Miss Young

Frank Smith says: "am not a liar. dont say that to the man you claim to be in love with. ok"

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call her Juliette.

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dear Miss Young:
I think I should write this mail to you, I find your website incidentally due to a man I don't trust from meetic,your website really help women or men when they want to know someone from internet.

Johnsen Cole is the one who wrote to me, but I know he is a liar soon then I cut it. However, I received the similar mail several days later, of course I don't believe. Handsome, 43 years old, widow, from London.....but he did spend patience so I start chat with him on Yahoo. Everything is great, lovely words, sweet mails, the most important is he spend so much time chat with me, I start believe he is the real person, I think I like him from this photo and his sweet words. The first point I doubt is he talked about money, I wrote to him my ideas, he was so angry that I don't trust him, make me feel I am the one who is wrong. Anyway, we keep contact and he always talk about marry, kids, visit me....but never give me an exactly date, I told him about this website and Johnsen Cole, he also online chat with my sister, I think he treat everyone is a fool seems I never can find it.Of course, during these days almost two months,believe or doubt off and on, cause I still can't image why he loves me, I am not beautiful not rich woman. The second time I am unhappy is today, he talked about loan from me and have to get it before visit me,it is a joke for me and I believe he is a liar 90%, just remember he send me a photo and document name is strange, I key in from Yahoo then find him, this handsome guy is a model, no wonder he can catch my eyes, the photo is belong to a model and talent agency.

I also send you four photos that he send to me, with one woman he said that is his wife, she die two years ago because car accident.

Dear miss young, you can change my words for story cause my English is not well, I just want they know not every woman is stupid even the age is old, and tell people beautiful words, sweet mails, poems, marry.....everything could be lie, never never trust him and give him money. I am happy I find the truth timely, please put the photo and give girl alarm, thanks, thank you very much.





My Dear. Hello pretty and good looking angel, you look like the morning Sunshine after a rainy day your eyes are so lovely that I would love to be by your side to look into it very other day, I must tell you, you are a prefect gift for Christmas, and I would love to get to know you better.

I am 43yrs, male, widowed, lost my wife Two years back, I am an Architect and I have an architectural firm, I love my job so well, I am honest and easy going man who lacks love, but would love to find love again, I live alone in a small self contain apartment in Fairley in London, I would love to get to know you more better if you would give me the chance.

Why I don t have picture on my profile is to create an avenue for a perfect march to view me and possess my feelings in the realm of imagination because it is one of the virtues of love because it is spiritual & supernatural.

I would love to chat with you on yahoo messenger, you can download it if you don t have it on your computer my ID is (archismithy@yahoo.co.uk), Please dear send me your email ID so I could send you my picture,

Hope to hear from an ANGEL like you, please send me a mail so we can get to know each other better. I shall send to you my picture after your utmost concern; I m not keen with futility when it comes to emotional matters because I need a rescue.


Frank Smith

Subject:Only Love You‏

From: Frank Smith (archismithy@yahoo.co.uk)

Date: 2008 10 7 上午 03:38:10

Into the sky so high
The angels fly free
Yet I will still hope
She will fall for me.

I will catch her fall
Deep into my arms
My heart her home
Where she belongs.

Her love is so deep
I'll explore her sea
To unlock her soul
To find our destiny.

Open up your heart
Let me deep inside
I promise to be here
Whenever you cry.

I can be your friend
And also your lover
I will be your guide
You and I together.

I'll be your sunlight
Whenever it's dark
I will be the love to
Embrace your heart.

This is my promise
I promise to be true


Subject: I'll Never Leave

From: Frank Smith (archismithy@yahoo.co.uk)

Date: 2008 10 21 上午 12:32:12

 am your servant
I am your prince
I became yours forever
From that very first glance

I’ve done everything
I could possibly do
To make you happy
And show my love is true

And on this day
Just one month ago
I asked you out
And your face was aglow

Now one month later
We’re still together
You’ve still got my heart
And I’m yours forever

Forever and ever
Together we’ll stay
No matter what it takes
We’ll always find a way

Through the sad times
And the joyous ones in life
We’ll always be together
Because one day you’ll be my wife

I’ll honor you always
I’ll stay by your side
Through sickness and health
I won’t run and hide

So if you’re ever worried
About losing your servant
Just re-read this poem and then

You’ll know that


Subject: I Thought of You‏

From: Frank Smith (archismithy@yahoo.co.uk)

Date: 2008 10 27 上午 11:24:43

Juliette I thought of you today before i go to bed ,
as I heard the whisper of the wind
in the rustling of autumn leaves,
swirling, dancing and painting
the earth in carpets of red and gold.

I thought of you today ,
as I saw the slow, moving V of geese
noisily announcing their journey south,
dragging winter behind them.

I thought of you today ,
as I felt the tears of gray skies,
and the cold wind steal
the last trace of Indian-summer breath.

I thought of you today ;


Subject:: Aren’t We Lucky ?

