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Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is a socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letter, where I am promised millions for my assistance. These stories are all lies, and if I respond, sooner or later I will be asked to pay a fee. If I pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until I give up or run out of money. I will never see the millions, because they never existed.

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Mrs Date: Wed 25 Mar 2009
From: Irina Er <irishkaa.cheboksary@gmail.com>

Good afternoon
I was very happy, when I have received your answer! Sincerely speaking, I was surprised a little, that I have interested you.
When I started to search, I was not assured of success, because I - very modest and simple girl. And now I am very happy, that you have written to me.
I wish to tell about me. My name is Irina, to me of 25 years, my size of 171 sm (5 ' 7 ") and my weight of 61 kg. My eyes blue, hair black.
I have sent you my photos! You can see them, they have been fixed with this letter.
I live in Russia in the city of Cheboksary.
I work as the hairdresser in a small beauty salon. I have not a big salary, but it is enough for me. I love my work because it is work demands creativity. And thus it brings pleasure to people.
I am lonely also I have not children. I live separately from the parents and as though I rent apartment. When I have left school, my parents have sent me to Cheboksary to study in technical school as the hairdresser and when I has studied up, I remained in this city to live. For me this city native and me here it is very good. My mother - the professor at school and my father shows roads to the research centre. My parents are very good also sick-lists. I think, that they to you have liked in a meeting! They live in other city under the name Kazan!
Please, tell more about itself and about the family. I wished to get acquainted with you better and to learn much.
I would like to apologise for my errors in language English language as when I write letters to you, I use the dictionary sometimes.
I hope, that you have no problems when read my letter and you have understood all that I wished to tell. I wait your answer.
See you soon. Your Russian girlfriend Irina Ershova

Mrs Dear
I am very happy with that I see again the letter from you. Dialogue with you is very pleasant. I see, that you the benevolent and fair person and I hope, that we will continue our correspondence.
Hence I have a question for you. If you are not assured, that you wish me to study really better or you doubt, please, speak about it now. I wish not to be afflicted. I am fair with you and I wish to explain, why I began search on the Internet.
I am family enough girl, I love house comfort and I, would like to spend time near to the good and sympathising person. Unfortunately, I have met the person who really would be interested by family creation. The most part of Russian people serious relations interest not. They meet various women. I had a bad experience with the Russian person. I had long-term relations with it, but it has broken heart to me unfortunately. He to me long lay, because it has found other woman and it hid it me. Therefore I do not trust Russian men.
I heard, that people in your country family enough, that they is more serious to it concern and consequently I have made decision to try to find my second half on the Internet.
I have a question to you. Why you search for the woman on the Internet? If this question is not pleasant for you or you do not wish to answer this question, I will understand also I will not ask similar questions.
And thus I would like to learn a little about your desires and dreams. What your plans for the future? You would like to have children in the future? If yes, how many? I would like to know about you if it is possible also I I hope what repeatedly to tell your life and you it is not necessary.
Also I will be happy with that I will see your photos if you have. Yes, you can see my new photo!
I expect your answer with impatience. Irina Ershova
Mrs hello dear
Today one more happy day in my life because I have received the new letter from you. You know, I am very happy, that we have begun our acquaintance and each time receiving your letter I rejoice as the child.
Each time I learn from you all more and more I think, that you are a good person. I am very happy, that we have found each other! I wish to tell to you about me about all volume as far as possible.
You know, I like to prepare very much. I can prepare any dishes of a Russian cuisine. My mother has studied me in this article. I like to prepare various desserts, dishes meat, to do pies, but a dish most favourite by me, these are meat pies. In general I like to experiment and invent something new on kitchen. You love what dishes? What do you like to eat for a breakfast? I like to eat for a breakfast fruit, a small cup of tea or coffee and an easy sandwich. I hope, that I can prepare something for you once.
Usually I prepare in the house. For example I can make a supper for all family. Sometimes I invite to a supper of girlfriends, but we can not meet often unfortunately because they have a family and have no time considerable quantity. The most part of my girlfriends has children and they ask to remain with me often with them. I like to play very much with children and to walk with them. For example, my GIRLFRIEND �ATA leaves to me the son almost every Sunday from 10 till 12 mornings.
It cannot be at this time with the child because it to study at institute in the evening and it cannot leave the unique son of one house. Its husband lives in other city and the husband has thrown its and son when to the child there were 6 months. ��ta asked to tell to you "Hello"!
Today birthday of my girlfriend, her name Natali. This evening I go to it. I very much regret, that we live so far apart and we cannot go somewhere together. I would like to learn more about your life there.
I never was in the England and I not when was not abroad. I have been involved by trips always! Whether you like to travel? And cities which you have visited many countries?
What music and cinema of all like you more? I love various music! I listen more often to known composers. It - Roxette, Moby, the Madonna and others. Also I like to listen to a jazz and classical music.
Last film which I looked, it - Bedtime Stories. Whether you like to go to cinema? I hope, that will answer my questions it not difficult for you. Simply I wish to learn about you. Excuse, but today I cannot write more, I promise to you to write tomorrow and I will wait very much your letter.
Your Irina Ershova
Mrs Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 16:14:37 +0200
From: Irina Er <irishkaa.cheboksary@gmail.com>

