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GWCD says: "Reservation booking is participant responsibility" Flora

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received this story from a friend. Let me call him Oscar. He was invited to a conference. These invitations are sent by criminals that want your money. You will not get to the conference, because it never existed.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.


hi miss young,
i too am a victim from GWCD. i have forwarded all mail that i got from
so called flora e kelvin..i have forwarded all mail that i got it.
please read that mail.
but when i just want to search that website feeling doubt, than i found
ur web site, and than i got to know that ,, that mail wasd all fraud.
plz plz pzl, i have forwarded all mail that the criminals send to me.
thank u very much.


Flora Subject: Friendship
From: "Flora E.Kelvin" <flora4love1@beehive.org>
Date: Wed, July 23, 2008 12:16 am
To: flora4love1@beehive.org


I'm a Canadian Lady Calgary precisely, I love meeting friends from around the globe I stop by your mail to say Hi. I hope you wouldn't mind my friendship. I shall tell you more about myself when you write back to me at flora4love@ymail.com


Flora E.kelvin


Subject: Nice Meet you!
From: "Flora Kelvin" <flora4love@ymail.com>
Date: Sat, August 2, 2008 9:27 pm

Hello Dear,

Its nice reading from you, I was not expecting your letter as quick as this. All the same, you are welcome. As I earlier told you that I’m 26yrs old Canadian lady from the family of six (6), two boyz and two girls, Dad n, Mum, in which am the smallest of them all, isn’t that lucky? Emm; don’t laugh at me. I graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a BSc. (Hons) International Relations after-which I gain an voluntary employment with Global Welfare on Child Development (GWCD) been my recent job as a Public Relation Officer. Though am the shy type that love outing, sporting and Travelling, I also love pets especially dogs (puppy). I once visited Philippine ( Asia ) when Daddy was the consular to the Canadian High Commission there. Hereare my photographs. Tell me something sweet, don’t you like it? I’m the busy type I do work 12hrs with my state of position.

Hey, before I hang-up, Global Welfare on Child Development (GWCD) is organizing a conference on Child Welfare and Development Strategies, (Assault), Child Prostitution and Stop HIV/AIDS Infection. The conference will commence from 20h - 30th September 2008. The organization is giving out this opportunity to Ngo’s, Governmental para-statals, UN Bodies, Social Workers, etc. You would have this opportunity to visit me in Canada

Global Welfare on Child Development (GWCD) is an independent Foundation for research-based on promotion and advocacy of Human Rights and Child Development’ Canada ; to also act on the Right perspective for all. The Foundation was registered as a society under the Charitable Trusts Act ISO 9001 and has charitable status approved by the CRA Canada. The Management Committee appointing Advisory Council consisting of people of eminence in the field of Child Right and Development who are experienced or knowledgeable in Charitable Advocacy , practice and global Treaty of and/or in current economic, social and cultural issues. For further information contact the Secretary General at


Telefax. +1(904) 216-7107

I will personally make known your recommendation to the Secretary even as you contact them so that your quest might not be turn down. The Donors of the Global Welfare and Child Development will take full charge of all Delegates Visa(s) and Ticket(s) procurement with the co-operation of the Canadian Department of Justices and Bureau of Immigrant Affairs.

At this junction, I want to reassure you that I will do everything within my reach as to making sure your trip to Canada through this program come through; hence it will stand our chance of meeting. Please endeavour to contact the Secretary General with the above address for further information. Remain my feed backer as you work hand in hand with the organization to make the world a duelling place.




Flora Flora Flora I









Subject: The reality of life
From: "Flora Kelvin" <flora4love@ymail.com>
Date: Sat, August 2, 2008 2:55 am

Hello Dear,

Thanx for writing, how is life treating you out there? Guess great, I dashed back to my desk only to find your email. You shouldn’t allow the paucity part of the programme to hold you back; You see Human or Child Advocacy has been an affecting problem to humanity in which most charitable organizations has turn their back on today! The time has come for us all to consider the fight against child support everywhere, in rich as well as in poor countries, not as a matter of charity, but as a matter of human being, and a foundation for human development,"

Highlighting on this, The Global Welfare on Child Development (GWCD) had to put in place this conference programme as a way of meeting this global crisis by bringing together people of different background to share Views, Cultures and strategies in tackling this problem. In as much as I’ “Human Right Activist” shall do all humanly possible as in making sure you come over to Canada via this program.

Endeavour to contact the secretary general at


Fax: + 15016414476 if you’ve not done so. I’ve made your recommendation known to the Secretary Organizing Committee. Remember it will stand a chance for us to meet. Lest I forget may I have your photograph please? Below is a little tale for your relaxation


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Endeavour to write back as you work towards our meet via this program.

