Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am invited to a conference that does not exist. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will not get to the conference, because it never existed.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.


From: WORLD YOUTH ORGANIZATION <joan.12miller@gmail.com>
Date: Sunday, September 28, 2008 11:39

> My name is Joan M. Miller, working with (WORLD YOUTH
> WELFARE) California, U.S.A. We are organizing a global
> Youths combined
> conferences taking place from November 19th - 22nd
> 2008 at
> Anaheim
> California
> in the United States and in, Dakar Senegal from
> 26th -
> 29th November 2008.
> In our request to invite people from various countries
> around the world. If
> you are interested to participate and want to represent
> your country, you
> may contact the secretariat of the organizing committee
> for details and
> information. I believe that we may have the
> opportunity to
> meet if you may
> be willing to participate in this event. You can also
> inform Youths & NGOs
> in your country about these conferences.
> The benevolent donors and the Organizing Committee will
> provide round Trip
> air tickets and accommodation for the period of
> participants Stay in the
> U.S, to all registered participants. All Delegates and
> Participants will be
> Responsible only for their hotel Booking
where the
> secondphase of the
> Conference will be held in Dakar Senegal.
> If you are a holder of an international passport
> that may
> require visa to
> enter the United States you may inform the conference
> secretariat at the
> time of registration, as the organizing committee is
> responsible for all
> visa Arrangements and travel assistances. Below is the
> address of the
> Conference secretariat:
> Email: secretariat_sandra@usa.com
> By: +1 (561) 869-5943
> By FAX: +1-(561)-671-3781 You may get back to me
> with my
> email address
> below.
> joan.12miller@gmail.com
> Sincerely,
> Joan M. Miller
Mrs From: Joan Miller <joan.12miller@gmail.com>
Date: Monday, September 29, 2008 11:24
Subject: Contact the conference secretariat for more information.

> **
> *Hello, *
> *I am very glad you receive my mail. I will like you to
> contact the
> conference secretariat for more information. They will reach you
> with all
> the necessary information regarding these events. You should
> also inform
> them that you were invited to participate by a friend of yours
> (Joan M.
> Miller), who is a member of the American Youths for Peace
> and a
> staff of the
> *Be informed that the organizing committee is fully responsible
> for all
> registered participants travelling document (Visas), Round trip
> air tickets
> and their accommodation here in the states where the first phase
> of the
> event will be held. Registered participants are only responsible
> for their
> own accommodation
in Africa, where the second phase of the event
> will be
> held **due to the inability of our partner organizations to
> mobilize enough
> funds to sponsor the number of expected delegates to attend both
> conferences. *
> *Endeavour to update me with every step you take to enable me
> follow up the
> processing of your documents, as I was the one who invited you
> so as to
> receive the entitled travelling documents on time. *
> *Below is the contact address of the conference secretariat:*
> *By Email: secretariat_sandra@usa.com*
> *By TEL: +1 (561) 869-5943*
> *By FAX: +1-(561)-671-3781 *
> *Hope to meet you at the conference venue. *
> *Sincerely,*
> *Joan M. Miller*
Mrs From: Joan Miller <joan.12miller@gmail.com>
Date: Monday, September 29, 2008 17:38
Subject: Re: Contact the conference secretariat for more information.

> *Hello, *
> * Glad to hear from you, Do know that i got you email
> contact during my
> search for organization members and youths contacts on the
> internet, so i
> decided to extend the invitation to you. Please do know that
> this invitation
> is only voluntary and not mandatory. If you are compitent
> and interested to
> participate do contact the conference secretariat for more information
> because registration is still in progress and will soo stop.*
> *Look forward to meet you at the conference venue.*
> *Sincerely,*
> *Joan M. Miller
Mrs Date: Tue 30 Sep 2008 06 13 37 0200
From: Sandra Secretary Conference Secretariat <secretariat_sandra@usa.com>
Subject: Dear Applicant
To: Undisclosed recipients ;

Dear Applicant,

By recommendation, we accept you to participate in the forth-coming conferences, which will be held from November 19th - 22nd 2008 at Anaheim California in the United States and in, Dakar Senegal from 26th - 29th November 2008 at OLYMPIC STADIUM HALL, DAKAR-SENEGAL, West -Africa.The date was postponed because of the short period of time for participants to prepare for the event and for to enable all duly registered participants to gets their entitled travelling documents prior the event.