I again write you the letter and I wish to tell, that I am very
glad, that we have begun our dialogue. You know, I have started to
think of you much. Each time when I come to Internet coffee to become
my mood better! And now I smile, because I have received your letter.
You do my mood better. I hope, that you also like to receive my
letters. I persistently worked today also I is a little tired now.
When I worked, I reflected over us about a window with my partner on
work, the girlfriend has asked to tell me as there are our relations
with you. I have told about us and our acquaintance. It was very
happy, but she to me has told about sad history. In the past its
girlfriend had a love with the person from the USA, but he has
deceived her unfortunately. She has fallen in love with it and they
have made the decision, that they not can live far from each other.
When it has arrived to it, it was good within the first week, and then
the beginnings it to be used, compel to do bad various actions. She
did not know as it can back come back, as it has hidden its passport
and has expelled on street. The neigbour to it has helped to escape.
It has come back to Russia and saw the parents. I listen to it much.
My colleague to me has told about this history because she does not
want that with me has repeated. But I know also I it have convinced,
that you - not such person about which it told. I look at your letters
and I see, that you are a gentleman and you are not capable to offend
the woman. You know this evening, my girlfriends invite me at cinema
and I am sad, that we cannot go together. We are far apart, but I have
e-mail to tell! Do not think that I am very talkative, is simple we
badly we know each other because in letters we can not tell about all
volume, that you want. Perhaps, you find me, too romantic, but is
simple, you are a unique person in whom I can trust. I hope, that I
will not cause trouble to you, I am simple, have really become
interested in you, I am afraid for our relations, that because of
distance which we divide, we can lose each other. I will expect your
letter with impatience! Sincerely your Irina Ershova

Mrs Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 20:56:36 +0200
From: Irina Er <irishkaa.cheboksary@gmail.com>

