Miss Young

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again. The "russian love scams" starts with a long series of letters about a russian girl living in a small town, and she travels to Moscow. She will ask you to help her pay the plane ticket to meet you outside russia. If you pay, she will start to ask you to send her money for clothes, medicine, tickets, certificates, etc. If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

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  Date: Thu 4 Jun 2009 14 26 08 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 2 Hello dear friend

Hello !

I am glad to receive your letter. Very much it would be desirable to get acquainted with you and is better you to learn. I will begin with myself and you can solve itself, I will be pleasant to you as the interlocutor or not. My name is Mariya, me of 27 years, my growth of 167 sm, weight of 54 kg. I live in city St. Petersburg, I think, you and without me know that it is cultural capital of Russia and many other things. Presently on the Internet it is possible to learn everything, but you can ask me if something is interesting to you about my a city and I with pleasure will tell.

One week ago I have ended medical university of Pavlova, faculty of dentistry. Now I the diplomaed dentist. I very much love music, reading, sports. You know, certain idols at me are not present, I listen to music on mood everything what to be pleasant. In sports was engaged in the childhood, and now to support itself in shape, I run in the mornings. At all I do not know that to you still to tell! Very much I wish to learn about you much how you live, your life, your hobbies. Ah yes, I live one, though also small apartment, but separately from mum. I have mum, her name is Galina Vasilevna, about the daddy not so wish to speak, he has thrown us, when I was 3 years old. Further I to you, certainly, will tell, if you want. And so like all. Very much I wait from you for the letter.

Your friend Mariya.

Mrs Date: Tue 9 Jun 2009 14 02 57 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 4 Hello dear friend

Hello my new friend !

I hope I can call you my friend? Thank you for your photo, you are in my taste! Maybe you can send me more yours pics? From your letter, I realized that you are interested in and I'm very happy because it will tell you honestly I was too interested. I to you told that have ended university, and now I pass practice in one of hospitals. This is necessary in order to obtain permission to engage in this activity. You know, in the childhood I very much was afraid of dentists. But with age realized that this is not so scary. And you are afraid of dentists? I would treat you... hee-hee! I hope that in practice the type of experience and will be a good technician. You likely will agree with me that the good dentist well earns.. At you there I heard very much its services cost much. I am right? Therefore I very much listen to councils of mum. It at me remarkable. She works in the kindergarten teachers. There at it remarkable children. Today, I came to practice and that is so tired, not even going to scamper. You represent, today, is set the seal on the tooth and then rejoiced like a child. For me, it's as small victory, especially if more and praise. Here I sit, I write you the letter and something even the mood has raised, has decided to be run all the same, after all it is necessary to watch a figure, and that suddenly to you I will cease to please. Very much I look forward to hearing.

Your faithfully, your new familiar Mariya.

Mrs Date: Fri 12 Jun 2009 13 58 08 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 6 Hello dear friend

Privet moi dorogoi drug !

Has received your letter and at once began to write you the answer. You very attractive, I am glad to receive your photo and I want to see it in everyone from you the letter. Yes, I can speak in russian language, it is my native language. You can speak in russian language???? Whence you know russian language??? Your name russian name??? You will not believe, like I with you so are a little familiar, and I gradually already get used to you. I try to check every day from you mail, but I not always on it have enough time as I use the Internet in hospital in practice. At me such week strained, was works in practice much, but on the other hand it works enough at me experience. Today met the former classmates from institute and asked, where who passes practice and has drawn a conclusion that where I have got very much not bad hospital. In weekend, I think to be engaged in cleaning the apartment not big, and demands cleaning. Well, all right not we will about household affairs at you likely too them suffices. I wish to descend with the girl friend in theatre in the evening. We have a remarkable Big drama theatre of Tovstonogova now there there is a performance «Lady with dog», will look and I will write the impressions. And you like to visit theatre? Today went a walk and come to a pet shop and saw kittens and puppys. It wanted someone to have, but with the rhythm of my life, I still can not, because it needs care and I am all day in practice. So it would would be desirable that you someone waited for the house. I in the childhood had its dog name Chak, he has lived at us 14 years, and then was gone. I very long worried, we and have not found it. I think that when get a dog or a cat it disciplines and there is a feel responsibility. As it is good when you come home, and it so is glad to you and jumps in a circle you. You write me more about yourself, if you have time. I like to communicate with you you are an interesting man. I would expect from you a letter.

