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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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From: Priscella Andrew <priscella007@yahoo.com>
Subject: My full life story with love and trust
Date: Saturday, December 13, 2008, 3:36 AM

My Dearest
How are you today and your environment Hope all is well with you
Mine is a little bit hot over here in Dakar Senegal.In this camp we are only allowed to go out only on Mondays and Fridays of the week it's just like one staying in the prison and i hope by Gods grace i will come out here soon.

I don't have any brother,sister or relatives now whom i can go to all my relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person i have now is Rev Emmanuel Anthony who is the pastor of the (Christ The king Church) here in the camp and i am sending you mail from his office computer,i beg him for ten minutes when i want to check my email and reply, he has been very nice to me since i came here but i am not living with him rather i am leaving in the women's hostel because the camp have two hostels one for men the other for women.

The Pastors Tel number is 00221-7773-12561 if you call and tell him that you want to speak with me he will send for me in the hostel. As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilege to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country.I want to go back to my studies because i only attended my first year before the tragic incident that lead to my being in this situation now too place.

Please listen to this,i have my late father's statement of account and death certificate here with me which i will send to you latter,because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in Europe which he used my name as the next of kin,the amount in question is $8.6M eight Million six Hundred Thousand Dollars.

So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you send to me some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you.I kept this secret to people in the camp here the only person that knows about it is the Reverend because he is like a father to me. So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know about it.

Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i deposed on you.I like honest and understanding people,truthful and someone of vision,truth and hardworking. My favorite language is English but very well.Meanwhile i will like you to call me like i wish i have alot to tell you.i will like you to send more pictures to me OK.Have a nice day and please think about me.Awaiting to hear from you soonest.And i will send to you my picture again Regards yours lovely
From: Priscella Andrew <priscella007@yahoo.com>
Subject: I don't have travailing documents to come over to your country
Date: Monday, December 15, 2008, 9:47 AM

Hello my love i hope you are having a nice day, thanks for you mail and you loving and caring for me, in respond to your mail i would have love to come to your country and we do the transfer jointly as you said but i don't have travailing documents to come over to your country and getting the travailing documents is money and i don't have money to purchase for it that is why i wanted the money to be transfer then you ill send me some when the money is transferred into your account to get my travailing documents, so my love i agree of coming to your country but i don't have travailing documents to come over please what are we going to do now? looking forward to hear from you.
Yours In Mind




From: Priscella Andrew <priscella007@yahoo.com>
Subject: Darling for security purpose keep it to yourself only
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 3:46 AM

Hello my lovely darling, how are you ? i hope you are enjoying the atmosphere in your area, thank you for your mail but i don't understand your mail could you pleas put me through, do you mean you want to send your friend to come over here? well my love i will like to remind you again that i don't want any body to know about this, this is a matter of money that is why i want you to keep it your self because some greedy one might hot us just to take away the money. I told you that i don't want to lose my life please my darling for security purpose keep it your self, if you want to give me some money you can send the money from your country.

And you said you want to come over here well there no problem for that but is just that it might be difficult to see me in the camp, they use to allow us go out two times in a week but now they don't allow us again because many people are escaping from there so they stop us for going out so my darling I'm a little bit confuse i real want to see you but i don't know how possible that will be.

Your can't imagine what we are going through here in this place is just like a hell no food to eat, no good water to drink and the environments is not good for human health, just praying to God when i will be out of this mess, anyway darling i want to know would you want to me to come over to your country so that will can do the transfer together in your country or you want this money to be transferred before i will come? I'm waiting for your immediate respond so that i will know if i will give you the bank details for you to contact them to know the possibility of transferring the money, I'm looking forward to hear from you.
Yours Priscella.


From: Priscella Andrew <priscella007@yahoo.com>
Subject: I love you and you alone
Date: Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 4:11 AM

Darling,Good Afternoon to you!

How are you today? Hope you are fine and in good health,I was still surprise over the dream i had about you last night where i am with you,we were all happy,I was overwhelmed the way you welcomed me in your home in my dream,when i woke up and found myself still in the camp,i feel angry and immediately I remember the hope you created in me,I feel alright again.

Darling I am always thinking of you day and night, as I hope everything will soon be over and i start coming over to you and start a new life with you because my love for you is deep and genuine.

No matter what you do, I will always be there for you. No matter how long, I always wait for you. Until the day I will answer you, my love will always stay loyal to you.

I am thinking of you You are always in my heart for days and at night you drift into my dreams.though we are very distant, yet share the same feelings our friendship is as valuable as pure and diamond, you are always there for me, Darling I don't want you to feel bad because I don't suggest asking you for money until the transfer is made because I don't have my international passport, I lost them when I was running for my life,I don't know that it is not in the file where other documents are, I don't know how I lost it and I can not afford to have another one.

The last time Reverend helped me inquired,His friend who is working with the immigration here said that it will cost me 320dollars and I don't have the money and I need to look good when processing the papers,yet I can't help myself, I don't know how to ask you for anything i am afraid that is why I need your help so that when the bank transfer the money to your account,then from there you will send me some to get all the traveling papers and start coming over to your country.

Darling,Since you will find it difficult to transfer the money to your account,I don't know how else you can help me,Please I don't want to offend you,I have told you all about my life,I am passing through hell here, you know I am a lady, in fact darling you may not understand my situation here, Darling I hope on you please don't disappoint me,i don't know whom to run to, I always plead the Rev, for me to make use of his computer to send you mails, I told him about you that you will call me with his phone number, He agreed that when you call he will send for me to come and answer your call.I will wait your call anytime.I love you.

Darling take care of yourself for me, waiting to hear from you soon.

yours Priscella


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