Thanks for your letter! How are you? Because of day in day
I worry more and more when I come to Internet cafe. Each time when I
open the e-mail, I am afraid, that there there is no your letter. No,
I to it not that that you use beer, but it is necessary to have the
measure not to become the drunk. I do not drink beer and in general I
seldom take alcohol. Unless only on holidays. But to the big pleasure
I see your letter and consequently I again with a smile on the person
write you the letter. Today at me very good mood. Today, when I went
for work, I have found a small kitten. It was under a bush and
plaintively mewed, it absolutely defenceless and absolutely lonely. It
became a pity to me of a kitten and I have carried away it for work.
All the day long the kitten was in our collective, it has appeared
very amusing and cheerful. In the end of day of our employee so this
kitten has liked, that it has carried away a kitten to herself in the
house. I would take away a kitten to myself home, but our employee has
told, that at her daughter today birthday and to it is executed 7
years and consequently we have given it this kitten. Perhaps I am too
sentimental, but it was always a pity to me of homeless animals, I try
to feed or help to find them the house. When I was small I, brought
animals from street in the house, and my mother searched for people
who could take an animal to itself in the house. And in your country
many homeless animals? Unfortunately many people take in the house of
animals for entertainment, then throw out animals on street because
animals it stir, give we will not speak about sad however. How there
has passed your day? I would like to learn most better about your
daily life. We far apart, but every day I try to represent that you do
as you it is dressed today what mood at you. I with impatience will
wait for your answer! I embrace you. Your Irina Ershova
Mrs Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 22:09:52 +0200
From: Irina Er <irishkaa.cheboksary@gmail.com>

You very good and lovely man. I am very happy, that I learn about you
more! I thought of you last night and all the morning long today. I
dreamt of you. My dream was full of romanticism and I have woken up
with a smile on my person. Yes, I trust you and I consider you as the
good and lovely person. But under letters not all can be understood,
it would be much more better if we talked once personally! I never
played bowling, but I think it cheerfully :) When I began my search on
the Internet, I have not been assured, that I can find such good man.
I am very happy, that I have friendship, even more than friendship
with you. I never met any person with such beautiful soul as at you.
You are opened and fair with me, and I would like, that you never
would close for me the heart and soul. I also open my soul to you and
I give you my heart. You are fair to me, and I all trust you. You
became most the loved one for me to whom I can open my heart. I speak
with you sincerely, I do not wish you to deceive or play with your
feelings. I all am opened for you and I hope, that you for me also are
opened, how I for you. I with the great pleasure each time read your
letters and as often it happens, that all these letters which you have
written, from the beginning up to the end completely anew I re-read.
My heart always fights more often when I see your letter in my mail
box. Excuse me if I am too opened. Possibly, you did not wait for it
from me? Recently something has changed my life, and I believe, that
it - you. You became most the loved one for me. Perhaps, you will be
surprised, but I am fair with you, only, I wish to learn, what you
feel? All words which I have written you they from my soul and heart.
I, hope you, is not offended after my words. I regret, if I something
have told not correctly. Today on aerobics I had a damage of my muscle
of a foot and cannot quickly go, but in the end of my day I feel
myself better and I hope tomorrow since morning already all will be as
it should be. Whether you love sports? I am engaged in aerobics two
times a week and sometimes, I run before my work. I wish to be
healthy, and I care about we wash health because I think, that it is
very considerable in a life. Also, today my parents came me to visit.
They are very happy, that we have found each other and each time me is
asked by news from you. Opinion of my parents very considerably for
me. I unpacked all your letters and have shown letters to my parents.
I hope, that you not against it. You have liked them and they liked
words which you I wrote also is very happy! Now I should go, but I
will expect yours the letter tomorrow. See you soon. Whole.
Your Irina Ershova
Mrs Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 15:56:45 +0200
From: Irina Er <irishkaa.cheboksary@gmail.com>