Your Mariya!

Mrs Date: Mon 15 Jun 2009 14 05 48 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 8 Hello dear friend

Hello my dear friend !!!!

Each time you are pleasant to me more and more, I hope at us it mutually. Today, I have told to the mum that I correspond with you. My mum began to ask me at once on you. I have told that you serious, purposeful, simply very good person and that you very much are pleasant to me. She has asked as I think to what our correspondence will result? If I am fair to it have answered that I want serious relations. And you as think? I understand that it is necessary to learn each other is better, but you to me all become closer and closer each time. We with you have found common language, I wish to learn more and more about you. You interesting and about much it is possible to talk to you. As it is good that there is such thing as the Internet. Likely it is a lot of people so find each other? You will not believe, when I was today in practice so waited for the termination of day to check up mail. For some reason I felt that today from you the letter will come. And it has turned out. When today has gone after practice home such good weather and while walked has decided to walk today thought of you. And you think of me? Today at my girlfriend birthday, her name Sveta, I with it went to school, and then have together entered the university. It my best girlfriend I can entrust it all. Well when there is such person who can support you a difficult minute. I to it told about you and it is very glad for me. My mum after has learnt about you, constantly asks about you and even betrays to you greetings. To you what I by the way wish to tell have bought a gift to you likely will be ridiculous. I have come into a sex shop and the doctor has bought there very sexual suit of the nurse, Light after all and I think that its guy will estimate my gift when they remain alone.. You would like such surprise if I was in such suit and would treat you hee-hee-hee. Today there will be a party and I think that though I will a little have a rest. And how you there have a good time? Tell to me about the last relations. In the following letter if want I too I will tell.

Your Mariya!

Mrs Date: Tue 16 Jun 2009 14 03 39 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 10 Hello dear friend

Hello my dear friend !

I am glad to receive your letter. You invite me with you to have a rest???? I would be glad to spend with you time. I here descended at date of a birth, all liked my gift, all so laughed. And guy Svety, Andrey has told to me many thanks. I to you promised to tell about the attitudes. It was name Oleg by us there were 4 years it there were serious attitudes I thought it my native person, but very strongly was mistaken. In the beginning as well as at marks all was very good: flowers, gifts, appointments. I seem to me has found that person to which I can trust. Through any time I began to notice, that it began to drink strongly and at us quarrels have begun. Simply I to you did not tell about the father, but I think that it is necessary to tell. When to me there were 3 years the daddy us has thrown and has left to other woman, mum very strongly experienced. It to me told about it but when to me 18 years I were executed has learned a little, that my father become a drunkard and has died. Now you can understand, why I have left with Oleg. I did not want, that me such destiny has concerned. Mum well brought up me I cannot complain, but I consider, that each child should grow in safe family where there is mum and the daddy. I understand, that for ever it happens. I think, that you will agree with me. After that I had attitudes, but something serious is not present. Therefore I want the adult and serious person who is known that by it wants and achieves it. I wish to learn your ideas in occasion of all it. Here now I have told, I think, much about the family though it is not so pleasant to me to recollect it.. But from it I am more and more grateful to mum that it tried to make all that I would not feel lack of parental love. We with mum as the best girl friends I can trust it all, it very strongly supports me. And now I had you. I am very grateful to destiny, that we with you have each other found. Write, I shall wait very much your letter.

Your Mariya!

Mrs Date: Sat 18 Jul 2009 15 07 29 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 12 Hello dear friend

Hello my favorite !

Today we all the day long had a rain and I did not have a mood. When I have read through your letter to me it became better. You as the sun warm me the letters. You today have dreamed me. It was a fine dream: I you at last have met also you there was such beautiful, we with you walked on city. You showed me as you live, have acquainted me with the friends. To us was so well. We had a first kiss. It was just fine! Summer day Was warm and there was so it is light, so warmly. I so would not like to wake up, but here has rung out an alarm clock and I have understood, that it was only a dream. And I though time have dreamed you? But my mood was good all the day long. Me today asked why I so I am pleased all the day long. In the street such bad weather, and I am direct all I am shone for pleasure, but I could not explain, that simply such dream has dreamed me. I even to mum have told, and it has laughed and has told, that all will be good. It is assured, that at us with you all will turn out. I too hope for it. My girl friend Sveta has noticed the same it, but it does not understand as it is possible to maintain from each other on such distance such relations. I have answered simply to me have very much carried, that we have found with you each other. I very much miss you and I wish to be with you beside. It seems to me, that we are familiar with you all life, you became very close to me. As it is a pity, that you not beside and I cannot feel your breath, your embraces. To us now with you it would be very good. I hope, that at us with you still ahead. I wait from you for the letter my love. We shall meet in a dream.