We are accepting you to partake because you were recommended by one of our members. You may take the opportunity to participate in these International events. The theme of the forth coming International Conferences is to equip participants with the strategies and policies to wage a global war against Racism & Child Abuse. These events are being Organized and sponsored by the WORLD YOUTH ORGANIZATION FOR HUMAN WELFARE (WYOFHW) in collaboration with other benevolent organizations in the United States of America.

The International Conference on Racism and Child Abuse shall be of high significance for the international community because the issues it will address are evils which we must combat with all our power;
because racism and Child Abuse-manifesting themselves through discrimination and all forms of intolerance are the wellsprings of many of the world's conflicts; because they are a key element of the vicious cycle of poverty and social exclusion; and because these forces run directly contrary to the fundamental message of human rights which is that every member of the human family has equal and inalienable rights.

Despite continuing efforts by the international community, racial discrimination, ethic conflicts and widespread violence persist in various parts of the world In recent years, the world has witnessed
campaigns of ethnic cleansing".. Racial minorities, migrants, asylum seekers and indigenous peoples are persistent targets of intolerance. Millions of human beings continue to encounter discrimination solely
due to the colour of their skin or other factors that indicate the race to which they belong. Effective and early action, as well as early warning measures, is required to prevent the growth of ethnic Hatred and potential violent conflicts.

The International Conferences against Racism & Child Abuse will be a unique opportunity to create a new world vision for the fight against racism and racial discrimination in the new millennium. In order to
have a real impact, the Conference should not only promote greater awareness concerning the scourge of racism but also lead to decisive action at the international level in order to help those who suffer on a daily basis from racism and racial discrimination. Concerted efforts and contributions by individuals, Governments, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and the various international bodies and specialized agencies will be necessary to accomplish the objectives of the Conferences, and to provide long-lasting solutions. It will also afford participants to meet the donor communities, strike Affiliations and partnerships and explore better ways of sourcing funds for their various activities among others.

The conference organizing committee in-conjunction with the donor sponsoring committee has mapped outawards and gifts will be given to participants on merit. You are hereby advised to equip yourselves and
exhibit your God given talents to the fullest. We welcome delegations, inter-governmental and non-governmental
organizations to the International Conference against Racism and Child Abuse. This is the start of the formal phase of the Conference process, although a number of useful informal meetings have already taken place in different parts of the world we expect that this event can and should give a powerful impetus to the work of laying the foundations for a successful combat against Racism and Child Abuse.


Only a minimum of five (5) or a maximum of ten (10) persons are expected to participate together as a group ororganization to represent their Country in the forth-coming events. You are also welcome as an individual if you want to partake as a single person. No participant shouldbe less than eighteen years of age and must
participate in both Conferences. It is not necessary that one must belong to an organization to be eligible to attend this event. They should be in possession of their international passports to enable them participate in this conferences. For registration to participate in this event, you may forward the names and passport
numbers of your group members to us, as soon as possible, as all participants visa assistance request will be forwarded to the U.S Department of State for same day visa Authorization which shall be sent by fax to the consular section of the U.S. Embassy, in your country of residence. All re gistered participants are entitled to a round trip air tickets, meals and accommodation during their stay in the U.S.

Delegates will only be responsible for their own hotel booking in Dakar-Senegal where the second phase of the conference will be held due to the inability of our partner organizations to mobilize enough funds to sponsor the number of expected delegates to attend both conferences. Be informed that the closing date for registration is close by, if you are interested in participating, I will advice you send the below information to our registration desk for proper acknowledgement.

You must send to us the following information about yourself or group members:
1) Names exactly as in passport.
2) Passport Numbers.
3) Date of Birth.
4) Place of Birth.
5) Country of Residence.
6) Phone Number
to our registration desk by email:

By TEL: +1-(561)-869-5943
By FAX: +1-(561)-671-3781

Sandra Richmond



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