANK PLC LONDON to the account in your country.

His contact information are as follows,
Bar (Dr) Philip Ambrose.
Of: (Philip Law Chambers & Associates)
Email (philiplawchambers99@yahoo.com) or ( legalpractitioners@mail2consultant.com)
Office Tel/Fax: is (+221-777-304-876)
So, i will like you to contact him for the preparation of the power of attorney on your name, Please copy me with the same mail that you will send to him for transparency and let me know if he agrees to help us.

Darling i am feeling for you every minute of the day , i wish to be with you soon. I have attached for you here my late father's death certificate, Please contact our lawyer for the rest soonest.

A big hug for you,
From My Deepest Heart,
Grace Gift Johnson.......4

The Deposit Certificate

Dad's Death Certificate
Mrs From: Gift Johnson <swisslady2323@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: Hello my love.

Hello Darling.
Its my pleasure as i have the opportunity to send you letter. Darling, i was little sick that was i didn't write to you earlier, but now i am getting better. I hope that my letter finds you in good health and lovely mood. My love, i read from the mail you sent to the bank, but darling, i think what you should have done is to write to the lawyer to help us in getting the remaining documents (Power of Attorney and the Affidavit of Oath) so you will send all together to the bank for the transfer. Please my love, check if you haven't made a mistake, and please send letter to the lawyer i gave you his contact address so that he will help us to get the other documents. Please my darling try your possible best for me now. I am sure with God every thing will work in our favour. Send letter to the lawyer Mr. Ambrose Philip. Darling, i don't know what you have done to me. I am very crazy about you, i hope you are thinking of me here as i do thing of you? Please i will like you to call me again so that we will talk, i am missing your voice. I love you honey, please try for me so that i will come to you after this transfer. Remember to send letter to the lawyer now, not the bank. You send letter to the bank with the documents after Mr. Ambrose help us in the other documents for the transfer. I have to stop here now. I am looking forward hearing from you with lovely words and good news. Have a blessed and lovely days. Remain blessed.
Lot of kisses,
Mr To: pachange@rediffmail.com
From: "CO-OPERATIVE BANK" <co-operative-customercares@mybestmail.com>

We received the attached files and the contents therein have been noted. Upon receiving the remaining documentsas been specified we shall do the needful without hesitation.
1, POWER OF ATTORNEY - This document must be endorsed by a Senegalese resident lawyer as far as your partner is currently residing in that country ,( This document is a legal prove of change of ownership / Heir and must be signed by Miss. Gift Grace Johnson.
2, SWORN AFFIDAVIT OF OATH on your name by a Senegalese residence lawyer too .

3,You should provide your full bank account information's from any destination of your choice both your bank phone numbers, e-mail address and area address

Mr. Michelle Graham Bsc (Director of International Operations & Remittance)
Mr From: Philip Ambrose <philiplawchambers99@yahoo.com>
Subject: Response From Philip Law Chambers & Associates.

Attn! To Details.

Download the attached file with this mail to access/read the letter.
I will be waiting for your prompt response.

Yours legally in service,
Dr. Philip Ambrose. (Esq).


PHILIP LAW CHAMBERS & ASSOCIATES                     legalpractitioners@mail2consultant.com        

SOLICITORS AND ADVOCATES                               philiplawchambers99@yahoo.com          

NO. 53 Léopold Sedar   Senghor Aéroport Way                                   (+221) 777-304-876              





OUR REF: FLC/SA/S/07                                     Date:   22/09/2008                                                      



Attn! To Details:  


In-accordance to your request on the issue of procuring the necessary documents required in making the claims of transfer of fund to your account as a representative to the beneficiary Miss. Grace Gift Johnson.

We are happy and highly honoured and promise to assist and represent you in all assigns. These are documents you requested in our services:   POWER OF ATTORNEY AND SWORN AFFIDAVIT OF OATH.


My noble law firm wish to convey to you that our legal duty to you and your partner Miss. Grace Gift Johnson is to execute the legitimate and authentication of the power of attorney from the federal high court of Senegal.


An affidavit of support must at first be obtained from the federal High Court here in Senegal which i will sworn in your favour and as soon as this is ready, we will proceed immediately to draft a Power of Attorney which will be dully signed by the owner of the fund or the next of kin to the fund, and witness by me and also notarized by the federal High court to clear the fund of any form of money laundry.

Now for the Processing of the documents after my findings from the high court.


Observing the cost of obtaining the required documents; Total cost 1,510 Euros (One Thousand Five Hundred And Ten Euros) Only.   Included in fees thus:



1: Consultation. . . . .250 Euros

2: Opening of File. . . 150 Euros

3: Drafting of the Power of Attorney. . . .420 Euros

4: Swearing of Affidavit of Oath. . . 335 Euros

5: Notarization and Endorsement. . . .150 Euros

6: Transfer application/Letter of administration. . 205 Euros


Note: Upon the receipt of the fees, we shall proceed immediately and process the documents which will take us only 3 working days (72 hours) to complete.  



This is the information on how you should make the payment.






CODE GUICHET. . . . . . . 01285

IBAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SN-0012012010

ACCOUNT NUMBER. . . . . . 34155958001

CLE  RIB. . . . . . . . 43

On hearing from you we shall swiftly proceed to put things into action.


Yours legally in service




                                        Bar. (Dr) Philip Ambrose. Esq.

  Philip Law Chambers & Associates,

    No 53 Léopold Sedar Senghor Aéroport Way.

Phone: +221-777-304-876



Mrs From: Gift Johnson <swisslady2323@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: Hello my love

Hello my darling .
Thanks so much for your letter. I am very thankful to my God that i found a man like you in my life. I really know that love me and want me to your wife. Believe me, i love very truly from my heart, and i am ready to love and respect you always in my life as we live together. Darling, what you read inthe paper or newshave nothing to do with my our loves on each other.I take my safe very lucky to have you in my life and i pray that nothing will stop our love. Darling, i am here swearing with my life,concerning whati told you about my life and my self is the simple truth about me. Please Darling don't let what you read from papers confuses you or to make you lose faith for our coming together. News papers can publish many things as they like, but i believeour own case is a different thing all together. Darling, honestly and sincerely speaking to you, i don't know that kind of clarification i will give you now. All i want to tell you is that, i am promising you from my heart that every thing will self and fine for us in this transfer and our coming together to live as husband and wife. I believe every proof isthat we love and trust in or selves, and there is also a prove of what i told you about me. Please darling,always try your best for me andnever be discourage to help me by news. I pray if God wants us to come together as one, he will make it possible for us but do not let any body tochange our love and happiness. I know you alone, and i believe in your love and kindness towards me which i know that one day i will be there together with you to thank you for your help. Darling, i am burn undera lucky star to find you in my after i thought the world had finished, i promise to follow the rain bow to the end. I haveseen the documents as you have correctly sent it to the lawyer. I hope he can be able to help and get this documents for us to face the transfer. Darling, please always remember how deep you love me and how isincerely give myself to you. I have only you now and please do all your best to help me come to you so can make our love and feeling on each other complete. I am indeed appreciating your effort and concern towards me. I am looking forward hearing from you with lovely words and good news. I have to leave now. Have a blessed and love days. Remain blessed my darling.
Love always,

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