Miss Young

VERONICA WILLIMS says: "I want to live my life with you"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Rajendra.

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To Miss Young. 

So let me come to my story, the very recent one.




I found one day in my e-mail a lady of 25 years writing me some thing, which no lady will write that to any person unknown. She also attached her Photo with her e-mail. She named her,” VERONICA WILLIMS” From the day Zero she tried to attract me and invited me to her house and wanted to provide her persons for her employment organization. Following were the promises


1.     The persons selected will be given good salary from 4.5 to 15.0 thousand US Dollars a month

2.     To and fro Air Tickets

3.     Free Accommodations

4.     Free Medical Bills

5.     Working VISA

6.     Leave with Salary

7.     Only the applicant has to pay 225 US Dollars per application and Group application is preferred and she will use her office to select them


Then I replied her to provide me the Web Site. She gave me one. My Private Secretary crosschecked that (I have in real no PS and I am a Fraud) and told me that the www.canadacareersagency.com is a fraud site.

The story still progressed further. She went on sending me daily composed poems, good photographs of her, and such other love words that can tempt any young man.

Then I replied her. I praised her beauty and advised her why she is involved in such a scam as the web site is a scam and fraud. Suddenly she changed her website and referred me another one as www.canis.com . I offered her a job. I told her if she will change her character I would pay her one million Dollars. Also I told her if there is such a true organization either I will purchase that or let them give the franchise.

But she remained silent and went on proposing to marry me and send me photographs.

I knew she is a totally fraud. The photographs do not belong to her. She knew about me from my organization at Canada. She wanted a LOVE SCAM. I asked her may be the photographs she is sending to me is taken for others but not for me. I told I will believe her if she send me a photo with open chest and keeping three Red Roses over the open chest.

Neither she sends me that nor she further bothered me with love stories. But still continues with expression of love and requesting to send filled in applications from people with the fees amount of 225 dollars for each case. But I did not dance to her tunes.

So I escaped.

LESSON LEARNT : The photographs sent by her do not belong to her. These are the photographs of models collected from Web pages. The name under which she was covering her is also not her true name. SHE EXPLOITS EOPLE WORLD OVER BY COLLECTING 225 US DOLLARS AS PROCESSING FEES. BUT PEOPLE GET CHEATED AS THERE IS UNEMPLOYMENT WORLD OVER


1.     Some Photographs she sent

2.     One of her Letter

3.     One of her love poem




I just want to tell you
 What I never tell anyone before
I want you to love me
I want to live my life with you
Only the two of us, I’ll tell you my deepest feelings
And share my secrets with you
You were always my best friend
You are my life, I’ll love growing old with you
As long as we were together
I can see through anything
As long as you love me, I want to fulfill my life
Not only live my dreams with you
But to be able, at the end of my life
Feelings and the love I have for you
To be able to die in your arms
And have you hold me eternally
I just want to tell you
I will always love you please let me know how far you have gons with them ok let her know if she well you can as well add her


I wish for you roses

I wish for you love

I wish for you blessings

In abundance from above.


I wish for you happiness

Only friendship can bring

I wish for you the kind of day

That makes your heart sing.


I wish for you all the beautiful things

That makes your day so bright

And a joyful feeling in your heart

Morning, noon and night.


I send this special greeting

In a very friendly way

So you will know that someone

Is thinking of you today













. When Rajendra realized that it was a scam, he stopped all further contact with the scammers.

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