Cheers and have a lovely day


Flora Subject: Re: Nice Meet you!
From: "Flora Kelvin" <flora4love@ymail.com>
Date: Sat, August 2, 2008 1:13 am

WAOOO you¢ve got a nice pic out there! Tell me are you still coming to Canada via this Conference program? if yes, Do not contact the Secretary of the program at sec.cwds2008@yahoo.com for further information cos' I can¢t really wait to see you! Love U Hope to read from you



Subject: Conference Procedure
From: "Child Welfare" <sec.cwds2008@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, August 1, 2008 8:35 pm

0Global Welfare and Child Development,
947 18th Avenue,
Calgary T2E 7T8,

Telefax.+1(904) 216-7107


We welcome you to this year conference on Child Welfare and Development Strategies(CWDS) that is due to commence from20th –30thSeptember 2008. This conference isout to employ people from all works of life, ranging from Government Parastatal, NGOs and like minded individuals. Though applicants are only accepted on recommendation, hence you’ve falling into this Category; we are giving you the opportunity to participate. Normally our conferencesis open up to interested applicants in group and not more that 10(ten) persons.There is also room for single applicant. Attach to this leaf in the Brochure on Child Welfare and Development Strategies (CWDS), Form and our Certificate of Authorization. Do fill the form,send it to us and a copy to the Canadian Immigration and Citiziship via email

Email. – serv.imm@gov.cis.ca.tf


Telefax- +1(509) 694-4206

Board members outline strategies for 2007.
Application Procedure?
Interested applicants putting in for this 2008 Conference on Child Welfare and Development Strategies (CWDS) are expected to reach us with the following,
Column (1)
a) Your Group Names(if any).
b) Two passpoet photograph(one attach to the form and scan and attach on JPG Formatto us via email)
c) Delegate/s Back and front page of your 6(six) months valid traveling passport, (if any).
d) Delegate/s information
e) Organization abstract which must reach us 2 weeks before the conference program.

Column (2)
Applicant without International passport,-
Provision for UN Emergency Traveling Certificate is made available to those without traveling Document; you are expected to contact the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship with address below and make your plight known to them.
Group / Organization are expected to fill the (CWDS) form and send it to us with 48hrs of received so as to enable us open a paticipation for endorsement.we would reach you with your participation fill number after your final compliance.
Traveling Procedure
Visa and Tickets

Organization living outside Canada are expected to contact the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship at


Telefax- +1(509) 694-4206for visa procurement and please inform them that you`re applyingin respect tothis program.Meanwhile applicants visa/ticket is been taking care of by our donors. All above requirement are needed so as to enable us open-up an official group file and start processing your document to enable you obtain your valid Canadian group-visa to enter Canada , including Your Round-Trip air-tickets to join us and other eligible contingent already set for the conference program. Other information will simultaneously reach you on daily basis as you advance in your preparations. Our independent donors will finance all round trip tickets. Throughout the conference program.

GWCD organizing committees will process Canada visas for all participants requiring visas into Canada . The visa will be processed and authorized in Canada by the Canadian Immigration and Naturalization/ Department of Homeland security. The confirmation will be send by fax to the Canadian Embassy in your country of residence. A copy will also be faxed to participant/s with your fax information giving to the Canadian Immigration authority.
We are only giving rooms for existing and active organizations to participate in these events, as chances are limited. All participants must respect and act according to the guiding rules by the Canadian ImmigrationServices for visa eligibility.
Weare strongly warmed by the Canadian Department of Homeland Security (CDHS), not to allowed applicant/s book Hotels outside the recommended one, aswill enable them monitor the number ofDelegate that comes in and out of Canada . in this regard, Queens Berry Hotel and Quantico Hotel were put aside for this year conference program. Do contact them for your reservation booking via the information below

Queens Berry Hotel
2487 39th Avenue NE, Calgary,
Alberta T2E 8V8, Canada

Email,- queens.berryhotel@yahoo.com

Hotel Quantico
708 80th avenue SW Calgary,
AB T2P 1H2 , Canada
Email,- hquantico@mail.com
Fax- 12674802672
Be informed that we are in charge of your visa and Ticket and not your accommodation. Reservation booking is participant responsibility.
We are using this opportunity to extend our greeting to Donors that made it possible for this conference setting to come into existence, especially our top officials in the Immigration Sector as they are hand-hand working with us for visa authorization and issuance.
Note, Applicant below the age of 18 is not allowed to participate.
We therefore welcome and see you joining us in our fight to making the world a safer place.
God bless you.
Secretary to the Organizing committee




Certificate of Registration

Gwcd form

. CWDS and GWCD are fraud. Keep away from them.  

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