My dear! It was very pleasant to me to read your warm and tender
words. I am happy that I receive all your letters and I hope, that we
will be together. Today, I, with my girlfriends went to walk on a
city, we visited shops, and all this time I thought of you, that you
will write to me in the letter, and I very strongly waited your
letter. You became most expensive to me. If I lose you, my heart will
be broken. I am afraid of you to lose, I am afraid to lose hope to
love and be loving. You know, I have an idea. I wish to tell it to
you! I had a long conversation with my parents. They have offered me,
will meet you. They very much want it, and I am very happy, that they
have supported us. I asked, as I can arrive to you and on what
transport and they have explained all to me! I do not know, that you
think of this idea, but I am valid, I will be very happy, if I meet
you once really. I would be very happy, that have visited your
country. I would like to see your daily life, to spend much time with
you. Possibly, you will think, that I hurry events, but I think what
to meet once it much better, than to write every day and to wait while
somebody from us will write. I suggest to meet with each other.
Possibly, I will have holiday money soon, and I wish to use this time
to meet you. Certainly, I am a shy girl, but for all this time I have
learnt enough that you and we can have the nobility many happy minutes
together. Without any reasons, our meeting can be a straight line,
some hours by the plane only are necessary. I wish to ask you. You
wish to meet? Or you wish to wait and further to continue our
correspondence? Well, I should go, because my girlfriend to me expects
in Internet coffee, I will write to you tomorrow, after my working
day, within all that day I will think of you. I love you!
Your Irina Ershova
Dear .
How are you? How your work? I hope, what all is good?
I am mentioned for heart by your letter and is happy, that you wish me to
see. Mum was happy, that I had such man and she wants, that we were
happy. But now at me not such good mood, as well as my mother because
there was not a good situation! And now I to you will tell.My heart is
full of tenderness you. I represent our meeting as we spend time
together, we can speak, know each other, we can laugh and together
dance, we can see eyes each other. Possibly, it can most the best time
in my life. Know, it rather hardly to think of it because I cannot
possibly carry out washing dream, it - is really bad, I wished to be
simply happy, but today, there were many events which will possibly
prevent our meeting. I was today in travel agency and I learnt, how
many there is a trip to you. This sum very big and I can afford this
trip if I work the whole year without meal. I wished to find a way out
of this position, I who have come back to my work and I have told all
to my director. I have asked money. I have told to it about all about
our relations with you fairly, I have told, that I wish to arrive to
you. I have been amazed by its reaction, he has become angry very
strongly, he has told, that I am a madman and that any foreigners of
the man - fools, that they want only sex, that they use Russian women
as working women in its house. He said, that you will use me and me
will throw, as a subject. I wished to explain, that you are valid me
love also I wish to be with you together. I started to talk to it, but
he, has very much become angry even more strongly. It has dismissed
me. I think, that it is simply greedy and did not wish to help me. I
know, that you are not such as he speaks. As you see, I have no
possibility to arrive to you and thus I have no work now. Certainly it
is not so bad to remain the unemployed if I have a possibility to
arrive to you because I could spend much more time with you, than
during my holiday, but I do not presume to pay to myself this trip and
I can arrive to you only if you can help me. Tell to me, you can help
me? I will wait very much your answer.
Your Irina Ershova

For you!!

Hello my dear. Most expensive, I very much love you, and very much I
wish to be with you. Dear I am very grateful to you that you wish to
help me. My darling I am very enamoured in you. I love your soul. It
seems to me, that you very good person and I very much wish to be with
you. I never met such people as you. I very much hope, that soon we
will meet also I can embrace you and kiss. I wish you to make the
happiest person on the earth. Yes, of course, if photos I to you them
are necessary to you still I will send, I think in the rest everything
is all right. I thought, that would like to see me personally, than
only my photos more. But I have specially made a photo for you and I
think she to you to like! Cost of all documents of 780 dollars also is
very big sum for me. Today I still talked to the parents and explained
them all my situation. Certainly they have been upset, but they have
helped to give me 350 dollars that you not helped one me, but also I
could find money. I do not have not enough only 430 dollars to make
all papers and I hope, that you to help with a condition to me this
sum! Documents will become approximately 10 days, and then I can fly to
you. Dear to me have told, that the best way to send money system of
remittances Western Union. To send money, you need to know my full
name and the country:

The country: Russia
Name: Irina
Surname: Ershova

My darling to receive money, I need to know the exact sum of transfer,
number MTCN (to you it will give in Western Union when you will
translate money), your full name, your country, and a city from which
you have sent money. My dear I hope, that you can help me and very
soon we will be together. I love you. I strong kiss you!
Yours Your Irina Ershova

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