Your Mariya.

Mrs Date: Sun 21 Jun 2009 13 30 31 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 14 Hello dear friend

Hello my love !!!

I am very glad to receive your letter. I shall be very glad to arrive to you. I any more do not represent the life without you. Thanks for your tender and warm letter. You know, washing an expert already soon comes to an end, and I absolutely soon shall become the doctor-dentist. I there have learned much. When I studied at university I knew as it occurs theoretically, and now I can apply and practically. In hospital with me are very happy. To me my former schoolmate there came, and I to it treated a teeth and it has told that I will be left by the good doctor. I can soon treat already without supervision of the head physician a teeth though and now to me already it trust. What at you there new? Me on target have invited to the nature to have a rest. I very much love shish kebabs at you it refers to somehow on - to another I in film saw. Like it would refer to barbecue. At us almost meat also is fried. Much I do not eat, as it is necessary to watch the figure. Simply it would be desirable to take a breath of fresh air, and that in city is a lot of machines and from their exhaust gases not very pleasantly. I shall think only of you, I think, and we with you shall so have a rest. Here it would be healthy. You with me agree. To lay on a grass and to stir about everything, and something can also more interestingly!!! I can not forget that dream, your kiss and your embraces. I shall think, that you far and sadly to become, I very much hope, that I am fast and you we shall be together. I think, that everything, that between us occurs and there is a love, though while it only on distance. Today assorted the things and has found the children's things and has recollected the childhood. Has understood, that you as prince about which once I dreamed, and now through so much years there was in my life you, that about which I dreamed so long. I wait for the letter from you, my love.

Yours Mariya.

Mrs Date: Tue 23 Jun 2009 10 55 05 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 16 Hello dear friend

Hello my love !

I am very pleased to receive your letter. My love I is very glad, that you want our meeting, I also very much wish to see you. My love I can probably arrive to you. With each letter I understand I do not have enough for you. I went on nature and a very good rest. All the time thinking about you. My girl friends was telling you about what you are my beautiful. With such as you are no more and I am very fortunate to you. There was only one negative in my leisure I pokusali mosquitoes you might not, although I may be wrong. But this is a common for our country, that in the summer when going to hinder the nature of these small insects. But this is not about that. Friends so interested that it's me for such a beautiful prince, and I told that we are with you and that you attributed to me a lot like you. Today, I come, my mom and I have to cook dinner. You know, I really enjoy cooking my mom taught. Wants you appreciated as I cook, I hope that this will happen soon. Today I want to cook pancakes with meat and make a stuffed fish. I think you would have liked. I think that every woman should know how to cook, so my mom brought me so. Well I have now need to go to the store and buy food for dinner. Write to me quickly, I am waiting for your letter.

Your love Mariya.

Mrs Date: Wed 24 Jun 2009 14 26 18 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 18 Hello dear friend

Hello my love , my pleasure as you? What with you?

You know about that that you have made me the happiest woman on this ground? It so my love. As I know that we shall be together..

I am very happy that we shall meet you, I love you more than the life. We shall be happy.

My love I now should learn how I can arrive to you.

I tomorrow should go in travel agency, or I shall call in travel agency my love. To find out that to me it is necessary to arrive to you. I love you, and I shall make all to be with you my love.

And it is absolutely not a shame to me my love. Also I know that you at me are my love. And I can not release such gentle, kind love from myself.

You understand me my love? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

I want to tell you, I all night could not fall asleep, all thought of you and about ours of relations.

And I have understood, that you the man of my dream, I have understood, that I never can meet such the man as you, you unique such and another are not necessary for me.

I have understood, that this big happiness for me, that I could meet you on the Internet and after all your letters, I have understood, that you the man which I waited all these long years, for creation of the happiness and joint love.

I want to tell, that you the first and last the man which could give me love through the letters.

I at all did not expect, that such it is possible, but in your letters and your words I could feel your strong love to me and I want to tell, that I also love you.

I have felt this love to you, from first your letters, and every day and with each new your letter, my love to you grew.