From: Frank Smith (archismithy@yahoo.co.uk)

Date: 2008 10 27 下午 12:08:34

My Dear ,

If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would have whispered them to you in my other mail i have sent to you. The best thing that I can do is to show you now.

I love you so much, Sweetie. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are like the best poetry ever composed, the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted. I never thought that someone like me could get so lucky!

I love you more than my life, more than my world. I love you more and more each day and that is the most wonderful feeling any man can ever hope to experience.

Forever Yours,





archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 10:22:52): HI. you dont wanna talk to me. ok. ? i guess i have to go now. when you feel to talk to me. call me . bye

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 10:28:18): who are you?

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 10:28:33): what do you mean

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 10:28:43): who are you?

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 10:28:45): ? how

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 10:28:54): you know what I mean

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 10:28:57): are you ok. i guess you dont wanna talk to me now. let me know. when you are ready. ok. bye. miss u

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 10:29:51): I am ok, last chance , who are you? don't say that kind wodrs, I will never call you

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 10:30:29): oh yea. you will never cal me? and what do you mean last chance. Juliette are you ok? did you have a good sleep

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 10:31:31): you know what I mean, no matter how long you like to play game in cyber world, I am not interesting

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 10:32:03): so you think i play game wit you Juliette ?

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 10:32:21): yes, who are you?

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 10:32:41): the same frank you love

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 10:32:44): http://www.focusagencyhawaii.com/view_male_models.htm

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 10:32:56): what the is your porblem

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 10:33:08): you won't get anything, don't waste your time

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 10:33:25): i dont neeed anything fro you. what the site for. focus agency hawaii. my picture is there. call the company to ask them. who is frank smith. i guess you dont wana talk to me now. when you are ok. let me know. and ask me any question. you wish. bye

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 10:36:26): it's so funny, the liar still can say I am the problem, wish you can find another one to believe your lie

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 11:21:09): am back for you. what your problem

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 11:21:31): who are you

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 11:22:26): frank smith. and you

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 11:23:43): do you treat any one as a fool? I told you don't waste your time cause you won't get

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 11:25:11): i dont want anything from you. that why i didnt border talking to you yesterdua. and eat it yetrday. ok. keep your money. anymore

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 11:26:30): that's great, what is your purpose for keep contact? you put a fake photo here for what?

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 11:26:59): u get all wrong. no fake photo. dont go hurt yourself. ok

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 11:28:06): explain to me, why you and your dead wife all in the same agency? and you say you are not liar

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 11:29:05): lol. this is funny. it just a model picture. and i told you. i really love her. you can contact the agecy. to find out who i am. ok. you give me some many probem about all this

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 11:30:11): I don't need because even you can't explain to yourself who you are

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 11:30:57): what do you want to know about me Juliette. why do you want to hurt yourslef

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 11:31:25): I don't hurt myself, I am happy to know it

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 11:32:14): you know what not truth ok

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 11:34:14): I don't have patience, and no patience to ask again again about the photo from agency. if you want be trust, do anything make people trust. Otherwise, I can't see why we have to keep in touch

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 11:34:57): look Juliette. i dont want to talk over this again and again. i promise to come see you. next month. so why cant you hold on that day. you stil keep hurting yourself. dnt get me mad k. talk me. and dont make me look like a fool

Juliette (2008/11/4 下午 11:39:23): you treat me like a fool, may be you can send me your real face photo, not the same from internet

archismithy (2008/11/4 下午 11:40:11): hey Juliette. that is me. there. and stop be childish. are you there

Juliette (2008/11/5 上午 12:22:49): ?

archismithy (2008/11/5 上午 12:23:09): why you are you acting funny.i know it becase you know i really love you. that why you doing this way. you talking to other men online right

Juliette (2008/11/5 上午 12:26:07): I just no interesting talk with a liar

archismithy (2008/11/5 上午 12:26:30): hey Juliette. am not a liar. dont say that to the man you claim to be in love with. ok

Juliette (2008/11/5 上午 12:28:06): you can set a cam and let me see who you are

archismithy (2008/11/5 上午 12:30:37): I DONT HAVE A CAM. YOU KNOW IT. Juliette

Juliette (2008/11/5 上午 12:30:59): you can get it very easy

archismithy (2008/11/5 上午 12:31:31): but knw i dont have all day. to spend look for cam. in a store. Juliette. let me tell you one last word. if you dont belive who i am. we can stop all communication. ok. have a great day

Juliette (2008/11/5 上午 12:32:25): ok, bye!

archismithy (2008/11/5 上午 12:32:35): because i cant keep saying one thing alway. bye to you Juliette. it was nice loving you and alway love you

Juliette (2008/11/5 上午 12:33:01):

archismithy (2008/11/5 上午 12:33:44): you can laugh yourself Juliette

James Bill, model.
. When Juliette realized that it was a scam, she stopped all further contact with the scammer.

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