Excitement which torments me at expectation of your letters each day. Feeling which fills in each corner of my heart. Each step by which I make, is safe, because I feel you around of me. You - my love, you - my angel, you - my soul, you - my life! And I want, that you knew, that I never resembled it before. You decorate my days and give me force to proceed, fight each day for you. You have shown me the deepest emotions and feelings, that I stored inside me for so long. You have shown me real taste of love.

Well my love as soon as I tomorrow all shall know I to you at once all I shall inform.

For ever your love Mariya!

Mrs Date: Thu 25 Jun 2009 14 40 44 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 20 Hello dear friend

Hi my love ,

Now I can tell to you with the big confidence, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, and only you mine . I am ready to shout these words of happiness for the whole world my love. My love as I wrote to you I unfortunately I have no phone.

My love at me is very good news to you, I hope that you will be very glad.

My love today I went to travel agency, and spoke concerning trip to you, they have told that I can arrive to you, and receive necessary documents, without special problems as I not when did not leave Russia, and for people which not when did not go abroad have very big privileges.

My love the travel agency has asked me that I have concluded with them the contract on granting of their services as now at them very good discounts, and now they have already started to make to me the visa and the passport, my love they have told that it will be ready approximately in one and a half weeks.

My love to me also informed how many it will cost, my love my visa and the passport will cost to me of 460 dollars, my love when I has heard it I has been upset and afflicted, as I have no such big money.

Then I at once have hastened to my mum, and spoke with her about this sum of money, my love my mum has told to me that she has savings which make only 30 dollars, and she can give it to me.

My love I is now very strongly upset, as I have no completely all money so to pay my visa and the passport, my travel agency has told to me that to me will be already necessary to pay all this on following weeks, my love I very strongly worry, and I do not know that to me now to do.

My mum has told to me that I should ask the help for you as you very remarkable person, and my unique love in the world which will not leave me in a trouble and will necessarily help me. My love it is very a shame to me to do and ask it you this money, but I very much hope for you that you will help me and will not leave me in such trouble as you also very much want that I arrived to you.

My love I shall arrive to you under the tourist visa, it will be valid within 90 days but when I shall arrive to you that I I can even prolong it.

My love also I has learned that you can transfer these to me of money, through system monetary translations " the Western union ", my love you will require only my information, my information so that you could send this money:

Name: Mariya

Lastname: Platonova

Country: Russia

City: St. Petersburg

My love also you should inform me the also the information, similarly to a full name and a place where do you live and then I without problems can receive this money.

My love I very much hope for you that you will help me and then I shall arrive to you as soon as possible my love somewhat quicker.

I very much want to be in your hands, I have very big dream, it when I for the first time shall see you at the airport, I shall throw all things, I shall run up to you and there will be the longest kiss in the world, I for a long time shall not release you from the embraces, it will be the beginning of a modern history of love, we shall be so happy.

My love now I shall wait for your letters with impatience, and to pray concerning ours with you of a meeting, I very much hope for you that you will help me and will not leave me in a trouble.

Write to me somewhat quicker, I wait for your letters.

Your love forever, Mariya!

Date: Fri 26 Jun 2009 14 01 13 0400
From: DivaStar6384@yahoo.com
Subject: Re 22 Hello dear friend

My love !!!

My lovely I it was very glad to your letter.

I think that we will have fine family together.

My lovely you speak to me that you will send to me money and I am very glad to this.

My lovely I it is very happy!!! My home address:

Mariya Platonova

Street Karavaevskaya, house 25

Apartment 29

St. Petersburg,

Russia 192177

My lovely I very much love you and very much I want to be with you.

I am very happy, that we soon shall meet also I can embrace you

and to tell, looking to you in eyes, I love you,

I am ready to shout at all world I love you, you are necessary to me very much.

I hope that you can send me remittance soon

when I shall receive remittance, I at once shall enter in agency and I shall submit the documents

me have told that this process will not borrow a lot of time,

very soon you will meet me at the airport embrace me

and we shall be a kiss, then we shall go to you home,

at you at home, you will take me on hands and will incur in a bedroom and we...

I feel as with each minute, we become closer to each other.

I not much am afraid to fly by the plane, but it at present,

I shall cease to be afraid because I shall fly to you .

My Prince I love you more with each day

and I shall stay with you forever!

My lovely I with huge impatience shall wait for your letter.

Forever your love Mariya.


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